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Our mission at The WoodlandsTutor is to provide private lessons designed to ensure student success in school and life, at the level, pace and convenience of the student. The offers private lessons in Math, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Precalculus, ESL, Spanish and Elementary. Personalized instruction, certified teachers -we advance at the child's pace. Serving in the comfort of your

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Mobile Uploads 08/26/2021

Los clásicos ejemplifican valores trascendentales.

Classics exemplify transcendent values.

How to Raise Kids That Will Grow Up to Change the World. 07/22/2021

How to Raise Kids That Will Grow Up to Change the World.

Be that kid please.

How to Raise Kids That Will Grow Up to Change the World. Knowing how to raise kids that will grow up to change the world is more important now than ever. Read on for some ideas that will help.

Spend More On Schools, NOT Prisons 07/06/2021

Spend More On Schools, NOT Prisons

Spend More On Schools, NOT Prisons Tell Your Lawmakers: It's Time to Invest in Schools – Not Prisons!


And they help you improve your spelling and increase your vocabulary -well, some of them.....

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Says Early Childhood Education Is Key to Ending Generational Cycle of Poverty 03/29/2021

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Says Early Childhood Education Is Key to Ending Generational Cycle of Poverty

Research emphatically proves this to be the case; hopefully politicians will get it and fund Universal Early Childhood Education now!

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Says Early Childhood Education Is Key to Ending Generational Cycle of Poverty "Ensuring that all of our kids have 'strong foundations' will help build a similarly strong foundation for the U.S. economy," Yellen said.

[02/14/21]   Quality time with someone who always agrees with you. 🐛🦖🦋🙂🐧🐧

Magnolia Pharmacy 02/08/2021

Magnolia Pharmacy

Covid-19 vaccine appointments . My friends in The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX area. Just received the following:
Magnolia Pharmacy has a limited number of Covid-19 vaccine appointments NOW available. These appointments are for groups 1A and 1B designated by the state (front-line healthcare workers and those over age 65 or 18 years and older with health conditions that increase risk). If you book an appointment and do not qualify for 1A or 1B, your appointment will be cancelled.
Book your appointment now at If you have already received a Covid-19 vaccination, you can ignore this email.
Thank you for your patience and we will see you soon!
Steven Hoffart, PharmD FAAFM
Magnolia Pharmacy

Magnolia Pharmacy Schedule your appointment online Magnolia Pharmacy


Did you know that St. Augustine grass is happier if you do not water during Winter?

Take the pledge to conserve water with the WaterWise Challenge! You can help our village win money for scholarships.
Help to conserve water each August through April. To learn more about this resident challenge, view the event flier below. View and fill-out the Water Wise Village Challenge 2020-21 pledge. 12/22/2020

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Says Early Childhood Education Is Key to Ending Generational Cycle of Poverty

Science based research has been pointing the way for some time. Hopefully the resources follow this time around. "Ensuring that all of our kids have 'strong foundations' will help build a similarly strong foundation for the U.S. economy," Yellen said.


Imagination is the secret.

Yukon High School held their annual Reality Check this week! During the event, freshman students are assigned a random annual income before traveling to booths like housing, clothing, insurance, and child care to make virtual payments from their budget.

Although they must visit every booth, they are empowered to make their own personal decisions. One ninth grader reflected, “I got $35,000 which I thought was really good, but now I’m down to $20 and still have bills...I may have gone a little crazy with the nice truck.” Once they’ve paid their bills, the students who have money leftover receive a KitKat, while those with $0 left in their bank account receive a Zero bar.

“This is an opportunity for the students to gain a deeper understanding of how their parents live on a day-to-day basis. It really puts things in perspective and gives them some real world experience and therefore, a better idea of what to expect in the future” said YHS teacher, Darryl Andrews.

To provide real insight, every booth is hosted by local volunteers from their correlating industries, i.e., auto salesman sell the cars, bank officials run the bank, child care providers discuss child care. The real estate agents working in the housing booth reflected, “We actually learn a lot from the students too! After volunteering for several years at this event, we’ve gotten to see firsthand how the students’ decision-making processes have changed over the years.”

If you’re a local business and would like to be involved in opportunities like this, please contact our Community Education Office at 405.354.2579 or email [email protected]. 10/26/2020

Biodiversity intervention enhances immune regulation and health-associated commensal microbiota among daycare children

As we focus on the STEM curriculum we are leaving behind critical components to the development of our children. We need more outside lessons, play and activities for all of our children. this is one of the benefits, many more include social interaction -with proper CDC guidelines of course. As the incidence of immune-mediated diseases has increased rapidly in developed societies, there is an unmet need for novel prophylactic practices to fight against these maladies. This study is the first human intervention trial in which urban environmental biodiversity was manipulated to examine it...


Yes, it stimulates the brain and increases cognitive ability.

[10/09/20]   A bite of culture; before we lose it all.


Nourished and Nurtured Life

TO PARENTS OF ELEMENTARY AGE KIDS: If online school or hybrid school or masks all day aren't working well, you really can let your kids take a year off this year. Really.

Finland, who is known for having one of the top educational systems in the world, does not even start school until age 7. And even then, it is play-based.

You can spend this year reading books aloud to your child (literature and culture), exploring nature together (science and PE), playing games together (math), and building strong loving relationships. Your kids can have plenty of time to play and enjoy their childhoods. They can learn life skills by working alongside you at cooking, cleaning, and gardening.

Instead of struggling to "keep up" and figure it all out, this could be a school year to remember in a sweet way, when you all lived and loved and laughed together.

They're not gonna fall "behind." There is no real due-date for learning, and everything academic will be learned with even less effort after another year of brain development and maturation has elapsed. It really is okay to let it go right now.


And so the future is bright and positive, returning to values, ethics, and morality.

He made his own classroom. 08/26/2020

Tabla Montessori: Descubre qué tareas puede hacer tu hijo solo según su edad - Portal de Educación Queremos que nuestros hijos se conviertan en adultos funcionales y, sin embargo, pasamos el día allanando su camino y limpiando el reguero que dejan tras de sí. Así, difícilmente lo lograremos. Nadie puede pasar de 0 a 100 y nuestros hijos tampoco. Por eso, es necesario que abandonen su etapa de... 05/16/2020

El juego arriesgado en la infancia fomenta la resiliencia, las habilidades sociales y la creatividad - Terra Mater | Ecopsicología de la Infancia El “no corras que te caes” o “cuidado que te manchas” parece ser lo último que necesitan los niños para desarrollar sus capacidades o simplemente para disfrutar de su niñez. Y es que si comparamos el estilo de vida de los niños de hoy, e incluso el diseño de los banales parques infantil... 04/04/2020

SPRING 2020: Sign up below to JOIN US for the first ever virtual National JMG Group on Facebook Live!

Please join the Junior Master Gardener Group for these fantastic lessons for elementary students. These Junior Master Gardener sessions for elementary youths will take place every Tuesday & Thursday on Facebook Live beginning April 2nd @1:00 CST (each session will last approx 20mins) and go for 7 weeks AND sessions are FREE. Parents, by completing information below and having students join in on... 03/25/2020

AP Updates for Schools Impacted by Coronavirus

Parents take note: Here’s how the AP Program is supporting educators and students in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


Good advice for home schooling.

I think this is very good advice in our times. And if you run out of patience, text TheWoodlandsTutor at 713 412 4577 -once a week should be all your student needs to feel great about themselves and the academic challenges they face.


I think this is very good advice in our times. And if you run out of patience, text TheWoodlandsTutor at 713 412 4577 -once a week should be all your student needs to feel great about themselves and the academic challenges they face.


History Hustle 03/19/2020

34 actividades caseras para entretener a los niños en días sin colegio Ideas de juegos y actividades caseras para poner entretener a los niños en los días sin colegio. Si quieres algunos planes infantiles y familiares dentro de casa cuando no hay clases, toma nota de estas manualidades, experimentos, canciones, cuentos... y mucha más diversión. 02/18/2020

Dear President Trump Dear President Trump, In your State of the Union speech last week you said, “for too long, countless American children have been trapped in failing government schools.” I suppose that sentiment is…


Help your child succeed in Math, Spanish and now Portuguese. At your own level, pace and convenience. Since 2012, limited availability. Text now; 713 412 4577

The end of the school year brings joy when my students successfully complete another cycle.
Thank you for your trust. 02/08/2020

Montessori: el método educativo con el que estudiaron los creadores de Amazon, Google y Wikipedia

Coincidence or purposeful parenting? Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Larry Page y Jimmy Wales, entre otros, estudiaron bajo él.

WhatsApp 01/22/2020

The Woodlands Tutor on Google

WhatsApp Your student can concentrate in her homework and improve performance in school. Call us for a lesson in Math or Spanish. At your level, pace and convenience. 01/10/2020

Music ed pays off across curriculum, justifying costs Research by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation finds schools offering music programs have a 90.2% graduation rate and a 93.3% attendance rate.


Solomon Dental Group

Of course you knew...🧠


Contemplative Monk 12/24/2019

Niños que ayudan con tareas del hogar desarrollan habilidades para convertirse en adultos exitosos Hacer las tareas del hogar es una responsabilidad que todos los miembros de la familia deberían asumir, sobre todo cuando se trata de los más pequeños 12/20/2019

Gwinnett educator shares bonus with colleagues because ‘Teaching should not be a competition’ One of the 3,144 Gwinnet teachers awarded a performance bonus this week from the district shared the bounty with colleagues, leaving each of them a note in their mailboxes with $20 cash. 12/16/2019

La biblioteca, la puerta de entrada a un mundo maravilloso Hoy les dejo esta hermosa imagen navideña donde nos muestra, en pocas palabras, la magia inigualable de las bibliotecas. 12/11/2019

It's science: Giving experiences instead of toys boosts your kid's intelligence + happiness There's no need to stress about getting them everything on their wishlist. Spending time with your kids is far more valuable. 12/04/2019

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