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CRoC is a research institution dedicated to understanding creative behavior and motivation – and programmatic experiences that can boost creativity.

Mission: "Seeking to understand human creativity and the conditions that can promote imaginative approaches to learning, design, and problem solving."

James S. Catterall ’70

We miss this man everyday. Jim died suddenly Aug. 23, 2017, of a heart attack and stroke.

The Educational Theatre Association has wrapped its third year of the JumpStart Musical Theatre Program. We're putting the final touches on the report. It's been a privilege and a pleasure to work with EdTA and JumpStart! - photo credit: Susan Doremus

Students at Aiken School perform on stage as part of the JumpStart Theatre Program in Cincinnati, Ohio. photo credit: Susan Doremus

Focal Point

Creativity is vitality is hope

Algae is one of the most powerful sources of energy we have access to on Earth. This is how it could revolutionize sustainable energy. Make sure to follow Focal Point for the best science stories.

Interview with Roberta Ciuffo West from TPAC

CRoC was there with TPAC and Disney Musicals in the Schools, assessing the impact of the program on Nashville Public School students. At the time, DMIS was in 5 schools, it's now in 20!!! Congratulations to TPAC, CMA, and Disney for spreading the learning and joy!

About the CMA Foundation: Since its inception, the CMA Foundation has given more than $17.5 million to organizations enhancing the lives of students through ...

Americans for the Arts Celebrates the Life, Work, and Impact of Dr. James Catterall Dr. Catterall built his career on the inquiry of creativity and produced pervasive works that fueled the advancement of arts and arts education friendly policies in the United States and around the world. Americans for the Arts wishes to dedicate the upcoming National Arts in Education Week celebrat...

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

With profound sadness, I write to let you know that James Catterall has passed away. He was at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center surrounded by his wife Rebecca and all of his children. He had the best care and strong advocacy from his family, after suffering a heart attack and massive stroke compounded by multiple complications. He passed at 4pm on Wednesday, August 23.

The loss of our beloved colleague and friend leaves us shocked. James channeled his wonder about the world through his work, bestowing many gifts to innumerable people over the course of four decades. His thinking, writing, profound kindness, and willingness to walk into the unknown, asking questions and curious about the answers, shaped many of our own perceptions and approaches, not only to research, but to life.

We say goodbye today with love to James Stanley Catterall (February 28, 1948 - August 23, 2017).

Request for Proposals: Cultural Equity Training The Los Angeles County Arts Commission is currently seeking proposals from qualified individuals or firms to design and deliver professional development opportunities and resources to promote cultural equity and inclusion across the staff, board, audiences, and programming of nonprofit arts organiza...

Creativity is overrated

Is creativity overrated? We know the answer to this one - it's not. And we have the empirical evidence to prove it! Today’s creative workplaces work hard to obscure the uncreative labor that makes them run. While “creativity” is presented as the panacea for our overly..

Look what's is rising in Orange County. This is The Wooden Floor's new building, destined to be filled with dance and imagination and creativity. In the meanwhile it's a great place to try out your hard hats!

Our Team

We were all creative kids. Some kids became academics. Some academics' work helps kids become more creative. #artsed Brief biographies of CRoC researchers and staff members.

Who says office life is small? There are oceans in photographer Derrick Lin's imagination! #summer #tuesdaythoughts

Dance Revolution (SSIR)

Dance Revolution! Our colleagues at The Wooden Floor make their successful program available to all. #arted The Wooden Floor is licensing its successful model of using arts education to break the cycle of poverty.

Teachers, Don't Let Anyone Tell You You're Not Creative

A teacher writes about the importance of personal and student creativity in a system driven by standardized testing. How can educators infuse passion and creativity into an increasingly data-driven education system? One long-time teacher has some guidance.

A Summer to Remember

Inner-City Arts celebrates this year's work with A Summer to remember. Check out their wonderful photos [ View all photos from Summer Institutes Showcase here ] We love summers at Inner-City Arts. It’s a wondrous time for guided discovery, innovation,...

"Collaboration not Competition" Inner-City Arts team mantra in action. #artsed

The commonality between science and art is in trying to see profoundly - to develop strategies of seeing and showing

Casa Patas, flamenco en vivo

when communities support the emerging artist, all possibilities open

La Truco es una gran artista y, además, una reconocida profesora de flamenco. El sábado pasado, como corolario de su semana bailando en el tablao, pudimos comprobarlo en un fantástico fin de fiesta en el que participaron tanto los artistas que la acompañaron y otros invitados, como algunas de sus jovencísimas alumnas.
Aquí os dejamos un pequeño vídeo en el que las imágenes hablan por si mísmas. El vídeo completo en nuestro canal de Youtube:

STEM Preparatory School | Murals & More LLC

Spotted and admired. This Trompe L'oeil mural by artist Michael Cooper for STEM Preparatory School. STEM Preparatory School “Before” shot of their soon-to-be-remodeled High School. The Director wanted something eye-catching, something that...

Chompsky writes: Here's another handsome Croc, but I think he lacks my accuity.

JumpStart Theatre from EdTA 2017

Brilliant video from our colleagues at the Educational Theatre Association! Full disclosure: CRoC evaluated the JumpStart project shown here and researchers Dr. James Catterall and Dr. Sherry Kerr appear in the video. Watch it and you'll see why we are so enthusiastic about the work.

New program from Educational Theatre Association, supported by donations and grants, that is building sustainable theatre programs in middle schools where pr...

The Creativity Lab at Inner-City Arts has created an innovative type of team teaching that builds on trust to achieve brilliant results.
Here team members Bob Bates and Suzie Buckman demonstrate an invention.

CRoC Report #1

It's Here! All the news from the Centers for Research on Creativity. Click the link to view it in your browser It's Here! our first

2017 Teen Classes | Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum

Teen Summer Shakespeare Camp at our neighbors at the Theatricum Botanicum. Where there's a Will, there's a way!

We love working with Inner-City Arts. Here's something from our presentation of 2016 Creativity Lab research findings and the ensuing discussion with the ICA team.

Check out this link

Worth sharing! Inspiring Perspectives on Arts Integration. Featuring CRoC's work with CoTA.

[07/14/17]   "The arts...cultivate more complete human beings who can accomplish and be much more than the content of their standardized test scores." James Catterall and Frank Gehry on the promise of Turnaround Schools.

As we finish up our summer scoring season, we'll be periodically sharing some photos from this year's surveys, that amused and amazed us.

[07/12/17]   Hey! Want to see our first newsletter?
What we've been doing in one easy package. Click the links to read about teaching in China, the LA Arts Datathon, and details of the CoTA schools project. There are inspiring things to read and ways that you can join in.
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Centers for Research on Creativity Centers for Research on Creativity. Proof positive that the arts increase creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking.


The idea just came into his head...

His patent should be here within the year.

[06/15/17]   "Try an experiment... As you are driving, or walking, or perhaps even sitting in front of a television program, put a little effort into meta-cognition. That is, give a little thought to the images and ideas that roll through your mind at the same time you are doing these things. You may be amazed by the pace and variety of the 'slide show' this produces.
Generating ideas at a fast clip may be distracting, but it's indicative of a healthy, active mind, one equipped to approach problems creatively, to generate possible solutions, and leave you with good choices when it comes times to act."
James S. Catterall, from The Creativity Playbook - A Guide to our Creativity Debates.

@DeborahKennyHVA Thanks for the follow. Arts in schools is crucial - and we have the research to prove it!

Check out this link

We are finding out more everyday that arts education builds problem solving and critical thinking skills.

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