Softball Hitting Lessons Utah

Softball Hitting Lessons Utah

I'm Brittany former Dixie State University NCAA Div II Athlete. I offer hitting technique and position training for those who are serious about softball.

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I have to toot my own horn for a bit. We have a Dixie State (Now Utah Tech alumni weekend in February. They wanted to design a shirt with every logo since they started the women's softball team... designed by Tuesday. It's Monday. Okay, sure, send those my way.

And I turned them into this. Still needs a little tweaking, but she's pretty sweet I think!


Today I had a lesson with a new student. After we increased her bat speed, we took some time to talk about pressure. I asked her if she knew that the oressure she feels is pressure she puts upon herself while she plays.

I asked her where her perceived pressure is coming from. She said, she felt pressure from herself and her coach to not screw up or she would get yelled at. She quickly tried to explain it away. That’s it wasn’t that bad and she doesn’t get “that” angry.

I paused, and I said, “I’m sorry you have to go through that.”

Her eyes began to well up. And I kept talking to her about how softball is a playground to learn how to become a woman the world needs.

We don’t need women who act out of fear of how others will react. Or feel guilty for doing their best and still feel like it’s not enough.

We need women who keep swinging through slumps. Who are good teammates and pick each other up. Who support others successes and work to have their own time of glory. We need women who operate in hope, gratitude, and passion. Not fear, guilt and shame.

Softball 🥎 teaches all those things. Coaches, you have a powerful tool to help build strong resilient women. Use your tool for molding the future by building young girls to believe in themselves.

Coaches, you cross a line when players play just to keep you from exploding. When their motivation to do well is to keep you happy, then you need to shift your mindset and think about the long term effects you have on a young player’s psychological connections you are molding in their brain.

Next to their parents you are one of the most influencial person in their lives. Hold them to a standard, but love them doing it.


Ready for Tee work. You don’t need a net for Tee work, but it does make cleanup easier. If you’re on a budget, hang up a sheet in your room/ garage and hit wouffle balls into it. You don’t need a fancy $100 Tee. But you will need wouffle balls and a hitting stick. I have a video that explains how to make a hitting stick. This is all we use for Tee work in an enclosed space.


Softball season is almost here. It’s time to start your reps now to be ready for spring ball. Because once your neighbors start to cut that green grass, it begins to smell like softball season. Let’s go!


I’m currently accepting students for the month of July. Early mornings are best to beat the heat. Most of the time you will have team practices in the evening. Come get your lessons early and show off your new skills at practice. 🔥


Message me for availability. Weeknights or early mornings available.


I’ve been volunteering my time for my son’s baseball team. I love 9-10 year olds. They want to learn, they have enough coordination to make adjustments as instructed, and they are just so fun. Getting this one to load, rotate, and keep his front leg straight after rotation is difficult for him. We’ll bet him there.


This morning I’m doing a hitting clinic for 10 10 year old boys. Wish me luck.


I can smell it in the air. It’s time for your cleats to hit the dirt! It’s my goal to help every student I work with have the the skills to be their best on the field.

It’s not just about being a great hitter; it’s about being a dependable teammate. When your team needs you I want you to embrace the call with confidence.

Message me.


Hello 2021! We are running pre-season specials 3 55 minute lessons for $100. Please message me or inquire below for times.

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