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This page is made to help parents and teachers. We can all share ideas and thoughts about reading! I will also post activities and articles about reading!

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[08/26/16]   Hello,

I am going to try very hard to get back in the grove of posting! I am focusing on conferencing at my school, so I am going to share ways you can conference at home with your kids.

Day 1. Ask them what they like or dislike about reading

[02/29/16]   Hello,

It's been a busy 2 months since I started a new job as a literacy specialist. I've learned a lot about the curriculum and I am looking forward to posting about all the cool lessons I do. 12/17/2015

Reading Tips for Parents of Toddlers

Reading with my 14 month son is fun!

[12/17/15]   Its been a while, but I am hoping that with my new job and lots more exposure to different articles I am able to share lots of new research and strategies you can use at home. 10/29/2015

Reading Tips for Parents of Babies

This is for my friends with little people, like me! 10/29/2015

Florida Center for Reading Research

I LOVE this website! It is great for everyone! The Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) is a multidisciplinary research center at Florida State University. FCRR explores all aspects of reading research—basic research into literacy-related skills for typically developing readers and those who struggle, studies of effective prevention and in… 10/29/2015

Reading Is Fundamental | Choosing Good Books

Don't know how to choose good books for your child?

Here is some advice! Reading Is Fundamental provides free books and literacy resources to economically disadvantaged communities in the United States.

[10/29/15]   If your child is having trouble reading, please make sure you are reading at home with them. Modeling fluency is the best thing for your child! 10/11/2015

Teaching With a Mountain View: Top 10 Tips for Building Fluent Readers + Link Up!

This is a great blog!!! Blogs are always a great way to see teaching come to life! 10/11/2015

Seven Strategies to Teach Students Text Comprehension

These are some strategies to help with comprehension.

[09/18/15]   Every year I create a crime scene for my kids. This lesson is meant to teach them to infer while reading. I always make them detective badges for the week and I found this awesome website that makes fake badges for kids. It's called

Check it out! They have tons of other stuff for kids. 08/30/2015

Storyline Online - Where Reading Is Fun!

Alright guys! I am so excited to share this with you! Its an online reading tool. It reads books to your child. I am using it this week for a lesson. Where Reading Is Fun!

[08/24/15]   Hello! I've been absent from posting, but starting this week there will be tons of stuff posted! I am so excited to share stuff with you all!


Reading with Mrs. Curiel


When a student reads a book for the 1st time ( with voice)! She didn't know all of her letters 2 weeks ago! Now she knows word families and more! Yay! #reading

[07/10/15]   How can I help my child read? Click the link below!

[07/09/15]   If you have a child with speech difficulties go use the following website! 07/07/2015

31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

A kids imagination is so important here are something's you can make for your child. Who needs an iPad when you've got a cardboard box?


Hello! I haven't posted anything in quit sometime, but I am going to share an app I use with my 8month old. I hope this helps anyone that has a baby.

For anyone that has a baby and you question why your baby has a temper or why is he happier this time than that time. Download the app Wonder weeks. It tells you exactly what you baby might be going through or when your baby is going through a "cognitive leap" causing them to be more fussy. I was wondering why Max was being a little fussy and sure enough he is going through a rough phase. 06/22/2015

Reading Books to Babies

This is for all my followers that have babies at home like me! Reading aloud to your baby stimulates developing senses, and builds listening and memory skills that can help your baby grow up to be a reader.


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Building Fluency SET 1

I made this for kinder! I will post the next set in a couple of days! Building Fluency Kindergarten-1st grade Created By: Martha Curiel 06/13/2015

44 Proven Ideas Parents Can Use to Help Their Children Do Better in School is another good website with tons of information!
This article is good for parents. Tips for parents to help their kids do better in school.


Yay!! We made it to 100 likes! Thank you for allowing this page to grow! I am excited to share my knowledge with everyone about reading! Our kids are our future! If you have any questions about what else you can do at home with your kids JUST ASK!

Thanks again!

[06/11/15]   What are some books that you LOVE as adults or books that you loved as kids??? Post Below!!! :)


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[06/11/15]   This is a great resource for teachers to use in the classroom.

[06/11/15]   It starts from the beginning...

[06/09/15]   "Everything great teachers do, it's done with purpose"


I can't decide! #rigorrelevancerelationships


This website offers advice and suggestions for parents with struggling readers. Some parents get frustrated, but don't be. Every kid will and can learn.

[06/06/15]   I want to share something fun I can't wait to do with my son Max when he is older. I want to have a box with different comprehension questions which I keep in my car, so during a road trip game or at the red light I can pull one out and ask Max. He will use the book he is currently reading or something he has read in the past. This will help with sequence, summary, and much more!

I have a list of questions, if you are interested send me a message with your email.


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Spelling the /k/ sound at the end of words: c, k or ck ?
Think back - help with spelling rules 1. When the /k/ sound comes straight after a short vowel sound we usually spell it ck:
pack deck ticket socket bucket

2. When the /k/ sound comes after another consonant,
we usually use the letter k:

basket silk blanket dark

Teaching point The -ick words have an extra rule:

At the end of a one-syllable word, use ick:

lick Nick click

In words of more than one syllable, use only ic:

panic traffic electric

Learning Tip for English spelling If the word has more than one syllable, it's long enough already so ic is quite enough - no need to add another letter!

Rule Breakers - these words break spelling rules Compound words are words made up from two separate words, for example:
air + sick = airsick
pin + prick = pinprick

In these cases, you must stick to using ck at the end.

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