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Learn new ways to create fun, engaging classrooms that meet national standards. Hear from the expert, share your ideas, and transform your classroom experience with ECE CIRCLE TIME®!

Date: June 15, 2024
Time: 9:30 AM EST

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Stop Talking or Wishing About It & Do What It Takes To Get Nationally Accredited!


Attacks ONLY Come When You're Almost There!


Becoming a "Nationally Accredited" ECE & Childcare program QUICKLY does NOT mean Lack of Quality!


👋🏽 Hi Friends,

This week "we" challenge You to be the best that you can be and lead the way for Children, Families and the Community that you serve with the HIGHEST level of "A.C.E." (advocacy, care and education) that you can! We believe in You! 🌱

Thank you for being a part of the ECE Circle Time™️ Community! 🤗

Technology: It’s Role, Requisites & Recourse in Early Childhood Education 31/05/2024

The summer season is upon us, and with it comes an influx of iPads, iPhones, and other devices at our centers. In this article, Melody McGuire decided to switch things up by incorporating insights from national accreditation organizations and renowned health organizations.

As both a parent of young children and an early childhood educator, she's grappled with the role of technology in her kids' lives. Technology offers incredible benefits, but it should never overshadow the crucial connections between young children and their caregivers.

She had to start with her OWN house! Her daughter's do NOT have their devices and it's only been one week into the summer! Seriously, it has already been challenging at home and she knows that it may be challenging for early education programs with school agers this summer but we have to stick it out!

Please, hear her of Melody's primary concerns this summer is witnessing devices being used as substitutes for high-quality education and care. Perhaps she's reading too much into the potential harm, but welcomes your thoughts on this! As she states, "I've been wrong before, and today might not be an exception."

Take a moment to read, reflect, and engage in a deeper conversation about this critical issue.

Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™
ECE Circle Time™ ECEcircletime

"Why Be Good When You Can Be GREAT!"

The struggle is real in the McGuire-Jenkins household and she is an EDUCATOR! :-/ Please take a moment to read and share your insights!

Technology: It’s Role, Requisites & Recourse in Early Childhood Education If you advocate for early childhood education, we’re on the same team and I hope you realize I’m advocating for less access to our children.


Unlock the potential of your early childhood education program with accreditation assistance from the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™️. Our team of experts will guide you through the accreditation process, providing personalized support every step of the way. From developing policies and procedures to preparing for site visits, we'll help you meet accreditation standards and elevate the quality of your program. Contact us today to learn more!




You've got 5 minutes to DM me to join in the National Accreditation Accelerator session for tonight. We will be discussing Building A Support Team.


How do you strike the right balance in your classroom?

As we implement more technology in early childhood education, let's not forget the importance of balance. Regulated quality screen time, combined with hands-on experiences/ outdoor play, offers a well-rounded learning environment for young children.


I am excited to explore the role of technology in early childhood education! From interactive learning apps to educational games, technology’s dominance of our children’s lives is an overdue conversation.

Before I post my article, we will be taking time this week to explore technology's role, benefits, and future in ECE. Stay tuned for insights on how we can leverage digital tools responsibly to support young learners.


Parenthood is an extraordinary journey. It's filled with joy and wonders, yet also filled with unique challenges. We understand the unwavering commitment it takes to support a child's educational and personal development. That's why we're excited to introduce our next episode on ECE Circle Time TV focused on empowering and supporting parents in the journey of nurturing children with learning disabilities. 💪

Embracing the M.O.D.E.L. Within: Motivate, Organize, Differentiate, Empower, and Lead by Example! ✨

Our amazing guest, Ms. Shalondra Gurley, the CEO and Founder of Autism Glows, a parent and renowned expert in the field of special education, will share her invaluable insights and strategies that will resonate with every parent taking on this journey.🎙️

Here at Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™, we know that every child is unique, and their learning disability is just one aspect of their vibrant, multi-faceted personality. Together, we can help their parents create a nurturing and empowering environment where they can not only overcome challenges but also flourish and succeed! 🫱🏼‍🫲🏾

ORIGINAL AIRING: Nov. 9, 2023, Thursday, 8PM EST! 👋

🤔 Now, are you thinking about ...
ECE and Childcare National Accreditation? VISIT
Let’s talk because you’re going to need assessments in your program! Don’t miss the show!


We posted that ECE Circle Time™ is hiring on LINKEDIN! The applicants & response DEFINITEYLY has "me" in TEARS!


Nothing is impossible, if you believe and but in me work to achieve it! Many early education and childcare leaders just like you have went through the national accreditation process. They often went through the process ALL alone and becoming a high quality program while ensuring that your business is profitable is challenging!

However, it does NOT have to be! I will hold your hand through thick and thin. If you’re curious, EVEN though you’ve seen for yourself others Success, head over to ECE Circle Time dot com and order the National Accreditation Accelerator Guidebook!


The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ (ECE Circle Time™) did NOT come to play in 2024! Click on the link or visit our webpage to read the issue and find out other news happening.

Thank you to Dr. Daphene Booker- Harris for allowing us to share Your story! !

✨ Taking a moment to PUBLICLY thank Chelsea Elliott, MSW for adding her AWESOME Somocom Lab Wellness to this edition!
✨ Sharing gratitude for our Founder, Melody McGuire to be a Speaker at the "SOLD OUT" National Child Care Association and National Early Childhood Program Accreditation, Inc. (NECPA) Conference too!

We are looking forward to HIGHLIGHTING Early Education and Childcare Leaders, Programs, Products and Services to enhance the lives of our audience for the betterment of Children, Families and Communities.

Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™
Why be Good, When You Can Be GREAT!


Obstacles Do Not Block The Path, They Are The Path! 👩‍🏫

Thoughts from reading the National Accreditation Accelerator Guidebook!


Dear Leader, Pause! You have to start having more than yearly conversations with your staff. I know that you do not want to be a "cheerleader" for your time but if you do not; then they will not be "that" for the Children.

For the Business Owner, the "money" is in the classroom and if the teachers do not the intrinsic motivation then may an investment with having me come as a guest lecturer.

FYI: For each "National Accreditation Accelerator Guidebook" that is purchased your team receives a COMPLIMENTARY virtual staff meeting. Visit to purchase your copy!

Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™
Why be Good, When You Can Be GREAT!


Do NOT allow Your "feelings" to get in the way of Your PROGRESS!


It is Time to STOP Dwelling on Your past Failures!


The prerequisite for “Exceedingly, ABUNDANTLY above all that you can ask or think” is to “have” done EVERYTHING that You can!


ECE & Childcare General PSA:

All of the time it is NOT a “Behavioral Management” issue in the Classroom. 🤯 It is a disregard for children’s interests, their learning style & proper planning! 👩🏽‍🏫


The “one thing” that I love is the “one thing” that makes or breaks ANY classroom, program and business; Teacher-Child Interactions! It is the EMBRACING of the magic of teacher-child interaction in Early Childhood Education & Childcare classrooms that “I” Can’t get enough of! 👩🏽‍🏫

It has been 23 years, since I first stepped into a 1st grade classroom to now. Welcome to the cool side where you are getting roughly ALL of my years into your screens.

Thank you for allowing me to witness the joy and connection that makes every moment special on and off of your screen.


WOTD: Insanity 😩
That IS wanting a new clientele and not doing anything to change your habits to get them! 🤷🏽‍♀️


Somebody is willing to “drive for their child to thrive” BUT your ECE & Childcare program looks and operates like your neighbors! !


Somebody is looking for Your services but You are stuck on looking like everybody else! 🫤 🎯


Why this baby just held the “Color Purple FANGER” at me! 😂

I was telling her teacher that I enjoyed their interaction & how she was mimicking her. I guess I was watching too hard! 😬
What’s in the 🍼’s this morning?


Please believe while I’m serving others… I am growing too! Even if it’s NOT to do something that I have been doing!


Ready to unlock the magic of literature in early education? Buckle up for a delightful exploration with ECE Circle Time™ new podcast:

TALES AND TOTS: The Strategic Role of Literature in Early Education

Join our esteemed host, the indefatigable Ms. Melody McGuire, alongside Ms. Tiffanny Semmons, author, preschool director, CEO, and founder of So Much Semmons, as they delve into the captivating world of children's literature. 📚💡

This is more than just a podcast. This is a collaboration within a vibrant community of dedicated professionals, sharing ideas, inspiring one another, and elevating the ECE industry. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your journey, this podcast offers invaluable insights and practical tools to transform your classroom into a magical space where imaginations soar. 🙌💯

January 4, 2024- 8PM EST

NCCA Webinar: From Good to Great!: How Accreditation Benefits Can Take Your Center to the Next Level 12/05/2023

We want to encourage all of you who have thought about becoming a Nationally Accredited early education and childcare program to watch this webinar that I presented on for the National Child Care Association. This video will assist you in making a decision to take your program from “Good to Great”!

On behalf of ECEcircletime, we would love to “GAS” ⛽️ up your tank for a National Accreditation journey! We will:

⛽️-G-, GUIDE you to selecting the best organization that fits your program dynamics.
⛽️-A-, ASSIST you will preparation for your ENTIRE team through the process.
⛽️-S-, SUPPORT your program for life! 🤞🏽 All of our virtual trainings will FOREVER be free to programs we assist.

NCCA Webinar: From Good to Great!: How Accreditation Benefits Can Take Your Center to the Next Level Complete the Post-Viewing Survey below to receive a certificate!**Please Note: Allow 2-3 weeks to receive your continuing...

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LESSON #1: The faster you learn the more you earn! “Get Somebody Else to Do It!”
Growing a Business has its Challenges. When it’s time to “scale” your business, find the people that can help you!
Evidence of a “Scaled Business” is its reputation and in the ECE & Childcare industry being a Nationally Accredited program is the highest pinnacle that is achievable!
Contact ECEcircletime! We will collaborate with you to Earn and MAINTAIN your National Accreditation status!

How do we help: Each program ALWAYS has the opportunity for their staff to attend our Evidence of Learning sessions at no additional cost; EVEN after they’ve became Nationally Accredited. That’s right EACH & EVERY “Virtual Training” they are able to attend.

Visit to schedule a National Accreditation Intensive Call. In 30 minutes or less we discuss your programs goals & needs “AND” suggest the organization that will be in alignment for your business.

Make sure that you save this post! For each program that attends our virtual training we will deduct that from your National Accreditation assistance.

On this Monday we will be discussing the Zone of Proximal Development And how it will support Classroom staff during the National Accreditation visit.


Hello Friends!! This page will be closing soon! Please follow our new account. We look forward to sharing with you on the other page for ECEcircletime! Please follow that account. Thanks so kindly!

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👋🏽 Hi Friends, This week "we" challenge You to be the best that you can be and lead the way for Children, Families and t...
Are You Ready to Achieve National Accreditation for Your Early Childhood Program?
Embracing the M.O.D.E.L. Within: Motivate, Organize, Differentiate, Empower, and Lead by Example!
Get prepared to be a M.O.D.E.L.!
Nothing is impossible, if you believe and but in me work to achieve it! Many early education and childcare leaders just ...
Nothing is impossible, if you believe and but in me work to achieve it! Many early education and childcare leaders just ...
Dear Leader, Pause! You have to start having more than yearly conversations with your staff. I know that you do not want...
Yes, she was dancing during a Classroom Observation! 💕 #TeacherChildInteractionsMatter
Yes, I was dancing during a classroom observation! 👩🏽‍🏫
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