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Stulz Biology

What happens in our class today effects your world tomorrow...Here's what's happening in school! LIFE is good! We study hard, we work hard, and we play hard!

This page is dedication to inviting you all to get a little more involved in what's happening in and around our classroom. We'll show you what we're doing, where we're going, and where we've been! Follow may just learn something about biology and LIFE in general!

Operating as usual


C'mon my Ohio friends......jump on the train!


Warren County Career Center closed today. Have a GREAT weekend!

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Still don't believe me? Check out another college freshman testimony about how your efforts in high school Human Biology class will pay off in the future. - Making choices that make your life better in the future. Enjoy your 3 day weekend!


We stand on the shoulders of giants!


Happy New Year!!!!


Hope you're each having a MERRY Christmas!


Want to help yourself? Follow your instincts.

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Thanks to EVERYONE that did so much to make my 50th birthday a special one! And a shout out to 5th period for actually singing "happy birthday" to me at the start of class....the first (and hopefully the last) group that's ever done that! Love the people I work with...young and "old". Thank you all!


Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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Had a great couple of days in the Surgical Tech. Lab for Sophomore Explore days! We host 100's of Sophomores from surrounding schools to showcase our career center and what we have to offer. I was blown away by the amazing job our juniors and seniors did to show our guests what it is we do. They became the teachers fir these few days...and did a GREAT job! was fun to watch. Check it out!


Happy Sunday to all you nerds out there!


Dare I say.....I think this is happening. Scores are up in quarter 2!


Check your grades. Check the class calendar. Complete you're overdue work. You'll feel better.

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We've brought up capillaries a few times this semester but won't get to the cardio system for a while still. Here are a few looks at what the circulatory system looks like when you take away the other tissues.

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High school students are amazing people. When I left school abruptly this morning, it did not go unnoticed...with one student in particular noticing something was wrong, and asked me if I was OK. When I said yes, and told her of a family situation that I needed to tend to, she said "but are YOU ok?"

Her question (and genuine concern for my well being) has stuck with me all day. Check out her reply to my email. High school students are amazing people....don't you forget it.


As I came across this tonight my thoughts immediately went to my current students that ARE handling hard better. There are so many handling the challenge of a new school, new programs, new admin, new teachers and CHALLENGING new courses this year....and are KILLING it! You know who you are...keep it up...dont stop...pour it on...let's GOOO!


Stop! You're doing great.

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The human body has just 4 main tissue types...but there's lots to say about each of them. What's your favorite way to study ?

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Had a great weekend at OSU with Connor and friends!

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Epithelial Tissue and Appreciation! On the board you see a basic layout of epithelial tissues. Be sure to keep your tissues organized so you can easily 'chunk' that information apart as you review. Also...Check out the DM's I received this week from former human bio students who are now (2 years later) being challenged with the college version of our course. Read what they say... They WANT YOU to know that your future self will be thankful for the effort you put in TODAY!

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Got Study Skills?


Substitute "high school student" and ad "asking relevant questions and contributing helpful comments." Just know that it makes class better for everyone in the room.


We survived our first unit test of the year today. There were highs...and lows. Either way, I was impressed and proud of how everyone handled themselves. Bring on the next!


When your students teach each other.


Practice tests (like this one available in Pearson Access) are a great way to figure out what you know and don't know...and then focus your learning. Remember, you'll likely suck at something before you're good at it, so getting questions wrong on practice tests is A-OK! Every expert was no good at some point.


First test this Thursday! For some of my new students, the next few days may be "unsettling" as they/you work through the anxiety, frustration, and general discomfort that comes with forcing yourself to learn new things...or try to avoid them. We (me and my former students who've been in your shoes) are here to say one thing.....YOU GOT THIS! Keep working, keep pushing yourself. The hard part doesn't last forever...and you'll thank yourself for it later.


Real student question from earlier this week, "what would the nervous system look like all by itself?"

Here ya go! A series of receptors and nerves sending and receiving electrical impulses to and from the command center (Brain). Consider this wild thought... that everything else around it (stomach, blood, lungs, etc) is there to make sure it (Brain) continues to live on. This creature lives inside you! Crazy!

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Connor and all of our 2023 friends graduate high school! What a great weekend of family, friends, ceremonies, speeches and parties! Congrats to all of the class of 23!

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Congrats to Massie Golf on the grand opening of their new golf training room.

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Photo dump from semester 1 2022


Work buddies.... Holding up the wall like champs! This is what our students get to/have to walk into most mornings.

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2021-2022 is off to a great start at at WCCC @ Atrium Health Science Academy!


Congratulations to the Clinton-Massie class of 2021!


I kept telling them I would do it on the last day... And they made me prove what I said I could do.


Ran into quite the crew last night! Fun to hang out with some "old", now twenty-somthing Massie students.

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