The Light , Ministry and Art

The Light, ministry and Art is a ministry that encourages creativity and ministry. Licenses and Ordination is encouraged.

Operating as usual


Fixed purse after it got a big hole at one corner. Can’t tell it right!


Me and my mask!


Love this dress!


New purses and a thought for stairs painting.
I think it's a good idea.


wedding with dear friends.
congratulations to a wonderful couple.


more purses


I'm getting more done!


still making purses


lovely wedding


Two more pics of our couple and one with me.


Today I had the privilege to perform a wedding. Mr Gary and Mrs Denise Albertson. What a lovely day for them and to think everyone will celebrate their anniversary every year with them.

[07/10/16]   When I moved to Twin Falls I was asked to do a wedding that I was referred to by another pastor. So i went and performed the wedding for this couple. Instead of walking down the center of the seats the lady dropped feathers instead of flower peddles. We were outside on their lawn so the bride walked over the feathers to the groom. I performed the ceremony and prayed a prayer of blessing tapping into my native American Heritage . Pronounced them married.
Soon afterwards the mother said the couple had been looking for months for a native American preacher. I smiled and said "Well I guess The Lord sent me to you and filled your need!" I explained that was a Native minister but I am a registered Chippewa. The couple was so excited and I was thrilled to see the Lord move in their lives.

[07/09/16]   I have been performing weddings for quite awhile. So i thought i would post some experiences of some of them no names mentioned.
My first wedding was for a couple involved with my family and church.
Her pastor could not be there for their wedding so they came and asked me. Of course i said yes. My first wedding! I was so nervous. The day came and I kept thinking "princess bride".
Marwage i didnt say that but I did introduce them as Mrs and Mister______
Iwas embarrassed but everyone laughed and
..well you know they are still married today.

[05/11/14]   So all I have finally done the paper work and am officially
"THE LIGHT"Ministry and Arts

Several years ago I was privileged to ordain my son in law. He is called and in ordaining him I am agreeing with the calling in his life.

Today I have had the honor to welcome into the ministry,
Ody and Estelle Moore.
You are a blessing in so many ways. May The Lord continue to open doors where you will be a light in the darkness.


This season must be about our walk and who we are really. Be who God made you to be. Don't be ashamed believe in yourself.
I am a free spirit, a gypsy so to say. Here are my shoes!

[12/11/13]   This season is suppose to be about presents, family, friends and food! Lol this season is also about freedom. When Jesus died on the cross he set us free. Not to be wild and crazy but to be free of those things that weigh us down. He said to the Father....forgive this time and this season forgiveness is important to set you free. Forgiveness doesn't say the other person gets away with anything it just means for you to forgive and not carry that anger and bitterness and hurt no longer. Be free


My dear friend Dena invited me to her church she said to bring my. Paints and paint during worship so I did. Here is the painting

[07/24/13]   The creative part has hit again ....have been looking for wool to make my critters with! So I found a lady that has 3-4 fleeces and I will pay her $30 for the batch!!! Now I have to clean it!!!! Yay for YouTube! I have my answers but do I have the energy to do it? We will see we will see!


I have been needle felting. It is a long needle pushed into wool to form a animal or what ever you want! If you miss the wool then you get you finger aka a blood sport!!!!! Lol here is my first one it is nine inches tall.

[07/12/13]   I have NOT BEEN DOING NOTHING. Sleeping, playing on eBay, also etsy!!! Have to get back to work! Will be painting a large flag next week. I'll take pictures and post them look for them in the future!


For those that have been wondering what I've been doing, well I have been making myself and the kids shoes!
I have discovered needle felting and I've been having fun with that. Summer is busy and we've been running around with softball games and now swimming lessons and tennis lessons. Here is what I made today!


This is my friends Sonny and Shawna, did this for a college class. It needs a home. Come get it Sonny!

[06/07/13]   Procrastination!!!! I should be painting but I'm fixing up some paintings to go to a different home!


I fixed my painting. I like it better. What do you think?

[05/20/13]   For some reason I think I need to learn how to make shoes! I have wide feet and to buy a pair of shoes it costs a fortune and they are either too tight or too big ugh. Any of you have this problem?


Another pair redone


Made for Alaina


So I am procrastinating doing a painting. I have made shoes!! Yes shoes. I just thought that I should know how to make them!! Lol
If I could get more than one pick off of my phone I would

[05/10/13]   I have started my tree series again. When I get one painted ill post it. A new journey ...lets see where it goes.


I don't have the original but I thought I would share this one.


For sale $15


Better pic of painting$ 35


Here is number two.


Well it has been an interesting week. I've been looking at some art that I have around here and wondering if I should post them to sell and let others enjoy them. So here goes: I have two water colors of the number one and two doors. I would like $35 each. You will have to mat and frame them yourselves. It is just the paintings, no extra. Here is number one.

[05/03/13]   The Flower painting is SOLD.





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