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Photos from Forte Defense, LLC's post 04/11/2021

Oh, home on the range. 🧿🔫

Sighted in this CVA® Optima® V2 50 cal muzzleloader, topped with a Burris Fullfield II, for my friend's upcoming bull elk hunt. Dialed in pushing 330gr. Powerbelt ELR bullets and ready to roll.


Yesterday’s victory in Tennessee makes it the 4th state NRA has led the way to secure Constitutional Carry in 2021!
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Photos from Forte Defense, LLC's post 04/04/2021

Private handgun training with brand new shooter, Keryn, making it look easy with her Gen 5 G***k 19.
If you're counting, that's 15 rounds center of mass.

Photos from Forte Defense, LLC's post 26/03/2021

🔫SWIPE >>> I added a level 3A body armor panel from to my EDC packaged in the excellent Gamut 2.0 backpack. The armor is TSA approved
Almost always with my G***k 19 since I legally transferred all of my other fi****ms during covid. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😢
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Kibbe on Liberty

The one thing all school shooters have in common.

Everyone is talking about guns and security, but no one wants to talk about THIS, except Warren Farrell, Ph.D.


My final private lesson client of the year. Dale dialed in his Para 1911, and could cover this final 4 shot confidence group with a nickel. He is building a great foundation.
Thanks for choosing !
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Gun Rights Matter

God bless their uninformed little souls.

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Gun Rights Matter

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Gun Yoga will blow you away!
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First time shooting as an adult, Christy M Walker, Realtor did an outstanding job. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, my friend.



How $13 and a pistol saved Buddy's life...

When 3 armed trespassers put Buddy's family in jeopardy, he confronted them with his pistol.

He was relieved when the cops arrived — until he got a rude awakening. Buddy was ARRESTED, charged with 3 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and tossed in a jail cell.

Luckily for Buddy, he was able to take a deep breath and use his one phone call to call the USCCA. Because he was a member, even for just a short time, the USCCA took over — and within two weeks, all the charges were dropped and the bail bond fees were paid in full by the USCCA.

Learn more about how the USCCA can shield you from legal and financial ruin.


Trump Releases His Plan for 2nd Amendment... Leaves Millions Furious

Trump's second amendment plan will make millions happy, too. "...Shall not be infringed." Americans need to know where he stands...


Army: Your new handgun will be a Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer won the contract for the new Army issued service pistol. Half a decade into its search for a new handgun, the Army has settled on Sig Sauer's version of the Modular Handgun System, according to a Thursday release from the Army.


Black IndestructiBelt® SuperBio® Gun Belt

CCW requires a firm foundation to hold your weapon in place, and cheap belts sag under the weight of a firearm. We've heard nothing but good things about these belts. Check them out. SuperBio® Belt - Unbelievably Tough! We call it our IndestructiBelt®. There is absolutely no stretch, sag, or fold-over make this the strongest gun belt you wil



Starting today, college students in Texas can bring a gun to class



Would you send your 8-year-old to gun camp? Classes teach elementary school-age kids how to handle fi****ms in a safe and appropriate way, allowing parents to put the power of protection into the hands of their children.
Learn More: ➡️


Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps - USA Carry

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Tool. Enter your state of residence to see which states honor your state's permit. Use our Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps to find out what states have concealed carry reciprocity with each other and where you can carry concealed.


"The couple that shoots together..."
I had a great time with Sean and Amanda today. Thank you for the opportunity to train you both.


Man’s Facebook post about traffic stop goes viral TUCSON, Ariz. — A man’s Facebook post about a recent traffic stop is going viral. Steven Hildreth Jr. says he was pulled over by the Tucson Police Department for a broken headlight. Whe…


6 Time Felon Killed In Shootout By 13 Year Old During Home Invasion - World Politicus A brave 13-year-old Ladson boy fended off two hardened felons who were attempting to break into his house by using his mother’s gun to protect himself while home alone. The boy saw the men breaking into the back of his home, “at which time he feared for his safety” and grabbed his mother’s gun, the…


U.S. judge strikes down D.C. concealed-carry gun law as likely unconstitutional Ruling by U.S.District Judge Richard Leon rekindles Second Amendment fight in nation’s capital


One handed (right hand only), one hole group, Gen 4 G***k 19, 15 rounds at 5 yards, during a private lesson.


Man who shot Md. firefighters released from police custody, no charges filed

So sad. The homeowner was certainly within his right to defend against an intrusion, and the EMTs made a fateful decision. These situations are not always black and white. The man who shot two Prince George's County, Md. firefighters as they tried to respond to a call for a medical welfare check at his home on Friday night has been released from police custody, and he faces no charges. Firefighter-paramedic John Ulmschneider, 37, was killed, and the second firefighter…


Federal Judge Rules Against Re*****on Arms, Company Will Be Sued For Sandy Hook Massacre

How is Re*****on Arms responsible? Activist judges do not deserve the bench. Next we will sue fork manufacturers for making America fat. Same logic applies. 0 0


Massad Ayoob: Police ammo for the rest of us?

A lot goes into the decision of which defensive pistol round you choose. In this article, renowned expert Massad Ayoob makes a compelling case for my round of choice (Federal Premium 9mm 124gr +P)... And 3 others. By Massad Ayoob, American Handgunner The suggestion has often been made that you should find out what your local police agency carries for ammunition, and then load the same stuff into your concea


Permitless Concealed Carry In Idaho Passes, Takes Effect July 1st 2016

Idaho becomes the eighth state to pass Constitutional Carry. BOISE, IDAHO -- On Friday afternoon, Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed into law a bill that will allow Idaho residents 21 years of age and older, to carry concealed fi****ms without&hellip

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