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Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties, along with the north and mid-Willamette Valley. We offer a full-service, full-spectrum personalized Doula and Monitrice practice serving the Vancouver, WA, Portland, Salem and northern Williamette Valley areas.

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Alarming birth facts - and how to be part of the *solution*!

The US has the HIGHEST maternal mortality rate in the developed world (26.4 deaths per 100,000 in the US vs. around 6.2 on average for the developed world).

This rate (though grim) is 3-4X higher for people of color, even when you factor out education and income.

Our cesarean rate is also 3-4X more than what the World Health Organization deems appropriate.

Obviously, we've got a lot of work to do! 💪🏾 💪🏼

This is a complex problem, but {M}otherboard is a part of the solution. Here is what YOU, as a birth worker, can do.

💙 Use Motherboard's trauma-informed, inclusive, and beautifully created tools to educate and empower the parents you work with.

💚 Give a voice to the families you work with via their "Motherboard"/ visual birth plan.

🧡 Help medical providers by streamlining informed choices and giving good info to every family, every time via the iDecide bedside tool.

💛 Assist birth teams in hospitals, homes, and birth centers to efficiently and effectively know about a family's birth preferences via their Motherboards.

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🔸Tobacco vessel depicting a mosquito, Maya region, A.D. 600-800.


When your baby is born en caul ✨

Image by IAPBP member .photography from Recife, Pernambuco Brazil.

Picturing Pregnancy in Early Modern Europe 19/10/2023

Picturing Pregnancy in Early Modern Europe When the womb began to appear in printed images during the 16th century, it was understood through analogy: a garden, uroscopy flask, or microcosm of the universe. Rebecca Whiteley explores early modern birth figures, which picture the foetus in utero, and discovers an iconic form imbued with multip...

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Did you go Team Green?

"Ik moet iedere keer weer lachen als ik deze foto zie. De mama was dolblij dat ze een jongetje had gekregen!
Zó leuk als ouders het geslacht van hun kindje nog niet weten bij de geboorte 💙 "

Wist jij al wat het geslacht van je kindje werd voor de geboorte?

Hester Hielkema beeld & meer

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Dr. Sandra Macon, of the American Association of Birth Centers Research Committee presented a poster at the annual meeting about Community Birth Transfers: BMI ≥30 Compared to Age ≥35 and Nulliparity. The good news? Once admitted, overall transfer rates were low for all three risk factors


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ou are interested in participating in any/all of the phases of this project, please complete the form at We will be providing gift cards in appreciation of your time.


Your Doula is a great resource for this discussion!

Get the data. Make a plan. Take charge of your birth.

Buy your copy of the book today:


Remembering some of the great lobby days we've had in previous years at the state capital in Salem. It makes a difference when we ask our legislators to support mothers, babies, and midwives!


Elaine Richwine, an experienced WVDC Doula leads a Dancing For Birth Class!! get more info here!

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On Cesarean Awareness Month day 12, we want you to know that ICAN is here on your Cesarean journey.

ICAN provides whatever you might need — physical recovery information, safe places to seek peer support, local resources in our directory of perinatal professionals, a way to ask others where you can find a doctor or midwife who will respect your future birth plans, and a place to heal from your past birth experiences.

Consider becoming a member and supporting our birth justice work for just $25 with code CAM2022:


April is ! Did you know that ICAN created this awareness month?

We’ll be posting daily prompts for everyone to share and reflect on their birth experiences. Please tag ICAN and use the hashtag or in your posts!

This year, our theme is “Tell Me Your Birth Story” because we believe that the heart of what we do is in the human connection, community, and healing that comes from sharing our stories together ❤️

And so our first daily prompt is: The power of telling our birth stories. How does sharing your story help you heal? How does sharing your story help others? How does helping others help us heal?

We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts.

We’re also launching one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, our Cesarean Awareness Month t-shirt sale! Please consider purchasing a shirt to support our 100% volunteer-led, grassroots work, or become a member of ICAN for just $25 with code CAM2022. Links for both in comments.


Would your partner like to catch? Could happen even in a hospital. Your Doula can help!

This midwife’s partner got to see just how incredible her job was…when he caught their first baby. 💗😭 I love when parents catch their own babies. There is something so powerful about your hands being the very first ones to touch your baby. So many providers are actually very open to you stepping in or helping them. Ask!


Kelly Menne is part of our Willamette Valley Doula Collective. She is a Certified Lactation Consultant. You can call her with Lactation issues and she will help!

It is really that simple. The more we can meet our children's basic needs for connection, comfort, and breastmilk in the first year, the less they will crave many other superficial needs of all kinds. Many moms who breastfeed often report that while it may be hard in the beginning, eventually they are able to easily go almost anywhere with a few diapers, wipes, and a changing pad once breastfed babies get into a rhythm and expectation that of course their needs will be met. Many, but not all, are happy to be held and observe the world along with their parents or siblings as long as their milk is close by. This is only one of the early behavioral and social emotional benefits of extended breastfeeding for many young children early in life.


Two major holidays are coming up. If your official due date is within 2-3 weeks of either Dec 25th or Jan 1st, the pressure to schedule your delivery will being going way up right about now, as your doctor or midwife looks at the calendar. Fair Warning. Some will use gentle grooming tactics, followed by hints that things aren't going as well as they'd hoped, followed by playing the "Fear Cards": "Big Baby," "Failing Placenta," and "I will be unavailable on xyz dates." Keep your pants on, avoid those vag exams, and know that there is a certain wisdom inherent in our bodies. Enjoy your own holidays, family, and friends!

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Our Story

Your birth, your way. You, you and your partner, and your Doula. Create the birth you want with an experienced Doula. I am a Mom X 3 & retired midwife: I am experienced (decades) working with families with a wide-range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I respect individuals, their customs, and their choices, and am happy to serve FAMILIES. Any kind. Just call 503-841-3167 and I, Linda Bennett, will speak with you to understand your needs and wants. Tell me what you want and I will help you achieve it. Support starts right here. My goal is for you to have the Birth, and Doula, that best suits YOU.

I am experienced with Home, Birth Center, and Hospital Births, personally and professionally. I provide full-spectrum perinatal support, offering personalized Doula (or Monitrice) support for YOUR birth.

As long as I, or my associate/Doula partner, can get there in about an hour’s drive, I am able to serve the greater Portland OR area including Vancouver WA, Salem, and Willamette Valley (north and mid). This includes most of Marion, Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties.

I provide private and group prenatal classes and birth preparation. Postpartum care and support is important to families, so I will be there for you as well, or we can work together to arrange a postpartum Doula for you.