Montessori Learning Collective Preschool

Montessori Learning Collective Preschool

Welcome to my professional passion, educating young children, 0-9yrs.

I hold an M.Ed in early childhood education and as a lifelong educator it is my honor to share tidbits of wisdom from the philosophy of Dr. Montessori.

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Essential Montessori Instructional Resource! 🦋


“Children display a universal love of mathematics, which is par excellence the science of
precision, order, and intelligence.”
Dr. Maria Montessori


Jolene tolling Blackwater, Dovesville, SC. Welcome Spring, 2023! Therapy dog all day, everyday.



Dona Nobis Pacem! 🎄

Photos from Montessori Learning Collective Preschool's post 29/11/2022

Montessori Education: 3 years, 3 period lessons, 3 part cards, 3 partners in education (child, parents, teacher), 115 years of science based educational philosophy, curriculum and instruction! ❤️❤️❤️
Early childhood education beyond compare!





A therapy dog and her boy. 💕


Create Peace, End racism. Create Peace, End War.


Pomegranate harvest. Patience. Process. Jr. Master Gardener. Preparing snack for my friends!!! Montessori in Kindergarten ROCKS! 3 year Cycle. Research Based. 1st Plane of Development. Early childhood development based on the whole child.




MLC Village loves our Jolene Rainbow Queen, therapy dog in training!

Tips for Fall Gardening with Kids • RUN WILD MY CHILD 09/09/2022

Fun Friday!

We do a lot of gardening at Montessori Learning Collective and our fall garden is already thriving. Having a garden at home is a great activity for children and might even encourage them to eat their vegetables, because they grew them!

Tips for Fall Gardening with Kids • RUN WILD MY CHILD Tips for fall gardening with kids, to help with your planting after the summer. How to get your kids involved in planting a fall garden.


Yes! Earlier is not better!


Work Wednesday!

Three-year-olds doing algebra? Yes, but don't tell them that! It happens regularly in Montessori 3-6 classes around the world. What they think is just an interesting puzzle is actually preparing the mind to understand algebra many years later. That's just the long game, however. The short-term goals include mastering visual acuity and working on dexterity.

As with everything in Montessori, these specifically designed blocks are really the building blocks of the future.

Montessori in the Home | Association Montessori International USA 02/09/2022

What is Montessori at home?

This is a simple question with a complicated answer. Traditionally, Montessori in the home has meant that parents provided a home environment that was supportive of the Montessori education that children were receiving in the classroom. It is essential that parents of Montessori students be responsive to their changing needs and work together with the teachers to provide consistency so that the child can truly thrive. It isn't about activities on trays and making a home-school type atmosphere. It is more about providing opportunity to become ever more independent.

Montessori in the Home | Association Montessori International USA Each role is unique, essential, and interrelated. Like the sides of an equilateral triangle, each role is a distinct and separate part,


Happy First Day of September!
As fall approaches, slowly here in coastal South Carolina, it remains important for children to be outside. Even looking toward the inevitable winter ahead, we know that we will be out of doors, breathing crisp and old air, and being a part of the wonder of the world.

“There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.”
Dr. Maria Montessori


Celebrating Dr. Montessori’s birthday with a baking project. What do you think we are going to make?

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