My Español Project

My Español Project

This is my Spanish project, where I want to provide some tips for non-Spanish speakers and at the sa

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Hola it’s me, Engely!
I am sharing my second video about a word that I like a lot: “Vamos”.
One word that is very useful.
Watch this video and be ready to practice it.
I hope you like it and feel free to share it with your friends!

What are we learning?
•Vamos can be a verb, adverb and expressions
•Use vamos as come on and let’s go
•Use vamos as an invitation
•Use vamos to cheer up

What else do you use “vamos” for?

Are you ready? Great, vamos!!!!!


This video is about some words that you can use easily during your morning routine. ⁣
Replacing some words in english for spanish can make a big difference. The more you speak “español” the faster is going to be part of your everyday.⁣

P.S: This is the first time I make and post a video in English and I am literally shaking, I am nervous and exited. ⁣

I hope you like it and start practicing.⁣

The words we are learning:⁣
Buenos días/ Good morning ⁣
Cómo estás?/ How are you?⁣
Bien/ Good, fine⁣
Muy bien / Very good ⁣
Feliz / Happy ⁣
Muy feliz / Very Happy⁣
Cansada / Tired (female)⁣
Cansado / Tired (Male)⁣
Cómo está el día hoy?/ How is the day today? ⁣
Soleado/ Sunny⁣
Nublado / Cloudy ⁣
Lloviendo / Raining (Lluvioso/Rainy)⁣
Qué quieres comer? (What do you want to eat?)

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