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Lymphology Wellness & Life Coach


I cannot thank you enough for your long distance energy healing Marcia Newman! 💞 I felt so amazing after. i felt lighter, I no longer felt pain in my body (huge release!) my heart is full of love& I was energized! It was like I had had a massage, did a complete yoga session... I’m back to feeling fantastic! Sending you love & light 10 fold my friend 🌈 ❤️😍
Anyone looking for holistic based health help??Marcia has definitely got you covered!!! ❤️ she has lots of different CBD options to help with anything! I personally use the CBD gummies and pineapple 🍍 terpenes which helps with stress, depression and pain and acts for happy euphoria feelings!! This pineapple terpene gives me a very lovey mood feeling! I highly recommend to everyone 😍✨✨

This is a place to De-Stress, & Reset Your Mind & Body. Certified Deep PEAT, Satori process, Memento, and other techniques are used to guide you out of the negative energy into a place of peacefulness & wellbeing. Finding Mental & Emotional Balance Through Clarity

Mission: My purpose is to be used as a useful soul, in contributing something towards bringing others to a new higher consciousness. It is my mission that my life is with a noble cause of helping people achieve relief from emotional & mental suffering.

Operating as usual

[12/27/20]   Emotion is the energy that allows us to record every memory of our life. Emotions is the soul, the main source of information within cells.

[12/22/20]   To forgive does not mean you forget,
it means you do not carry anymore bitterness or resentment.


As humans, we have an intuitive sense of what we should and shouldn't do.

It's not in our physiology or intuitive awareness to wake up in the morning and say, I’d love some chemotherapy today...

or -

What a day for a statin drug to shut down the primary metabolic anti-inflammatory capacity of my liver...
or -

Today is a beautiful day to inject a mix of chemicals, foreign genetic material, and toxic metals into my arm to disrupt my innate relationship to the 1,000,000,000,000,000 viral components that in my blood stream right now ...

Your body knows health, the pathways to support health, clean water, soil, food, air, sun, movement, curiosity, and sleep.

So then how does the U.S. build a $400 billion a year chemotherapy industry? By creating a narrative of biologic helplessness. No mention of the extraordinary healing and regenerative capacity of our biology, then from there, leveraging emotions that overcome the physiologic repulsion to these chemical interventions. Fear and guilt. With cancer patients, they're scared to imagine they may die and leave behind loved ones if they don't undergo this treatment. no other options are offered.

The reality is that we all will die. Biology goes through a life and death (rebirth) process, which is unrelated to cancer. And yet, Western medicine inserts this concept that we’re all going to live — until we get a life-threatening illness.

The US is clearly the most fearful nation. We spend $3.7 Trillion on disease management, 7 times or more as most developed nations. With only 4% the US reports 20% of global deaths in this pandemic. We spend 4 times more money on disease care than military defense and homeland security.

Disease is what we are most afraid of...

What it fundamentally comes down to is emotion. People on the most profound healing journeys begin by letting go of fear and guilt and inserting joy and love. Joy and love are states of being that can last a lifetime — a permanent infrastructure that you build your worldview on.

In forgetting that we are from nature, we create lifestyles of isolation from nature. We fight against Mother Nature as a species, then medical science comes along and begins battling the biology within our own bodies.

It is time to identify what you fear, and realize the tools you are about to reach for are not resolving, but instead heightening the source of that fear. The chemical tools you are reaching for are taking us further from nature, including our own nature.

We are a lonely species. Let's start a journey into radical reconnection. With nature, with our own bodies, our intuition, one another.

ANGELS ARE THE WHITE CELLS OF GOD. They project the light & help clean-up viruses 🦠 bacteria within our system. Be in thanks for the miracles!

The Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope Video v1.3 1080p (the best of 1.2 at half speed)

Enjoy! Please read this video description and take a serious hard look at what Ken Meyering wrote here. We did this for all the lawyers. We totally openly and trans...

[12/17/20]   Learn to turn off 🤯 —the constant unhappy & sabotaging thoughts.

The human mind can be a personal tormentor. Replaying negative thoughts over and over in our minds pulls us down into a pit of pessimism that distorts reality.

And given human nature and the social worlds we live in, most of these thoughts judge ourselves against someone else.

Allowing the achievements and appearances of others to determine our confidence is the most self-sabotaging of behaviors.

👉🏽 If you find yourself constantly measuring yourself against "perfect" others, bring an end to the torture through thought distraction techniques such as going out for a jog, listening to your favorite music, taking care of plants, cooking/baking or cleaning! 🤪

Practice Gratitude: Notice 1 Good Thing And Hold That In Your HEART ❤️

Although it's important to listen to our thoughts, it's equally important to know how to let them go. We have an insatiable limbic system that constantly yearns for more and seems to love to hang onto negative thoughts. Retrain the brain! Start your day as soon as you wake up by appreciating at least👆🏽(1) good thing about yourself every morning and lock 🔒 it into your heart! ♥️

You are the one who determines the value of something. Stop comparing yourself to others. Compare yourself to yourself and set your own goals and destinations. Use the people around you as inspiration of where you want to go, but be sure to also check them against the reality of your own life, goals, and mission. Don’t go for something just to have it, that’s the worst kind of gift to give to yourself and others.


The energy of regret comes when it’s time⌛️ for a change.

🦋 Acceptance of change is needed in order for new things to happen for you.

The Satori Process & Deep PEAT can quickly help you to diffuse the negative energies that trap you in a ruminating cycle of suffering.
Marcia Newman certified Radical Forgiveness Life Coach, Satori & Deep PEAT Practioner
You can reach me @ 936 777-0128 LIFE COACH Sessions

Alan Watts ~ You Are A Miracle, Don`t Waste It. Alan Watts Explains in this Video that we should be grateful to have this life and how gifted we are to be alive. interested in this video please follow the ...


Wonderful snowy days in Switzerland
Yes, we were all waiting for the white fluffy stuff from above and now - it is here! But wait - in the nex few days, I'll show you real winter with maybe 1-2 Meters of snow! Follow my stories on Instagram and be a part of the winter fairytale!

VIDEO © michelphotographych

Courage is a virtue of Spirit

We need to get self control over our thoughts. Many are now understanding there is a cosmic consciousness. God and man are one, and man & man are one. We all have this knowledge but we have to learn through the experience of it. No one can do this for you.

[11/26/20]   Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is to reconnect you with your truer authentic self

It’s getting to look a lot like Christ-mas. This year I feel the spirit of offering a couple free sessions for individuals who are at ROCK bottom and want help releasing from the negative state of where you are to point of being good with who you are. ✨🎁✨

This means us working on the mental & emotional problem or an experience that you want to resolve. There is however prerequisites for the ‘free’ session.

#1). You do not have the funds to pay nor have others willing to help fund you.
#2). You leave the Ego outside before entering. (to clarify this - come in with an open mind & heart. Don’t let yourself go to other times when things didn’t work out. Just tell yourself you are ready for something new.)
#3). Do not feel indebted after the session. (this too is part of egos trip-up)
#4). Let me know how you are doing each week for 3 weeks.
#5) Decide you will be okay feeling good if this occurs for you.
#6). No drugs or alcohol for min. 3 full days prior

Email me @ [email protected]
Text my cell @ 936 777-0128
Or private message me.

I am planning on doing these sessions during the holidays 🎄 I will put each persons name in a blessing jar and will offer distant healing to all that sent me their names for the free session.

I will only chose (3) people names out of the jar for the in person sessions located @ my office.

The allocated time I am offering can be up to 3 hours if needed for each person chosen.

Draw date: evening of December 1, 2020 -if you leave your phone number I will contact you back via the means you leave me with. ✨🚪 🕊💕

Visit my website to understand a bit about Deep PEAT on my coaching page, & I also will be helping you thru Satori healing process too. The light therapies are just a bonus. 🤩 Blessings to all❣️🇺🇸

If men were born free, they would, so long as they remained free, form no conception of good or evil.

....and neither work well for us to grow & understand thyself 🤷🏻‍♀️

It doesn't matter how much you love another person: If you can't trust them, it isn't going to work. Trust is essential to healthy relationships, which is why it's always important to work through the issues. Using the methods of Radical Forgiveness, Satori & Deep PEAT, you’ll be guided on releasing the negative trapped emotions/feelings and will heal the broken heart.

[11/21/20]   Sometimes you need to trust your gut even if your head is telling you otherwise.

[11/21/20]   When you are dead serious
you are approaching death when you are alive.

[11/14/20]   You are not wise because you know stuff,
you are wise because you understand stuff.

All negative feelings and bitter thoughts stems from our Ego, which is the birth lower astral entity. In our body our mind has the ability to overpower it, and we can choose to be positive. As we all know the inner struggles we face gives us opportunities to heal and become closer to God.

EVERYONE IS SPECiAL. We each have something we can do well 🥰 and that’s good enough❣️

Loneliness causes depression & anxiety

✨You Are God’s Greatest Gift❣️

[11/03/20]   My life is better when I assume that people are doing their best.

This world is a training ground, nothing more. Every experience is an opportunity to learn. Take a fresh look at your experiences, enjoy them and let them go.

Our Story (936) 777-0128 I am a Certified Radical Living Coach, Certified in Deep PEAT Technique, Memento Technique, Certified Reflexologist & Massage Therapist, also taught & given master initiation to Usui Reiki system of natural healing - 1997.

Lymphology Wellness & Life Coach was established January 1, 2012 - Prior to this I owned & operated Body Kneads Massage & Healing in Calgary Alberta Canada 2002 - 2010

During my sessions I help guide towards to releasing emotionally charged energies that cause negative issues within the mind, body and or Auric Field.

:) I offer Coaching Sessions, Balancing By Numbers, Raindrop Technique, the TESLA Oscillator Energy Room Therapy, & the *Patented ARC Gem Filled Crystal Light Therapy

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