Sheryl Sitts - Journey of Possibilities

Sheryl Sitts - Journey of Possibilities


This mercury retrograde has kicked my butt...
Awesome Sauce Sheryl 👽👽
I had such a profound experience working with Sheryl! She uses her wit and wisdom to break through the earthy layers to find ones core. I was so impressed with how my core beliefs bubbled up through my language without me realizing it. Sheryl took her time and as we went back, she always made sure I felt ready, safe and secure to move on. I had no idea how healing and incorporating other aspects of my soul would impact my life! I feel stronger, more alive and happier!
This work is profoundly impactful and healing... I would highly recommend a session with Sheryl Yancey Sitts, a compassionate woman who is guided to help!
Hi - I’m very grateful to have been invited to join this group (thank you, Sheryl)...

For twelve years I have in trance delivered a series of ‘Communications’ from Joseph, a highly evolved spirit who is deeply worried about the state of mankind and fears for our future unless we change. I sit with the 'Band Of Light' (Joseph's name for our little group) to do this.

To date Joseph has communicated over a hundred times to help us work towards personal and global evolution and enlightenment.

I’m merely the ‘delivery system’ - it’s the Communications that are important. I’ll post occasional quotes from Joseph with the hope that you will find them spiritual, thought provoking and helpful.

Delighted to meet you! Take care. Michael.

Holistic, Spiritual
Practitioner & Broadcaster
Podcast Host ~ Exploring Possibilities Since 2013

Blending modern coaching, communication, entrepreneurship and technology with ancient practices, I catalyze you to thrive both personally and professionally. Some of the methods for working together include personal and entrepreneurial coaching, vibrational energy sessions, frequency healing with Healy, self-study programs, drumming circles, couples support circles, special events and more. Are yo

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"When we surrender the need to figure it all out and cultivate the ability to let it all in, our earth walk becomes a sacred dance of healing service on the planet. More than the world needs saving; it needs loving." don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo
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Happy 2023! 12/29/2022

Happy 2023!

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Happy 2023! Please forgive my long silence! This year, the government contract coaching I have done with low-income families for almost 20 years unexpectedly demanded all of my time and energy. Washington closed the 30-year-old program and asked local jurisdictions to rewrite our policy manuals and issue new ...


"The point was never to worship Jesus but to turn ourselves into a Jesus; not to worship Buddha but to turn ourselves into a Buddha. This was the meaning of their lives. To turn yourself into a Jesus or a Buddha is to awaken to the nature of reality, to embody truth, to walk in wisdom, to grasp your true self, to live with deep peace and joy, to courageously confront the problem, to open your heart with compassion to the whole world."

- Jim Palmer
Artist: Unknown


Divine Messages / Inspiration: First thing upon awakening in the mornings, I often receive what seem to be inspired ideas. They pop in and could easily be ignored. However, I purposefully pay attention to them now! In fact, the less sense they make, the more I dive in!

Just as we awaken is the easiest time to receive messages from the spirit realm and our higher selves. They have guided me to travel...and to cancel trips. They have guided me toward certain foods or supplements...and away from others. They have guided me to attend specific events and retreats, reach out to specific people (just when they needed me most), etc.

When I trust and follow this guidance, magic happens! My most recent strong message was to work with Turkey Tail mushrooms. As I researched their benefits and ordered some, I marvel at what a perfect fit they are for me right now.

Before that, I had a dream about a friend at a favorite location, and immediately knew I should register for their upcoming event at that place. That was the most restorative thing I've done for myself this year and I continue reaping the rewards of attending.

Here's your invitation to share similar experiences in the comments below and to pay special attention to any gentle morning nudgings you may receive upon awakening. These messages are gifts to enrich you and your life!





VIBRATING HIGH is waking up with a smile.

VIBRATING HIGH is enjoying your morning coffee or tea.

VIBRATING HIGH is feeling good about yourself

VIBRATING HIGH is laughing out loud with the people you love.

VIBRATING HIGH is daydreaming.

VIBRATING HIGH is seeing everything more colorful.

When you VIBE HIGH you attract everything you desire.

VIBRATING HIGH is going to sleep with a smile and looking forward to tomorrow.

VIBRATING HIGH is wanting to give the best of yourself every day.

VIBRATING HIGH is knowing how to stop the mind when we get looped of negative thoughts that make us feel bad.

VIBRATING HIGH is knowing how to be in the present moment. In the Here and Now. Seeing life as a child and enjoying every second.

VIBRATE HIGH is to do what fills your soul without harming anyone, is to create, to co-create with the Universal Energy

Whenever we are asked:

What is vibrate high?

Let's start with: How do you feel? If you feel happy, loved, excited, you are vibrating high.

Why do we want to vibrate high? By the law of attraction, we attract what we are. "

Credits : Mishaella Mishaella


This truly is the relationship dynamic of the future. While it sounds beautiful, there are a surprising number of shifts involved to embody this beyond simply healing the past. We form many habits and patterns around what we believe to be normal relating, and each of those has its own unwinding and rewriting process. All require awareness to recognize.

Why bother? We reach a point of no return where there is simply no going back to the old ways. They don't fit.

Is it worth it? Absolutely! Finding true deep peace and joy within oneself puts us in a full, resourced state of being from which to share life and expand further.

So is there really some Mr or Mrs Right to find? Yes. Surprisingly enough, (s)he was right there inside of us all along. 😃❣️

How do I know where my inner work lies to advance in this journey? Whomever we are attracting is modeling for us where we are in that journey. Don't simply judge and discard. Really notice with loving compassion. What we reject in others we are rejecting within ourselves. It all wants to be loved and accepted. Only then can real, lasting growth occur. 😘

Photos from Sheryl Sitts - Journey of Possibilities's post 09/05/2022

Peru? Did someone say Peru? Only all weekend long! Six years since our last adventures, we are honored to be asked to co-create a new sacred journey.

Are you feeling called? Would you appreciate an intimate group in which you feel seen, held and respected from advance planning through vital integration afterwards? What sites and ceremonies do you feeling drawn to?

Contact me! We want to consider everyone's desires and resources in planning. 💜


We come into this world naked with nothing. We take nothing with us when we die. All of this, EVERYTHING here is a gift for us to care for, appreciate, and enjoy. 💜


Visualize someone kicking and screaming, freaking out, only to stop for a moment and realize the universe already caught decades ago (as in my WHOLE LIFE)! Somehow I'd always thought it would look different! 🤣🤣


Are you always giving to others? Children? Grandchildren! Romantic partners? Work? Community service? If we don't first love and care for ourselves, this quickly becomes unhealthy and we burn out! I learned this the hard way. Behind all my motivation, I now realize I was focusing on others to avoid looking too closely at myself and things I'd avoided my whole life. After a few years of deep personal healing and reflection, I'm amazed at how fulfilling it is to re-enter personal relationships and community service in a healthier way. If you relate to this and want some help, don't hesitate to reach out! It's a game changer. 😃


Not less.Grief does not need to be healed, it IS the healing itself.

It is the energy of love that is released through our nervous system relaxing, our hearts breaking open and how we pass through the gates of the crossroads of life liberated into the next evolution of who we are.

It helps us to reclaim our innate safety within our own skin, to trust life by restoring the wisdom of a discernment rooted in the power of love.

Our relationship with grief is a mirror of how much we fear change, letting go and surrendering into the flow of life.

Grief. Your heart. Love. more benevolent and intelligent than we give her credit for.

Cultures who still live close to the earth make space every day to honor grief, to let go, honor what has passed to make space for more aliveness, wisdom and light to flow through.

Grief is the range of love that weaves its way through the cracks in the walls built around our hearts...walls built to protect us but only serve to keep the grief inside, repeating what we will not allow ourselves to know, metabolize and release out of the deep psyche.

It is the wildness of love that explodes our hearts open, reconnecting us with compassion and connectedness to all the things in this life.

It is the seeds of sanity, self-love and truth.

It is the waves of great letting go, mourning the passing, inner wailing at disappointment, the peace made with taking refuge inside the walls of impermanence that everything will eventually change.

It is what lives inside your sensitivity.
It expresses how much you love.
It is honoring what has passed.
It is reverence for the inner one who experienced harm.
It is releasing the hold on blaming self and others for relational wounds long gone.
It is inside the revelation of the light and beauty that you are.
It is the piercing gentleness of reconnecting with nature.
It is the sweetness of relaxing into finally being seen.
It is the energy living inside the tears that stream when the heart is healing.
It’s life force energy keeping your heart open and connected.
It is love.

Your grief does not need to be healed.
It is the healing itself.
Your grief craves to tell it’s story.
To feel a sacred witness coax her out of the shadows.
Your grief holds the seeds of freedom and gratitude, honoring and reverence.
To feel respected and acknowledged.
Seen and known.

It is grief that reveals our capacity to love and know.
To ride the waves of life and open to aliveness, embracing all that come and goes.
We live in a world averse to grief...shutting it down in children and adults alike.
Calling it crazy or sensitivity or idealistic or victim hood or negative or low vibration.
We live in a world averse to impermanence and the true revelation of our sacred light that can only be discovered by embracing our vulnerability.
Grief is human.
It is the liberating energy that brings freedom from leaning into the heart of life.

Your grief does not need to be healed.
It is, in fact, part of your power.
Perhaps what needs healing are our deep blocks to real love.
Ride the waves, swim in the sea but learn not to drown in them...or drown them out.
Love is life.
Love expresses itself in many forms.
Including you.

More love.
Not less.


is vital in ways we don't always recognize! It has been the seat of my intuition my whole life and I didn't understand that until well into adulthood. It's my spiritual compass, if you will. I'm not alone in this. Take good care of your gut... and listen to it! 💜


We must make personal wellness and vitality a priority in a world that considers it an afterthought.


Every single person we meet, whether casually in passing, through business, or in our personal relationships, has challenges we can't imagine. Love, kindness, & compassion are the greatest gifts. Give freely and often! 💜


Time to integrate and consolidate! Thank you for joining me on Instagram:


Who's ready for some LOL (Loving Out Loud)?!

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Today I sat in the hot seat being raw and vulnerable while show creator/producer Mario Rosales interviewed me on being for Sunday's episode of Exploring Possibilities. Tune in after Sunday morning at 💜


"We teach people how to treat us." Maya Angelou



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"In a world where perfectionism, pleasing, and proving are used as armor to protect our egos and our feelings, it takes a lot of courage to show up and be all in when we can't control the outcome...vulnerability is our greatest strength." Brene Brown 💜


"You are afraid of surrender because you don't want to lose control, but you never had control; all you had was anxiety." Elizabeth Gilbert

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