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Thank you for the 600 books we were able to give away tonight.
Thank you for the 600 books we gave away at Shadow Butte Literacy Night 2019! We can't say thank you enough.
A HUGE thank you from Shadow Butte Elementary! We gave away 600 books to children who attended our Literacy Night with the Treasure Valley Avengers and Gary Hogg Children's Book Author. Thank you for this amazing gift you give to children whose families often cannot afford books. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
On behalf of children birth to three in North Idaho, thank you for your generous book donation of 400 books!!! 🤗 We are thrilled that we can offer books to our families. Your help makes our literacy challenge possible.

Providing books to children! To learn more visit:

Did you know that in middle and high income homes, there are up to 54 books per child? Did you know that in low income homes, there is 1 book per 300 children?! Even if these kids do well in school, they do not have the resources (books) at home to become successful readers. Reading proficiently at the end of 3rd grade is the most significant indicator of success in school, high school graduation,

Operating as usual

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Many thanks to Thomas Alquist and the Board for recognizing our efforts in getting books in the hands of kids to promote literacy for the last 10 years!


Inspire Excellence2023!
10 years, 3 worker bees, 766,000 books and countless donors and supporters! Thank you!!🥰

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Once again the collection box at Barnes & Noble is full of near new and new books for kids! Thanks to all of you dropping your books!


A few years into our efforts, we were chosen for the Porsche Club Award (2015) and we were out raising awareness of reading and book collecting at The Village!

This year we were chosen for the Inspire Excellence Award! We have donated 766,000+ books to kids in Idaho and beyond! Our many supporters and volunteers made this all happen and we are looking forward to the next 10 years!!

From L to R, Julie Manning, the fabulous Margie Baehr, and Terri Garabedian!!


Thank you to our many donors of books and funds!

We have been able to donate more than 760,000+ books in 10 years work at this wonderful project!

Getting books to kids who have little access to books at home is impactful and life changing!


Thanks to our amazing volunteer, Debbie Cardoza, the kids at the Caldwell Y after-school program at Wilder Elementary School are enjoying books donated by Book It Forward Idaho!

We have such a great team out in Caldwell and Wilder - Janie, Shelley, Karen, Sue, Debbie and Susie! They clean, sort and get books out to kids in that area through The Y, after school programs, the Housing Authority, and local events.

Some of the team were able to get over 800 books from the after sale give-a-way from the Boise Public Library at Hillcrest. Score!!!

Boise Public Library
Also look for us on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram:

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We love teachers, we love librarians, we love school principals, and we love our donors of gently used books! Thanks for all you do!!

We are grateful to honor a former teacher at New Plymouth Elementary, Ms. Nichols, by collecting $150 for new books in the library, and for 600+ gently used books for all students in the school. Ms. Nichols' daughter, Sara, made all of this happen in memory of her wonderful mom!

Book it Forward! Idaho | The Rediscovered Bookshop 30/08/2023

We love Rediscovered Bookshop! We received 2 full boxes of NEW books great for back to school.

If you would like to donate books, and do not have gently-used, we have a wish list where you can shop for books kids want to read.

Book it Forward! Idaho | The Rediscovered Bookshop


Full Circle Health is stocked up with more books for the pediatric clinic in Nampa!

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We are happy to help get books out to the rural areas of the state by partnering with Idaho Public Television!

They haul the books to the many events they do around the state. Thanks!!!


If you visit me in Boise I put you to (good) work. Thank you, Z! ❤️

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We have received 10's of thousands of books from Kidz Again - Resale Kidz Store!

It is absolutely amazing that they and their customers provide gently used (and new) high quality books for kids baby - 18 years old. They have allowed us to get back-to-school books for many schools in Boise and Nampa.

Check them out for your back-to-school needs!

We are forever grateful and in awe of this level of generosity!

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Happy first day of school Nampa students!

We just delivered 700+ books to Central Elementary Nampa's school library. The librarian's dog, Izzy, comes to school 2 days a week for reading in the library. What a great way to involve and interest students!


Terry Reilly Health Services is getting books out to kids in their clinics! We have delivered 1500+ books this summer and they are flying off the shelves.

Many thanks to those who have done book drives and book cleaning for us, this summer and this coming fall. The demand is high!


Partnership Spotlight: Book it Forward Idaho 📚

This organization has granted us $1,000 for the second year in a row to help 40+ families and children in our program purchase school supplies. Thank you!


We have 2 fabulous volunteers in Wilder, Debbie & Suzie who have placed books at the Wilder Housing Authority. They clean, repair and distribute books in their community, and we love what they do!!

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More back to school books for Desert Springs Elementary in Nampa! First grade teachers have 300+ books for their classroom libraries. And thanks to United Way of Treasure Valley and KPMG, for donating150 outdoor kits for playground fun and activity!


CATCH is serving 40 families with community services and back to school supplies!

Book it Forward Idaho has granted $1K for a second year to help get these kids ready for school on day 1!! They will have fun "shopping" for school supplies with their families in August to pack their backpacks with new school supplies. Thanks, CATCH for partnering with us!


Full Circle Health in Caldwell is stocking up on books for their pediatric patients! We delivered 350+ baby to 5th grade books for these young and developing readers!

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Pleasant View Elementary School's 1st grade class will have a classroom library full of books come the first day of school!

We are in awe of Idaho's teachers who always go the extra ten miles to get access to books for their students!

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Beverly Toy, First Interstate Bank Retail Branch Manager, is a true leader for childhood literacy! Many thanks to you and your team for cleaning more than 1,000 kids’ books for us this summer! We appreciate you!


Thank you to everyone donating gently-used kids’ books to our collection boxes! Our Barnes & Noble box was full again this week! We also have boxes at YMCAs (Downtown, West & Caldwell) and at United Way of Treasure Valley.

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We are so happy to provide books to teachers for their classrooms and students! There is a 1st grade class at Maxine Johnson Elementary who will have a nice surprise waiting for them on day 1!


We delivered 440+ books for Central District Health's Parents As Teacher Program!

Baby board books, pre-school books and kindergarten books will help parents read to their children, to increase the words they hear, create interaction time with their child, and have fun bonding time!

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We LOVE our Treasure Valley Family YMCA volunteers!!
Debbie & Suzie!!

These fabulous women clean, sort, and personally get books to kids all over Caldwell.

Thank you for your passion, dedication, time and talents, and friendship!


Donnelly Public Library is having a book give-a-way and are helping kids to pick out books for summer reading.
We LOVE these librarians who do so much for their communities!!

And thank you to Representative Matt Bundy (Idaho Children are Primary) who directed a donation of gently-used books from Book it Forward Idaho to Donnelly kids.

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The Pierce Parke Peak Family Foundation is booking it forward! in Malta Idaho.

They are investing their time and talents to supply books to this rural community. The foundation purchased bookshelves and a starter collection of books to set up a tiny honor-system library.

They worked with the owner of the local one-stop grocery/general store in Malta, Hansen’s HUB, who graciously made space for the bookshelves.

The lending library is all set up, as of last week, and ready for families to borrow books.

We supplied 300+ books (Baby - junior high) and will continue to supply books to the foundation, so they can continue their work and keep kids reading in Malta!

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Together we can do great things!

You make this possible when we all rally together to support children's literacy. Thank you so much, Treasure Valley!


Many thanks to our volunteers, like Sylvia Nierling, who help us clean and deliver books to kids who have little access to books at home.

Big delivery here to Snake River Elementary School, who hosted the kickoff event of our big book drive with United Way of Treasure Valley!!

Photos from Book it Forward Idaho's post 11/05/2023
Photos from Book it Forward Idaho's post 11/05/2023

We donated 250 books to Lewis & Clark Elementary School in honor of State Representative (D11) Julie Yamamoto. (

She is a tireless advocate for kids and education!

The school has a fabulous library and a book vending machine!!

Timeline photos 08/05/2023

In case you missed it, we have an awesome story of impact from the Book Drive!

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Wow! The support we receive from the community is amazing!

Thank you to Melissa for cleaning a ton of books (baby board books especially!)

.and Sam for collecting books in his SE Boise neighborhood,

. and for donors like Diahann who fund us every year to buy new books for social emotional learning, Spanish, and other books we do not get donated very often.


These girls from Troop 120 are totally awesome!! They have built and refurbished several little libraries. And are keeping them stocked with books! Check it out at Whittier Elementary, Anser Charter School, and at 8th & Fulton.

These are our leaders of tomorrow!!

Timeline photos 28/04/2023

So proud of everyone who came together to make this happen!
Thank you! I’m so proud to be a part of both Book it Forward and United Way families!

ARE YOU KIDDING, TREASURE VALLEY?!? Over 20,000 BOOKS?! You are INCREDIBLE! Children all across Idaho, especially those living in low-income homes, deserve access to high-quality reading material, and YOU made that possible.

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