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Operating as usual


Getting messages for the code… here it is.
Early birds no exclusions…
Be on the look out for emails.
Share with your friends and fam! Allow
God use you to spread the word ❤️❤️

FEB10 for 10% off any order

FEB15 for 15% off $150

FEB20 for 20% off $250


Get up to 30% off. www.goldnskin.com/collections/all

Get 10% of any order code : 1010
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Sale is Live 24hrs only
Check the website link below :

Get 10% of any order code : 1010
Get 15% off $100 Code 1515
Get 20% off $200 code :2020
Get 25% off $300 code 3030
Get 30% off $450 code : Thankful


Holiday gifts for the men or the lady in your life. Very practical for every day use especially if you buy expensive belts … this is a good organizer / display caddy.

$38 only


October 1st New products will be listed for purchase don’t forget to check the website !


You’ve talked and talked and we have heard!!!

We are sending down a few items for sale to meet your needs!

Send me a WhatsApp message for what you need so I can have a few of each items ready… +1- 615-424-6403

The website is goldnskin.com incase you want to take a look at what’s online. Dark spot corrector excluded!


New Year New Journey


I know y’all been waiting! So here it is.
Last Sale of the Year Codes for discount:

TAKE10 (No minimum purchase)
TAKE15 (off orders of $150 & up)
TAKE20 (off orders of $250 & up)



Thanks to everyone who signed up to make braids.
Doing business with people is hard work.
Late deliveries, things not being exactly as described, failures, excuses, scams etc.

We did find some that were ready for the kind of growth we needed. And we have run with them.

I will open Up the window again for more braiders next year. February precisely.
Please improve your craft and be consistent if you want reconsideration.

You must also Be ready and willing to expand. You will need to hire braiders and manage them to meet with demands and maintain quality control.

When God blesses you be in front line to accept it.

Wearing one of the braids …
Officially launching sales Dec locally.
Produce produce produce.

Photos from 4moms and Babies's post 27/08/2022

*Business opportunity*

If you make braided wigs or know someone who does it very well… I have someone who wants to get connected asap! Send me a private message with your best work.

Putting it here to give opportunity to people in my timeline to grow their business if needed before giving it out to known established vendors.

Photos from 4moms and Babies's post 17/08/2022

Dark under eye circle fades away under the potency of the eye serum.
Etsy link: https://etsy.me/3QBVoyo
Goldnskin link: https://goldnskin.com/products/dark-eye-serum

This was well formulated with everything in mind.
It will gently fade and lighten dark under eyes, help puffy eyes and wrinkles all at same time.

You can ask me questions directly for skin issues or recommendations for what to get.
The easiest way you reach me would be through WhatsApp messages, text or direct calls. +16154246403.

20% Niacinamide Color correction Hyperpigmentation Bundle 28/07/2022

This is the wine that fixes most facial troubles.
A pack of 3. https://goldnskin.com/products/20-niacinamide-serum-bundle

Toner serum and moisturizer. Famous for fixing hyperpigmentation uneven skin tone and blemishes.
Restoring youthful skin and making you look really really younger.

Packed full with anti aging herbs and vitamins that are skin identical.
I’m giving money back guarantees because I know what it does.

Check out our reviews and be amazed
Want to ask me questions directly or show the problem areas for recommendations:

WhatsApp calls or text +16154246403
Or email me [email protected]

20% Niacinamide Color correction Hyperpigmentation Bundle Goldnskin 20% Niacinamide Facial Bundle For Uneven face color sunburn, Acne spot, Anti-aging serum set, Blemish remover, Spotty face.Fights blemishes from deep within its root. Without bleaching out your skin. shop yours at GoldnSkin.


Dark knuckle serum that lightens.
Not a harsh harmful peel. Will get rid of dead skin cells and gently brighten dark knuckles.

If you have chemically damaged knuckles … contact us, we can help.

To reach me directly +16154246403 WhatsApp text or call.



Big Big thank you to everyone who’s messaged me about my absence!
It is well!! It is Finished and it ended in praise.

I will slowly answer all your messages via WhatsApp and messenger please be patient with me and understand that I’m not ignoring just have been absent.

In this short time, God has done many great things and I’m deeply deeply appreciative.

I’m more aware of who I am and the grace that walks with me, the unmerited favor that I have carried my entire life to this day.

You know how they say “ that one case different “ and it’s inexplicable ? That’s me.
That’s the story of my life. And my assignment is to just bask in the glory and show people what the God I serve can do. And give them a reason to do so.

A lot of people say “ small girl with big God” but are collecting money on the side from somewhere etc.
my own “ small girl with big God” is exactly that.

Jehovah is the big God that stands in front of me and behind me so while I’m walking around like scatter scatter he pushes me out of danger and directs me.

I’m back.
I never left .
I was just in training.

Xx 💋
I hope you’re all well? I’ve missed you too.



I don’t know what your reasons are for wanting to lighten your skin.
Pregnancy hormones making your skin darker? Sun exposure ? Illness ? Age or just want better…
Your reason is your own. You alone know what it is that you want to do and why.

But here’s what I know… I know 💯 that I can get you there safely. Patiently and that your investment won’t be a waste. I know that I have carefully selected the ingredients in these to make it an all star in a bottle.


I know it won’t make you bleach and look awful but will@make your skin supple and soft and just nice like a baby. I know that there is no Hydroquinone steroid or mercury in it so you can use it safely any time and for as long as you need to.

I know it’s costly but for a good reason because I’ll rather take you there safely and without damages than drag you quickly and watch you regret.

Do you have damaged skin ? This will be your first key to restoration and repair. Just need that oomph!! One bottle (order) may be what you need.

You can shop online or ask me questions … text or call me. I’m awful with Instagram dm. You can find this on the website goldnskin . Com and search in the search bar for Advanced gold effects. Get the bundle it will do you better.

Direct number : +16154246403 WhatsApp text or call.
You can also email me : [email protected]


Happy Mother’s Day My Ladies. Here’s 15% off for this special day.
Get something for you, for mommy and all the other mommies in your life. Link to shop is in bio. www.goldnskin.com

Watch this reel by booksheadquarters on Instagram 02/02/2022

I hope you get a chance to pick up a couple for your kids before it is all out!
It doesn’t matter where you are in Nigeria just pay for shipping and handling.


Watch this reel by booksheadquarters on Instagram 8 Likes, 12 Comments - Wholesale Children Bookstore () on Instagram: “Happyyyy Neeewww Moonnnthhhh my people. It's a month of Love. It's a season of Love and we want…”


This is how I look everyday.
I’m not like your typical bleaching cream seller who has to pack themselves up with double filter.

I’m very comfortable with my skin tone and color because I’m not bleaching.
I do not sell bleaching creams either
I’m not your typical mix bleaching powder with coconut oil and call it Snow White.

That mess is sold elsewhere,
I hope you’re clear now ? If you want real skincare? Well formulated with the right ingredients that are skin loving cone here

Want to get white in 7 days? Go somewhere else.


This is for the ones who ask how I look in real life…
Absolutely no filter you can scroll through the page to find live videos and more.

Please don’t send me those stupid messages via inbox again. Next time you ask me such stupid questions I’ll be the first to block you. Bye!

Go find something productive to do.

Let me be a real human, and put the business person aside. Real quickly.
I do not need filters to sell my products because they work amazingly! I also do not have to be bleached out to sell skincare.
My complexion will differ depending on how the light hits. I do not have stretch marks to hide or sunburn to cover with make up. As a matter of fact I just started wearing make up this new year.
I still get acne all the time, still battle same struggles that every one does. So I’ll have good skin days and bad skin days.
Do NOT compare me to your bleaching cream mixers. I am a manufacturer meaning I don’t do those white label s**t most people do, I make from the base all the way to the labels! That’s why I am able to modify products to fit peoples skin problems !
I can look at your skin and say scratch that… this is what you need and this is what should be in there.
I can pick up any product label and duplicate the products in it 100% and even make it better.
I get into the science of how everything works. From the littlest detail to the largest.
I fix problems your dermatologists have rejected!
I also manufacture products for brands that you actually buy from but because we sign NDA I’m bound by law and unable to tell you who they are.
So you may still be buying my products but don’t know because it smells different and is labeled different.
Next time you want to speak to me put some RESPECK ON MY NAME. When you have created a product line and sold 100 products and gotten 50 reviews come speak to me.
Am I proud? Heck yea! Why shouldn’t I be ? I make magic that solves problems for people around the world… kids and adults alike… I will fix your baby’s eczema in 5 days the same one you have been trying to fix since they were born that the doctors recommendations didn’t fix!
I ship to countries you have never heard, and the aches and pains on my back tells me where I’ve been and what I’ve done.
The next time you come to me with that mess… I won’t hesitate to block you.
I’m glad we are able to get this off so you know where I stand. I have very low tolerance for disrespect and nasty people. Respect is not given it’s earned. Speak right and get right.
If your parents didn’t teach you manners and you come here with your raggedy self to speak to me some kind of way because I’m a business owner ..
guess what… I will SHOCK YOU.
Nowwww that we are on same page… I hope you have a fantastic new year and miss me with that mess. I will clap back at you privately if you try me publicly and then BLOCK YOU.


So I’m unboxing them bags
This is from Dooney and Bourke website.

It’s the signature Brenna bag! I absolutely love big bags because I need room to carry a lot of things when I step out.
IPad Pro, 2 cellphones, papers, sometimes products or mommy items.
These fit well into this.

So I have this style in different solid colors.
Feels very good to touch it’s actually leather, I was thinking it was fabric.

Color is very rich and it has the standard Dooney interior (red and rich).

They had this for a discount during their end of year sale so I was able to avoid paying full price for them.

I love Dooney and Bourke because their quality is superb. In comparison to many brands that costs more.

Also I buy purses because I like the quality. So it can be very cheap or very expensive it doesn’t matter, the price or brand doesn’t drive me.


What it looked like for me this first Monday of the year.
Extremely beautiful
I’m a sucker for nature ….
I’m excited for 2022


I want to thank everyone who supported me through the journey. It’s been a very humbling experience.
Thank you!! Thank you !!

Hoping for better things to come this new year,
I’m wishing you all the best and sending positive vibes your way

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Getting messages for the code… here it is. Early birds no exclusions… Be on the look out for emails. Share with your fri...
Getting messages for the code… here it is. Early birds no exclusions… Be on the look out for emails. Share with your fri...
Get up to 30% off. www.goldnskin.com/collections/allGet 10% of any order code : 1010 Get 15% off $100 Code 1515 Get 20% ...
Up to 30% off! No exclusions 24 hours only.  www.goldnskin.com/collections/all.                             Get 10% of a...
Sale is Live 24hrs only Check the website link below : www.goldnskin.com/collections/allGet 10% of any order code : 1010...
Holiday gifts for the men or the lady in your life. Very practical for every day use especially if you buy expensive bel...
October 1st New products will be listed for purchase  don’t forget to check the website ! www.goldnskin.com
Few hours left to get 20% off $150 and up! Shop now www.goldnskin.com
The only thing constant in life is change.
How flexible are you?
Inbox with me!  Tory Burch Eleanor #goldiyamu #toryburch #toryburchbags #EleanorBag #torybutcheleanor #nashville#nashvil...


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