Epiphone Toby Deluxe V 5-String Bass, Vintage Sunburst
Harga bass klik sini :

Special thanks tukang demo :

Ayang Daniel Johns or known as ADJ is a musician, producer, content creator and music teacher with ex

Ayang Daniel Johns or known as ADJ is a musician, producer, content creator and music teacher with experience more than 15 years in the industry. He has worked with many local bands such as 3rd Eye, Myopia, The Sazalies, Phobia Jane and many more. He is also the guitarist and singer-songwriter in the band 3rd Eye. While actively assisting queries in local groups such as Jamtank and Guitarist Nusan

Operating as usual

Photos from ADJ's post 22/01/2023

Hear me out,
Face Down (The Red Jumpsuit Appratus)
The Kids Aren't Alright (The Offspring)

Photos from ADJ's post 21/01/2023

Tak semestinya perlu guna semua yg ada

Sbb kalau tak faham dan salah guna
Yg rosak tu full song

Jati2 dgn apa2 tools yg anda nknletak di bus/group/master channel/mastering

If in doubt,
Jgn guna dulu,
Study dulu,
Lain kali next time masih ada peluang nk guna


Superlux HD330PRO Headphones

Superlux HD330PRO headphones
finally another good semi-open studio headphones
Harga tak sampai RM200 HAHAHAHAHAHa
sound mcm RM 1000 !

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"aku paling analog"

play goat skull/skin bongos with me! πŸ˜‰ run come


1. To impress client /potential client
2. Look good in studio pictures
3. Can charge higher rates


ADJ tak setuju
Sebab ________


squier mustang bullet HH electric guitar

Gitar Squier Bullet Mustang HH
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Pro Tip #214: Put the gear down and back away slowly!

If you are struggling with your mixes, you don't need to buy the world's most expensive plugins, or a $100,000 board. You just need to go back and spend some time studying the basics of getting a proper source, and working with balance and EQ. I regularly see people making huge, impulsive purchase decisions, based on the last person that they had a conversation with. The truth is, if you can't make your stock plug-ins sound good, the ones with the better-looking pictures aren't going to do you any better.. and gives you the illusion that you're adding "quality" simply by dropping them in.

Of course it's okay to buy better tools when you are making enough money to warrant having them, and have the skills to actually utilize them for what they are capable of, but be realistic about where you're at in your career, and whether or not your abilities are actually limited by your gear.


3 Abdul-J
selamat tahun baru 2023 guys !


ADJ TIPS mixer dan sound system

ADJ TIPS untuk sound system

π„π©π’π¬π¨ππž 𝐀𝐚π₯𝐒 𝐒𝐧𝐒: 𝐏𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐀𝐦𝐩π₯𝐒𝐟𝐒𝐞𝐫 & π’π©πžπšπ€πžπ«π¬

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3 model yg sangat cantik

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Tips sound system : MIXER


Gitar ni ada sound akustik ??
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III

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1) semua bermula dari the "source",= recording

2) room treatment

3) use studio monitor

4) good song writing > arrangements > audio production

Photos from Audio Hertz's post 19/12/2022

Photos from Audio Hertz's post


Ok mcm ni
ADJ ada 10 years experience

Its actually 10x 1st years experience

it's NOT 10 years ya

BUT 1st years experience, x 10 times

Know the difference 😜


so read 1st ya guys, before share
sbb, yg ADJ about to voice out ni, ada possible opposite dari apa yg u guys sangka ( haha )

ada 2 bahagian ADJ nk komen kali ni,
bahagian -1 ADJ nk komen on apa yg ADJ nk cakap dgn adik hanakhir ni
bahagian -2 ADJ akan sentuh pasal genre-hating p**a
get ready, maybe agak panjang karangan ni, but pls bear with me
ADJ janji after baca maybe ada dapat some thoughts.

bahagian (1) start :

-dari penulisan adik hana ni, ADJ guessing dia sorg female, dan masih muda, high possible high school or young adult mcm tu.

-so, ADJ rasa , agak normal bagi dia, terkena culture-shock bila 1st time kena expose to 'hardcore music' ( or possible Metal music, ADJ rasalah , like deathcore or death metal ),
sbb girl her age, biasanya the music taste limited to like love songs... pop songs di youtube...bukan ADJ nk kata taste dia salah, ADJ punya point adalah : ''I can see where u coming from, and I understand ''

-hana kata ''agak takut dengar (lagu hardcore/metal ) ...'' , ADJ nk kata, actually if u guys tau asal unsur metal = BLACK SABBATH, mmg pun metal music dicipta, dgn niat nk 'takutkan org' , sengaja gabungkan 'horror' + music. BLACK SABBATH kata ''semua org nampaknya sangat s**a movie2 seram mcm ramai sanggup bayar duit tiket utk 'ditakutkan' oleh horror movies..'' ''then why tiada music yg gunakan formula yg sama, mesti boleh jual, mesti org ramai s**a''

-disitu lahirlah album2 black sabbath , yg mood/idea/lirik/ sengaja penuh dgn elemen2 mistik : hantu, demon, black shadow, peperangan...guys, ini semua hanya sebuah produk guys, album2 yg target market, utk boleh laris, jgn ambil serius sangat sampai sebarkan ''oh aku dengar cerita , Ozzy Osbourne ni masuk agama cult'' ,come on lah

-so, adik hana ni, dia , rasa lagu2 hardcore 'menakutkan' , 'agresif', 'semua geng2 baju hitam', hana actually telling the TRUTH , ni mmg sebahgian besar imej metal music, salah ke dia 'feeling' music metal the way it suppose to be ?

-satu lagi , hana ni, dia buat tweet ni, dia actually showed 2 things, yg ADJ rasa adalah nilai2 murni yg kita semua perlu puji : (1) berani cakap apa yg dia rasa, tanpa putar belit tukar2 cerita (2) berani post secara terbuka, dan bukan 'cakap2 belakang' ( dua nilai murni ni, actually yg metal music punya core-believe kan ? am I right ? )

-ADJ dan mana2 rakan, yg 'geng metal', yg metal music lover, actually , in a way, nk ke taknak, kita semua ada satu tanggungjawab besar, which is try our best, to better represent, music metal, or , sebarkan music metal ke org ramai (normies ) dan cuba sebaiknya 'myth bust' stereotyping negative yg berkaitan dgn muzik metal

-for example, for starting, bila nampak adik hana post mcm ni, we all sepatut jgn terlalu cepat 'butt hurt'' dan terus attack balik post ni dgn cara viral, dan kaitkan hana terus sebagai korean boyband supporter or BBNU, or budak tiktok....sbb, attacking mcm ni, akan makin show the world, metal fans ni agresif, anti-social, tak mesra, tak s**a generasi baru, tak s**a 'budak mentah' etc etc akan ada 3 very bad butterfly effects : (1) menghalau lagi ramai org dari mengenali metal dgn betul (2) metal dgn teruk kehilangan next generation younger gen utk sambung legacy metal, penyebaran metal (3)membina/invite/provoke unnecessary enemies : BTS fans ...tiktok fans , sedangkan hana ni seluruh post tiada mention pasal dia support BTS or korea pun

-kalau ADJ ada peluang utk have a sit down conversation dgn hana, ADJ akan : '' hana, music ada mcm2 jenis, sama mcm movie dan game, ada action movie mcm die hard dan Se7en , juga ada rom com mcm How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days , sama2 ada org enjoy org s**a, hana maybe s**a main game minecraft, tapi at the same time ada juga org s**a main game tembak2 org PUBG, tiada betul dah salah, tiada mana satu lebih 'high taste', semua ni hanya 'entertainment' , movie, bukan benar pun, game bukan benar, muzik, album juga bukan benar, in a way , semua ni ( movie, music ) adalah 'fictional' , sebuah produk, yg dihasilkan, sbb ada org out there s**a dan akan beli.

-maybe hana akan goes like :''ok, faham taste masing2, tapi kan, masih tak dpt terima, knp ada org s**a muzik yg laju2, bising2 mcm ni, ada apa nilai dlm tu yg menarik ? ''

-ADJ : ''good question hana, ok lets see,u see, sbb emosi manusia, ada mcm2, so happen to be ,''marah'' ''kecewa'' ''trapped'' ''alienated' ...emosi2 negatif ni, adalah lebih logical disampaikan dalam bentuk yg lebih ....erm, obvious, full of energy, loud ? ...hence agressive ? faham kan ? mcm movie tu tajuk ''doom's day'' , action movie pasal revenge, so mesti ada scene2 letupan besar kan ? ada scene car chase, kereta terbalik ....tembakan ...dsb. so , ke 'bisingan' 'vokal jerit2' music metal/hardcore, just a tool, sejenis expression, utk memenuhi mood dan mesej lagu2 metal

-ADJ : ''btw, ada juga metal songs, yg jerit2, lagu, drum ketuk dum dum dum mcm nk runtuhkan rumah, tapi pd masa yg sama, lirik dia pasal ..awek dia , or ada pasal breakup...or pasal dia rindu awek dia...serius, ada, jgn hairan, 'dont judge a song by it's jerit2' haha

cuba dengar some of it, u may like it, mana tau :

β€œLove?” Artist: Strapping Young Lad
''It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door''Artist: underoath
β€œThe End of Heartache'' Artist: Killswitch Engage

( oh ya p/s , gambar ''meme'' ni bukan ADJ yg buat, gabungan komen adik hanakhir diletakkan bersama gambar Kpop adalah some 'revenge post' yg possible dibuat hardcore music fans yg kena offended, ADJ hanya basically komen, on, meme ni , harap maklum )


''100% Nicklebacked''

Belt Out Some Riffs

Timeline photos 23/11/2022

Timeline photos

It's called mids for a reason.


rakam video cover guitar

PART 2 :
cara rakam video guitar cover
audio gitar dan backing track terus masuk video

harga kilik sini :


Maono AM100

hah ini dia
cara rakam video guitar cover
audio gitar dan backing track terus masuk video
tak perlu edit lagi

harga kilik sini :

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ADJ mengganas

Photos from ADJ's post 30/10/2022

tips :


Q : what is ur fav Limp Bizkit song ?



Superlux D421 dan Phantom Power +48V

Mic Superlux D421 dan Phantom power 48V


mixing guna telinga
jangan guna mata


Squier Contemporary Jaguar HH Shoreline Gold | ADJ

Jaguar gitar warna GOLD ! WOW ADJ terpegun terus cantik betul !

kilk sini beli :

Photos from ADJ's post 14/10/2022

''bro how many Strat do u own ? ''



Drums ada 2 jenis, acoustic drums dan electronic drums, masing2 ada kelebihan

Videos (show all)

Drums ada 2 jenis, acoustic drums dan electronic drums, masing2 ada kelebihan
ADJ dan Fender Jaguar (Nirvana )
baru dapat call dari minta jadi content creator, so ni test test footage jadi pelakon video karaoke #ayangda...
Studio recording di Kuching
PART 4 : Multi-Effects Pedal
ADJ x Roland 50th Anniversary | Roland SH-1000...Roland CP-78, Roland RE-201, Roland TR-808 ...
Genshin melawat kedai muzik #genshinimpact #genshin #fenderguitars #zosomusicmalaysia #adj #ayangdanieljohns
memori memori apa beza demo dan final mix ?best betul experience menulis lagu/main gitar/nyanyi'rakam/mixingbyk kerja ta...
Macam2 ada, banyak pilihan | Audio Interface | ADJ
PART 2 :ADJ Tips Memilih Multi-effects
ADJ dan Elixir Strings
Tips Pemilihan Pedal Multi-Effects