Dr Alan Schnee, Ph.D. BCBA-D Autism Specialist

Dr Alan Schnee, Ph.D.  BCBA-D  Autism Specialist

Dr. Schnee owns and directs a concierge practice in North Jersey. More on Dr. Schnee at www.nexusais.com

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These selected exercises have been culled from the ABA Mini-Manuals in order to bring together, in one collection, those exercise which highlight executive function demands and which serve as building blocks in the development of stronger and more enduring ‘executive function’ abilities.

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RPM: A sorry history repeating itself | Nexus 21/02/2023

Rapid Prompting Method: A sad history repeating itself.

RPM: A sorry history repeating itself | Nexus What does it mean to hold such beliefs?  "What do we mean by understanding" Why is this question important? These questions are important because misuse of the term distorts the phenomenon of 'understanding' (Hacker, 2013) and renders it meaningless. Its misuse leads to well intention-ed but misgui...


This ABA mini-manual eBook features matching programs. Unique 'matching' exercises enhance social engagement and memory. A must have for BCBAs, parents and other professions.
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Also found in Paperback collection of exercises https://www.amazon.com/ABA-Mini-Manual-Imitation-Mini-Manuals/dp/B0BTNSKK1H/ref=rvi_sccl_2/135-5410078-9537966?pd_rd_w=osPKg&content-id=amzn1.sym.f5690a4d-f2bb-45d9-9d1b-736fee412437&pf_rd_p=f5690a4d-f2bb-45d9-9d1b-736fee412437&pf_rd_r=5V26YY82KNKRBA2M3WDK&pd_rd_wg=MLf5N&pd_rd_r=1eea1ebc-a4ac-446b-9366-43030168c64b&pd_rd_i=B0BTNSKK1H&psc=1


Cool Matching Variation used to
WATCH 9 min. video!
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11. Getting Pronous off the Ground | Nexus 08/09/2021

Getting those pesky pronouns off the ground: Considerations


11. Getting Pronous off the Ground | Nexus Roughly 34% of the 50 most common words used in English are pronouns. Imagine trying to learn a language and not being able to learn to use 34% of some of the most common words in that language. Yet, with few exceptions, children on the spectrum struggle to learn to use them. This is a significant i...


How much more nonsense can we abide?

On Language and Rote Responding | Nexus 04/05/2021

If I say, "I had a ball", determining if this utterance is a 'tact', 'mand' or 'intraverbal' will not tell us anything about this statement's place in language; its meaning / how and when to use it. Language instruction absent these considerations would not be language instruction at all.

Does it matter if there is "joint control", if an utterance is a "pure tact", a "magical" or "a defective mand"? These categories of operants have nothing to do with use, meaning or language. If someone asked, "How was the party?" and the answer given is, "I had a ball", the phrase in this instance is used to refer to their experience and not to the fact that one was literally 'holding a ball' at the party. Though an utterance may be classified as an intraverbal, it is of no consequence. If it is determined there is multiple causation, so what? Our goals for instruction need to be informed by 'use'...to teach children to use terms appropriately...as determined by convention...not science. Most other considerations are pointlessly academic.

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On Language and Rote Responding | Nexus Let's switch gears for a moment.  Put aside needing to ensure that children learn 400,000  (400,001?, 347,629? or 249,326?) responses... let's consider something less overwhelming...something more prosaic...for example, 'greetings'. Everyone understands what a greeting is, although in VB parlance,...


Thank you Jaki and Njeri. The first part of a three part lecture series in Kenya, in cooperation with the ADAT foundation and Erez-Africa was great fun and very successful. Looking forward to parts two and three. The link to the first lecture on the use of independent activity schedules can be found at https://nexusais.com and it's in the Video links section.

Photos from Dr Alan Schnee, Ph.D.  BCBA-D  Autism Specialist's post 03/03/2020

Memory as a critical domain in autism intervention is overlooked. It is essential to specifically target this fundamental ability in intervention. Memory is a subservient ability in many common exercises, although we may not always be thinking about its role in developing certain basic abilities. Furthermore, while we often think of memory as something linked to the past (recall) it is vital to consider memory abilities when developing future directed activities. To read more go to https://www.nexusais.com and click on the "memory" tab.


Declaring "Emotions are Behavior" does not make them so: Implications for Intervention

A recent Facebook post proclaims defiantly that ‘emotions are behavior’ or can be viewed “as behavior”. But let’s explore this. If behavior is something we do, how do we do emotions? Emotions are not things that one does but things one feels. While I might feel happy today, I can’t feel ‘clap’ or feel ‘run'. To suggest that we can view “Feelings as behavior” has little sense either. Feelings as what? “Feelings as jumping?”, "Happiness as playing the piano" (although one might feel happy while playing the piano).

While we learn to do many things, we don’t learn to feel (no one teaches me to feel sad), although one can learn to refine expressions of feelings (to modify expressions of feelings). As we consider behavior, we see that one can be ordered to do something… to clean the floor or clap, but one can't be ordered to love. To read more go to

Timeline photos 08/05/2019
Timeline photos 08/05/2019

Hope to get back to India soon

International Conference On Autism commencing...block your dates 02/12/2018

I've been invited to present at conference in Kolkata, India (https://www.facebook.com/pg/IndiaAutismCenter/photos/?tab=album&album_id=345176522883326) where I'll be speaking about developing social awareness in children on the spectrum. The fundamental question I ask , "How can we make ourselves relevant to children with ASD", will be considered by advancing strategies that include how we position ourselves in space, how we might contrive problems which require engagement, kinds of language games we can play--- kinds of language choices we make etc.. Many other speakers will also be sharing their expertise...It should be fun. Hope some of you can make it.

Speakers at the International Conference on Autism Kolkata from 10th-12th January 2019


In cooperation with Erez Africa, we are working to bring EIBI services to underserved children in Kenya. This initiative, we hope, will be one of many undertaken throughout Africa in which parents will be directly trained. We knew it 30 years ago and it is still true today... parents make terrific "therapists"...after-all... contrary to popular opinion... what we do is not science - but specialized teaching. Who but parents would be more motivated to learn how to help their children learn.

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Cool Matching Variation used toGET EXECUTIVE FUNCTION OFF THE GROUNDWATCH 9 min. video!More videos at www.nexusais.com


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