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--The Divine Heart overflows from the fullness of God’s own Pure Being, expressing the fullness of His state. He has birthed us from within this Heart for the sole purpose of knowing that we are not separate from this divine Source.
This truth of our existence is a treasure that is already inside each of us, but hidden from view. Our sādhana gives us the tools to uncover the inner joy that is never created nor diminished by any form or any condition.
It is by opening our individual heart that we begin to gain access to the divine Heart. Join us for the retreat in Berkeley (in-person or live streamed) Oct 28-31
I wanted to share a breathing app that helps me to calm my mind. What I usually do is I use this app at the beginning of my meditation. Once I feel that my thoughts are relaxed and my mind is focused, I stop using the app and meditate in silence. The app lets you choose between two breathing patterns: one is programmed for you, based on your exhalation preference. The second one you can control yourself by pressing down on the phone screen as you breathe. I just wanted to share it with the community. The app called Focus Friend.

Heart of Consciousness is a spiritual center dedicated to the practice of Kundalini Sadhana, in the

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Please join Swami Khecaranatha on Sunday, Sept 24 for a free half-day retreat entitled Hṛdaya-Darśan The Secret is in the Heart. Sign up by noon, Saturday 23rd to receive timely info about how to participate. See this web page:

L2 - Sept 24 Free Event In this retreat you will understand why your heart is the portal into God's Heart and how that experience would radically change your life.


"Samsara is the endless transmigration from one lifetime to another. A 'samsarin' is a being so bound in its own tension, in its own misunderstanding, that liberation doesn't seem possible. Except that it is, because of one thing: because the Divine says so. This is called grace."
- Swami Khecaranatha (Nathaji)

Excerpt from a talk at the Heart of Consciousness winter immersion currently happening in Hawaii!


"Our true nature is sucked into the black hole of the ego. And it usually doesn't come out. What we're attempting to do with our sadhana is to ask for the door to be opened, so we can find the light of awareness that's always inside, and then follow it."
- Swami Khecaranatha (Nathaji)

Excerpt from a talk at the Heart of Consciousness winter immersion currently happening in Hawaii


From Nathaji's book, Wearing God's Mala:

There’s nothing wrong with desire. Śiva’s will, the power of Parā, is His desire. The fundamental difference is that Śiva’s will is the desire to express the freedom and simplicity of His own state. Everything that is imagined and manifested is, from Śiva’s perspective, the expansion of completeness.

This is very different from the reaching and grasping we do as the expression of some emptiness. Desire binds us because it becomes a need that determines our experience. Desire is responsible for the destruction of the experience of the highest bliss—which is self sufficient and needs nothing for it to exist.


Q&A Snippet from a recent "Tea Time with Nathaji" call!

"What is serendipity?"

Swami Khecaranatha:
"Serendipity isn't just about happy coincidences, like we tend to believe.

We realize that all moments are serendipitous when we understand that all moments are there to provide insight. And therefore the most difficult moments can be the most joyous, because the most difficult moments can reveal the most.

Every moment of life has contained within it the possibility of a deeper insight. And usually the thing that life is showing us is the barriers to our understanding of the singular purpose of life, which is simply the Divine expressing itself out of pure joy and freedom.

I spend no time trying to interpret life. I spend all my time letting life show me. And as a result, I always feel serendipity."


Snippet from a recent "Tea Time with Nathaji" call:

"What's the best way to practice compassionate service in our work and lives?"

Swami Khecaranatha (Nathaji):
"Engage and serve with non-attachment.

You can’t control what happens. You can pour love all over every person every day. That doesn’t mean they’re all going to take it and live it and grow from it.

The only thing in your control is your capacity and willingness to give. So give, but let go of needing to see a certain result. Otherwise what you call compassion is just emotional attachment.

So serve the people that you’re serving and give them the freedom to decide what to do from there. Let go of your demands and expectations. Give without condition."


Q&A snippet from last Sunday’s “Tea Time with Nathaji” call:

Student: You’ve mentioned that there are three types of kundalini. Can you please talk a little bit about each?

Swami Khecaranatha (Nathaji): "First there’s what’s called prana kundalini. People understand it as breath, but it’s really the vital force that fuels our aliveness. Prana kundalini is the power in the cells, the thing that makes our hearts tick. It's the propeller of our breathing, walking, talking, bitching, moaning, and celebrating.

Now, when we talk about the arousal of kundalini, we’re talking about turning the prana back in on itself - inside you - so it can enter the central channel and rise back to the highest form of kundalini. When you receive shaktipat, or direct transmission, it’s like shining a mirror, so you begin to experience and see yourself as an individualized expression of the Divine. Prana kundalini becomes citta kundalini, the second type of kundalini. Through this process, the energy rises and your awareness becomes aware of itself.

The third type, or dimension, of kundalini, is Para Kundalini. She’s the Goddess that created you, and she is the deepest core of yourself. She is the power of Consciousness to create. When prana kundalini turns back in on itself, it enters the central channel as citta kundalini, and that citta kundalini (with the help of your sadhana, or spiritual practice) can rise back up to its source, Para Kundalini. And that’s what brings us realization."


The purpose of our sadhana is to experience our unity with God, beyond any separated identity.



EVERYONE loves Nathaji's open-eye transmission classes!


"Open your heart. ⁣

Look, there are a lot of practices I teach. But from the most basic to the most advanced, the fundamental purpose of each of them comes down to helping you open your heart. So, more than anything else, practice being aware throughout the day and open your heart when you notice it closing. ⁣

And use Rudi's double-breath practice periodically to help you stay centered and turn back into that center when you've lost it.⁣" - Nathaji



Listen to what the man said:

"It should be an essential consciousness in anyone seeking spirituality to deepen their openness every day, and to simultaneously feel the rising of their energy to a higher level. It is this experience that keeps the ego from forming, because its root system is torn up as the flow of energy goes to a new dimension. It is only when working beyond ourselves that the experience of nothingness allows the gratitude in a person to ascend towards God. Otherwise, there is always the danger of becoming satisfied in the ego instead of being open to the endlessness of the potential of creative growth." —Rudi


Important message from Rudi -

"Life is not to torture a human being. It is only to guide us and provide challenging situations to which we can find positive answers. The limitation of our development comes from not approaching these situations in enough depth to allow their energy to become part of our life force. We live superficially and are ground down by situations which, if we open deeply to them, would nourish us and make it possible to rise above them. It is the continual cry of someone staying in a situation with the same attitude, that the world is against them. It is not that anyone is against them, it is only that they are being told repeatedly that they are in a situation with the wrong attitude. If they changed, the situation would flow and detach from them. Then they would be free." —Rudi


How much do YOU want to grow?

"Sound is caused by the flowing of energy. The projecting of energy through a void allows it to develop sound and create life. This is the basic principle of spirituality. We ask inside ourselves, and our wish gathers around it the power that helps bring the fulfillment. A superficial wish brings only surface result. We must ask thousands and thousands of times, so that we can begin to hear the superficiality in our asking and perceive our lack of consistency." —Rudi.


"There is an old saying, 'You become what you eat.' If we eat food that exists on the physical level and receive our nourishment from that, how can we be other than a physical being? If we eat from higher levels, then we have a chance to become spiritual. It is not different from a man looking up at a statue of Jesus Christ or Buddha and thinking how long it might take to attain that level. Looking never brings attainment. It is only by reaching into the flesh, blood, and energies of these supreme beings that allows a person to take from them and to leave behind the lesser qualities of himself." —Rudi


One of Rudi's favorite words: TEST

"Everyone who has attained any state of responsibility in this world has also consciously or unconsciously been tested by life, until they have developed the capacity to detach and change the flow of their energy to suit their ultimate purpose. It should be the logic of life to attain that which we want. We lack the ability to move from level to level only because of a lack of imagination." —Rudi.


Rudi said this -

"You have to be able to encompass through love everything and everybody that comes near you. You have to let your heart expand. Then you will find that your spirituality flows into the atmosphere and becomes one with God, and that you love God. Your need for a restricted way of doing will cease to exist. If you don’t feel love for the people that you are close to, then you really have to sit down and work to open to them. If your energy doesn’t manifest as love, it will manifest as another energy force. Your inability to work and your inability to love represents your failure to be a completely happy person." —Rudi.


A reminder from Rudi -

"Everything that we attain must be continually tested. We have not succeeded unless we can integrate the results into our ordinary day. The ability to work under more and more difficult conditions represents the level of consciousness that we are trying to attain. The purpose is not to eliminate from our life the things that disgust us, but to encompass them so that they can be absorbed into the stream of our life force. We allow ourselves to have simple relationships but turn away from the difficult ones because they are objectionable. We fail to see that the hard ones contain a strong energy that can help us grow." — Rudi.


Morning class - room is decorated for the recent Acharya initiation.


8 new Acharyas were initiated on January 11 in a ceremony in Ganeshpuri, India. They will be teaching across the globe - in Australia, Hawaii, the greater Bay Area, Phoenix, and Denton (TX)!


"In class your whole effort is to expand you; and as your heart opens and the force flows through you, rise with the force until you’re free and open. Then you have a sense of buoyancy and freedom and happiness. You have to live in it quietly, happily and openly. You have to be grateful to this kind of instrument. You see the expression of God within somebody else, and then the force will expand you and come down into your heart and you’ll grow." —Rudi.

Swami Khecarantha: On the Purpose of Life 16/08/2019

What is the purpose of life? See Nathaji's answer:

Swami Khecarantha: On the Purpose of Life Excellence Reporter: Swami Khecarantha, what is the meaning, or the purpose of life? Swami Khecarantha: The purpose of life is to discover the ultimate truth, that God dwells within you as your Sel…


"The only thing I promise you is an extraordinary life, a very remarkable life. You will see, in yourself and in the connection that you have with other people, a very living and creative experience. It will break your heart thousands of times as you see, no matter how deeply people say they’re looking, how extraordinary they are in their creative capacity to avoid finding." —Rudi.


Rudi Movie

"God is love. A spiritual person who can’t love cannot nourish another human being. If you can’t find the oneness in a relation, you won’t find it anywhere. You have to begin to realize that it isn’t that one person is good and another is bad. We usually tolerate people because they are like us. When you begin to live with and love people who are not like you, you break down your own energy and start to live. You can’t be a prisoner of the psychic forces that live within you. There are no special conditions that make one kind of life better than another. Basically, everything is all the same, but certain things manifest in a way that you find easier to take. Breaking down difficult experiences frees you. Your inability to encompass somebody else’s life represents your inability to share your life. Everyone wears the face of God." —Rudi


Rudi nails it -

"It is only human beings who continually turn the energy they absorb into something heavy and dead, because all their creative capacity has been drained into the tensions of their mind and emotions, rather than being absorbed into their being. The living energy that can build in a person is in itself the creation of the seed of our rebirth. It awakens from its latent condition within us because we have an ultimate objective that is above the level of the earth. This allows all energy to enter a human being and go into the highest place, which is the soul or the umbilicus between ourselves and creation." —Rudi


From Rudi -

"It is never right to identify during great psychic experiences. Behind the angel that we can see stands a line of thousands of others just as valid, who are also waiting their turn to give us gifts. It is only our abysmal need to identify during a higher process of manifestation that causes us to wear out the one connection that we have because we cannot consciously open to the infinite wealth that this manifestation represents. It is like becoming fixated on the first gold nugget that we find in a gold mine, instead of digging and accumulating the wealth that is there." —Rudi


More wisdom from Rudi -

"We always assume a capacity that becomes our limitation. It should be an essential consciousness in anyone seeking spirituality to deepen their openness every day, and to simultaneously feel the rising of their energy to a higher level. It is this experience that keeps the ego from forming, because its root system is torn up as the flow of energy goes to a new dimension. It is only when working beyond ourselves that the experience of nothingness allows the gratitude in man to ascend towards God. Otherwise, there is always the danger of becoming satisfied in the ego instead of being open to the endlessness of the potential of creative growth." —Rudi


Rudi Movie

"We take situations at their face value. We also analyze them according to what we think is human and right, which is exactly what keeps us on a life level. To bring something down to the level of our understanding is to stay on that level forever. To surrender it and allow our energy to rise above the situation is to free ourselves from the pattern of our life." —Rudi.


You have the power to choose your experience in life:


Rudi Movie

"There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for God. You have to learn to love God by not just opening one way, but every way. On the earth the greatest way of contacting God is through light things and through love. You have to make yourself light inside to reach up to God. Everything that you do has to expand you. You feel the energy rise until it opens your heart and you feel the energy going up to God. You have to raise your level of love so that your love becomes an expression of God." —Rudi.


Rudi Movie

"In life we see differences; in spirituality we see the oneness of everything; in Time and Space we are the oneness. The oneness of everything exists only in a particular form which expresses the nothingness of everything. It is the tube that carries energy to all plants and animals. This flow of creation comes into each plant and bush, tree and vegetable. We can pick hundreds of tomatoes off a plant and the life flow coming through the stem will endlessly give creation. The type of vegetable has only to do with the seed; that which feeds it and allows it to become is the same energy that flows into all matter." —Rudi, Spiritual Cannibalism


For those who haven't been there - Nityananda's samadhi shrine in Ganeshpuri, where a traditional arati is done three times a day.


Rudi Movie

"The ordinary person is full of leaks. Every tension is a leak. Every strongly held belief is a leak. Every relation into which we pour energy is a leak. What makes the situation more difficult is that the first thing we lose through these leaks is the higher energy, because it is the most volatile. We are not used to working with anything so refined. It is almost inevitable that the first few times, perhaps the first hundred times, that we make the necessary effort to accumulate a little of this rare energy within us, we lose it almost immediately. It is only based on the frustration and futility of such an experience that we begin to see the need for plugging our leaks and allowing nothing to rob us of this rare element which can only be gathered consciously from a source that has it to give." —Rudi.


Today's quote from The Rudi Movie:

"Most creative capacity in human beings is expressed by their unconscious ability to not find what they say they are looking for. It is unbelievable how people can make a stream that is a million miles long of coincidence to get them out of doing, and they can’t cross the street to do. And that is what has continually destroyed people who say they wish to grow. They stop growing because they don’t have within themselves the energy to sustain their search and their evolvement. It is really a dedication within yourself to reach towards this endlessness which has to do with our creative capacity." —Rudi.

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