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Operating as usual

Photos from Shine Fit Life's post 13/05/2024

Fuel ⛽️ Time after a great Monday push workout!! 💪🏼

Photos from Shine Fit Life's post 11/05/2024

Leveling up @ Shine Fit Life 🏋️

The last four years I see a goal of being in optimal health and helping others claim their health. It’s especially important to build and maintain strong muscles, as one’s risk of bone loss and fractures increases with age. While aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, strength training helps increase stamina and protects the bones and joints from injury.

Muscle building is a vital part of any fitness routine and can help enhance muscle tone, improve balance, reduce the risk of injury and improve overall health. Committing to being healthy and strong is an inside out dedication. Putting in the work necessary and trusting the journey.

So appreciate my side kick-Katelyn helping the vision come to life. This squat rack addition opens up so many options for myself and clients!!


My Heart ♥️ is so Full of Gratitude!!! 🥰

Photos from Shine Fit Life's post 10/05/2024

What a way to finish Grateful week!!!! Happpy Vibes!! Happy Bodies!! Elevated mindset!! Pushing, encouraging, hypin’ one another up!! So powerful!!


My Boys ❤️


It’s all Perspective ❤️

Love this reminded!!

Have an awesome day!!

Faith and fear both ask us to believe in the unseen—the choice is yours. 🌌 Choose faith over fear, and watch as your beliefs pave the way to possibilities. Believe in your vision, your strength, and the bright future ahead. ☀️

Faith and fear both ask us to believe in the unseen—the choice is yours. 🌌 Choose faith over fear, and watch as your beliefs pave the way to possibilities. Believe in your vision, your strength, and the bright future ahead. ☀️


Rising and SHINING on this beautiful Thursday!!

Photos from Shine Fit Life's post 01/05/2024

Proud of my crew!!! They crushed this am workout!!

Today also marks One YEAR of commitment to their Health & FITNESS journey TOGETHER!! A whole year of overcoming obstacles!! A whole year of Self Love!!

Together we have encouraged each other, held each other accountable and shown up consistently.

Watching them push past limiting beliefs, anxiety, sugar addictions, getting up for a 5Am class, focusing on fueling their bodies -making lifestyle shift… I AM A VERY PROUD COACH!!

Congratulations to each of you and truly Love 💕 being on this journey together!!!

Our special bonds built together means so much to me and excited to continue seeing you conquer your individual goals!!! I’m cheering you on every step and always have your back!!
Happy ONE YEAR!!
-Coach Michelle ❤️🥰


Go where the love is.

Go where the friendship flows both ways. Go where you appreciate and where you are appreciated. Go where the door is open. Go where the communication is good, authentic and honest.

Go where the energy is uplifting. Go where you see and where you are also seen. Go where there is health. Go where the intentions are pure. Go where the expectations are simply that everyone just is themselves.

Go where the spotlight shines on everyone equally. Go where you forgive and where you are forgiven. Go where you want and where you are wanted. Go where you choose and where you are chosen. Go where you value your time and where your time is valued.

Go where the love is.

And unashamedly, bravely and kindly step away from everything else. Life is too short to stay in rooms not made for you.

Go where the love is.



I’m thankful for the light bringers.

The ones that fill your life with the good, good stuff.

The ones who somehow just make you feel better when you’re in their presence; the ones who make your heart rate go down, and the corners of your mouth go up.

The ones you spend time with, and somehow just know deep down that your life is better because they are in it.

The ones who show up for you, the ones who encourage you, the ones who remind you that good people?

They truly do exist.

Search for those people. Seek out those people. Be intentional about creating relationships with those people.

And most importantly - Be grateful for those people.

Their presence in your life? It’s no coincidence. They were hand selected for you, and you for them.

The light bringers; the life givers.

You’ll know when you found them.

Just don’t let go once you do.

Love Always,

Follow Love Always, Heather for more. x


Knowledge is POWER!!

I’m love listening to podcast, reels and reading books to increase my knowledge on how to live a long healthy lifestyle.. longevity. Love learning and growing my own knowledge so I can be a better coach and understand how the body works. I love being transparent and sharing my own journey in hopes to also motivate someone else to claim their health. My life has been transformed-mentally, emotionally and physically by committing to me. Reducing my body fat improved my life from the inside out. To feel better at 51 than I did in my younger years is EMPOWERING!!!
I encourage you to claim your health!! To make yourself a priority in the craziness of life. I promise you will feel better!! Mentally- Emotionally-and physically…. The time is now to transform your life!!! Be in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!! 🔥
I’m here to help and will be cheering you on in your own personal journey!!

Photos from Shine Fit Life's post 27/04/2024

Fitness Fun at my local community gym !! So grateful for having this vision and adding this Heart Centered 🥰gym in our community!! So enjoyed meeting new friends and excited to be able to join more classes with Coach .03 & Coach while I’m down more this summer!! I’m committed to living a healthy lifestyle and this gym is a huge blessing in our OKI community. Love fueling my body and mind with being around others focused on their health and fitness!!

Photos from Shine Fit Life's post 25/04/2024

Decades Day with some of the 5:10am crew. Way to Rise & Conquer!!!
Missed my goal mate this am !! Not the same without you and hope you feel better beautiful. ❤️💪🏼🚴 🔥 👩‍🎤

Photos from Shine Fit Life's post 24/04/2024

Mind2Muscle Challenge with my girl 💪🏼 Twin Day ✅


Team Day for Spirit Week
My partner is Team Nike and I’m team Love 💕
Neither of us are into sports so we made sure to participate with our version of “Sports Swag”.
Tomorrow is Twin day so pls stay tuned for that. Love having my girl as my Goalmate!! Holding each other accountable and working towards our individual goals together!! Thanks Bodygames for all the time and love poured into this ❤️


You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere. Why did you spill the coffee?
"Because someone bumped into me!!!"
Wrong answer.
You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup. Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea. Whatever is inside the cup is what will spill out.
Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. It's easy to fake it, until you get rattled.
So we have to ask ourselves... “what's in my cup?"
When life gets tough, what spills over? Joy, gratitude, peace and humility?
Anger, bitterness, victim mentality and quitting-tendencies?
Life provides the cup, YOU choose how to fill it.
Today let's work towards filling our cups with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, words of affirmation, resilience, positivity; and kindness, gentleness and love for others.
Source: Austin Tang


So true!! ❤️🫶🏼

One of life's truest joys is finding the courage to let go of what you cannot change. Release the weight and embrace the freedom that comes with acceptance. Discover peace in the power of letting go. 🙌


Getting at it this am!! Proud of my girl for Rising and Conquering!! Love watching her mindset shift after just one training session!! Makes my heart BURST!! Empowerment lifts our vibrations and elevates our mindset!! Feels incredible! 👊🏼🫶🏼💪🏼
Beast mode activated!!


Jump Jump Jump… here we go… only way to push past limiting beliefs!

Photos from Shine Fit Life's post 14/04/2024

Got my Cup Filled at . Amazing message on Grace. The worship songs filled my soul and could not stop smiling throughout the service. Oooooooo fill my cup and let it overflow… let us overflow with L❤️ve.

Blessed my body with a bowl of Protein, Carbs, Veggies and healthy fat. Love taking care of my health & wellness!!

Excited for the Rays of SunSHINE ☀️ that elevate my mood & energy.

Make it a FANTASTIC DAY!! Control the Controllables and give the rest to God. 🥰

Living a Shine Fit ✨ Life.


Happy Sunday!!! ❤️❤️



Sat. partner workout ☑️ Pushing and challenging our bodies and minds together!!!

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Mother’s Day & Birthday celebrations with my amazing fam!! Was the perfect day!!! ❤️
@bodygamesllc #m2mchallenge@thathoundmom_kp
Better Together!! Rise and Shine SunSHINES!!
Love the sounds in the background of my doggie licking his lips at the yummy favors coming from my Protein Bowl. 😂 #self...
Getting at it this am!! Proud of my girl for Rising and Conquering!! Love watching her mindset shift after just one trai...



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