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Happy Monday!

I’ve learned that there are so many different parenting styles to choose from with the amazing role we have been given as mothers.
The best approach comes from within! Know your moral standards, boundaries and most importantly know your child! Stick to what works best for you again with knowing the child you are dealing with. I Mom my way!
Momming My Way 101

✨ I pay attention to detail
✨ Call me a softy but I give options
✨ I give realistic consequences as well
✨ I encourage my children to use their voice
✨ I apologize when I’m wrong
✨ I explain decisions
✨ I talk to, not at my children
✨ I promote self love and awareness

Everyone will and does have an opinion, from your parents, to society. However there is nothing like knowing your design, executing the plan and seeing succesful results.
How do you Mom Your Way?


Spring is here! New blossoms loading. Let’s embrace and be ready for this fresh new season!


Happy Women’s Day Ladies! What would this world do without you? Girl you are doing your thang! With all of your amazing beautiful talented ways! Cheers to the ones we know and are! Tag your girls to encourage them to continue being great! Get it girl!🥂🥰


Best Life!


Tiger parenting is rooted in trauma and perpetuates trauma.

“Trauma says: Put on a mask. Control yourself. Hide. Find the things that win you any amount of praise and belonging and make them the focus of your personality. No nuance. No messiness. You need to find a place in the world and stick to it. There is no room for you to be your whole self. No one would like you if you did.

Healing says: You don’t have to keep up the performance to be accepted. Yes, there have been people who have only loved you for the masks you wore, but there are other people out there who will love you for YOU. Messy, flawed, paradoxical, YOU. Create a space for yourself to practice being the full version of yourself. And slowly, let others see.“

Credit: on IG

Do you have safe spaces where you can show up as your full self and begin untigering and healing?


Happy Monday!

Even pick just one thing!


It’s time to declutter in our household! I am borderline about to call up the hoarders show and ask for an assist! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

I’m joking a little, but seriously!
I realized how I held on to things almost as a symbol of holding on to the memory attached. Can you relate?

It’s time to let go! I will never forget a time I wore that shirt while shopping with my Mom, but now it’s outdated and too big. Or the lamp that matches nothing we currently own, but I had it at my first apartment so it holds “sentimental value”. I have come to realize some of these things are just holding space. Nothing productive, nothing of substance, just space. Those memories are imbedded in my head and getting rid of the item isn’t getting rid of the memory.

I’m creating a life of peace, organization and wealth amongst other things. Letting go of extra baggage physically and mentally are a must.

No New Year resolution needed. That’s too long from today! Today I am choosing to make a change. What’s taking up space in your life, physically and mentally? What adjustments can you make to free that space to receive fresh and new things and ideas?



Via Raising Readers


It can be a lifelong journey 🌿

Thanks, Christine Derengowski, Writer via Happiness is here



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Honestly.. there is no better gift we can give them.

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Loving the Homework tips!

📝 Here are a few tips for creating a great homework-friendly space at home.


Let your words speak life! 💕

Art of Parenteen ❤️

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Kristina Kuzmic ❤

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Great reminder ..


Communication is key!🔑



Happy Monday BBD Family!


Happy Mother’s Day!


Just Keep Going! 💪🏽

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