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I’m always looking for instructors, join us!

George Land's Creativity Test 29/05/2024

I don’t want to frighten anyone, there’s enough of that going around right now but this is so important because we’ve been dumbing down ourselves for generations.
George Land illustrates this well here.
It’s time for change.
We can begin to change the world by demanding change within our public school system. Your tax dollars and your vote gives you that power. Demand that your district use funding for more right brain thinking activities.

George Land's Creativity Test Wat die test voor mij betekent.Ik was geïntrigeerd door Sir Ken Robinson's Ted talk van 2006. Hoewel hij gelijk had met het feit dat creativiteit daalt bij ...


Now offering classes during regular daytime school hours and after school hours.
Employment opportunities for fall in the San Francisco Bay Area. Arts educators, community artists and child advocates alike who love making art with kids are encouraged to apply.

Photos from Afterschoolplayinclay's post 11/05/2024

My program was invited to show off some student work at an event in one of our schools in the Bay Area. Looks like our table got lots of attention—yay for clay!!

After School Play in Clay | free classes kids 04/04/2024

After School Play in Clay is serving a record number of schools each month, reaching hundreds of kids. This is an after-school clay program that is free to all kids enrolled within the California Public School system. You have the power to bring the program to your area, ask your school to contact us.

After School Play in Clay | free classes kids After School Play in Clay is provides free art classes for kids. A program aligned with The California Arts Standards for Visual Arts.


This drawing is by Anja Rozen, a 13-year-old primary school student in Slovenia.
She is the winner of the international Plakat Miru competition.
"My drawing represents the land that binds us and unites us."
"Humans are woven together. If someone gives up, others fall. We are all connected to our planet and to each other, but unfortunately we are little aware of it. We are woven together. Other people weave alongside me my own story; and I weave theirs," said the young designer.


I was just asked to submit a proposal to bring clay classes into regular daytime school hours. Holy cow, I didn’t think this would happen so fast! This is in addition to us serving as an after school program. This particular school wants to buy a kiln and dedicate a room especially for art—they see what clay does for their kids.
It’s actually happening my friends, my program is helping to bring art back into the schools in the Bay Area. I feel so blessed and am clear that this wouldn’t be happening if I didn’t have such an awesome group of artists helping me work towards that end.


After School Play in Clay is exceeding expectations and has been enjoying record months this year. That means we are reaching more kids than anticipated and THAT means that the program is working! My staff and our reach has doubled in size and this year. This program is truly making a difference in the lives of kids.

Photos from Afterschoolplayinclay's post 10/11/2023

Pizza anyone? ❤️ 3rd graders


Our amazing Vallejo team!


I bought some flowers and started gathering things for tomorrow. I am throwing a party for the people who make my program work 😍 We are reaching nearly twice as many kids this fall💃🏻😎


We’re off to a strong start this year with 5 more schools and a boys and girls club joining the program.
This is our first year with TK kids, here is a photo from one of our new team members, Miss Lorraine—her first class was today. 💜


❤️A beautiful quote from Toni Morrison.

Photos from Afterschoolplayinclay's post 30/06/2023

We had the privilege to work with a group of special Ed kids in summer camp this year. It was the first time with clay for many of them and the joy they experienced was palpable.
This work is from Valeria, a student who came into the class with the drawings she’d been working on earlier that morning. When clay was given to her she created these without instruction. We all watched in awe as she created three dimensional figures of her drawings. Valeria is non-verbal in speech only. The blessings that come from our work in this program are innumerable.


I get to travel to schools and interview kids when they are working (best job ever) and I record them sometimes. Listen to how this student articulates her learning in the last few seconds of this short one minute voice recording—the whole reason I started doing this.


Summer Camp is already almost over! This year we’re reaching more schools which means more kids—filling more hearts with wonder and possibility through the joy of clay ❤️

After School Play in Clay - Power of Clay to your After School Program 15/06/2023

Now hiring a ceramics instructor who loves working with kids. San Leandro, CA. Must have knowledge of clay and glaze and the ability to operate an electric kiln. This position begins in the fall with a schedule of 4 days per week. Hours are generally 3:30-4:30. This is a contract only position that pays $50 per class.
This position has long term potential.

After School Play in Clay - Power of Clay to your After School Program An afterschool program aligned with the California Arts Standards for Visual Arts addressing the conditions, attitudes, and behaviors that support creativity and innovative thinking.


We do not need art in our schools to create more artists. We need art in our schools to help kids problem solve in ways that are meaningful to them.

When you create by thought or by hand, you are automatically problem solving.
When you do this without being told what to do or how to do it, you problem solve in a ways that are meaningful to you—you think critically.


The value of Art in education must be understood.


This summer, our program is reaching twice as many kids and schools as last year!

To improve kids' mental health, some schools start later 07/05/2023

A step in the right direction!

To improve kids' mental health, some schools start later The idea of later school start times, pushed by many over the years as a way to help adolescents get more sleep, is getting a new look as a way to address the mental health crisis affecting teens across the U.S. Nationally, at least nine states are considering legislation related to school start tim...

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I get to travel to schools and interview kids when they are working (best job ever) and I record them sometimes. Listen ...