At-Home Virtual Summer Art Camps

At-Home Virtual Summer Art Camps

Mr. Mark invites ALL families AROUND THE WORLD to join his AMAZING fun CREATIVE Summer Art Camp LIVE


FREE ZOOM class for “Mark Kistler’s ZOOM Summer ART Camp Free Friday Sneak Peek!”

ZOOM Sneak Peak spots are limited to 100 PER session and are assigned on a first come first serve basis. Simply email Mark Kistler's Scheduling Assistant Ms. Amanda Furhmann at: [email protected] for instructions.

Please log in 10 minutes prior to your class choice. Your family may participate in one or ALL 3 sessions. I will be drawing different drawings for each hour.


10am Ages 6-8

11am Ages 9-up

6:30pm Family Art Night (all ages)

I prefer having parents participate and supervise your children while on line.

If this is not possible please remind your children of these important rules of participation:

1. Never text any personal information in text box

2. Text box is ONLY for questions, comments, responses directly to me, not to any other participants.

3. Polite, respectful, courteous behavior in the text box and on camera is required. Any misconduct will result in removal of zoom class.

Please remember these are live classes.

We are going to have an AWESOME fun creative time!

Thank You for joining us to Draw! Draw! Draw!

Let's get those pencils out for Pencil Power Hour with Mark Kistler and let the drawing begin!


Why Art Camp?

Why: Because learning how to draw in 3-D builds important creative thinking skills, powerful problem solving skills, and a solid foundation for future art success (careers in children’s book illustration, digital 3-D game design, digital 2-D and 3-D animation). Many of Mark’s alumni students are successful digital game designers and animators with resume projects including Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Bugs’ Life, Toy Story, Marvel Comics, Leapfrog Toys, etc.

Visit us here:

LIVE Virtual Visual and Performing Fine Arts Camp - Mark - Dream it! Draw it! Do it! 09/06/2020

LIVE Virtual Visual and Performing Fine Arts Camp - Mark - Dream it! Draw it! Do it!

LIVE Virtual Art Camp Weeks! Below is the link to my 2020 Virtual Summer Art Camp schedule. I've traveled the world teaching children the art of drawing 3-D and now I am bringing my Art Camps to virtual audiences everywhere!

LIVE Virtual Visual and Performing Fine Arts Camp - Mark - Dream it! Draw it! Do it! Full-Day Visual And Performing Fine Arts Virtual Summer Camp July 13 – 17 (Monday – Friday) WOW! Mark Kistler and his group of AMAZING ARTS EDUCATORS from across America are joining creative talents to offer an AWESOME FULL-WEEK FULL-DAY VISUAL AND PERFORMING FINE ARTS VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMP. Our V...

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Over the past 40 years, Mark Kistler has taught millions of children how-to-draw on his Public Television Series “The Secret City” in the 1980’s, and “The Imagination Station” in the 1990’s.

He has presented over 4,000 K-12 Visual Arts School Assembly Workshops around the world including; Australia, Germany, England, Scotland, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Dubai, India, France, Ireland, Tonga, and the United States.

📷Mark has written and illustrated many popular drawing books with over 1 million books sold. With Simon & Schuster Publishers Mark’s books include; “Learn to Draw with Commander Mark”, “Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad”, “Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station”, and “Drawing in 3-D with Mark Kistler”. With Scholastic Publishers his four-book children’s series is titled “Dare-to-Draw in 3-D!” His most recent books, “You Can Draw in 30-Days”, and “You Can Draw in 30-Minutes” published with Da Capo Press, are his first books oriented more for adult learning.

As a result of his television series, drawing books, and school appearances Mark Kistler has generated over one million fan letters and emails containing 3-D drawings from children around the world.