A Flagstaff Piano Teacher and Piano Tuner

A Flagstaff Piano Teacher and Piano Tuner

Piano instruction for kids and adults. Piano tuning for pianos of all ages.


Is your piano not sounding it's best? Not so fun to play? Sounds like it could use a tuning.

Pianos need a tuning twice a year. They also need care and maintenance to stay in shape.

It takes about two hours to tune a piano - a little longer if your instrument hasn't been tuned in awhile.

And I'm running a special discounted price for new clients. Just $100. Totally worth it.

Enjoy your piano again!

Bill Evans "Peace Piece" 05/05/2023

Heading in to the weekend. This will get it started right!

Bill Evans "Peace Piece" Virtual Museum Exhibit: Pasos Peace Museum (visit: www. pasospeacemuseum.org)—Bill Evans's "Peace Piece" is an unrehearsed modal composition that he recorded...


Why do pianos go out of tune?! Why do I need to get my piano tuned? Humidity fluctuations throughout the year cause the wooden parts in the instrument to swell or shrink, which then causes the piano to go out of tune. If your piano is out of tune, it's not sounding it's best. And who wants to play a piano that doesn't sound good? Tuning ensures your piano is playing all keys/notes at the correct frequencies, which creates a much more pleasant sound. Also, regular tuning helps your instrument stay in tune longer because the strings are at their proper tension.

Music and Learning: Does Music Make You Smarter? 04/05/2023

"Playing music gives the brain a multisensory “workout” that can strengthen memory, help us pay attention, and perhaps even improve reading ability."

Pretty awesome benefits to learning to play piano. Plus, it's fun!

Music and Learning: Does Music Make You Smarter? What is music and why do people think it is important for learning? Musical sounds fill our lives: from the music you share online to the songs playing in shops and restaurants, we are rarely far from music. Playing music gives the brain a multisensory “workout” that can strengthen memory, help ...

Svaneborg Kardyb: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert 03/05/2023

Music Recommendation of the Day! Enjoy!

Svaneborg Kardyb: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the c...


Learning to play music builds self confidence, which, we can all agree, sure helps in life!


A tuned piano is a happy piano! It's spring and the weather is warmer. It's a good time to get your piano tuned. Temperature changes are one big factor in how in tune your piano is. Now that winter is (hopefully) gone until next year and temps are leveling out, getting your piano back to sounding how it should is a great idea.


Who is this piano teacher and piano tuner anyway? My name is Ryan Williams and here is a short (and far from complete) list of music related facts about me. I've been playing the piano since the age of six. I have a music education degree. I've lived in Flagstaff for more than 14 years. I moved to NYC to play music after college and lived there for a decade. I've made awesome rock and roll records and performed extensively in the U.S and outside the U.S. I love improvised music and love to keep learning how to improvise better. I love teaching people how to enjoy engaging with music. And I love a good sounding, in tune piano!


Learning to play music has so many benefits. Tons of research shows that children who learn to play music do better with their academic studies. It's true!

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