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The cutting edge of holistic coach training for over 25 years. Quantum tools built on consciousness.

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy (formerly Bark Coaching) Institute is an international organization on the leading edge of holistic coaching, bringing the Wisdom of the Whole model to transform and expand the coaching and learning paradigm. We are a school with heart and integrity led by our visionary leader Dr. Linda Bark, a pioneer in the field of professional coaching and nurse coaching. A

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We at Wisdom of the Whole have been doing some deep reflection lately, reexamining our roots to reshape our future path. After much consideration, we're excited to announce that a new era is dawning for our community!
Stay tuned for details on the Reveal Party. A wise new age is coming - and you're invited!


LAST DAY TO SIGN UP for this course! Level Up! Grief: Processing and Practices for the Integral Coach As coaches, we hold space and show up for others and may forgo creating space for ourselves to digest our own life experiences, grief, and loss. https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/Grief-Coaching


This is the work of aging - to reflect, release, and renew one's spirit until the end. As coaches, we help people find peace in the ebb and flow between what was, what is, and what is left. Sign up for our class that will help you work with helping others change grief. https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/Grief-Coaching


Calling all aspiring coaches! 🗣️ Are you ready to take your career to the next level and start making an impact in people's lives? As a certified coach, you can empower people to create the change they want to see. If you're ready to unlock your full potential, TODAY, join our free coaching class and demonstration. Sign up at: https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/free-class

We can't wait to connect with other aspiring coaches who are excited to bring more purpose into their work. The coaching profession needs you!


As coaches, we can help clients grieving a divorce find closure and embrace new beginnings. Hosting a “divorce party” is one creative solution that celebrates leaving the past behind and start new. As coaches, we need to know how to hold space for their grief. Join our Level Up! Grief: Processing and Practices for the Integral Coach https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/Grief-Coaching


If you're interested in delving deeper into the concepts of pleasure and joy, we invite you to explore our blog post titled "Power of Pleasure and Joy" This post offers a series of reflective questions that will help you gain a deeper understanding of these complex emotions and their role in our lives. Whether you're a seasoned thinker or new to the world of self-reflection, this blog post is sure to provide valuable insights and spark meaningful conversations. https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/blog/Blog112/The-Power-of-Pleasure-and-Joy


As a coach, your role in helping people through grief is crucial. By understanding and embracing the concept that the only cure for grieving is to grieve, you can better support your clients in their journey toward healing. Remember to listen, validate, and provide resources, and above all, be patient. Grief is a complex and individual process, but with your support, your clients can find their way to a place of healing and peace. Starts November 21, 2024 our Level Up! Grief: Processing and Practices for the Integral Coach. https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/Grief-Coaching.


Are you ready to elevate your coaching practice? Deepen your ability to guide clients through grief with the "Level Up! Grief: Processing and Practices for the Integral Coach". You will learn:

- Skillfully hold space for different grief styles and experiences.

- Ask incisive questions that foster transformation.

- Guide clients to excavate wisdom from loss.

- Curate cathartic rituals to process grief.

- Help clients emerge stronger.

Whether coaching individuals or organizations through transition, this course equips you to meet people where they are in the journey, with empathy and insight.

Join the community of holistic-integral coaches uplifting lives despite loss. Enroll now! https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/Grief-Coaching


Our role as coaches during grief is to hold space for clients as they process loss and transition between structures of consciousness.

To guide others through darkness into growth, we must nurture our inner light. Let’s uplift each other with self-care wisdom today.

What practices help you reconnect with your body, heart, and spirit when burnout looms? How do you replenish empathy when the ego and mind fatigue?

Our hope is we leave this circle energetically aligned - equipped to serve clients with presence and compassion.

As holistic-integral coaches, we have tools to guide clients to excavate wisdom from their depths. But first, we must take care of our own hearts, bodies, and souls. Together, we can transform suffering into growth. Sign up at https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/community-sharing-circles. You will also get our 10 best questions to ask to transform grief in your clients.



Are you a coach who supports clients through grief and loss? Join us for the Coaches' Grief Sharing Circle on November 9th.

In this spirit-lifting virtual circle, we’ll discuss self-care, share best practices, and uplift each other as grief guides.

As a bonus, you’ll receive a free download of 10 thoughtful coaching questions to help clients process grief and transition to higher stages of consciousness.

Whether you coach individuals, teams, or organizations, these incisive questions will deepen your ability to hold space for transformation and growth amid grief.

Hope you can join us for camaraderie, wisdom-sharing, and supportive community on November 9th. RSVP below to save your spot and get the coaching question download! https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/community-sharing-circles


Losing a job can be an emotionally devastating experience. In addition to the financial stress, being laid off often leads to intense feelings of grief, loss, anger, and uncertainty. As a career coach, you play a crucial role in guiding your clients through this challenging transition. Below is one best practice for helping them. Join us for our free Coaches Grief Sharing Circle on November 9th to share and learn more! https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/community-sharing-circles


When a client loses a beloved pet, don’t underestimate the grief. As coaches, we can provide a space for them to process this loss. Simply listen as they share memories and stories. Fond reminiscing helps the grieving process begin. Meet them wherever they are - grief has no timeline. Offer empathy and permission for all emotions. Consider also exploring ritualistic closure or comfort found in community. Loss of any loved one hurts deeply, including pets. We are here to compassionately guide them through. Check out our course on grief coaching for coaches. https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/Grief-Coaching


Coaching Tribe, when clients are flooded with doubts after a major loss, where can we guide them? The darkest tunnels often lead to the brightest endings, if explored consciously. This question creates space for them to give voice to inner turmoil. Naming doubts and regrets diffuse their power, starting the healing. It also catalyzes self-inquiry. As they pinpoint sources of regret, you can help them reflect. Download all 10 questions for coaching others on grief and join our free Coaches Sharing Circle on November 9, 2023 at https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/community-sharing-circles


Join Us November 9th at 4:30pm PST/ 6:30pm CST/ 7:30 EST for a special free sharing circle for coaches. When you sign up you will also be able to download a list of 10 coaching questions to ask when coaching grief that are aligned to the structures of consciousness!


Healing happens within the community. Ask clients "What support system can you rely on?" Relationships, belonging, and place aid recovery. Ensure clients feel supported during difficult times. Sign up here for the free download 10 coaching questions and sharing circle for coaches. https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/community-sharing-circles


Grief brings intense emotions like anger and sadness. Asking "What is the message or gift in this situation?" can provide a cathartic release. Download our 10 grief questions for coaches and join our free Coaches Grief Sharing Circle for support.

Let's find meaning amidst the pain. Together we can gain wisdom from life's challenges.


Grief Coaching Tip: Although the story of a particular loss may be over, the imprint of these characters and moments left on your heart remains. Reflecting on their significance with non-judgmental curiosity may help ease lingering regrets and plant seeds of self-compassion. Asking the question in this post, people may find gems of insight to uncover that bring both understanding and peace. Join our free Coaches Grief Sharing Circle, on November 9th! https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/community-sharing-circles


Find Comfort Through Grief with 10 Guiding Questions for Coaches to help

others process the journey through grief. As a coach, you walk this difficult path with your clients so sign up for the Coaches Grief Sharing Circle to support each other and get this download.


Grief Coaching: When coached through the proper structure, clients feel seen in their unique grief process. The integral perspective empowers transformation and growth, making meaning from life's losses. Understanding logistics will ground the conversation before exploring emotional realms. https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/community-sharing-circles


As coaches, we guide people through the storm of loss. We listen without judgment as they work through the chaotic mix of emotions - sadness, anger, fear, guilt. We encourage them to honor their grief, and not try to rush through it. With patience and compassion, we help them rediscover meaning, purpose, and hope. Join our free November 9th, Coaches Grief Circle: https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/community-sharing-circles


We all need to remember to be instead of just think!


Coaches you are invited to a FREE Sharing Circle on Supporting Others During Grief. https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/community-sharing-circles

Let us come together in community to explore practices that allow grief to move through us, as we discover how to hold space for clients to share their stories.


Thursday Thoughts: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving forward. There will be bumps in the road and curves to navigate, but momentum keeps you upright and heading in the right direction. May your Thursday be thoughtful, thankful, kind, calm, and full of hope as you pedal onwards.

Lynn Spachuk


Grieving a loss is an emotional rollercoaster. We cycle through stages like denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance as we adjust. It takes time, self-compassion, and support to integrate loss into a 'new normal.' As coaches, we help people navigate these turbulent stages of grief. Join our grief coach for coaching on grief: https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/Grief-Coaching


Loss comes in various forms, including divorce, fading health, breakups, job loss, displacement, loss of pets, miscarriage, relocation, infertility, menopause, shattered security, and unfulfilled dreams. Each sorrow is unique, and it's essential to acknowledge and honor them as a part of life's tapestry.


The power of being a coach is that we help people's voices light the dark!


Grief can come from a loss of love, dreams, or health, the loss of a job, our own aging, and mortality, or the loss of a loved one.

It shakes your world and fills your chest with ache.

But bit by bit, your heart learns to break.


Coaches! Are you needing to find new ways to coach people through grief?

Join our Level Up! Grief: Processing and Practices for the Integral Coach.
Classes Date & Time: November 14, 21, December 5, 12 2023 at 9am- 11am PST/ Noon-2pm EST sign up at: https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/Grief-Coaching


Do you want to stand out and win over new clients while helping them cultivate a deeper understanding of their physical, mental, and emotional needs in a comprehensive and integrated way? These are just two of our cornerstone questions from our coaching program that allow you to transform your clients.


Coaches! Focus on Wholeness: This question encourages a more holistic view of decision-making. Instead of focusing solely on practical or immediate concerns, it incorporates the broader idea of living a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Where can you take one coaching program that meets the requirements for 3 major certifications? Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy..check us out!


Earthing, also known as grounding, refers to direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth, such as with bare feet or hands, and is a way to transfer the Earth's electrons from the ground into the body. There are many potential health benefits including stress reduction! So enjoy the outdoors in bare feet!


A coach can help you maintain perspective on success and failure, reminding you that failure is a learning opportunity and that success should not be taken for granted. They can also help you develop the determination and optimism needed to keep going, even in the face of setbacks. Finally, a coach can help you set goals and work towards them with a team, which can provide mutual support and help overcome the fear of failure.


Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or in need of a rejuvenating escape? Nature has the perfect remedy for you – Forest Bathing. At Wisdom of the Whole, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey into the heart of the forest, where the healing power of nature can soothe your soul and revitalize your spirit.


Our coaching model is built on the structures of consciousness because as this quote below suggests we have the capacity to access a deep level of knowledge and wisdom that is already within us. By cultivating self-awareness and tuning into our bodily experiences, we can tap into this inner wisdom and gain insight into the mysteries of the universe. This also explains why coaching is so powerful because the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of our body and can be interpreted as a reference to the body-mind connection.


Already a coach and want Professional Development? Are you preparing to take the ICF certification exam, the Nurse Coach exam or want CE for NBHWC? Our Mentoring course will help you fulfill mentoring requirements for certification as well as hone your coaching skills. This 4-month, 7-hour Specialty Course is taught by Dr. Linda Bark, PhD, RN, MCC, NC-BC, NBC-HWC, and is available approximately three times per year. https://www.wisdomofthewhole.com/mentoring-icf-nurse-coaches

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Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy (formerly Bark Coaching Institute) is an international organization on the leading edge of holistic coaching, bringing the Wisdom of the Whole model to transform and expand the coaching and learning paradigm.

We are a school with heart and integrity led by our visionary leader Dr. Linda Bark, a pioneer in the field of professional coaching and nurse coaching. Anyone interested in our coach training program can sign up for a free coaching class here: http://wisdomofthewhole.com/free-class/

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