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Happy National Golden Retriever Day from all of us at Kamp K9 Hawaii 🐾

Pictured is K9 Kamper Alum Nala

Put your paws up and join us in welcoming back K9 Kamper Oreo 🐾

Splish Splash K9 Kamper Apollo got a bath 🛁

K9 Kamper Apollo stepping into a long weekend 🐾

K9 Kamper Apollo (left) & Kamp Pup Kounselor Apollo (right) 🐾

K9 Kamper Apollo having fun with furends 🐾

Put your paws up and join us in welcoming back K9 Kamper Apollo 🐾

Kamp Pup Kounselor Cricket Jo & K9 Kamper Tobiko have become thick as thieves 🐾
K9 Kamper Brofurs George & Tobiko hanging out with Kamp Pup Kounselor Sisfurs Penelope Jane & Cricket Jo 🐾
Put your paws up and join us in welcoming back K9 Kamper Siblings George & Tobiko 🐾
Splish Splash there were a couple of bullies in the tub 🛁

Because sticks are life 🐾

Kamp K9 Hawaii Pet First Aid + CPR Training. Oahu, HI. Veteran Owned Business. Pet First Aid & CPR Training in Hawaii, across the Hawaiian islands, and mainland.

Live online via Zoom and in-person group training available. Kamp K9 Hawaii's Certified Pet First Aid & CPR training teaches you what to do and what not to do when a dog or cat gets sick, injured or needs time sensitive life saving aid. Pet first aid training provides you valuable education and gives you the confidence to handle any pet injury or illness, whether major or minor, for dogs and cats. Check our website for class details and to register.

Operating as usual


Please note that Kamp K9 Hawaii is in the process of transitioning to our new company name and social media accounts to reflect our Certified Pet First Aid + CPR training service.

Our new page is The Pet Medic.

For the time being you can still reach us to sign up for training and get course details at www.kampk9hi.com


Play it safe by keeping all coins out of reach from your pets 🐾⁠


Check out one of the latest episodes of American Pet Professionals Digging into the Pet Industry with APP President Nancy Hassel and Kamp K9 Hawaii’s Co-Owner, Director, and Instructor: Bertha Villanueva-Shertzer.

Learn a little more about Bertha, how Kamp K9 Hawaii began, what pet first aid training is all about and more!

Photos from Dr Sue Cancer Vet's post 17/05/2023
Kamp K9 Hawaii Certified Pet First Aid and CPR Training 17/05/2023

Are you a dedicated pet owner who wants to ensure the well-being of your furry companions? Are you a pet industry professional looking to expand your knowledge and skills?

Look no further than Kamp K9 Hawaii!

We offer Certified Pet First Aid & CPR Training to equip you with the essential skills needed to handle emergencies and provide life-saving care for your beloved dogs and cats.

Why Choose Kamp K9 Hawaii?

Our pet first aid and CPR certification course covers a wide range of topics, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to handle various situations. From minor injuries to life-threatening emergencies, you'll learn what to do and what not to do when your pet needs immediate medical attention.

You can join our online classes via Zoom, which are live and interactive, allowing you to interact with our certified instructor from the comfort of your home or, for groups, we can arrange in-person training sessions with our instructor at your location, whether you're on Oahu, the Hawaiian neighbor islands, or even across the mainland.

Our pet CPR and first aid certification course is designed for various individuals and professionals within the pet industry.
Whether you're a pet parent, a vet tech, a groomer, a dog trainer, a pet sitter, a boarding facility staff member, or part of an animal rescue organization, our training can benefit you. Even K9 law enforcement handlers, emergency responders, and animal advocate groups can gain valuable skills in providing aid to dogs and cats in need.

Don't wait until it's too late. Enroll in Kamp K9 Hawaii's Pet First Aid and CPR Certification training today! Learn more about our course and how you can join on our website.

Choose Kamp K9 Hawaii and be the hero your pet deserves.

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April is . First aid care is not a substitute for veterinary care, but it may save your pet's life until it receives veterinary treatment.

Our handy checklist tells you all the supplies to have on hand for pet first aid. Download, print and save the full checklist at avma.org/FirstAid.

Photos from Kamp K9 Hawaii's post 07/03/2023

Reconsider driving with your puppy or small pet on your lap. Car accidents can happen at any time, no matter how safe and careful you drive on the roads.

Photos from Kamp K9 Hawaii's post 01/03/2023

Are you prepared to save your pet's life in an emergency?

Head to our new website for details on our certified pet first aid and cpr training.

Learn More Here↘️


What do you need to know about ? We fit it all in this infographic!

AVMA members - Want to share this infographic with your clients? You can download it for yourself in our Social Media Tools for National Pet Dental Health Month toolkit! https://bit.ly/38AnoP3


Today is - a day to raise awareness of cancer and encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. Regular check-ups with your veterinarian are crucial as pets today have a better chance of being successfully treated for neoplasia and cancer than ever before, thanks to advances in early recognition, diagnosis and treatment. Here are 8️⃣ signs of cancer in pets: http://bit.ly/2OenYrc


If your pet were to have a pet medical emergency right now, do you know what to do?

Learning how to handle a pet medical emergency is crucial for every pet parent.

Don't wait until it's too late, be prepared and know what to do and what not to do during any pet medical emergency.

Check out my latest blog to find out the 5 critical steps you need to know to handle a pet medical emergency (link below).

Read Here ⤵️


With a new year upon us, Kamp K9 Hawaii has made some significant changes.

Kamp K9 Hawaii is discontinuing the dog boarding service portion of our business and pivoting towards a new path with a focus on providing valuable Pet First Aid and CPR training to the pet community across Hawaii and mainland.

Certified Pet First Aid + CPR training is available to dog + cat parents, pet business industry professionals, law enforcement officers, emergency responders, and anyone interested in learning the proper skills to treat a sick or injured pet.

Online live inter-active course training via Zoom available for one-on-one sessions or groups.

Group in-person training available (minimum of 3 people). *Instructor will travel to your place of business for training.

General in-person classes are currently unavailable as we do not have a location to conduct classes at this time.

Please visit our new website https://kampk9hi.com for class details and to register for training. Classes are taught by Certified Pet First Aid + CPR Instructor Kamp Director Bertha.

We will no longer be accepting new dog boarding clients (no exceptions).
*Reservations and boarding service will only be accepted for current Kamp K9 Hawaii clients with limited availability.

All of us at Kamp K9 Hawaii would like to send a heartfelt mahalo to all our past K9 Kamper Ohana who gave us the great honor to care and watch over their pups. We loved every pup and we will cherish all the memories created.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at:
[email protected]


Our vet techs and receptionists have hard jobs: just be kind ❤️‍🩹.


Heard any tall tales lately? Set the record straight!


It with an extreme heavy heart that we announce Kamp Pup Kounselor Sophie crossed the Rainbow Bridge today 🌈

Although many K9 Kampers were a bit shocked when they first met her, she quickly won them over and there wasn’t a pup who didn’t like playing or snuggling up next to her.

We started the new year losing Kamp Pup Kounselor Yuki two weeks ago and today we lost another member of our furry ohana.

All of us at Kamp K9 Hawaii are definitely feeling very sad right now.


Take a stroll through Petsville and learn how heartworm prevention for your pets makes dollars and cents for you. https://bit.ly/3AGhH0D


It with an extreme heavy heart that we announce Kamp Pup Kounselor Yuki crossed the Rainbow Bridge today 🌈

Yuki was a rescue from the Maui Humane Society and the inspiration behind Kamp K9 Hawaii.

There wasn’t a K9 Kamper who didn’t love her, and she loved meeting and playing with every dog under our care.

Never thought we would start the new year losing a member of our furry ohana.

Kamp K9 Hawaii will never be the same.


Fireworks will start to pop on Oahu soon! 🎉 It's important to order your pet's sedatives to keep them calm and anxiety-free. 💊 Don't wait until the last minute. Here are some requirements to order your pet's sedatives:

🎉Your pet has to have been seen by one of our doctors within the last year for an annual wellness exam.
🎉Your pet has to have had a negative heartworm test result within the last year.
🎉Your pet has no history of heart problems or seizures.

To order your medication, please call (808) 834-7387 from 7 AM to 9 PM.


PetVetHawaii.com • Call 808-834-PETS (7387)
Convenient, quality care at affordable prices!


K9 Kamper George sleeps where he wants and how he wants 😴


K9 Kamper feeling cute today 🐾


Frenchies at play 🐾


K9 Kamper George likes to act like a cat sometimes 🐾


It is with an extreme heavy heart that we announce that Kamp Pup Kounselor Julian has crossed the rainbow bridge 🌈

Julian gained his wings on Wednesday November 16 in the arms of his dog mom (Kamp Director Bertha) and with his dog dad (Kamp Leader Mark) close by.

Julian had been battling kidney disease for a few years but sadly went into kidney failure.

We respectfully request privacy at this time as Kamp Director Bertha is going through a very difficult time with Julian’s passing.


Please join us in wishing K9 Kamper George a Happy 8th Birthday 🎂


Some great Halloween info from Dr Adam Christman to keep your pups safe tonight 🎃


Be careful with your pets around fishing hooks at home or anywhere fishing takes place 🎣


Click the link below to visit our new website and to learn more ⤵️

💻 https://kampk9hi.com


K9 Kamper Winston taking a nap is the cutest thing 🐾


Our morning wake-up call courtesy of K9 Kamper George 🐾


Don’t mess with Kamp Pup Kounselor Cricket…she throws paws 🐾


K9 Kamper George strolling on in 🐾

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Our Story

Kamp K9 Hawaii is a dual military veterans small home based business. Licensed, registered, insured, Better Business Bureau accredited, members of the International Association of Canine Professionals, International Boarding & Pet Services Association and certified in Pet First Aid & CPR via the American Red Cross.

Located in the Halawa Heights area of Aiea, Kamp K9 Hawaii specializes in overnight boarding for dogs only and are kennel/cage free.

Kamp K9 Hawaii does not discriminate against any breeds. All breeds and sizes are welcome!

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K9 Kamper Winston taking a nap is the cutest thing 🐾#kampk9hi #donotdisturb
Our morning wake-up call courtesy of K9 Kamper George 🐾#kampk9hi #wakeywakey
Don’t mess with Kamp Pup Kounselor Cricket…she throws paws 🐾
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