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The Unconventional Mama


It was a party with best friends today! Such beautiful spirits these children have! Thank you parents for giving them a great start in Life. Blessings! Jolie, Audrey, Marcia, Em & Griffin.
Are you coming to class today??
This mom-ing business ain't no joke! It's hard enough to find time some mornings to wash your face and brush your teeth, getting out to a class??? Super tough. BUTTTTT lucky for you, this is a judge-free zone! Come in your jams, face unwashed, teeth unbrushed, NBD! Just come to class and give yourself a little love.
We'll use the to work through some muscle tension and increase mobility and blood flow. We'll do some based core exercises to rebuild your core and go through some exercises to help reconnect your posterior chain and move better for all those repetitive parenting tasks!
let's do this! Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1:15pm Nature's Whisper Yoga The home of Hot Mama Yoga
Baby & Breastfeeding Friendly

Happy Tuesday!!! Hope to see you in class :)
There are so many options and such intense focus on prenatal classes - where is all the ?!! RIGHT HERE!
It is no easy feat birthing a child... it is also no cake walk raising one! Your body is under crazy repetitive stress demands and all while it's trying to heal and recover from one of the most traumatic (good or bad) experiences possible.
Believe me, I know, It is crazy hard to manage time and expectations as a new mom. This class is a safe space for moms to share the journey of rebuilding and reconnecting to a beautiful and magical new body so bring your baby - feed him/her as needed, change their diaper, don't feel bad if they get fussy - just show up and give yourself a little extra love today!
Every Tues & Thursday at 1:15pm Nature's Whisper Yoga The home of Hot Mama Yoga
Come rebuild your core with me!! Every class focuses on helping you to reconnect to your core, rediscover your strength, and rebuild your foundation for an active, healthy life... chasing after your kiddos 😉 🤣
But seriously, it takes a lot of work to keep up with little ones (even before they're mobile!). Taking the time to rebuild is so important as a mom. Whether you're 6 weeks postpartum and just got clearance, or you have a 5 or 18 year old... this work is RELEVANT & NEEDED.
Being a mom does NOT mean your body has to fall apart. Come roll, rebalance, strengthen, and challenge your body so that you can move better and feel good 😍
Every Tuesday & Thursday at 1:15pm Nature's Whisper Yoga The home of Hot Mama Yoga Babies always welcome!
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REMINDER! Don't forget to tune in TODAY at 2pm for our Live interview with Jolie Cash from Nature's Whisper Yoga The home of Hot Mama Yoga !! She's covering how to set yourself up for success in the transition from to through body awareness! The interview will stream right here on our page and if you miss- it will replay! We'll see you soon!
Thank you for your flexibility! We will see you back Live this Tuesday 10/30, for our interview with Jolie Cash! Nature's Whisper Yoga The home of Hot Mama Yoga
We had a seedlings basket from young living, take home essential oil rollers and an amazing adult basket with MANY goodies from PUSH San Diego, Nature's Whisper Yoga The home of Hot Mama Yoga, Lia Nicole Nutrition + Wellness, Keeper of the Spirit and many more!!
Meet one of our amazing Platinum sponsors and the curators of this years goodie bag for the Big Latch On 2018 San Diego event; Nature's Whisper Yoga The home of Hot Mama Yoga!

They have tons of great options for families; childcare on site, yoga classes where baby is welcome, motherhood support groups, breastfeeding support groups and just that overall helping spirit!

Thank you Natures Whisper for joining us at the Big Latch On!
We’ve been highlighting our Big Latch On 2018 San Diego sponsors on our social media these last few weeks, but here’s a handy blog post about all of them!

Each year we are more amazed at the amount of support from the community and local (and non local) businesses for the Big Latch On event. This year is now different!

So here’s a huge thank you and cheers for our 2018 Big Latch On sponsors. 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

Thank you to our co-host Kid Ventures and to our sponsors; Future Generations - Dr. Stan Hom, Little Star Pediatric Dentistry, Nature's Whisper Yoga The home of Hot Mama Yoga, Gymboree Play & Music, Sakura Bloom, The Dairy Fairy, Center for Better Beginnings, Best Start Birth Center and Becoming Peaceful! You all rock❤️
Greetings! I can't believe my kid is 21 months old! Let me say, Nature's Whisper Yoga The home of Hot Mama Yoga has helped me so much with my fourth trimester and with my journey as a mother. The classes here are amazing and my body has recovered. So - I have a special request from my newsroom at KPBS. We're working on a story that looks at starting a family in California. My reporter is interested in chatting with a mother who may be on the fence with having another kid, or delaying having another baby, due to the cost of living in California. Do you know anybody who may be a good fit for this interview? If so, please feel free to reach out via Facebook or e-mail me ([email protected]). Thanks!
Hi mamas! It's Ally. I had a work emergency pop up so Marcia will be teaching tonight's prenatal yoga (6-7:15 pm). Thank you, Marcia! And have a wonderful practice, everyone. I'll miss you!

A woman devoted to supporting women. Accountability is my passion. I’m a single, solo, unschooling

Operating as usual


If you told me at any time of my life, including last month, that I would feel this confident in who I am as a woman, I would have laughed. Actually I would have cried. I was so far away from my truth even though the amount of layers I unfolded were literal light years beyond my previous self, I was still so far away.

The settling into this phase of my womanhood brings with it the deepest of gratitude for life and a wisdom that is some days, shocking! The lingering awareness of complete contentment with “what is” keeps me refreshed on the daily. And the awards of my sovereignty in all aspects of my life makes it all make sense.

May the divine bless you in gratitude, contentment and awareness. May you always remember that you are a free sovereign being. May you always fight for our children. They are our futures. They are the innocent ones willing to walk this journey.

May the divine shine upon your inner child so you remember your truth. May we all walk our truth. Especially as women. We are the wombs to our future and the wisdoms to keep it alive.



Instagram Photos 18/08/2022

Memes are on fire today


Isn’t that the truth!
Or it goes from “turn right in 200km” to “rerouting you big dummy!”

Only like... every single time. 🤦‍♀️

From the funny That Mom Tho


We’re off to handle some business in Costa Rica!
We’ll see you back on the mat September 7th.
Have an awesome month. Follow our journey here and at
We will miss you all. 🙏🏼🙏🏾


Sometimes when I am alone away from my son, I find myself floundering for a moment with what to do with my body. What to do with my mind? For this last almost 7 year cycle I have been attached to a little human. My mental load is always on pointe, always ready to field the next question, need or meltdown. Some people claim I need a break. A break from what? My life’s journey? My ultimate path as a mother?

I don’t need a break! This is my life. I have created a life that I don’t need a break from. This is my joy. Even the hard parts.

Every time I succeed at being a mother, I am complete. Every day I fail as a mother, I complete myself. I become whole in the balance of the amazing and the challenging.

I don’t need a break. I need my life! And part of my life is yoga. Yoga means union. The union of the good the bad and the dirty. I’m here for it!

Join me for Yoga for the Mamas!
Every Wednesday (today!)

All ages and stages welcome
Prenatal accommodated


Classes held independently at
No need to register, just show up
Online link in bio (Unconventional Yogini)


When Dharma Calls – Unconventional Mama 30/04/2022

When Dharma Calls – Unconventional Mama

Did you see my new blog?
I’m teaching public classes again
I’d love to have you join in the new vibe

When Dharma Calls – Unconventional Mama Posted on April 27, 2022April 27, 2022 by Jolie CashWhen Dharma Calls I get closer to Mother Earth for clarification on all aspects of my life. When I sold the studio I knew it was for the sole purpose of my greatest calling yet, to be a mother. An uninterrupted mother. A mother that would do all th...

When Dharma Calls – Unconventional Mama 27/04/2022

When Dharma Calls – Unconventional Mama

When Dharma calls!

When Dharma Calls – Unconventional Mama Posted on April 27, 2022April 27, 2022 by Jolie CashWhen Dharma Calls I get closer to Mother Earth for clarification on all aspects of my life. When I sold the studio I knew it was for the sole purpose of my greatest calling yet, to be a mother. An uninterrupted mother. A mother that would do all th...


Since returning from the jungle I’ve been seeing myself want to try and keep up with the crazy of Cali. It’s amazing to me the over scheduling, the driving here and there, you know…….the busy. The unnecessary BUSY!

Join me on Wednesday’s for that moment in time to slow down, hear your breath and feel your body.

We focus on the female body as we spiral inward to our sacred self.

Wednesdays are for the mamas and women of all ages and stages. Prenatal welcome.


In person:
2697 State street, Carlsbad

Link in bio~under Unconventional Yogini

$20 drop in



There seems to be a lot of confusion in my inbox as to our whereabouts. and I returned back from Costa Rica in December to celebrate the holidays here in California and Colorado. Our plan was to head back to Costa Rica by March but the universe really likes to challenge me this life it seems.

I am desperately in love with Costa Rica and Daniel loved it too but he doesn’t want to live there full time. It is very transient with people coming and going and we found it really hard to find the tribe that would stick longer than the high season. We stayed and endured the rainy season to be positive we wanted to be there. It was during that time that a lot of things changed. People we fell in love with left, our favorite places closed for the season, play dates lacked and then we both fell sick from the mold exposure in our beautiful home. One day I’ll share that story but I’m still experiencing some trauma from rushing my son to the hospital 30 min away through the jungle in a torrential rain storm at 3am with him struggling to breath. I will say the CR medical system gives the US a run for their money. Forever grateful for the docs at Cobano clinic for sure!

In our 3 months here, back in California, Daniel has found a groove with homeschool kiddos (homeschool is illegal in CR and I was threatened by a towns person so that also sent us packing to a new community in CR) Daniel has a groove here and I am spending efforts to find my groove. I am not entirely loving the decision to be here but again, another conversation (insert poisoned food supply, 5g and Chemtrails).

So we are living in North County San Diego in a temporary situation since December and need to move by May. I have been looking for a new home for us to base out of. We plan to return to CR for small stints (I have business interests and a car down there) as well as travel a bit more, but realizing that we both like knowing we can come home to our own sacred home. Sadly I find us in the same exact spot as we were in when I decided to move to CR. Housing is a joke here and I am desperately asking for your help to find a place to live.

Continued in comments~PLS READ!


When women gather………

Yoga for women of all ages and stages
2697 State street, Carlsbad CA
Online link in bio


It’s the foundation for me.

Finding that power in the presence of my own imbalances.

Balance doesn’t mean you never fall.

Practice with me:
Wednesdays 10:30-11:45am
Fridays 10:30-11:45am

In studio at 2697 state street, carlsbad
Online. Link in bio

$20 drop in. Discounts for monthly
Pay by Venmo -Cash


Life for me in the past has been similar to rubbing carbon together and then all of a sudden it’s a diamond✨

During the times of challenge I have usually just fallen victim, even when fully aware of the neurosis, and in the end the diamond always appears✨

I find myself in a challenging position now in life. I am questioning so many things in my life yet steadfast, no questions asked positive about the direction of the others. No more victim! The plan is set. The vision is clear. Now comes patience.✨

I find I am best schooled in patience when I connect to my body through the movement of yoga. Especially as I am aging. I’m calling to all women in all stages and ages to join me in this journey of creating awareness through the movement of our body.

Wednesdays 10:30-12:45
$20 drop in
Discounts for monthly membership
No reservations. Just show up

2697 State Street
Carlsbad 92008

Prefer online? It’s on my website at The link is in Unconventional Yogini

Venmo -Cash


The bigger my “why” the more my passion grows for being a mother♥️

All the efforts I’ve made so far now have come out in his attitude and personality. He’s a loving kind boy but I can only do so much as I parent from my own I healed traumas♥️

And this is exactly why I lean on the practice of yoga. Because he is watching me! He loves his “yoga day” ♥️

Join me today in the beautiful setting of in Carlsbad for a class that is still structured for mama (or papa! Families welcome) while the kiddos join in. It’s not always what you expect, but it’s always worth it!♥️

Fridays 10:30-11:45am
$20 droop in (first class is free)
Discount for monthly membership available

Online link available to practice from home
Link in bio “unconventional Yogini” is where you’ll find it

No registration needed. Just show up!
2697 State street, Carlsbad 92007


Some days I just need to get closer to Mother Earth 🌿

Opening the hips allows me to remember who I am 🌿

I’ll be sharing some of her in class tomorrow 🌿

Wednesdays are for the women of all stages and ages


Children are welcome on Friday’s

2697 State street, Carlsbad 92008

*no registration or prepayment required. Venmo -Cash for payment

*Virtual link in bio (Unconventional Yogini)

Bring your friends. Please share. 🌿


Sometimes we wrangles the littles.
Friday’s are for Family Yoga. That means the kiddos will join us in the studio space.
Is this the best way to do yoga?
Not always.
But they ARE watching ☺️

Friday’s 10:30-11:45am family yoga (there is rumor of childcare/kids yoga coming soon🤞🏼)

Also Wednesday’s 10:30-11:45am
Yoga for Women of all ages and stages
Prenatal welcome (duh!)
*no children, sorry but hopeful for childcare soon for this class as well.

This week is free so just show up!
If you’d like a Zoom link, send me a DM.
I added it to my website as well

Location is

2697 State street
Carlsbad 92008



I’m feeling all the feels about teaching tomorrow. First, it’s been a long while! Also, Wednesdays are for ME while is at nature school so I decided to spend it in my favorite way, creating community with women!

Wednesday’s 10:30-11:45am
Yoga for Women of all ages and stages
Prenatal welcome (duh!)

Friday’s also 10:30-11:45am will include the kids for family yoga but there is rumor of childcare coming soon

This week is free so just show up!
If you’d like a Zoom link, send me a DM.
I added it to my website as well

Location is

2697 State street
Carlsbad 92008



Working on my own schedule as an unschooling, worldschooling entrepreneur sometimes looks like this.

Numerous days spent allowing my son to fill his cup, all the while showing up for myself and and my clients.

Do you KNOW it’s possible to be self employed and homeschool your children?
If not, I can support you!



Pre-Natal Yoga has arrived! 🌸 👶 🌱

I am teaming up with Sierra Shanti to now offer a monthly *virtual* pre-natal workshop called Moon Nest Dharma Prep. 🌝

You will learn safe yoga techniques to practice while pregnant, ways to grow yourself deeper into your “inner knowing”, as well as tools to help you unleash your voice - so that you can walk with confidence, balance and grace through all stages of your pregnancy.

Pre-registration is required. Please sign up online at under their yoga schedule.

Timeline photos 10/05/2021

He chose me.
His birth mother was the selfless portal that I will forever honor.
Thank you divine for shining upon me with the grace and love of the mother.
I waited patiently and you shined upon me.
I am forever grateful 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏾🤎

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turns 6 🥳

I’m not sure how much longer I will get away with calling him my baby? He tells me daily he’s not a baby anymore but it’s just my right to do so.
Everyday he awakens a new part of me. Places I always knew existed but never knew how badly I needed access to them. Places that are so incredible and real that I can’t believe I just didn’t go there before. Places that make me love ME deeper than I ever thought possible.
Daniel is smart, kind and a hilarious trixter. He loves music, dancing and flamboyancy. His passion is kitchen toys and makes a mean pancake for reals. He’s confident in his SELF with his painted nails, sparkle rainbow wallet and yellow streaked hair. And you just wait until his light up unicorn rain boots he picked out arrive!
He loves breaking rules and when you ask him why, he says because he wanted to with a shrug of a shoulder and a puzzled face like “why would you even ask that?!” He will tell you exactly why we aren’t pleased with the government and he no issue putting adults in their place. He marches to the beat of his own drum, literally! You will find him at most local music gigs possibly “sitting in”, singing throughout the day and dancing as he spontaneously feels like it. When I’m upset or grumpy he will throw me a smile and remind me that “your the best ever” or “I love you the most” or my most favorite “your the best cooker ever” even though that one is a total lie!
He rocks my world inside out on the daily and reminds me of the traumas I still have to clear. He pushes my buttons more than any relationship I’ve ever had and those who know my choices in men, know that’s pretty hard core. He forces me to step up daily and calls me straight out on the crap I shovel. And in all of those moments, I remember why I waited so long to meet this incredible human.
Happy Birthday to my soulmate. To my favorite person in the whole world. To this little human who stands in his truth and never waivers. To the best 5 1/2 years I’ve ever spent. I can’t believe it took me so long to find you. I’m so grateful you chose me my sweet love 🥳
🙏🏼♥️🙏🏾🤎 @ Playa Cabuya. Cóbano

Photos from The Unconventional Mama's post 03/04/2021

My Dad passed yesterday. It’s just like him to leave this earth on April fools day. If you knew my dad and the amount of times he has escaped death, then maybe you also think this is his perfect departure day for my amazing pops.

Or maybe it was his sense of humor that makes it so perfect that he left his body on this day of the tricksters. My dad loved a good laugh and was always happy to make others laugh too.

No matter what the circumstance, he would always find the positive and the gratitude. He always had a smile on his face and always lit the room up with his flirtatious ways. Matter of fact, he may have even blown a kiss as his last breath.

He could recite the rosary on his fingers and did it daily. He was incredibly devoted to god and his trust in the Holy Spirit never wavered. I always said that he had a direct line to god. He would laugh but never deny the statement.

Michael Andrew Cash was a legend. He was a wild child who made 3 daughters and taught them individually how to peel out and whistle underneath the freeway over pass. We each learned how to hit first gear out of the gate and go hard. Lessons for life outside of the race car for sure!

I love my dad deeply. I will miss our talks and the joy in his voice when he would talk with my son. That and the scores of NASCAR!

RIP Pocket Change. You were my million bucks!


part 2



monday chill flow 2/1



I hope to see you tomorrow for my very first live stream yoga class!


Last February our beloved co op closed unexpectedly. We were so sad to lose it. It was a refuge for both little D and me.
I was so enthusiastic when Ms. Liberty called to inform us we had been accepted into this Gem of a space.
Oasis Organic is like “an extension of our home” as one of the mamas said to me at drop off today. And that couldn’t be any more precise.
There are goats, chickens, a cat, a dog and Daniels favorite, a TURTLE! 🐢
The philosophy aligns perfectly with mine offering autonomy, child led learning and peaceful resolution. There is an art bungalow as well as indoor play and reading space.
We are still unschooling at home and worldschooling in life. Daniel will be attending 2 days at Oasis offering me some tine to start my new business that’s been brewing since I sold I am also able to open up more spots for guiding women through coaching and accountability practices. I’m looking forward to sharing this deep growth I have and am experiencing with others.
Hit me up if you have any questions about our journey or would like to explore how to live your goals with passion.

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monday chill flow 2/1