Colleen Bain O'Donnell - Coaching for Positive Impact

Colleen Bain O'Donnell - Coaching for Positive Impact


When you're no longer experiencing the simple joys of life, like living with meaning and purpose, contentment and peace, then it's time to rethink...surely there must be another way.
Reclaiming your Personal Power is a sure step in the right direction to a life of fulfillment and freedom. Click here to get my guide to help you take action now.
You were born to change someone's life, don't ever waste it. Dale Partridge - Author
Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.
Marie Curie – 1867-1934, Physicist
Its good to be back. For today only... have a positive impact! Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless...Mother Teresa
Its good to be back. For today only... have a positive impact! Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless...Mother Teresa :)

I am a Life Coach. I help business women reconnect with their Divine Self and enjoy fulfillment, me My personal goal is to “Dance with life”. Join me!

For as long as I can remember, there has been a part of me that questioned “my actions”. Why I did the things I did, even when it appeared to be the ‘wrong things’. To find my answers, I embarked on a journey of learning and self-discovery. In the many personal development courses I did, LIFE COACHING and REIKI entered my sphere. I immediately knew that these were the vehicles that would bring bal

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I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. Henry David Thoreau
Consciously live each moment, and in that moment discover the lesson. So we learn and grow and find joy and excitement in in life.


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Work/life balance is key is to a fulfilled and meaningful life. And yet it is the nemesis of so many...especially professional women who struggle to manage a happy home, relationships, and enjoy her work life where she has to spend most of her day.

Don't struggle silently with frayed nerves, tiredness, short-temperedness, unfulfillment, and just not enjoying enough family and fun time. Take charge and make the changes to have what you deserve. Let's have a chat. Connect with me and let's discuss how I can help you.

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Food for Thought
Dream what you want to dream:
Go where you want to go:
Be what you want to be because you have only one life
and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

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The 1st of the month...and another new month.
'Change' is a dead cert 'they' say, but I beg to differ. In this memory, nothing has changed.
One of my early childhood memories was when on the 1st day of the month we would be woken up with, "White Rabbit!...good morning girls", and the chorus that followed was, "White Rabbit, morning Ma".
Good, a feeling of relief. We all said 'White Rabbit' before we had said another word.
The myth was that saying 'White Rabbit' first thing on the 1st day of each month meant that a 'lucky' month lies ahead.
Now , more than 60 years later, you will still hear this family practice of 'White Rabbit', ring out at some odd hour after midnight on the 1st, in my bedroom and bedrooms across continents, by my children and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and friends have joined the custom - and hopefully 'luck' has blessed those who follow the tradition.
Isn't luck something nice that happens unexpectedly and undeservedly?
God knows, we can all do with a bit of luck in our lives, but regrettably we cannot live happy, successful lives on 'luck'. It requires much more than that, and we actually do know that... but still hope for that bit of luck.
To live that elusive, happy, successful life - for most, means we must know what we want, and to know that we must know ourselves and thus be able to 'master' ourselves.
Is that even possible? Does it even enter our heads that we can attain mastery over ourselves?
With a bit of work it needn't be such a big deal.
Self-Mastery is attainable, by starting in small simple steps in mastering the triune beings that we are; body, mind, and soul - and yes, all of us, anything less would render us less - less than whole. We must know ourselves to love ourselves so we can just be ourselves and succeed in this journey of life.
Want to know how?
Hop on a call with me and let's chat about it.
Click right here:

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The unexamined life is not worth living. Therefore.
True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us. Socrates

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Here are 5 feel-good practices:
* Steer clear of negative media, discussions and conversations.
* Make a point of entering a room with a smile.
* Lift the vibes when you feel the conversation is going downhill.
* Share happy thoughts and experiences.
* Go into the garden or anywhere in nature and experience the gift of beauty and
perfection offered us.
* And simply (but not so easy), change your thoughts and you will change your life.
Let your Light shine!

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Therefore, just be ...YOU!

#possibilities#paradigmshift #creativethinking


Need support?
Feel like you're in a rut and want someone to help you get more balance and momentum in your life?
Want to get to that sweet spot inside of you where pure joy and inner peace resides?
It's hard to get thereby yourself without someone to hold you accountable and be your cheerleader at the same time.
If that's the kind of help you want DM me and let's set up a chat.
#possibilities#paradigmshift #creativethinking

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Reclaim your Personal Power
Telling the truth is an act of love for yourself, your life, and the people who matter most to you. The obstacles that block your energy healing journey are your unprocessed feelings and unidentified traumas. Give yourself permission to be honest and create a safe space within yourself for your own self-expression. Your body will automatically relax from your self-imposed burdens. Deborah King

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Women professionals,
Are you still struggling with juggling your life - home and business?
Is there a nagging thought deep down, "am I good enough"?
Do you wake up feeling heavy and tired?
You don't have to, because there is another way.
A way of feeling fulfilled, of joy, of inner peace and harmony, of well-being?
Book a complementary coaching session with me and let's explore the road back to regaining your personal power, with ALL of you in the driving seat, Body, Mind, and Spirit.
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Women Professionals, Get the Breakthrough you need...
Are you feeling tired and drained at the end of the day?
Are you struggling to find balance in your home/business life?
Do you find yourself looking for if there is something missing in your life?
If your answer is 'yes' then let me know in the chat or send me a DM and let's set up a time to chat.

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Women Professionals - Smell the Roses!
Are you sick and tired of a mundane existence, surviving instead of thriving?
Are you struggling to find balance in your home and work life?
If you want back enthusiasm, drive, and fulfillment, I can help you!
Take advantage of my complimentary 45 minute coaching session, and let's get you back on track to a life filled with passion and purpose!
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No matter what you'd like to change or achieve, the secrets to success are the same:
#1. Get clear. As specifically as possible, decide what you want. The clearer you are on what you want in life, the more likely you are to achieve it.
#2. Get perspective. Most people don't tell anyone what they want or what they are struggling with, and because of that they don't get an outside perspective.
#3. Get support. Very few people (if any) achieve anything great alone. Sports stars have teammates and coaches. Be willing to ask the people in your life to support you.
Do you have something SPECIAL or important for you to change? If you want to speed up your success rate I'd like to help you do it with a complimentary one-on-one personal coaching session. DM me and let's arrange a chat.

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Professional Women!
If you're a business owner, team leader, or executive that's overworked and struggling to find balance in your work/home life, you can't really complain to your boss, but you can complain to me.
Type your biggest complaint or frustration in the comments below and I'll pick a few of the best ones to get a private complimentary coaching session with me.


spiritual wisdom% Use your words wisely

Your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom.
Use your words wisely.
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spiritual wisdom% You are worth loving

Your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom.
You are worth loving!
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weekly dose of spiritual wisdom. Feel abundant

Your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom.
Feel Abundant!
#peace#tranquility#spiritualcoaching#wisdom#spiritualcoachingfor businessprofessionals


Your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom% Meditating regularly

Your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom.
Meditate Regularly
#peace#tranquility#spiritualcoaching#wisdom#spiritualcoachingfor businessprofessionals


Your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom. You know best

Your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom.
YOU know what is best for you!
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Radiate Peace and tranquility

Radiate Peace and Tranquility!

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Just awe-inspiring!
A rare treat to behold in the wonder that is South Africa Bushveld.
Leopard, rhino, impala, and amazing landscapes and big skies!

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Family and friends, and people in general, have their own opinions according to their own beliefs and therefore through their own filters.
Whatever they think about you is not about you, but actually about them.
So, don't take what others say or think about you personally, it is generally not about you anyway.
Ponder on that.

Coaching For Positive Impact. - Colleen Bain O'Donnell 21/02/2022

Coaching For Positive Impact. - Colleen Bain O'Donnell

Are you struggling with change?
'New Year has come and gone' and the intentions/desires/wishes to be happy, to change and to have a better year…and a better life, still leaves a faint hope in our hearts. Perhaps we had the same intentions, dreams and aspirations last year. But change is so hard! Are we doing the same things we did before and expecting a different outcome? What can we do differently this year? It’s really simple. Maybe just start with changing our minds…and I mean seriously change our minds! If we continue with the same thoughts, feelings, and actions we will get the same results. We really need to step outside of our comfort zone - the feeling of safety in our discomfort, and seriously pay attention to our thoughts and actions, and change them, and do things differently - in line with what we want. We may surprise ourselves and actually head in the right direction… direction of our dreams.
If after so many endeavors to change, it's okay to say, 'maybe I need help'. And if you're serious about changing something specific in your life, I am happy to have a chat with you and help you get on the right track. Schedule a 30 minute FREE chat here with me, and let's talk this over.
click here: :// or DM me.

Coaching For Positive Impact. - Colleen Bain O'Donnell

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RULE 10.
And finally...
Have fun!
...and enjoy your relationships.
excerpts from a poem by Donna Fargo
(just living)

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When in doubt about your actions,
ask yourself how you would want to be treated, and then act accordingly.
If you've argued, never go to sleep without asking the other's forgiveness,
even when you don't feel like it or want to.
Be faithful about this; you won't be sorry.
Do what will make you both the happiest in the long run and be the best for you relationship.
excerpts from a poem by Donna Fargo
(loving friends)

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Be in agreement about how your money is spent.
Big items should be the approval of both.
Talk about how to manage your finances.
excerpts from a poem by Donna Fargo
(loving family)

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Settle the fact that you've made your choice and you're no longer looking for someone else.
Don't flirt.
Think of the consequences.
Don't consider it.
excerpts from a poem by Donna Fargo
(loving family)

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cont...10 RULES OF LOVE.
Talk about things together the way you would talk with a friend.
Absolutely refuse to say anything negative about your partner.
Share your most important secrets, and never betray the secrets of your partner:
treat them as almost sacred.
Keep your own identity, but walk together as one.
Don't ever give up on your love.
(Happy memories - in Zurich. Cheers Mom! Have great birthday celebrations up there. Miss you forever!)
excerpts from a poem by Donna Fargo"

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Look to each other for help.
Don't let your problems or concerns get out of hand and make you go in opposite directions.
Be joyful that you have each made a commitment to each other ...
through sickness or health, poverty or wealth,
or whatever comes along.
You're in this life together.
Be thankful!
(loving family)
excerpts from a poem by Donna Fargo"

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Take care of each other.
Go to the doctor with each other.
Put the other one first, but don't neglect your own needs either.
Do the things that show that you're interested in your partner's needs, desires and problems.
excerpts from a poem by Donna Fargo"
(loving life)
excerpts from a poem by Donna Fargo

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Never stop treating each other like sweethearts.
Talk to each other as sweethearts.
Do things that sweethearts do.
Share the chores around the house.
Work together in achieving your goals.
Do things just to make the other one feel loved, especially when he or she may be feeling a bit down.
Take pride in the way you look and act, for yourself and for your partner, but never let external values have more importance than the internal feelings of your heart.
(loving all)
excerpts from a poem by Donna Fargo

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Listen objectively to each other, as you would to a friend.
Acceptance is key to understanding and a buffer for tension and resentment.
Don't take things personally;
Give each other the right to have different opinions, the right to disagree.
You don't want anyone to control your feelings, so don't try to win someone else's,
not even the feelings of the one you love.

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The month of LOVE.
Starting today I want to share with you the 10 Golden Rules for Love.
Rule 1.
First and foremost, love each other.
Realize how lucky you are to love and to be loved.
Say often, "I love you" and in many different ways .
Surprise one another with gifts of praise to show your love.
Remember that love grows in an atmosphere of freedom and trust, not from restraint and obligation.
Do things to keep your love alive .
Don't take love for granted, ever.
It's such a blessing...
(excerpts of poem by Donna Fargo.)


Colleen Bain O’Donnell – Life Coach 27/01/2022

Colleen Bain O’Donnell – Life Coach

The greatest gift we can offer anyone is the gift of one's self. Why? Because there is nothing greater that we CAN offer, since we are the greatest expression of the Divine. Offering one's self involves giving that, that comes from within:

showing kindness
being 100% present
be willing to share
speaking one's truth...

and thus help them realize their worth and help them rise up to become their best self again. In that act of love we too benefit by the pure joy that giving with an open heart gives us.

I have a client who had been struggling with the same problem for many years and went through absolute pain and misery which affected her mental and physical health.

She realized that well-meaning advice was not enough or necessarily right for her. She needed professional help. She could no longer do the same things and expect a different outcome. She needed the help to fix her problem and rediscover her inner peace and joy, by learning to love herself again. She had forgotten to give to herself.

Together, we did the work, and she is heading back to her best self.

I have encountered too many folks who are experiencing 'aloneness' in their personal struggle and who desperately need 'receiving'.

Together, we can do this. It costs us nothing, other than being present for someone in need.

So, I want to do my bit. In my previous newsletter on Gratitude, I committed myself to consciously focus on:

walking my talk.
the golden rule of, 'do unto others...".
to live and let live.
to continue to serve with empathy, kindness, humility, understanding, and love.
and be a force for good.
And, I want to give more.

So, I am offering my course, 'Be Your Best Self' to the first 10 responders, free.

If you are struggling, this course will certainly help you. You can check out the contents:

Click HERE:
(coupon code BYBS10)


If you know of anyone who may benefit from this course, please be my guest. It will be my pleasure to be a part of your healing experience.

Colleen Bain O’Donnell – Life Coach

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spiritual wisdom% Use your words wisely
spiritual wisdom% You are worth loving
weekly dose of spiritual wisdom. Feel abundant
Your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom% Meditating regularly
Your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom. You know best
Radiate Peace and tranquility
It’s a life-changing call.
✔️ Remember, you achieve what you believe.
Did you know?
No one is or can be perfect.