ClearView - The ADHD Business Solution

ClearView - The ADHD Business Solution


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ClearView - ADHD Consulting & Coaching helps adults with ADHD and ADD manage their symptoms and live

Attention-centered coaching is different from counseling and therapy for treating ADD and ADHD. Coaching trains ADHD brain type adults to live life to the fullest by teaching them how their brain works and helping them practice management and coping skills. Therapy is often limited to discussion, but attention-centered coaching is interactive. This process for learning if effective for most ADD/ADHD adults.

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ADHD Tip in a Minute


ADHD Tip in a Minute


{Productivity Tip} Under-promise and over-deliver. Instead of telling the boss what you think he wants to hear, make an honest assessment of what you know you can do, and give yourself extra time to do it. Your boss will let you know if he needs it sooner, and you can ask for advice on prioritizing so you can get the project/task done as requested. No one will ever complain because they got something sooner than requested, but we know what the response will be if we turn in something late.


An ADHD brain has many wonderful characteristics that become debilitating when that brain is put in a neurotypical context. A person with ADHD is often full of great ideas and keen intuition. What they might not pick up on is the appropriate moment to share these ideas, or how to prove their intuition at a moment’s notice, and this can lead to frustrations.

Great qualities can morph into their “evil twins” which may be born of the frustrations of not fitting into a neurotypical world. For instance, when spontaneity morphs into impulsivity; self-confidence becomes bragging, or commitment turns into stubbornness.

Recognizing these distinctions can help anyone to communicate and contribute more effectively!


{Productivity Tip} Watch out for unintentional time sinkholes, the most notorious being screen time on your devices. Cut back on “screen sucking,” and you will have more time to do important things.


Do you have ADHD? Know your intelligence is no less valuable, and no less insightful, than your peers who may have an easier time succeeding in the traditional sense.

Unfortunately, some of us with ADHD suffer from low self-esteem and deep-set beliefs that we're somehow less capable than others. Different maybe, but not less-than anyone else.

Remember the old saying: "If you think you can, or think you can't - either way, you're right!"


{Productivity Tip} Do not answer your phone until you have written down a plan for the day. Technology is great but with a pen and paper you are able to create a visual plan. Plus writing something down creates a stronger connection in your brain.

The 5 Best Jobs for People With ADD and ADHD 12/02/2018

The 5 Best Jobs for People With ADD and ADHD

There are certain professions that utilize and celebrate ADHD strengths more than others. Here are the top 5 careers that allow people with ADHD reach their full potential by putting their natural skills at work.

The 5 Best Jobs for People With ADD and ADHD Here's a mini career guide.


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This little book is about relationships and how ADHD magnifies the fundamental challenge to every relationship where ADHD is a factor.

In my coaching of entrepreneurs and executives with ADHD, we invariably come to discuss relationships of all kinds.

I’m giving away a small number of books to raise awareness, to make connection, and as a contribution to the conversation about ADHD and relationships.

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Timeline photos 30/04/2014

Rain can drastically effect your mood and your motivation! How do you stay on top of your game when the weather is like this?


What are some positives when you have an ADHD brain? How about high energy!


Happy Valentine's Day! Any special plans?


Make someone smile today. Your kindness will be rewarded tenfold!


Did you know President Lincoln displayed the traits of an ADD brain? Happy birthday Honest Abe!

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ADHD Tip in a Minute