Evett Lynn Ann Gehrts -

Evett Lynn Ann Gehrts -


Joy is one of the most powerful weapons that defeats the enemy. Why ? Cause when u are joyful no matter what is going on/ circumstance/ problems. You name it....

It makes the devil so angry cause U are not allowing him to rule or dictate your life no matter what kind of chaos that he tries, Quote, on quote to throw at you.

Means U are stable and that U are trusting God no matter what he tries or throws at you, to distract U.

Trust N Faith (simply put believing God more then anything else in this world).

The Joy of the Lord is your strength and strong- hold in times of need. Nehemiah 8:10 πŸ˜‰
Your mind 🧠 is your Attitude... As a man Thinks in his heart so he is or so he becomes. Proverbs 23:7

You become what U think or perceive your self as or is.... Thoughts πŸ’­ n attitude are everything. Think horrible thoughts bout self or self- image that is what you become (are).

Thoughts are very Powerful πŸ”₯ Same affect as how the tongue is a little thing and boast n swells of great things. So is our minds.

All it takes is a little tiny grain 🌾 of mustard seed to change our thought life around. God is positive & devil is negative.
Even when it hurts in the Mist of trials n tribulations, Praise him. Which daddy Jesus said there would be. Knowing he's working in you to give birth - to something new and incredible like Elijah... He could hear the rain 🌧️ .

It's not always the devil sometimes it's Dad working greatness in you. Reminds me of Top Gun the movie. "He will twist you, and turn you" to the point where you Think πŸ’¬ your gonna pop to where u think u can't take it anymore.... 😌 That's God's loving-goodness.

It's called extreme stretching faith ‼️ Doesn't feel good at the time (dying to self) but after words it yields a huge harvest in your life....

What God allows He allows, N what He devours, devours... For his Great names sake ,πŸ˜‰

β€˜Never apologize for Who you are.’ If they don’t like You... turn the other cheek 😘πŸ₯°πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜‡ Say, Bless U πŸ˜‰
Live life to the fullest everyday... Don't let anything or anyone steal that from U ‼️
This song is Sooo... Bea-utiful. Always remember that there is no need to worry bout anything. God takes care of U 😘πŸ₯°πŸ€

Bed πŸ›οΈ Time stories... One good depiction of Hell n the devil πŸ‘Ώ
Peeps need to learn to be Motivated from within (Spirit), Not from without. People can only encourage so much before they get burnt out.

Spirit (God), never gets burnt out. He's like the Energizer bunny πŸ‡ πŸ”‹
Good song to get ya Pumped for the day 😁 Compliments of me and Daddy β€ΌοΈπŸ˜‰

Write ✍️ off from the last message.... If anything and I mean anything occupies your heart, life, thoughts πŸ’¬ more then Jesus, U have a big problem! (but sets free from selfishness).

Everything is about Him. Has nothing to do with us. Remember, We are foreigners just passing throu like King David quoted! (Psalms).

The whole foundation of the world, planets U name it was created for him and throu him and for him.

He is literally everything U see. Man may build (creative ideas πŸ’‘) But God (Jesus) himself is the creative One behind everything in this world 🌎

Absolutely astonishing when U actually sit down n think of it all .... Daddy be the glory from now till eternity ❀️ ‼️

Writer of the book "The Fight Between Good And Evil." Coming out in 2022

Operating as usual


U will Find Him (Father), When U search for Him, with all that's within U....


Just FYI, The book is not complete at this moment. I myself, Apologize. Everytime, I think πŸ’¬πŸ€” it is done, More or less I think it more then good enough. He's no!!! He ends up having me, write ✍️ something else. 😁😊

He always says, Delayed, does not mean, not answered. But, all in all, it will be done this yr n will be out 😌 Sorry for the delay.... ❣️


Happy 2000 Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ to My chocolate 🍫 Browny Jesus πŸ’‹


Anyone who builds a tightly knitted Spider web, They don't just build it intricately for themselves, But all who wander across there path. Including, There own.

There Web, May look beautiful an appearing, But, all who walk across that Web, get stuck. N the one who created, Will devour u, an suck the life out of u. As spider sucks the life, Out of there prey an victims.... sayings


Trust in the Lord, with all Your hearts. Lean, Not on Your Own understanding of things. Delight Your selves in Him, And He will give U the desires of Your hearts.

Leaning Into Daddy Jesus' Is to me, melting into a browny Hershey's bar. Like on a Cold crisp winters πŸ₯Ά day, By a Bomb fire. With all that goodness and
Just yummy gooey melt, in your mouth. Where ya just cannot get enough of the Yahweh melt, browny bar πŸ« πŸ˜‹

Who Would Dare to Love ISIS? (A Letter from the People of the Cross) 20/12/2022

Who Would Dare to Love ISIS? (A Letter from the People of the Cross)

I β€οΈπŸ’‹ to share this piece, As much as possible to get into the hearts, N minds of Our people. Do, U dare to love those, who murder, r**e, kill on a daily basis.

What is the fulfilling of the Law? Not to just love those who are like U, But to love them all, no matter what they do!

We are all sinners, It should have been Us on the cross, Except, the Prince of peace, decided that take it all on, when He had a choice, not too. But He didn't just love Father, He loves every single One of Us, to sacrifice it all.

So, I ask again, Do U dare to β€οΈπŸ’‹ them unconditionally, No Matter What they do, or say? I do... And it's hard sometimes, When ya wanna take matters into your Own hands, But U Cannot not 🚫

If Ya, do, God will remove His presence, From the situation, Until, U give it all the Him. He will allow U, to wear Yourselves, Out, till ya realize, It's His battle n fight. Not Your Own. Only when ya realize this will U be at peace πŸ•ŠοΈ within Oneselves. πŸ˜‡

Who Would Dare to Love ISIS? (A Letter from the People of the Cross) Email: [email protected]: https://www.facebook.com/teammightylaWebsite: http://mighty.laTwitter/Instagram: 2 MIL views on fac...


A season and a time an a season, an a half, The host of Army Angels will march ahead of the saints to prepair the way of salvation, Of the time n season, an a season an a half.

? Is, Can ya hear it? Can ya see it ? (spiritual, eyes an ears). It still knocks on the door of the veil of truth. For it is a shadow, to come from the days of old. As when Noah, was preparing the Ark, when the floods came n drew the enemies away.

Same as Moses, when God caught them (pharaoh, Egyptians), on the way to meet My people, with swords βš”οΈ to kill, steal an destroy. And what happened to them? They fell into the Abyss of there own fate n doom.

Same as those who Try (quote on quote), to surround My people. The kill, steal an destroy, Them without cause n effect. Not knowing, They are setting themselves up for there own fall an death ☠️.... Himself


God spoke from Old, He will Never, ever, Strive with man... This is the appointed time, He Swore n Oath since the ancient days of old (Old T).

Now is the High time, To wake out of sleep n slumber. For the appointed time is close at hand, Just like the thief in the night. He draws, All His saints very close to Him.

Can, Ya, hear Him? (Spiritual ears). He's calling (Spirit), on a daily basis. ? Is, Are U listens to His still small voice, For it is like a Mighty Roaring unstoppable wind, a force to be reckoned with! A Wind n sound that is like the Multitude of inexhaustible, Trumpets from the north, south, east an west.

Right in the very ears of all His beloved's. The thing is, He calls, But no One is taking account of it. They have all gone astray doing there own liking. This I know, For I have done the same thing. Blind, to thing I should have letten go long of old.

I aloud it to consume me, Like a consuming plague of locusts and dry bones. I never took the time to search these things out, For I was to busy, doing my own thing, and disregarding my Own Father's protection n guidance on the situation.

Then, They, caught me an drew me in with sly- double tongue talk. With sweet honey comb words, But with Absolute, black locus, behind it. To devour n kill n destroy me.

But then the Almighty, Woke me up, n I saw every too clearly, like transparent glass, falling from the heavens. Like a Trance, As Peter in acts 10:10.That spoke volumes to my heart, mind, soul n spirit.

I awoken, N saw, them as they truly where. beast of every kind from under the heavens, to r**e n try to enslave me as one without child! They tried to imprison me as a slave for there pleasure! Then Father look with loving eyes, n said, No more, you pathetic little mere- mortal boys. I the only true living God, Will never allow such spiritual abuse in all the lands that I have created. As I swore my Oath to a thousand generations.

I swore n Oath, n, a covenant that I will never break with her. That No, man, in these lands will ever touch one hand on the women, inside an out. Like, My great faithful n Noble servant Job.

I saw the anguish of her heart, mind soul n spirit, How it grieved her, N I was full of unquenchable -Wrath that no man could put out. Not even the Almighty could contain in me. I set forth to execute my own judgement upon this great Multitude that was trying to destroy her, But the Almighty told me in my very ears, U need not to take matters in your own hands, for I heard the piercing cry as one Lost without her.

It grieved Me to the point of death! To hear such a piercing cry from My own bosom. I said, To him, there judgement is in My own hands, I will repay to a thousand generations, what had taken place!!! I the Only living One, will not leave one undone, as I swore n Oath to her, I swear n Oath to you My son.

So, Take heart, n be reassured about the promise around the corner. It will not delay One single day!


Man's mouth, Is like broken piece's of glass that can never be Repaired by the Breach of God Himself!

It's like Irreverent speech, Constantly coming into the very ears of the Almighty, Himself. We don't acknowledge or hear such things. One someone has denounced the Almighty One Himself, The life of that One is lost in eternal Darkness, forever...

It's like Stones hitting the emptiness of One Selves
own black hearted soul. It's so, Stone cold, it's consumed by one selves own Wicked, lustful, desires, that Will an Cannot ever, n I mean Ever be fulfilled.

It's like broken Whispers in the cold air crisp breeze in the winter, That has absolutely no warmth in it.

It's frozen, by perpetual, none stop constant, unquenchable, fear, and One selves own torment to the very end of Time, it's self.

It will never see the warmth, N, soft touch of the Son it's self, or His very Own, reflection, whom stands literally, in His place, to judge the One who denounced her, in the first place.

But I the Almighty l, Have put her on the earth to Judge the Ones whom they think in there little mere- mortal human minds, They have some type of grounds to walk on, When it is literally, My Foot Stool.

When they don't even possess, That kind of Judgement from above with Absolute, Divine, Power from on High.

I will laugh, when your calamity, comes, in like a whirl wind 🌬️ in Your distress, and wanting-ness, with endless torment. Then He will try to call upon ME (Jesus), but I will not answer, no hear Your pathetic prayer πŸ™ for Her to save U, from your Own destruction!

For she is the One whom I (Jesus), put mortal human flesh, In her hands personally, to Judge and Execute, My, righteous judgements to a thousand generations!!!!

Mark, N, Remember, Boy β€ΌοΈπŸ˜‰


I will say, Don't take out of context on the last message We (God, Jesus, Spirit), spoke bout. How Jesus did not trust himself to people.

He knows human nature. He knows the heart of all kindreds of the earth. Even thou He walked daily, not just with the Apostles, but with the people's. For they did chase Him down, 24/7. I saw it with my own eyes! For I was there, I'm from ever from old.

But the people's know that already! Don't cha!!!! Don't Twist OUR words! And speaking, Great swelling words, that U have no ammunition to back it up with!

Ever loose idol speaking Word, WE hold U accountable! Don't forget that! 😁 We hear every Whisper from the Four- Corners of the wind, As it takes it's self to Our very ears!

Come on really!!! Have U not learned a Damn thing Yet ??? How many spiritual supernatural meetings have We had with U in person? And a me not all of U, Are not getting it... Stupidity, An arrogant- bliss is rottenness the bones of those who call upon it to there own deaths!

It's like, Tinkling rain 🌧️ that never lets up. Then it creates, Endless rivers of torrents, That Cannot be quenched, like the raging of the sea, at her finest.

Keep Our words, And saying close to your hearts πŸ’•, For U are judged by them, In the beautiful Book called Life πŸ˜‰


Jesus' never... Trusted himself to people, Neither should U!!!!


Fake Love, Is like shattered glass, always trying to pick up the pieces of another.

No matter what U do, It's never good enough for the other. It's like, Filling up another empty - black whole of nothingness.

There never satisfied, Always in wanting-ness. If God His Mighty self, Can't fill there void in there hearts πŸ’• neither, can U!

They except, what they want to except. And they see only what they want to see. In the end, Reality, it's not u, it's them... πŸ˜”


Bed πŸ›οΈ time story bout horsemen n them some.


What was in the Past (Old T), is now. And what is now (New T), is then.

The Word cannot be annulled, Changes, or reversed. It is the same, today, yesterday and forever more. We never change! Man changes, But We never change πŸ˜‰ /riddle




Be humble n be kind 😌


He's All Talk, And, No, Action. Makes Him A Very Dull, BOY!!!


When U preserver throu the rough times, Always know with-out a shadow of a Doubt 🧐 Daddy God has your back πŸ’― percent πŸ˜‰


U will Find Him, When U search for Him, like hidden treasures in the Rocky bottom terrain of the ocean floor. Seems impossible, So, the enemy will whisper (evil-spirit), in your hearts n souls.

But that is not the Absolute truth, not at all! It's the farthest from the Real-Truth (Thee Spirit). πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡πŸ˜





To whom My souls loves the Most... πŸ˜‰ I know this is how Ya react when ya kiss Me


I've seen a Great an fierce heart-less evil, Coming from the North, south, east an west.

It's name is Death πŸ’€... He rides upon a Pale- green horse. And everything that has been hidden from mere-mortal eyes has now been revealed.

He is unforgivable, merciless, uncompassionate. His rage is, The fiercest of the fierce. When he reveals himself to u... He will have no mercy!!!! Woe unto, U, The unbelieving.... (Whether baptized or not).

For WE have told U of these things to come! It's been written since the beginning of time, In the Book written of ME! How is it, U still ? The things to come? How is it U do not comprehend Our sayings?

WE have fore- told U of these things to come, And U still sit in Wonder πŸ€” Like, What ? How can this be ? Since the father of Old have slept, How can it be?

It's like the Old Ancient days, When the people slept while Noah built the Ark; Parting, having a good time, then all the Sudden, There came the flood to whip out all human kind.

So, Will it be, To U, if U do not listen to the One who prepares the way before Me. She is the one! U question ⁉️ Her Authority to much. Like, Your dazed an confused πŸ˜•

Since when have WE been the Author of Confusion? We confuse no man. There confused when they allow themselves to figure every little detail out. Do U not have My mind? Did I not leave U it ? How is it You are still confused πŸ€”

Ahh, This generation is stiff necked and very rebellious. And still have not known Me on a personal level. I left U all that I have know. He the Spirit teaches U all things and bring all things to Your remembrance.

How is it, U still can't comprehend Our sayings? We speak Good speech πŸ’¬ sweeter then honey combe on a dawn's day. The sweetness of Our speech, Cannot be compared or numbered.

It's finner then the hairs on your head. My speech is sweet, intriguing. And My love is forever reverent. Ahh, You wicked and idol generation. How long shall I be with U, how long shall We keep putting up with U?

It's has ever been from Old. All the saints are Crying Out? How long O' Lord, how long? Till U deal with this Ungrateful generation? On My holy mountain Hill I hear these things, They come straight into My ears. The abusive rights of My people.

I have heard there Groans and cries straight in My ears. Like a Child without it's mother or father. Abandonment of the Faith in Me! Listening to seducing doctrines of man made- demon doctrines. O Heavenly Father, How have they lost there way home to Us.

They say, In their hearts when they mummer and dispute over Us, how We have done these things. When in Reality and Truth, they have done these things themselves, With there unbelieving eyes, and hearts.

They see, but they do not hear, They look, but they do not want to believe. Even thou, I am directly in front of them All. O' how it grieves me to see such things, and to hear so much gossip behind my back.

Instead of supporting me heavenly Good Father, they All gave me the foot of left fellowship! I took them in like a child needing comfort and companionship. I was always meet with a jealousy and always a smart remark.

They take Our hearts for advantage for there own personal use, And cast there so-called love for me and U, the demon hogs (pigs). They expect and assume that We should do all the work will they sit on there tuffs as sitting in pues as in a church with a red -carpet n a silver platter!

But what they don't know is, There own Stupidity an ignorance is costing there own safety an protection from above. O' how simple minded are these so-called followers of Me!

Like the naive women or man who enters into the city gates, Not knowing it's costing his n her own lives. An lives of there lives ones. For leading such a harlot life style! O Father, How can We help when everyone We instruct them in the way they should walk, They always walk around with Sugar coated ears an not hearkening to Our instructions.

Not realizing more or less not wanting to realize it's costing there own Salvation! All Of Us From Above


Hell Has No Fury!!!


Hear No evil, See no evil. -It 🫣


Love can feel like an Impossible mission. It seems no matter what U try to do right, It seems never good enough.

That's why love, is Truly a Battle-field. It's like Fall in the winter, It makes no sense, So, it seems.... Or flowers 🌹 in the scorching Sun. It can't thrive without being Watered regularly. Or it will whither up an die.

It's like rain with wind, always contrary to one another. Seems more like it's brewing more then smoothing.

Love is even more complicated when two can not agree. Especially, when two come from two different world's. Makes it even more complicated then it should actually seem.

If Iron could sharpen Iron, it would be perfect in every single way. Prayer 🀲

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