Smalley Institute, The Woodlands, TX Video June 9, 2019, 3:11am

Videos by Smalley Institute in The Woodlands. Building better relationships.

That is one determined wasp. #HeEarnedHisDinner #CarryOn #EverythingBiggerInTexas #Spider #IfChuckNorrisWasAWasp

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The Secrets to Great Sex Live Workshop
How to revitalize and transform your sex life! The secret to great sex is discovering the physical, emotional, and relationship strategies critical to a thriving sex life. See you live on May 15th and 22nd from 7pm to 9pm CST. Register Today:

Abide in Him - Morning Devo for Couples
When you learn how to abide in Jesus, your relationship can't help get better!

The cost of freedom
There is a cost to following Jesus but it gives your marriage everything it needs!

Repent Matthew 4:17
28 Statements from Jesus that will Transform Your Marriage Part 1 - The critical importance of intimacy with Jesus Morning Devos for Couples

The 28 statements from Jesus that can transform your marriage morning devo
The 28 statements from Jesus that can transform your marriage morning devo

Join me live Saturday May 2nd for the Comedy of Love Webinar via Zoom!
You can register here:

Your questions answered on a Friday

Your questions answered on a Friday

The time I kissed a girl and then...

That time I was abducted in India

A man’s greatest fear...surprise colon checks!

The great poop attack
Unfortunately I was an adult when the great poop attack happened after passing out for mysterious reasons!

The monsters under your bed are real!

The Michael Smalley Comedy Hour

Which personality type are you? Take our free test here: We utilize this test in our marriage, engaged and even our executive intensives! Give us a call for a free consultation to see if we can help you navigate a relationship with vastly different personality types. Call or Text us ~~> (800) 975-8748 Email us ~~> [email protected] Visit us ~~> #SmalleyInstitute #SmalleyIntensive #ItIsNotTooLate #YourKidsWillThankYou #FearDance #ConflictDance #Buttons #SendUsAMessage #GiveUsACall #BeKind #YourMarriageIsWorthIt #PersonalityTest #SmalleyPersonalityTest #AnimalPersonalityTest

One of our best free resources! Maybe you want to strengthen your marriage before becoming a mentor — give us a call for a free consultation to see if we can help. You can learn more about our Marriage Intensives here: Call or Text us ~~> (800) 975-8748 Email us ~~> [email protected] Visit us ~~> #SmalleyInstitute #SmalleyIntensive #ItIsNotTooLate #YourKidsWillThankYou #FearDance #ConflictDance #Buttons #SendUsAMessage #GiveUsACall #BeKind #ChristmasWish #YourMarriageIsWorthIt #PrayForYourSpouse #PrayForYourMarriage #MarriageMentor

We are all counting our blessings today at Smalley Institute headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas. None of our employees homes flooded 🙏🏼 🙌🏼 Here’s a little snippet from one of our employees neighborhoods. What does it look like where you live? #Imelda #ItGotBad

That is one determined wasp. #HeEarnedHisDinner #CarryOn #EverythingBiggerInTexas #Spider #IfChuckNorrisWasAWasp

Comedy of Love tonight #oakbridgecommunitychurch Be prepared for slightly inappropriate fun!

Hero's Guide to Winning Back Your Wife digital coaching
TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP STRUGGLES IN FOUR WEEKS An online personal coaching experience for 15 men who want to win back the hearts of their wives. Join me April 1st through the 28th!

FLQ - Hurling mud and other stuff
Today we’ve got a spouse constantly hurling mud, one that wants to talk about the terrifying “do I look good in this dress” question and finally, how long does it take to start fighting healthy. SPECIAL OFFER: Become a part of Pursue Oneness, our newest online experience and community! Call us at (903) 392-0975 and leave a voicemail question or review.

Pursue forgiveness
Today we pursue forgiveness because everybody hurts. If you doubt the power of forgiveness, then we have a story of tragic loss and how forgiveness can set you free from the brokenness of this world and your relationships.

Rebroadcast: FLQ - Bad Christians and hopeful husbands
On today’s show we help answer stuff about bad Christians, a couple struggling and a husband wanting the impossible.

Rebroadcast: Improve your communication now
Three things you need to stop now in order to help your communication.

Rebroadcast: God, Football and brain dead
We are on a break this week, so here's an oldy but goody! “It’s not my life, it’s not the biggest thing in my life. My faith is.” On today’s show, we will uncover the truth of who made that quote and why it matters to you at the beginning of 2019. We also share the story of a man who was braindead for 48 hrs and the miracle that happened next.

FLQ - Defensiveness, facts and jerks
It’s Friday Listener Questions day! WooHoo! On today’s show, we’ve got defensiveness, staying married to a-holes who will never change, and someone still completely stuck on the importance of facts! Consider it managed!

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