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Operating as usual

It may be cold out here but my heart is warm ❤️ although I’m not a fan of snow, I will never pass up the chance to put on a huge flannel and fuzzy socks 😁 and you can’t beat being surrounded by loved ones 🙏🏼

Happy Monday!!! Me every time a camera is in my face 🤣 Embrace the weird... But give me my warm weather back. 🤣🙏🏼

I’ve been down and out for a few weeks and this is the first time I’ve gotten to workout in the sun and you can tell I’m so happy 🤣 Corona can take me down for a bit but don’t count me out cause I’ll come back stronger.

Three stripes from every angle

Happy Monday! Let’s grind ☺️

Been MIA from social media a bit because I’ve been quite sick for some time now but I’ll be up and rolling soon. 😁 can’t wait to get to fall bulking. 😜✌🏼💕

Happy Monday! Hope you are off go a great start this week! Stay safe and healthy out there! Love and peace always 💕 ✌🏼

It’s Friday!!! Let’s finish the week off right! 💪🏼💪🏼

It’s October!!! The leggings come back out and we get a short time with fall weather and pumpkin everything. Right before all my hopes and dreams are crushed by the white flurry of death we call snow 😜 hope everyone has a great Thursday!
📸 @lifeinanimage

Just a couple weeks left before we start thickening up for the winter. I have so many awesome things in the works that I can’t wait to share. Until then, let’s get after some leg workouts 😜🤣

Happy #nationalcoffeeday 🙃 Just another day of me drinking coffee with every meal. It’s just today is the only day it’s acceptable 😂😂

Happy Monday! You know I just haven’t seen enough smiles lately so I thought that I would give y’all some Monday positivity. I just did some bleachers and I can tell you those didn’t make me want to smile 😜 but the sun is out and I woke up this morning so heyyyyyyyy 😁

It’s the weekend! Get all your business out of the way today because we got football all day tomorrow 😝 I hope everyone has a safe and fantastic day!

I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me 😂😂 this is the album cover of my first rap single. I hope y’all are ready. All I’m missing is a sick Pit Bull.

2020 required a lot of reflection. I got to take a look at how far I’ve come. I have a long ways to go but I am not even close to done yet. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
📸 @lifeinanimage

It’s leg day beasts 😏 we are shooting for a lean thick this winter! 🦵🏼 🦵🏼

Sunday. Get comfy, work, watch football, drink coffee, and set goals for the week. 😌 stay safe, healthy, and happy ❤️

Don’t forget to stretch. And if you are anything like me, get those electrolytes!

Oh what a day to be alive 😁 smile & work hard. Let’s go hit some stadium stairs 😈😈😈

Wednesday leg day coming at you, it’s about time to start winter gains and putting some size on the 🦵🏼 🦵🏼 and 🍑

Forever Vibes. Happy Monday! ✌🏼🤟🏼💪🏼 Let’s Grind.

Today’s workout was a reaaaaalll one 🥵🥵🥵 y’all know I love that weekend grind. And I got to make a delicious cinnamon roll protein shake from @uniconutrition 😍😍😍 they have the dopest flavors! Are you guys more into chocolate flavors or do you like wild flavors like birthday cake and cereal, etc.?! Let me know your favorite protein powder flavor ⬇️

Happy Friday!! Just wanted to give a little reminder to smile, to tell people that you love them, and to give some attention to your mental health! 💕 Its far more important than anything you can do with your physique.

Happy Thursday 😁 it’s finally here! Football season is upon us!! Are you loyal to a team or to a player?! Who are your people?? I’m personally more loyal to specific players but as a KC local, you know I gotta give a little love!

Come on Lil babies keep coming 😤

Leaning out a bit....

▪️Energy levels are amazing.
▪️I’m not completely out of breath every time I walk up stairs.
▪️The general physique aspect.

▪️Doing a fall cut should be illegal. I’m starting to see apple pie and pumpkin flavored things everywhere.
▪️None of my pants fit anymore.
▪️Do I live in the grocery store now? Just put a bed in isle 6.
▪️Did the devil invent macros and decide fats would be high just to torture me with peanut butter serving sizes?

2020 has been one big smack in the face for a lot of us. But it’s given me the opportunity to sit back and think about what I really want for myself. I hope that 2021 may be full of blessings, goal achievements, and happiness for every single one of you. Go chase those dreams!

Happy Friday!! 😃 I am 2 weeks in with @rpstrength and I feel amazing! I’m doing a tiny cut (less than 1lb a week!) and I couldn’t be happier! I’m eating a hefty amount of good. I have an amazing amount of energy and I’m looking leaner everyday 😈😈 can’t wait to share the end result!
Ps. Use my discount code: AllThingsFit for 10% off online and 33% off the app!

Guess what day it is?! LEG DAY!!! Let’s get after it and show those quads who’s the boss!! 😎

Happy Wednesday!! We are in a new month! Positive energy only! Let’s end 2020 better than we started it 😳

Nothing beats doing what you love for a living. I am so thankful and blessed for the body I was given so I’m going to continue to learn and help educate others. In the past I took it for granted, but from now on I will feed and treat my body right.

Happy Monday! ☺️ Let’s get after it and start this week off right!! 💪🏼💪🏼

Happy Sunday! It’s almost here. 🏈 🏈 my favorite time of year 😆 Also football season = fall foods and leg gains 😁😁

Happy Saturday 😁 Got those Boss Bi*** Vibes today. Have a great weekend but don’t forget to keep your eye on your end game. 💪🏼💪🏼

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