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Gladiators & Secrets of The Colosseum with Marisa Horowitz- Jaffe | WICC 05/03/2024

Come join us!!

Gladiators & Secrets of The Colosseum with Marisa Horowitz- Jaffe | WICC Entertainment during the Roman Empire looked quite different than what we seek in modern times. This program explores who a gladiator actually was, how the Colosseum provided a world-renowned stage for these shows, and the various types of gladiatorial spectacle. Coffee & Wine will be served!


Virtual program! The History and Highlights of The Louvre Museum!

Photos from Museums With Marisa's post 18/04/2023

📚 Excellent Met museum memoir written by a former guard of over a decade! “All The Beauty In The World”

🏛️ There are a number of personal books written by former museum employees. I’ve read them all, and I have dozens of ideas myself. Patrick’s is one of the most humbling, well written and “as rich in moving insights as the Met is in treasures” (NPR)

✋Grab a copy today!

🍀Serendipitously, a serious book club from Charlottesville travelled to NYC to meet the author. I was hired to create a tour based on his book! Thank you to this amazing group of intelligent, engaged and dynamic women for this unique and fulfilling opportunity.

⭐️ Thank you Lisa at the for organizing.

😁 I had a blast! I read specific segments in front of the pieces.

📲Contact me for your own personalized museum book club private tour!

📚 🏛️📚🏛️📚

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So honored and thrilled and all around tickled to lecture at The 92nd St Y! Yesterday I taught my fourth in-person lecture to a wonderful group of seniors. The knowledge, personal stories, questions and the experience of being part of such a renowned institution is making my inner child educator squeal with joy and awe!

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🖼️ My birthday! I visited the BEST place in the WORLD (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) with one my BEST people. There is nothing better than this, for me.

👑 We viewed “The Tudors” which we’ve been trying to visit since we saw “SIX” on Broadway. Only in NYC - you can see a Broadway show about a specific historical topic, then head over to The Met and see *in person* what they were singing about! 🤯

🎨 We saw many portraits by the artist Hans Holbein. There is an entire song dedicated to Holbein in “SIX.” Go listen and start dancing!

🧡 My favorite painting (hard for me to make such a sweeping declaration, but here it s…) just *happens* to be at The Met on loan from The Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico. I’ve seen her in person three times when her travel schedule synchs where I happen to be. What a JOY to introduce my own daughter to “Flaming June" (Sir Frederic Leighton; 1895.) Who knows why different art affects each of us in different ways, and this one does something to me. I cried. A lot. A moment I’ll never forget. Incredible birthday experience.

How lucky are we to live in this city with the best art, music, shows, food… everything. I love The Met, I love my little family, and the two came together on my birthday. Lucky, lucky.

Photos from The Griffith Institute - University of Oxford's post 25/11/2022

This is pretty neat! English stamps celebrating the 100th anniversary of Tut's tomb discovery.

Photos from Museums With Marisa's post 23/11/2022

👑We visited the King Tut Immersive Experience here in NYC!

⭐️Yes, I wore my Nemes Headdress (with my “Egypt Geek” t-shirt) the entire time. It helped open up and foster interesting random conversations with fellow visitors around us - talking to people, and especially about Ancient Egypt, is one of my favorite things!

📷 For me, the most mesmerizing and absolute stand out part was the ability to see photos in such high definition and mind boggling detail. Pictures which I’m incredibly familiar and taught with over decades, but never seen in this clarity! I saw items in one the Burton original tomb photos that I’ve yet to see in the 100 year old re-digitized images we typically see.

👍I give it a thumbs up! Details, facts, color, music - all spot on.


😆”Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall…”

It did take me a moment to get the joke, but then I *did!!* 😆

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Teach me some awesome QB tips, and I’ll teach ya some Ancient Egypt Met Museum tour guide tips! Let’s swap skills for a day!


My NY Giants household is excited to check out season two, and if you ever want to learn more about Ancient Egypt and the Met, I’m here for it!

I can teach all ages anywhere - classrooms, community centers, libraries, locker rooms, football fields… Let’s do this!


Queen Elizabeth and King Tut. Two of the most famous people in history, across thousands of years and thousands of miles.

One monarch leaving a tribute of flowers for another.

Timeline photos 02/09/2022

Next time I’m in the Greek, Roman, and Egypt galleries (basically my life in a nutshell) I’ll see if I can figure out which 27 pieces are missing...!

Investigators in New York have seized 27 ancient artifacts valued at more than $13 million from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, asserting that the objects, acquired to showcase the glories of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, had been looted.


Even though I’m an Archaeologist and not a Paleontologist… this is pretty darn cool!

The remains of what could be the largest dinosaur ever found in Europe have been uncovered in a back garden in Portugal. The size of the bones found in the garden suggests that the dinosaur was 12 metres high and 25 metres long.

Part of the sauropod’s fossilised skeleton uncovered.
Instituto Dom Luiz, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Read more


🎨Fantastic exhibit in the Ancient Roman & Greek galleries at The Metropolitan Museum of Art! 🎨

All ancient marble statues were originally brightly painted and colored.

❓Which do you prefer? The original way the ancient artists intended, or our modern version that we are all used to viewing? 👁 👁


Yippie for 6th Grade Social Studies Ancient Cultures Curriculum!! Back in person - who knows how many future archaeologists, museum professionals, and most importantly future art patrons who appreciate and fund the arts that I’ve inspired! 😁
What a gift to open the eyes of our youth!
Contact to bring these programs you *your* school!

Photos from Museums With Marisa's post 27/04/2022

✅ 2 Archaeologists ⚒
✅ 3 Egyptologists⚱️
✅ 2 Museum Educators with their own museum touring companies 🖼

What a great trip to The Met and finally meeting fellow “ologists” in-person after finding each other online during the “zoom boom!”

We shared some of our favorite works at The Met, then had an awesome dinner together.

Thanks to for visiting the States and bringing us together here in NYC!

It was amazing to meet a fellow animated tour guide in and is amazing and it’s an honor to have met her! 🕯⚒

I had tons of questions for Tricia Coletto about her field work in Egypt.

Thanks to the fantastically fabulous Curtis Ryan Woodside for originally introducing all of us back in 2020!

Historians are the best!


🤯 WOW! View of The Great Pyramid from its apex via a drone!! It even took me a moment to orient myself as to which way I’m looking.
Now, that’s a shot!🔺🐪🌵


Interesting free lecture from The Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East. (Same archaeology museum; updated name from back when I did my field work through their Ashkelon excavations.) ⚒🪔⛏

Ancient Egypt conjures images of temples, pyramids, and more. In this free virtual public talk, Wendy Doyon, a historian of archaeology and modern Egypt, will discuss the relationship between state, archaeology, and labor in 19th-c. Egypt. Doyon will explain how the power of the Egyptian state was built on the creation of modern antiquities land and the organization of Egyptian workers as state assets.

Thursday, April 21, 2022, 6:00–7:00 pm ET
Advance registration required:

Image courtesy of the Penn Museum


Want to get an idea of how ancient people could split rocks without power tools? Check this out! They are using steel tools, so it is a bit easier, but the same mechanisms apply.


📺 The Simpsons as ancient Egyptians! (Except their couch would be portrayed in a side view, of course!)

🎯 I love that Bart is the God of Chaos, “Seth!” 🌪 🎯

HOMER: Geb; God of Earth

MARGE: Nut (pronounced “Newt;”) Goddess of the Night Sky and a personal aesthetic favorite of mine

LISA: Isis; Goddess of healing, magic, women, etc. Her parents are Nut and Geb!

MAGGIE: Nephthys; Goddesses of mourning, healing, childbirth, etc. Also a daughter of Nut and Geb, and therefore a sister to Isis, aka Lisa

BART: Seth; God of Chaos and son of Nut and Geb and therefore the “brother” to Lisa and Maggie. No one likes Seth!

Nice family tree! 😁


🏺So grateful to be back in person! Thank you Eastchester School District, my local school district, for the honor of teaching your 6th Grade Art Classes! 🎨

⚰️The amazing art teacher asked me to present a program on Mummies and Mummification as an intro to their upcoming canonic jar project. What fun! ⚰️

🧿Up next! Bringing my “Discover Ancient Rome” program to the school’s 6th Grade Social Studies classes - all 10 of them next Spring!🏛

🏛Bring your textbooks to life with a enrichment workshop! Call us today to schedule! 🗓

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