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Timeline photos 06/07/2021

Empezamos la semana reflexionando sobre nuestra capacidad de escucha.

We started the week reflecting on our ability to listen.

The ability to listen is one of the most powerful competencies a human being can have because it brings humility and wisdom. By listening I mean seeing and feeling the other and for this it is required to stop projecting in everything and with everyone ... leaving the ego in a drawer.

Timeline photos 05/24/2021

(ENG) Wealth and poverty, from the context of human development, are just belief systems. Therefore, you can be poor with millions in your account or rich without a penny. Both, step by step, will end up capturing your inner richness in all its context.

Timeline photos 05/23/2021

(ENG) Feeling "affected" is allowing an experience to pass through the heart. Let the emotion come and go completely. Closing the heart in the middle of a painful experience is what causes the emotion to stay in the body and then turn into illness or addiction.

Timeline photos 05/23/2021

(ENG) As leaders and as parents, the only tool that gives observable and measurable results to motivate teams or children is inspiring modeling (setting an example). Words have an impact of 7% or less so I suggest talking less and doing more.

Timeline photos 05/22/2021

(ENG) In adulthood, 100% of emotions come from within. No element of the environment is the cause of what I feel. Those people who supposedly made me feel something are nothing more than mirrors to which I assign a reaction and an identity that are originally mine.

Timeline photos 05/22/2021

(ENG) A "Continent" person has the following characteristics:
1. He knows how to listen, (honors your time that he is totally present and does not judge)
2. He does not give advice
3. He is totally confidential.

The continents are indispensable in the process of personal transformation.

Timeline photos 05/22/2021

(ESP) Sé que del otro lado de tu miedo está el coraje, del otro lado de tu dolor está la libertad y del otro lado de tu ira está el amor. Dr. Joe Dispenza

Timeline photos 05/22/2021

(ENG) The two most important tools in my process of becoming a teacher of myself are: 1. Meditate daily and 2. Spiritual friends (the "Continent" people)

Timeline photos 05/21/2021

(ENG) The priority every day of a person "awakened" (who is conscious) is to be a teacher of himself. Everything else (such as what others think or seeking recognition outside) loses total relevance.

Timeline photos 05/21/2021

(ENG) The "glue" between members in a functional family, most of the time, is love. In a dysfunctional family it is control (in the form of guilt, victimization, suffering, suppression, etc.)

Timeline photos 04/30/2021

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Photos from Oprah Winfrey's post 04/29/2021

Photos from Oprah Winfrey's post

The language of lying 04/25/2021

The language of lying

The language of lying We hear anywhere from 10 to 200 lies a day. And although we've spent much of our history coming up with ways to detect these lies by tracking physiological changes in their tellers, these methods have proved unreliable. Is there a more direct approach? Noah Zandan uses some famous examples of lying....


If failure is not an option, then neither is success.


¿Estás listo para convertirte en la persona que viniste a ser?

En este curso te voy a compartir herramientas esenciales y ejercicios que vas a poder usar en tu día a día.

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Are you ready to become the person you came here to be?

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Esta frase es clave para que conozcas un poco acerca de mi curso de 90 días de inteligencia emocional porque con él vas a lograr ser el líder con el que todos sientan que han logrado crecer como nunca!

En este curso te voy a compartir herramientas esenciales y ejercicios que vas a poder usar en tu día a día.

Ah! Y si, el precio es por los 90 días!
No te pierdas esta súper oportunidad y mándame un mensaje directo para inscribirte.

This quote is key so that you know a bit about my 90-day emotional intelligence course because with it, you will be the leader with whom everyone feels that they have managed to grow like never before!

In this course I am going to share essential tools and exercises that you will be able to use in your day-to-day life.

Oh! And yes, the price is for the 90 days!
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¡Ya puedes encontrar mi nueva meditación en Spotify!

Esta vez te guío en esta meditación hacia trabajar en tu intuición ya que es más importante de lo que creemos.

También podrás encontrar un nuevo capítulo de mi podcast “Ser Consciente”, en donde te comparto herramientas para dejar ir!

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You can now find my new meditation on Spotify!

This time I guide you in this meditation towards working on your intuition since it is more important than we think.

You can also find a new chapter of my podcast "Ser Consciente", where I share tools to let go!

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Are you ready to become the person you came to be?

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El valor que te das a ti misma influye en tus decisiones diarias.

Encuentra en mi canal de Spotify mi meditación guiada titulada “Soy Suficiente” para que empieces a trabajar en tu bienestar hoy mismo!


Feeling worthy influences your daily decisions.

Find my guided meditation titled "Soy Suficiente (I am Enough)" on my Spotify channel so that you can start working on your well-being right now!



Photos from Dr. Maru Barrios's post 03/24/2021

Te amo con todo mi ser ! Gracias por ser mi hermano del alma . Gracias por ser mi familia , mi mejor amigo , por llorar de risa y por sacarme de los hoyos negros . Eres una de las personas más brillantes que he conocido en toda mi vida . Eres un regalo gigante del Universo. Feliz feliz cumple . Miles e infinitas bendiciones mi bello

Photos from Dr. Maru Barrios's post 03/23/2021

¿Te has preguntado cómo puedes mejorar la relación contigo misma?

La tercera sesión de mi taller empieza hoy para que puedas empezar a transformarte y encontrar tu paz interior.

Se transmitirá a través de Thinkific (link en mi perfil) y si te perdiste sesiones pasadas, no te preocupes ya que ahí podrás regresar a ellas cuantas veces quieras.

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your relationship with yourself?

The third session of my workshop begins today so that you can begin to transform yourself and find your inner peace.

It will be available through Thinkific (link in my profile) and if you missed past sessions, don't worry as you’ll be able to return to them as many times as you want.


Photos from Dr. Maru Barrios's post 03/22/2021

¡Muchas gracias a por compartir mi artículo de Inteligencia Emocional!
No puedes perdértelo ya que estoy segura de que te va a ayudar mucho especialmente durante estos tiempos tan complicados.

Léanlo completo en la página de Revista Entrepreneur 🗞


Libera al Superhéroe 🦸‍♂️ que traes dentro! Recordando este entrenamiento de inteligencia emocional con AT&T!


¿Sabías que lograr la paz interior te ayuda a establecer mejores relaciones y a tomar mejores decisiones para así lograr tu bienestar?

Hoy te comparto el tercer capítulo enfocado a la paz interior en mi podcast SER CONSCIENTE.

¡Encuéntralo en Spotify!

¿Quieres adentrarte más en este tema? Toma mi curso haciendo click en el link que está en mi perfil de Instagram 🧘🏻‍♀️

Did you know that achieving inner peace helps you establish better relationships and make better decisions to achieve your well-being?

Today you’ll be able to find the third chapter focused on inner peace on my podcast “SER CONSCIENTE”

Find it on Spotify!

(Do you want to delve deeper into this topic? Take my course by clicking on the link on my Instagram profile 🧘🏻‍♀️)



Mereces tener paz interior. Entra al link que está en mi perfil y ve la primera sesión de mi taller totalmente gratis!

You deserve to have inner peace. Go to the link that is in my profile and watch the first session of my workshop totally free!



Hoy estaré hablando sobre amor propio a través de

¡No se lo pierdan! Será en vivo a través del perfil de Facebook de Cultura Colectiva Lifestyle y estaré respondiendo todas sus dudas.

¡Sigamos celebrando nuestro mes!

Today I will be talking about self-love through

Do not miss it! I will go live on Cultura Colectiva Lifestyle’s page and I will be answering all your questions.

Let’s continue to celebrate women’s history month together!

❤ 💕


¿Has tenido alguna pérdida que te ha costado trabajo sobrellevar?

La cuarentena ha sido realmente difícil para muchas personas y he estado haciendo estas meditaciones para ayudarte a que tus días sean más llevaderos.

Encuentra esta y las primeras dos partes en mi canal de Spotify y escúchalas cuando quieras y en donde quieras.

Have you had a loss that you found it difficult to cope with?

Quarantine has been really difficult for many people and I have been doing these meditations to help you make your days more bearable.

Find this and the first two parts on my Spotify channel and listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

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