Best Career Change There's huge demand for professionals in Health & Safety industry. Train online & change to a more rewarding career.

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Learn Something! Number of Teenage Workers Tumbles: Teen employment has plummeted in a trend that began long before the Great Recession. In the current labor market, any black mark can doom a worker: lack of education, inexperience, even a presumed sense of not needing the work enough.

Learn Something! Forty Percent Of Student Loan Debt Is From Graduate Degrees: The rapidly swelling cost of student loan debt is not being inflated simply by unaffordable undergraduate and associate degrees. Forty percent of the $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt secured expensive post-graduate and professi…

Learn Something! Don't Let Student Loans Ruin Your Life: Whether students leave college with a degree or without one, the challenges they face are daunting; where to live, how to get a job, and increasingly, how to repay their loans.

Learn Something! EMTs Avoid The Health Risks Of A Windowless Office: Research shows that having a windowed office is more than a status symbol: It also means you're getting a better night's rest. We all know rest increases productivity, but it also has a long term impact on your health. Plenty of research shows that…

Learn Something! EMS/Paramedic Courses May Qualify For Federal Job Training Investments: As recently as the late 1990s, the U.S. was a nation in which employment, job creation and labor force participation went hand in hand. That is no longer the case. In the latest White House effort to show it’s addressing middle…

Learn Something! You Can Avoid The Worrisome Trends In Jobs Report: Employers are hiring more aggressively as the winter cold dissipates, but the job gains are only slowly catching up after years of losing ground in the workplace. According to the Labor Department, it took nearly five years after the end of the Grea…

Learn Something! Retirement community healthcare: In previous posts we gave the recommendation that if you are looking for work and a career change it would be a no brainer to consider relocating to one of the fastest growing areas. In that vein, the fastest-growing metro area in the United States may surprise you.

Meaningful Jobs E-Commerce Warehouse and Safety Jobs: There are endless laws and OSHA standards concerning workplace safety in America. Much of this has been politically motivated by unions. Suits by lawyers in the industry prod the rule-making sessions with the state and federal regulators. Maybe you didn't know t…

Labor Shortages May Spread To Many Industries Rewarding Career Options

Meaningful Jobs Looking for a Job? Celebrate Winter's End: How would you like to train for a job that is unaffected by the weather and the seasonal ups and downs that accompany it? The demand for workers to fill EMT/ Paramedic jobs doesn't ever decrease because of winter weather. In fact, demand may arguably increa…

Your Answer to Long-Term Unemployment Rewarding Career Options

Meaningful Jobs The Answer to Long-Term Unemployment: The findings in a recent study suggest the millions of Americans suffering from long- term unemployment could be left behind as the economy strengthens. Those out of work for more than six months will increasingly give up their job search in the coming years. Th…

Learn Something! Train for a job that cannot be outsourced: Technological advances and innovations allowed manufacturing to increase with a much smaller workforce. Computers forever changed the face of industry and commerce. Entire categories of jobs began to disappear —outsourced to emerging nations overseas or tak…

Learn Something! Not a day goes by that you don't see some debate about the Affordable Care Act. With millions added to the list of insured, the health care industry is experiencing a dramatic increase in hiring in many fields and positions. The job market has been kind to health care workers but currently greater p…

Meaningful Jobs

Are your finances riding the see-saw with the countries economy? In this economy, only healthcare jobs seem to be stable and increasingly in demand. The healthcare industry is today's booming service sector, opening up a wide range of challenges and opportunities before you.

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Blue collar industries fuel health and safety careers There are jobs in corporations that make sure the working conditions of employees are safe from sources of infection, injuries, and possible catalysts for accidents and property loss. These jobs are going unfilled because there are not enough jobseekers certified in the healthcare field. Those who h...

Contemplating a Career Change? Retrain as an EMT. Contemplating a career change? Retrain as an EMT. One of the employment sectors that is considered recession proof is healthcare. The Department of Labor projects that there will be a continuing rise in the number of jobs available in the healthcare field, as much as a 30% increase by the end of thi...

Pin by Best Career Change on Meaningful Jobs | Pinterest Perhaps your job no longer aligns with aspirations. Assess whether or not your current job helps you achieve those goals, and if not, it’s time review your career path. The job market is still dismal. Where can you look for another job? One of the employment sectors that is considered recession proo...

Changing Careers

All Signs Point to EMS

Changing Careers When things take a turn for the worse at the office, it can impinge on everything in your life, whether you realize it or not. It's tough to know when it’s time to walk away from a job. After all, the labor market isn’t exactly thriving at the moment. Take a step back and take a look at your work

Pin by Best Career Change on Learn Something! | Pinterest Open Positions In Heathcare? Doesn't that take a major time commitment to get a license or certification? Not every job in healthcare requires two decades of study. You don't have to be a whiz at science and math either. Some jobs like EMTs require less class hours than an AA degree. Healthcare educ...

Meaningful Jobs Since families are a critical component of growth in any metropolitan areas, those with higher percentages of children are likely to grow far faster than those that are made up increasingly of childless households. This trend should accelerate as the millennials, now entering their 30s, begin to for...

Meaningful Jobs A Job With Meaning And Purpose: Ask people what they want in a job, and significance and meaning dominate their answers. For decades, Americans have ranked purpose as their top priority. It ranks above job security, hours, promotions, and even income. Work is a search for daily meaning, as well as d...

Learn Something! If you have an interest in helping others and working in a fast-paced environment appeals to you, you might look into the career opportunities available after completing an emergency medical technician (EMT) course. An EMT provides medical care to accident victims and is very important in times of c...

Changing Careers

EMT Training Could Fulfill That Forgotten Goal

Changing Careers Technology and innovation have come together to make healthcare education available at any time and at your own pace online from many sources like Salus Training Solutions. Everyone knows that the course of study for becoming a doctor costs a lot of money, but learning some of these other healthcar

Learn Something! THE US NEEDS YOU! The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) released its Report Card last week measuring the state of emergency care in America, which unfortunately delivered the news that conditions and policies are not only poor, but alarming. The nation earned a D plus. In 2009, the las...

Meaningful Jobs Are You One Of The 65 Percent? You may not know this, but there are jobs available in the healthcare field. Even during the recession, the openings for many healthcare jobs outnumbered the applicants over 3 to 1.

When to Leggo Your Ego in Business Some of today’s most effective leaders are those who acknowledge that they don’t have all of the answers and are willing to hear the voices of others, particularly in an increasingly inclusion-needy workforce.

Learn Something! Unhappy At Work? Check Out EMT Training.

Changing Careers

Unhappy At Work? Check Out EMT Training.

Changing Careers Recent statistics suggest that 55% of Americans polled were not satisfied with their jobs. The economy has left a lot of people in the workforce feeling helpless and at the mercy of employers that do not fully utilize their talents effectively. The temptation to settle and just be thankful to have

Meaningful Jobs EMT's in Demand Nationwide

EMTs In Demand Countrywide EMT jobs are projected to have a faster growth rate than other professions through 2018!

Changing Careers

New Year - New Career!

Changing Careers With the economy being as tough as it is and most career markets being flooded with new applicants, it’s easy to see why a career change may not seem like an appealing option. A volatile job market may also not be exactly appealing either. The driving motivation for a new career can be the promise o

New Year - New Career! With the economy being as tough as it is and most career markets being flooded with new applicants, it’s easy to see why a career change may not seem like an appealing option. A volatile job market may also not be exactly appealing either. The driving motivation for a new career can be the promise o...

Best Career Change

Join This 15 Minute webinar to find out how you can get a job in the Health & Safety Field.

Meaningful Jobs Sometimes a job is more than a paycheck!

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