Process Art Kids

Providing magical, messy, open-ended play experiences with process-based art and sensory activities. Come join the fun and then leave the beautiful mess behind you! For early childhood, or kids ages 18 months- 6 years old. Located in Woodlands, TX

In our increasingly over-scheduled and oftentimes hurried world, where direct instruction reigns supreme, and children are oftentimes expected to transition from one activity to the next far too frequently, we believe that safeguarding childhood can be summed up with a simple motto to live by, “Let them be little.” It’s our belief that tots and young children alike need more opportunities for free, unstructured, open-ended play and exploration through rich art, outdoor play, nature, and science experiences. They need permission to get messy and explore the world around them at their own pace. Our Process Art events provide these opportunities while getting kids out of doors. Best of all, we provide a space for your kids to explore and create monumental messes so you don’t have to! I’m willing to wager that process art is a different experience than anything you’ve encountered before. Has your child ever painted with trucks? Hurled rainbow spaghetti across the room or painted his/her own body, in addition to the easel, with shaving cream or paint? No? Why not?! Come join the fun and see what we’re all about! How Process Art Experiences Support Early Childhood Development: Social & Emotional- children relax, focus, express their feelings Physical and Fine Motor- variety of tools offer fine motor practice Independence & Self-Discovery- children grow in confidence, explore further and fuel their imaginations

Mission: At Process Art Kids, it’s our mission to provide developmentally appropriate art and sensory experiences for young children. We believe that children need more opportunities for free unstructured play and exploration, in a safe environment, through outdoor play, nature, science and art. They need permission to get messy and explore at their own pace. Our Process Art events include sensory experiences that oftentimes blur the lines between art and science. Inspired by the Forest School method, all Process Art classes take place out of doors. There is a freedom of expression and exploration that we believe can only truly take place in an al fresco environment. A class conducted within four walls simply would not provide the same experience. Don’t believe us? Come attend an event and feel the energy of a group of children, playing with art, outside for yourself. It’s kinetic and contagious.

I’ve always loved clay. It’s how I got into sculpting, preferring free-form building to the potters wheel. It’s great fun for kids. Teachers often prefer clay to playdough because it’s harder to squish and is better for building fine motor muscles. Time in nature has been keeping us grounded. So, I decided a toad abode, or house, was in order. We don’t have a kiln so we used #sculpeyclay which can be baked in the oven. While mom did most of the building, process came into play by pressing found nature objects into it and just playing and exploring clay. My son also loved the clay leaf mold. Building one out of clay was much more fun than simply buying one or using a broken pot. It’s a fun addition to our garden. I’m loving curbside pickup @michaelsstores it’s a nice outing and means I can usually get what I need for our art projects #sculptureart #sculpeykids #natureart #natureartforkids #natureartkids

Earth Day, in my childhood, was all about up-cycling materials instead of trashing them. I love the versatility of the humble egg carton. Today we used them to germinate our Milkweed and Morning Glory seeds bound for our butterfly garden. Painting egg cartons is also a blast. I want to try an idea I saw @mericherryla share recently- egg carton flowers painted with tempera paint. What Earth Day memories do you have from your childhood? #earthday #earthdaykidsactivities #earthdayactivitiesforkids

I was just thinking of making painted rocks for our garden, inspired by the beautiful children’s book, Only One You. Then we saw these painted rocks on a recent trail walk. Placed along the forested trail like colorful Easter eggs, they kept popping out with uplifting messages. I absolutely LOVE this! Gifting them to the community is so much better than our own, private backyard. Three little girls in our neighborhood did this, leaving their names on a rock above the neighborhood plaque as signature of their work. So now we’re going to add our own rocks to this. Who knows?! If we add to this trail rock installation, leaving our signature beside theirs, then maybe others will follow suit . Then we may see an entire trail lined with inspirational art rocks! What inspirational messages in time of Covid-19 have you seen in your neighborhood? #covidinspiration #covidinspired #rockartwork #rockartists #onlyoneyou #landart

When it’s so humid that stepping outside feels like walking into a mosquito infested terrarium, enter the glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg hunt! I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but my kids are in bed by 7, aka before dark. So we brought the hunt inside. This went on for an hour! My son put on bunny ears, hopping around like a bunny, hiding eggs and my daughter never got tired of discovering where he’d hidden them. All you need are eggs and glow sticks. Make your life easier and get the small ones meant for eggs though. I had a rough time cramming bracelets in these. Happy hunting! #easterkidsactivities #glowinthedarkeasteregghunt #glowinthedarkeggs #covidactivities #woodlandstx

How’s everyone doing? Confession: I’ve actually been finding it a little hard to show up in our art space lately. We’ve been embracing slow living and unplugging more than ever. I feel acutely aware of the weather since “shelter at home.” Schools may be closed but our learning continues as we head outdoors every chance we get- nature preserves, creeks, trails, our own backyard. The problems of the world seem to dim somehow in the quiet solitude of the forest. It’s reminded me that simple can be magical. Invoking my childhood, we’ve collected bright, red berries in our yard and brought them into the mud kitchen. Collecting pine cones one day led to homemade bird feeders. A childhood classic forgotten. The raccoons may have got the best of them but it didn’t matter. It was about the process, the experience. We’ve collected wildflowers along the greenway behind us and made centerpieces from them. We’ve caught inch worms swinging in the air and watched them climb our arms. Marveled at shiny blue beetle spottings and splashed in every puddle in the forest. We’ve been exploring the art of living. That life is about the everyday moments. Process Art has filled our afternoons and been a godsend on rainy days. But I’ve been reminded that art is all around us in nature and how to tune in more. I’m grateful for our #woodlandstx forests. How do you start in your own backyard? For us the holy trinity of backyard play includes a sandpit, water table and mud kitchen. Options abound online but an outdoor coffee table makes the perfect height for a mud kitchen. Just add bowls, spoon, mud and a water source. A shallow tub works just fine for a water table. Use what you have then get exploring and creating outdoors. #naturefix #naturebathing #natureart #springart #processartfortoddlers #covidart #covidkids

How are you doing? For me personally It’s become a lesson in slow living, in appreciating all that you have and all that you’ve taken for granted. So we’re looking to stay positive, discover inspiration and be cozy and creative at home. To that effect, here’s a fun one. Use old milk cartons to freeze large chunks of ice. Then paint them and maybe add water. Another great variation on this is colored salt. Don’t have a sensory bin? Shallow Tupperware serves just fine in a pinch. #sequestered #processartfortoddlers #coronasmallbusiness #sensorybin #sensoryactivityathome #processartathome

At a time when we need these art play experiences most I’m sad to have to cancel all planned PAK experiences through April, following guidelines and local school closures related to Covid-19. In the mean time, as we all spend more time at home, I’ll be sharing ideas for bringing the PAK experience home. Look for simple and fun process art and sensory activities to engage your littles here. Stay safe. Be well. Make Art! Xoxo (if you registered for Action Art you’ll be receiving a refund and cancelation e-mail this week)

UPDATE: As of yesterday, many schools are closing next week (March 16th- 20th), Conroe ISD included (which my kids school follows). Due to the ever-changing situation regarding COVID-19 and in the best interest of the health, safety, and well-being of our students, parents, PAK team, and community at large, Process Art Kids will be canceling this weekend’s Holi Fest and possibly our Action Art event on March 28th. Updates will be shared on PAK social media and go out in email to those registered. If you registered for this weekend’s event you’ll be receiving an email confirming your refund. Thanks for your continued support and be safe everyone! We hope this blows over soon so that our art play fun can continue.

We know that the recent news regarding the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is likely concerning to you and your family. We, at Process Art Kids, want to do what’s best so we are closely monitoring how things continue to develop including public health recommendations as well as any daycare or school closures in effect.

Please know that we, at PAK, take health very seriously and we do our best to provide a clean and safe environment- washing and sanitizing all sensory bins and materials before and after our events. We do recommend that if you or your child is sick please stay home and notify us.

At this time, we’ve decided to move forward with Saturday’s Holi Art event. If, however, you feel unsafe and prefer not to participate in a PAK experience, given the current events, this is totally up to you and you are well within your right to make that call. We will not penalize you. Cancel by the end of today, Thursday, March 12th and we will refund you in full. Cancel after today and we’ll give you a credit towards a future PAK event.

If we fall bellow of our minimum of 12 kids we’ll make another announcement to that effect.

If anyone does wish to cancel you can message us on FB or you can email me at Rebecca (at)

It’s getting close to that time again. Good thing my husband eats so many eggs! I start saving them now in preparation for our Egg-stravaganza event, when we celebrate Easter Process Art Kids style. Look for it on our calendar in the next week or so. It’s a smash hit with the kids! #easterart #processartforkids #processartfortoddlers #processart #woodlandstx #mommyentrepreneurs #springiscoming #eastereggs #eggstavaganza #easterprocessart

The best part of a new sensory bin invite? Me on the sofa enjoying a quiet latte while relatively undisturbed 😂 that’s why Sunday morning is my preferred time to switch out the bin. Do you have a sensory bin? For indoors we love our @ikeausa Flisat table. Ideas abound on Insta check out @flisat_play_ideas @flisat_toddler for outdoor and wet bins @discountschoolsupply has some great options. Do you have a favorite sensory bin invitation to play? This one was a particular hit with my son. #sensory bin #sensoryplay #sensoryplaytolearn #sensoryplayideas

One of our favorites is back! Don’t miss our Holi Color Fest next weekend! We still have a few spots left. To register: #holicolor #holicolorkids #processartforkids #processartfortoddlers #springartkids #springsensoryplay @ The Woodlands, Texas

What’s in your library? 5-10 years ago you’d be hard pressed to find any books on early childhood art or process art and sensory experiences. Now I’ve got so many that two whole shelves couldn’t fit in this pic. Most I discovered via bloggers I love like The Artful Parent then Art Bar and Meri Cherry Art Studio and Tinkerlab and Babble Dabble Do these women inspire me daily as do countless other amazing women on Instagram who are providing creative art play experiences for children around the world. Most recently I discovered Fairy Dust Teaching through the fabulous art and play based educational workshops she offers online. I sat on the couch joyfully thumbing through her new book one day, Wonder Art Workshop, as my three year old son looked on. He gushed over projects he wanted to try. At the end he looked up at me and in earnest asked, “Momma, did you write this book?” It spoke to how much the book resonated with me. It also struck me as funny how our children can shine a spotlight on dreams and passions that maybe we have yet to recognize ourselves. After all, Isn’t that how Process Art Kids began because of my own children and my desire to provide these experiences for them? It’s begun as a home business which I know will grow into an Indoor/outdoor studio some day. My children seem to ignite my creative passions and allow me to see more clearly what has perhaps been there all along- a dream of creating what I want to see in the world- beautiful, messy, art play experiences for young children. So I smiled at my son and thought who knows? Maybe a book IS in my future some day. Do you have art books you love that are not on my shelf? Maybe you’ve even written one yourself. Share them here!

Have you heard of Floof? Sometimes called snow dough, modeling clay or foam dough it’s texture reminds me of marshmallows. We make most of our own sensory materials but with the rise in popularity of sensory play for kids there are some really fun products out there now and we like trying them. Play Visions Floof felt like playing with clouds and best of all was a mess free sensory bin for a week when I had family in town, and wanted to avoid the inevitable daily sweep that comes with a rice bin. It also doesn’t dry out and you can color it with markers. It definitely isn’t edible like so many homemade materials are so watch your littles if they pop stuff in their mouth. You also need to wash hands after use since it’s not a natural material. That said it’s a fun addition to our rotation. It’s texture was addictive to both kids and adults alike as we celebrated my daughters birthday over the weekend. Have you tried some of the sensory play material on the market? What’s your favorite? #clouddoughs #sensorybirthday #sensorybin #ikeasensorytable #birthdaysensorybin #mommypreneur

Happy birthday to mon petite cheri, Scarlett, who turns two today! At home our art room and sensory bin has been filled with birthday themed experiences. I’ll be sharing some of the fun with you guys here later this week! #merimeri #2ndbirthday #theygrowupsofast #birthdaysensorybin

Awesome March events now live on the calendar! Both on Saturdays. So don’t miss our Holi Color Fest March 14th. You voted for it and here it is...Action Art a fabulous line up of activities March 28th. Kids will love throwing and slapping on paint in ways they never have before. Don’t wait to register. Spots won’t last. Super pumped about March! Excited to see you there.

Do you have a favorite holiday? Valentine’s has always been one of mine! We go big on V-Day at our house. Growing up my Martha Stewart mom always decorated a Valentine’s tree which we still 💗. We also do strawberry milk and a special breakfast. This year we did heart donuts. Then there’s homemade cards and one petite cadeaux to open- usually books, art supplies or bath stuff. I always have such a creative blast with this, the act of creating the same magic for my kids that my mom did for me. Of course everyone comes to breakfast in heart ❤️ pjs. What’s your tradition? #valentinesbreakfast #valentineskids #valentinesfamily #mommyentrepreneur

The magic of painting on mirrors and plexiglass. While everything we do is process based, only the occasional project yields a take home piece of art work. Yet I find it’s always interesting to observe that the winning experiences, the ones the kids are drawn to, are also the most transient and experiential. There in lies the true nature of process art -it’s about the experience of the moment not an end result with a finished piece of artwork. Children inherently know this and the more process-driven and exploratory an experience is the more they are drawn to it. #processartforkids #valentinesprocessart #toddlerart #mommyentrepreneur #outdoorstudio #outdoorclassroom #woodlandstx

We ❤️ painting! Love how some of the kids went all in wielding a paint brush in one hand and a paint roller in the other! #processartforkids #processartfortoddlers #valentinesprocessart #heartpainting #mommyentrepreneur #outdoorstudio #outdoorclassroom #toddlerpainting

Valentine's Day 2020

Thanks for celebrating Valentine's Day with us Process Art Kids style! The Box of Chocolates sensory play was a particular hit as well the assortment of Valentine's slime! Please check-in or tag us if sharing photos with friends. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for celebrating Valentine's Day with us Process Art Kids style! The Box of Chocolates sensory play was a particular hit as well the assortment of Valentine's slime! Please check-in or tag us if sharing photos with friends. Happy Valentine's Day!

[02/08/20]   Our March events go live next week. We’ll be doing two events in March. Our Holi Color Celebration is my personal favorite. But I’m undecided on the second one. So vote here for what you’d like to see for our second event in March! A St. Patrick’s Day theme or a compilation of action art activities like fly swatter painting, funnel painting, splat painting and more. Got another request? Comment here!

Have you tried cloud dough at home? It’s incredibly easy (just conditioner and corn starch) add food coloring if desired. It’s one of my sons most requested activities. A great alternative to playdough. We added acrylic hearts, pink gems and heart glitter during our play. The texture is soft and pillowy. When you let it drop it pulls like taffy. #processartforkids #letthembelittle #toddlerartinvitations #mommypreneur #woodlandstx #valentinesprocessart

From head first to mess averse, how do you create Process Art experiences for every child? My kids couldn’t be more different in terms of how they approach Process Art. Liam has always been a “head first” child. His first time with shaving cream, at 18 months, he covered his whole body like it was soap and ended up “shampooing” his head. At two years old he went “blue man group” on me when I gave him paint at an outdoor easel. By contrast, Scarlett has always been more hesitant with paint or wet sticky stuff on her hands. I see this all the time with kids at PAK. You come to recognize the head first kids right off- they dive right in. But then others don’t. People often ask me why this is. Given that my own kids are around Process Art all the time, it’s not just about exposure, although that helps, it’s also about the individual child. Each and every child is different in their approach. So how do you meet each child where they are? How do you provide experiences to engage both the head first and mess averse child? At PAK we always choose a mix of activities for this reason. For the head first child I love shaving cream, foam paint, finger paint, and opportunities to work big. For the mess averse child I love dry sensory bins, water tables, sand play, water beads, soap foam, playdough, window crayons and contact paper projects to name a few. When it comes to Process Art & sensory experiences, there really is something for everyone. Just be sure and meet your child where they are. Oftentimes if you start with a water table you can scaffold and build to messier projects. But it’s also always important to give permission to get dirty. A designated art outfit or messy play clothes can help a lot. What about you? Is your child head first, mess averse or maybe just somewhere in the middle? What experiences do you love? #processartforkids #sensoryplay #mommyentrepreneur #woodlandstx #outdoorstudio #letthembekids #letthembewild #letthemexplore

Why Process Art?

I’m willing to wager that process art is a different experience than anything you’ve encountered before. Has your child ever painted with trucks? Hurled rainbow spaghetti across the room or painted his/her own body, in addition to the easel, with shaving cream or paint? No? Why not?

At Process Art kids we provide these uninhibited opportunities for free play and exploration within the medium of art, sensory and oftentimes science. Best of all we provide a safe environment for your kids to explore and create monumental messes so you don’t have to.

Ready to learn more? Check out our website. We think you’ll love what you discover. When you’re ready to join in the fun of process art, sign up for an event. Come be a part of the exploration!

We’re a small business in it’s infancy. Mostly word of mouth and based out of the backyard of Rebecca LaRocco, creator of Process Art Kids. Come see what we do and watch us grow. It’s all still one big playdate so come join in the fun and meet other cool moms in the process!

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