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KOM provides a community for cycling enthusiasts of all disciplines, levels and abilities. Whether you are just getting started in cycling or race competitively, KOM is here to fuel your passion for all things cycling.

Reach Your Peak Potential.


The Win Tunnel: Shaved and Dangerous?

It's been long debated whether or not shaved legs are faster. Specialized put this practice to the test in a wind tunnel. The results showed that indeed shaved legs are faster!
As it turns out...arms too. If you want to go faster (especially think time trials or bike leg of triathlon), if can measure it... eliminate it.


It's the most asked question: do shaved legs really help you go faster? In this episode, Mark and Chris break out the razors and get down to the follicle lev...

[05/12/16]   Ironman Texas weekend is almost here!
Good luck to all the athletes....you've put in the training and the hard work is done. Now go race your race!

[04/17/16]   A bit of mixed weather on this Sunday morning. Damp, wet, not quite raining but rain is forecasted.....Do you ride outdoors, get on the trainer, take the day off?
Somewhere out there the competition is training and putting in the work...what are you going to do?

[04/12/16]   We all know that if you ride bikes long enough, it's not a matter of if you will crash but when. Recently I took a spill myself at the local "Tuesday Night Worlds". This morning I was reading an article on how to survive a crash, and was a little surprised to see that the key points listed were all things that I have instinctively done...and the reason I have always attributed to not having suffered any serious injuries. This seemed like a good opportunity to share, so without further adieu...if a crash is imminent try to follow these guidelines:
1. Keep arms and legs close to the body (do NOT try to catch yourself or the bike....this will more likely result in broken bones). I like to "tuck and roll".
2. Expel the air from your lungs. Hopefully this is intentionally done, and not the result of impact!
3. Keep your eyes closed.
4. As you hit the ground, roll onto your shoulder and hip (see step 1).
5. Stay down until you are sure it's safe to get up.
These pointers will help to minimize any potential damage if you do go down. Crashes happen in the blink of an eye, so these are decisions made very quickly. If you have this game plan in the back of your mind, you won't have to necessarily think about it - it will just be a reaction.
Always wear a helmet , and try to keep the rubber-side down! :)

[04/05/16]   At the RAAM Solo 200 miler in March, KOM athlete Armand Zantman won his AG. Great job Armand...Congrats! It's been fun watching your progress :)

[09/29/15]   Congrats to KOM athlete Armand Zantman!
3rd place in 12hr solo – Texas Cycling Ultra Cup
Great Job!

[10/25/14]   We had three participate this morning in the first monthly KOM TT.
The course ended up being 4.6 miles in length (after some changes for safety reasons).

1. Lee Allen. 11:20:96 (25.1 mph)
2. Alan Charley. 12:00:02 (23.0 mph)
3. Mario Valaperta. 12:29:37 (22.1 mph)

Great effort guys! Thanks for coming out. After the TT, we had a casual 30 mile ride for a total of ~40 miles for the day.
Stay tuned for details on the November TT....would love to see some more faces!

[10/22/14]   Do you like challenging yourself against the clock? Curious as to how you'd stack up against others in a 'race of truth'?
No place to hide, no drafting. Just you and the clock.

Introducing the KOM Monthly TT Series! This Saturday (Oct. 25) will be the first in a monthly TT series.
No registration, no entry fees - just a local training TT for local "bragging rights".
Come out and test yourself - establish a baseline for training or just see where you stand!
Then come back the following months to see how you are progressing. Or just because you're a glutton for punishment.

No aero equipment? No problem! Eddie Merckx category as well, men/women scored separately.

The course is a one-way 10km TT. Not enough miles for you? Afterwards there will be a group ride for additional mileage to make sure you get adequate training miles in.

Meet at Carl Barton Park (South Loop 336) - wheels down and leaving from the park at 8:00am. TT will begin at intersection of FM3083, Old Houston Rd.
We'll ride over to the TT start (for a warm-up), then send riders off one at a time. Group ride (Thursday night loop) will begin after TT is complete.

[10/18/14]   Kill it at 24 hours of Rocky Hill Josh Tschuor!

[10/04/14]   The temps are dropping and the sun is going down sooner...which means Fall is here! And for many of you, it's the start of the "off-season". Time to start dreaming of all to be accomplished in 2015.
For those who will actually achieve or surpass their goals, this means planning now for realized success later.



If you haven't visited our page in a while, check us out at

kom-coaching.us Founded by Lee Allen, KOM is a community and coaching service for cyclists and endurance athletes of all levels and abilities.

[10/01/14]   This Saturday Oct 4, KOM is doing a gravel road ride - open invitiation. Anyone is welcome to come out and ride some backroads with us! Cx bikes or mtn bikes...whatever you've got.
Starting out of the New Waverly Ranger Station, wheels down at 8:30am. Let me know if you're going to be there!

[09/27/14]   About to do some Lactate Threshold testing with my friends at VR.....this should be INTERESTING!


BIKE LANE, Shenandoah/The Woodlands, Texas

KOM Cycling is happy to welcome Bike Lane as a sponsor!
Best bike shop in town - be sure to stop in and see Ken, Herb and Jane for your next bike!

bikelanehouston.com Bike Lane offers bicycles and accessories including road, triathlon, mountain, comfort, BMX and kids bikes and clothing, nutrition and repair services

[09/23/14]   Why would you need a coach?

Coaching offers value for money versus other investments in sport because it makes YOU better, not your bike. Tune up the engine, then the chassis.

Have you ever seen a guy on a pair of $2,000 carbon wheels for training, only to see him get dropped? :)

A coach has a more objective view of your performance and is purely motivated in making you better.

When you’re training yourself, you may battle with your inner voice one way or another: “I should train more”, “I don’t feel like training”. Employing a coach means that you won’t commit easily-avoidable mistakes. Trust me, your coach will have seen them (and maybe committed them) all before!

[09/21/14]   "I can do all this through Him who gives me strength".
Phillipians 4:13.

[09/21/14]   Okay friends, be on the lookout for big changes coming soon! KOM is currently undergoing transformation, updating focus and services. Can't wait to share it with you all!

[07/08/14]   KOM Endurance Coaching is now accepting new athletes!
Whether you are beginning or racing, let us help you improve your cycling skills!

[06/23/14]   Congrats to KOM Endurance Cycling coached athlete Josh Tschuor on a GREAT race! 7th place in the Heavy 24 (24 hour mountain bike race) in Germany! :)


The Rise of Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S.

vimeo.com Vimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them.


Houston Takes the Next Step Towards a Bicycle Network | BikeTexas

Progress being made for cycling in H-town!

biketexas.org At the end of the 2013 legislative session, we celebrated that Gov. Perry signed H. B. 200 into law, which clarified utility companies' liability when recreational trails passed through their

[06/07/14]   Good luck this weekend to all my friends racing the Texas State ITT and TTT Championships this weekend! Give it all you've got and leave it all on the road...it's only going to hurt for ~an hour! :)


Bike Month Proclamation | BikeTexas

Get out and ride...it's Bike Month!

biketexas.org For those of us who love to ride bikes, every month is bike month, and we're not about to argue with that!


Ask a Mechanic: Measuring cassette wear - VeloNews.com

KOM tip: maintenance! Proper equipment maintenance is imperative to good training (and race day performance!).
Check out the below video on measuring proper cassette wear. Good rule of thumb is to replace your chain when replacing your cassette.


velonews.competitor.com You know how to determine when your chain needs replacing, but what about your cassette?

National MS Society - Lone Star: Texas, Houston - 2014 BP MS 150

Ok, the MS150 is right around the corner! I hope that everyone has met their training and fundraising goals :) Nothing left now except to get out and enjoy the ride, know you are helping a great cause and also that all the hard work you did leading up to this day is going to pay off!


biketxh.nationalmssociety.org BP MS 150

[04/04/14]   Lots going on this weekend...

Ironman Texas 70.3 down in Galveston - for some it's an "A" race, for others just a warm-up for the big dance in May! :)

Also the Charter Reserve Stage Race in Tyler, TX.
Good luck....remember your training....looking forward to some great results and post-race stories!



Okay, our website is up and live! Perhaps a bit of tweaking to do here and there, but overall I'm pretty happy with it! Check us out at www.kom-coaching.us

kom-coaching.us Head Coach Lee Allen is experienced in cycling and multi-sport racing, and has been heavily involved in the endurance sports community in The Woodlands, TX.

[03/29/14]   KOM tip: Consistency. Being consistent in our training helps us stay on target, working towards our goals - whether it's just being able to ride a little farther than before, completing a Gran Fondo or competing in a State Championship race. The more consistent you can be, the more likely you are to realize your goals. Stick to your plan and training as closely as possible.

Also realize that 'life' happens. There are some things out of our control, and we have to be fluid and flexible enough to roll with the punches. Don't let minor setbacks get you down or get in the way of your enjoyment of training. After all, one of the greatest goals is to have fun and enjoy what we're trying to achieve!

[03/26/14]   KOM tip: Don't forget nutrition and hydration! Nutrition is an important part of your training - you can't "out ride" a bad diet!

No matter how hard we train, a balanced diet and good hydration habits will add to the effectiveness of your training and your recovery, preparing you for your next workout.


Technique: Cadence matters

KOM tip: Focus on proper pedal stroke and cadence to increase your efficiency on the bike!

Too often riders find themselves pushing a harder gear than necessary - leading to early fatigue. We can also find ourselves only using part of the pedal stroke to mash down when engaging but not getting enough out of the recovery phase of the stroke.

To improve your pedal stroke and increase efficiency, try to spin circles with the pedals, focusing on a smooth stroke. You can also focus on spinning faster in an easier gear - this will help you save a few 'matches' for when you really need them. It will take time to adapt, but will be worth it.


bikeradar.com Cycling is a simple sport really. To break it down into its simplest controllable factors you can vary your effort (heart rate), gearing (f

[03/14/14]   This morning I'm reflecting on the upcoming weekend at the Fayetteville Stage Race. It's been a bit since I took a break from the Texas road racing scene, having taken a break to prepare for Ironman Texas last year. I'm looking forward to the racing this weekend, and hanging with old familiar faces. My friend Kevin Franklin at Outsider Racing Quest, Eric O'Neal, James Engle and new racer John Trocko - teams and sponsors may change with the times but friendships remain. Here's to a great weekend and making more good memories!


5 Attributes of Winning Athletes

This article shows the philosophies on training/learning here at KOM.
Make a plan. Plan to win. Evaluate.

usacycling.org I believe winners are made and not born. Each one of us has winning qualities and the ability to win; we just have to put these things together in order to achieve greatness. From my experience working with some of the best athletes in the world, here are five key attributes of winning athletes.


7 Simple Stretches for Cyclists

KOM Tip: Stretch!

Cyclists often don't stretch enough. But stretching is great for injury prevention, lengthening muscles/preventing muscular imbalances, and post-workout recovery! So after you ride don't forget to include just a few minutes of stretching.


active.com Looking for better flexibility? Here is a selection of stretches designed to make you a better and more comfortable cyclist.

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