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This page is meant to promote and inspire projects by two aspiring young writers of the Prine Family

A brain trust comprised of two cousins of the Prine family, Troy and Nolan. We have an endless list of unique and interesting story ideas which we are collaborating and putting together non stop, so keep on the lookout for a book by Troy and / or Nolan Prine sometime in the near future! Feel free to add input to our ideas or suggest your own - if we like what you have to say, we just might incorporate it into one of our projects!

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For the Christiada peeps out there!


Some Food for thought about masks..

what's next? what will you let the mob, and Government police you on next and how long will you go along with it?

How long will you allow Tyranny to march in the name of
"A virus"?

How long will you allow the lives of your neighbor's family and kin to go destitute and broke because they are forced to stay home, work, and keep their businesses shuttered?

How many of you will continue to be yes man to a scheme perpetrated by a power that wants to control you?

Lastly how long will you let the constitution be shredded and torn apart in the name of a public scare?

added opinion
If you want to wear a mask and submit that's your freedom to choose but don't force and police others to do so....America is free and you have no right to authority over those freedoms no matter how reasoned or well-meaning your goals and preventative measures are.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

and so is Tyranny!


You will not dictate, alter, or censor The Word of God or The Bible

You will not dictate the organizations or authorities of the people within the church, churches, and temples.

You will not scare us away from our faith or beliefs, we will not adhere to changes, demands of alterations to crosses, artifacts, or religious iconography for political expediency or sensibilities.

You will not encroach on our faith and beliefs without incident so help me God.



We were there when lucifer rebelled against God.

We were there alongside Abraham to rescue Lot from Chedarloamer

We were there with King Cyrus as we conquered the world

We were alongside Leonidas at Thermopylae and Marathon

We were there when Jerusalem was taken and lost

We were the Vikings on the longboats, Barbarians in Teutoburg Forest, and the Asturians in Valley of Covadonga

We were The Samurai and Knight holding true to our Bushido code. and chivalry

We were on the ships at Lepanto, and the Island of Malta

We were at the fields of Agincourt

We were Sharagahai and faced down 10,000 Arabs

We were at Bunker Hill

We were at Waterloo and The Alamo

We were there at Fredericksburg and Gettysburg

We were there at the Cliffs and cliff faces of Gallipoli

We were there at The Easter Rising in Ireland

We Were there in Madrid, and the Mannerheim Line Defending our home from communists.

We were there in Poland when the world closed its eyes when fascism and communism invaded us.

We were there in the Arggone and Bastogne

We were there in Korea, Japan, and Vietnam,

We were in Gosney lost it all and defended it all

We were in the mountains of Kargil, Afghanistan, Pakistan

We have been there always when our people needed us, the least you can do is have respect for flags and nationalism in your heart, and if this is too much for your feeble heart may our voices haunt you and may judgment find you, coward.

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Abu "Hawkeye" Tahseen

-450 ISIS kills
-70-74 years old

Served his country Iraq in six different wars and the Popular Mobilization forces, a collection of 40 different militias Shia, Sunni, Yazidi, and Christian. These people fought terrorism while our politicians offered them minimal support or aide.

Hawkeyes weapon of choice a single shot .50 Iranian AM50

Indian ARMY Music Video - Teri Mitti - Kesari 18/06/2020

Indian ARMY Music Video - Teri Mitti - Kesari

-Due to recent events in the Line OF Control, and China-

Here at PP we support the Nation of India, its claim to Kashmir, and India's right to defend its self from Chinese or Pakistani Aggressions....Give em hell Punjabi's!

From one Democratic Republic to another....

Jai Hind!

Indian ARMY Music Video - Teri Mitti - Kesari Indian ARMY Music Video - Teri Mitti - Kesari Warriors Story

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For the Scotts, Jacobites, King James II, and the rebels who followed freedom to America....

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” Benjamin Franklin

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"and in the shock of battle, the men of the North seemed like a sea that cannot be moved, firmly they stood, one close to another, forming as it were a bulwark of ice; and with great blows of their swords they hewed down the Arabs"

Battle of Tours, 732 AD

Below. Charles "The Hammer of God" Martel


"Our country owes its life to heroes...whos names it will never know.."



-Scenes from Turn: Washingtons Spies

Music: Ten Thousand Miles

This we will defend or die! 06/12/2019

This we will defend or die!


From Dracula Untold,

don't care what anyone says or what the reviewers thought i loved this movie...

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I Honor, Respect, and have a vast admiration of both Mongolian and Native American peoples. This is merely opinion not a statement of ignorant fact or overgeneralization.

Armchair case study Wich ones are Mongolian which ones are Native American? If I could afford the education and do a doctoral thesis it'd be on the Genetic similarities and historical migrations of the Eskimo, Inuit peoples from the bering strait. Both these Cultures took too horse riding, archery, and resourcefulness off the land. I theorize that their cultures are so similar because they are distant relatives to each other, genetically, spiritually, and culturally.
*Take above statement with a grain of salt*

To sum up I Hypothizize that there could be very close genetic markers from Mongolian and Native American's, and that their cultures do share similar traits.

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- The First Casualty...9-10-2001

Ahmad Shah Massoud, Leader of The Northern Alliance (Who fought Russians, Mujahadeen, Taliban, and al-Qaeda.)

Remember My Fellow Americans That The Pashtun, and Afghanistan Security forces continue the war on terror against the Taliban and ISIS K. Also pray for them and their continued fight for their homeland and people.

Abandoned by the Heavens - Chapter One 07/09/2019

Abandoned by the Heavens - Chapter One

Abandoned by the Heavens - Chapter One -- Abandoned by the Heavens -- a novel by Troy R. Prine, serving as an introduction into the Arennian Universe C H A P T E R O...


Heres to all The Knights, and Templars in this Degenerative, troubled, and honorless world...Ad Victoriam and
En Hoc Signo Vinces!

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Sindh and Balochistan...may they one day have independence from Pakistan, may they be free...👏

Sacred Byzantine Chants 26/08/2019

Sacred Byzantine Chants

Christendom.....Long live The Kingdom....

Sacred Byzantine Chants Chant of Constantinople more commonly known as Byzantine Chant is the sacred chant of the Orthodox churches in the former lands of the eastern Roman Empire a...


General Enrique Gorostieta, and for The Christeros...



Deus Vult !

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Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da gloriam

Photos from Prine Publications's post 21/07/2019

The ValkNut (not the official name)

Is a symbol of Germanic Celts, symbolizes the sacrifice of warriors and honors their lives, and maybe you've seen it in the Bundesliga football logo.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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Byzantine Empire Orthodox chant