The Fit Type- Strength & Performance

The Fit Type- Strength & Performance


I have referenced this quote countless times, but it will never lose value because the truth seldom does. In business, your vision is irrelevant unless you have the right people on the bus. Jim Collins, From Good to Great. Those you choose to crusade this life with must have an unequivocal, refuse to fail, mindset that compliments your own. It is symbiotic where the diversification of ideas and talents converge. This confluence of energy and enthusiasm defines and attracts a community of brand advocacy. Humans, by nature, work better together. It is a matter of finding that right human that shares the same vision, embraces a similar life ethos and is that unreasonable friend when needed. Together is better in the greatest race of them all; Life. Robert Cabell Courtney Elaine Cabell Angel Ybanez
Best hat ever 💪🏻
Speed Sauce + snatches + modified cleans + PowerPlate- speed strength continuum in full effect.

Helping others live their best life allows us to live out ours! I am an enthusiastic, people-centric, and relationship focused coach. My system is centered on performance, influence, nutrition, and rest-based habits.

The expected result is looking the way you want, feeling great, intuitively captivating others, and more successfully pioneering your life.

Operating as usual

[12/24/20]   Not too late to come get a workout in!
Just a reminder - we will be closing at Noon today and reopening Saturday at 7am!

New Toy for our members!!! 🦵🍑🦵🍑🦵🍑

[11/25/20]   Critical theory reminds us that there is always more than one reality to the human experience. As we are seeing legendary organizations in the fitness industry reduce their footprint due to financial hardships, I encourage you to remain diligent in a mission you have dedicated your lives to.

A mission that is much bigger than ourselves. While it’s no doubt true there is a stark uncertainty, you have earned your position of influence through virtue and a fanatacism to serve others in their pursuit of better.

The industry as we know it has hit a metaphorical glass ceiling, but there is evidence of your personal #success and success always leaves clues.

To our community of crusaders - you are the right stuff- through crisis comes opportunity. All you have to do is adopt a #refusetofail mindset, pray and he will lead the way.

We did just that and have a space for those seeking to continue their quest to coach and guide others to live and love their best life.

Here’s your nudge- 2021 is closing in and what you do now, ultimately casts your futures direction.


[11/14/20]   We just train different here-

Blissful Balloons and Backdrops did an AMAZING job helping us decorate for our Grand Opening!!! Thank you!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🎈

WE DID IT!!!!! Our gym is officially OPEN!! 💪🏼❤️
Come check us out! (Location is tagged!!)

Robert Cabell Christopher Ybanez
Yard signs by Tomball Yard Greetings

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out yesterday to show us your love and support at our Grand Opening 💪🏼❤️ Also, huge thanks to everyone who donated goods and help set up!!! 🙌🏼

Feel free to post your pictures below!

What’s your “go-to” workout song? Comment below and we’ll add it to our playlist!! 🎶🎧💪🏼

[10/26/20]   Turning the gym into a sweat box today! Who’s joining us?

[10/23/20]   Just ordered FTP shirts to be ready for Grand Opening!!!! 😝Send us a message with your size to place an order!!!

So many different colors/styles - you won’t be disappointed!

Have YOU worked out today? 💪🏼

Let’s get it!!!!

Just a handful of the vendors who will be present at our Grand Opening FALL into Fitness Festival!

Halloween day from 8am-4pm!!! 💪🏼🎃🎈


Powerhouse boss- in terms of weight lifting, overcoming inertia- there are periods of time where muscles cease to apply force because of momentum. The use of isointertial modalities as seen with Exxentric’s fly wheel technology, the resistance, while varied, is constant throughout the entire range of motion. This creates a stronger neural muscular adaptation and successively, improves all goal achievement outcomes.

“No matter how you lift it, the research always spins favourably towards eccentric overload when chasing increases in muscle size. Norrbrand et al. (2008) found nearly a two fold (6.2%) increase in quadricep's muscle mass using a flywheel versus a weight stack (3%) device.” – MS and CSCS Chris Ybanez from The Fit Type- Strength & Performance

Here’s his client, Men’s Physique and NASM CPT Quintin Wilsford adding the #kBox4 to his leg routine, aiming to maximise muscle mass growth and improve his physique for upcoming competitions. 💪

Learn more about the scientific evidence behind #flywheeltraining 👉


Thanks for the tag!

“No matter how you lift it, the research always spins favourably towards eccentric overload when chasing increases in muscle size. Norrbrand et al. (2008) found nearly a two fold (6.2%) increase in quadricep's muscle mass using a flywheel versus a weight stack (3%) device.” – MS and CSCS Chris Ybanez from The Fit Type- Strength & Performance

Here’s his client, Men’s Physique and NASM CPT Quintin Wilsford adding the #kBox4 to his leg routine, aiming to maximise muscle mass growth and improve his physique for upcoming competitions. 💪

Learn more about the scientific evidence behind #flywheeltraining 👉

In order to show our support here at FTP, we are offering the month of October for free for all LEO and first responders. We value your service and dedication to keeping our friends and family safe. Please feel free to call or text 832-517-7000 for any additional questions!

At FTP, we realize the great coaches understand success is a moving target and to stay relevant they must be fanatically committed to the painfully rewarding journey of mastery. We are stoked and proud to partner with-

Yousuf Hanif
NASM-CPT, PTAG-BCE and Meal Prep Advisor
"You can’t buy good health, you can only work for it!”

"My name is Yousuf Hanif, I’m a currently a senior at the Universiry of Houston majoring in Economics and finance. I was always an overweight kid growing up, until I became a teenager and decided it was time to make some big changes in my life. I was tired of playing sports and not being able to keep up with my friends, I was tired of wearing clothes that were always tight on me, and I was tired of being called fat. So, the summer after 7th grade I devoted all my time to researching techniques and tips to shake off some pounds. I ended up losing about 60lbs over the next year, and looked like a completely different person. Everything about me changed including the way I looked, felt, and carried myself. After going thru this drastic change my self and seeing how well it benefited me mentally and physically, I knew it was my job to help others find the strength in themselves to achieve their goals and transform their bodies. So, over the next few years I helped out my friends, family, and even strangers get their bodies to where they wanted to be.
Once I graduated high school and was finally old enough, I decided to pursue a certification in personal training. Doing that allowed me to gain more and more knowledge on a subject that I’m already so passionate about. It also allowed me to go from simply giving someone tips and advice, to be able to personally have a significant impact on someone’s life and help them become the person they want to be. So, what are you waiting for? Come in and let me help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be!

[08/16/20]   We are loaded with gratitude as we close out our first week at The Fit Type- Strength & Performance. These next 14 days are dedicated to connecting our final few coaches and their business to our platform that will support both, their service model and financial health. If you are a coach on the in The Woodlands/Tomball/Greater North Houston area and are unwilling to accept anything less than remarkable success in yours and in the lives of the clients you coach- please DM us to see if FTP is a good fit for you.

At FTP, we realize the great coaches understand success is a moving target and to stay relevant they must be fanatically committed to the painfully rewarding journey of mastery. We are stoked and proud to partner with-

Rachel Robertson
NASM-CPT & Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Schwinn Cycle Coach and TRX Certified Coach
"Waiting for Monday never works!"

"My love for fitness came out of necessity. After having my son in 2012, I quickly lost the baby weight by barely eating but not having a solid understanding of nutrition and fitness had me packing on the pounds and before I knew it, I was severely overweight. I hated taking pictures and would see my shadow and want to cry. I struggle heavily with depression and anxiety which was only made worse by my weight. One day after watching a news program about starting a fitness program I told myself that's it, I'll start Monday! But I thought to myself...why? Why many times had I said those words but never followed through...why not TODAY! So I went upstairs where I had a couple dumbbells of my husband's and did some exercises I remembered from high school athletics days. Since then, I've grown in knowledge and strength for both fitness and nutrition. I was able to have a very healthy second pregnancy which I continued lifting through and obtained my NASM CPT and FNS as well as Schwinn cycle and TRX certifications and plan to earn many more. My goal is to help others down their journey to well rounded health and find their relationship with nutrition and fitness."

At FTP, we realize the great coaches understand success is a moving target and to stay relevant they must be a fanatically committed to the painfully rewarding journey of mastery. We are stoked and proud to partner with-

Quintin Wilsford
NASM-CPT, BCE & Contest Prep and Metabolic Coach
"Consistency is key."
Instagram- quintinwlsfrd

"I am a husband, and a father of two young daughters. Since fitness has always been a strong passion in my life, I decided to begin competing in NPC as a Men's Physique competitor in 2014. Since then, I have stepped on stage in 8 shows and have placed top 5 in 6 of them. Recently in 2019, at the Branch Warren Classics, I placed 1st in my class and was recognized as the Men's Physique overall winner. I decided to turn this passion into a career. I began by completing my NASM-CPT and going to work with 24hr Fitness as a Master Trainer, where I helped to grand open a new location in The Heights. Recently, I enrolled in PTA Global's Behavior Change Exercise certification to gain a better understanding how to successfully meet people where it is they currently are and take them where it is they would like to be. It has been in my experience that consistency is key and mindset fuels the flame.

Given the current condition of fitness and wanting to spend more time with my family, I separated from 24hr Fitness and decided to partner, as a independent coach, with The Fit Type- Strength & Performance in Tomball, Texas.

I believe in delivering a safe, effective, high-energy training experience that is rooted in consistency, academics and self-taught, grass-roots techniques. To get where it is you want to be, the consistency of effort is key, and I have dedicated my life to helping others improve their health, wellness and quality of life by adopting this same mindset.

My training philosophy is inspired by aerobic conditioning, mind-muscle connection and strength training practices. This blend becomes tailored based on your individual needs, abilities and goals. It goes without saying, you can not out train a bad diet, therefore, long term success begins with confidence in the kitchen.

I am here to be that needed guide by the side, pick you up when you fall down because you will and get you headed back in the direction designed to elevate your life."

At FTP, we realize the great coaches understand success is a moving target and to stay relevant they must be a fanatically committed to the painfully rewarding journey of mastery. We are stoked and proud to partner with-

Phil Mueller BS, USOC
CPT & Certified Spartan Coach
"The body achieves what the mind believes."
Instagram- warrior_phil_fit

- This all started for me at a young age, playing every sport you could imagine growing up. Even through my teenage years I was extremely active especially outdoors. I get my love and passion for health and fitness from my mother Betty. She was an aerobics instructor almost until she was 60. In her prime she would do 4 or 5 classes a day 5 to 6 days a week. As a youngster instead of going into the child care area I would want to watch the others "play" in the gym instead. It was intriguing to me and I would just sit in amazement. I didnt get big into the weights until my 30s but I definitely learned along the way as a kid watching others. When I was 16 my older brother Joshua broke his neck and became a quadriplegic. My parents both worked so alot of the time I spent being his care taker. This is when things started to make sense to me, I found what I wanted to do. Helping others who cant help themselves. I would go to his physical therapy sessions, spend time in the hospitals, listening to doctors and therapists and that's when I made my decision. I would study sports medicine or kinesiology in college so I could help others like my brother. I graduated from The University of North Texas with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in business. I worked as a PT Technician for 2 years during my last year in college and right after so again I was surrounded by doctors and therapists. I learned even more than I could in the classroom since I was doing it hands on and learning from real life experiences. My original plan was to go to Physical Therapy school and run my own clinic but god had another plan for me. Fast forward 8 years and I have found my true calling, helping others but just in a gym setting instead. I have truly been blessed to have helped hundreds of people change their lives through fitness. 15,000 sessions later I have become a Master Trainer, USOC certified trainer and a Spartan Race certified trainer along the way. My client base has ranged from Collegiate athletes while studying Sports Medicine to a judge who is suffering from the disease MS. With really everything in between. Over the years and through my experiences I have become very well rounded in functional, prehab, and rehab styles of training. Strength and circuit training, group training and athletic training for sport. My sessions are fun and educational but we will reach your results all while being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset. I am recently married, we enjoy traveling and going to sporting events and concerts. We love the outdoors and have 2 beautiful mix breed dogs that we love to play with and take places. One of my favorite sayings is "the body achieves what the mind believes" and its something I firmly stand by.

Coach Q

Quintin, coach at FTP, putting the final touches on an unconventional push/pull day.

There’s a lot to be said of a coach who competes in the sport of bodybuilding, one of which is the ability to communicate effectively the mind-muscle connection. The entire sport is predicated on this very concept because this deliberate action to consciously engage the muscle wires a stronger neural to fiber connection. For the Fisher Price version, you get stronger and develop the aesthetics, faster.

CBD and the Performance Athlete

I am excited to share this with my FB fam bam-CBD is such a phenomenal product that has helped millions of people bring themselves out of the shadow that is their former self and regain the feeling to love their physical environment. Get better at the sports you play and the life you lead at STACK. Improve your training, nutrition and lifestyle with daily

Midday chest sesh with Justin... started off with a 1RM and got 20lbs more than he was shooting for and thenfinished the hour session with some cable flys... BIG things are happening at FTP!!! Come and check us out 💪🦵🤙

[07/26/20]   FB fam bam- I’m asking for you to please take a moment and share your thoughts. It’s for a class I am taking and need to gather data.

The premise is centered on the current state of fitness industry and how trainers/coaches intend to cast a new direction for themselves. This pandemic has revealed some ugly truths in terms of how unprepared so many of us were when our households economic security drastically shifts.

To my fitness professionals - in light of our current condition that has drastically reduced the industry’s foot print, you are now faced with a fork in the road.

What, if any, are some of things you would have done differently to better prepare you for such an event?

Do you seek out an organization that aligns with your belief system?

If so,

- What type of culture will you seek out to grow with?

- What are some things you are unwilling to accept? No Benefits? No 401k?

If not,

- Will you take the entrepreneurial path and manifest your own circumstance?

- Outside of building a book of business, what will you put into action to help secure your future in terms of health and wealth management?

Thank you ❤️

We made some good progress today... just wrapping up with some the finishing touches 💪💪💪

Turf is in!!! Somebody was excited to play on it

[07/19/20]   Big things are happening at FTP...

- J&B janitorial services was in all day today to deep clean, high dust, and disinfect the entire space along with the wiping down the equipment

- commercial diffuser will be installed tomorrow to support respiratory and immune health

- our NFL turf that covers the functional space will be complete tomorrow

I hope you all are ready I know WE ARE 😜😜😜 💪💪💪🦵🦵🦵

[07/18/20]   Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages... The Fit Type- Strength & Performance is proud to announce we will be soft opening sooner than expected.


The Fit Type- Strength & Performance

@quintinwlsfrd @fitlifehtx @yoshifitness_ ; what you need to know- single leg sprinters squats on the Precor Discovery series closely resembles the “feel” of a barbell. The pivot system forces you to stabilize, unlike most plate loaded machines. Integration of varied force profiles strengthens your paradigm of athletic function. @stack @triathletemag @ptaglobal @alethiah.wellness

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