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Guitar Lessons by Rusty Cooley. Acoustic and electric 6,7 and 8 string. Ages 7 and up all levels Skype as well.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner aspiring shredder or just want to play for fun, I can help you reach any goal you desire. All lessons are based on each student’s individual needs. I like to teach what I call musicianship; musicianship consists of music theory and technique. Theory teaches you the understanding of how chords, scales, melody and harmony work and technique gives you the physical ability to take the music in your creative mind to your instrument. You could be a musical genius but if you don’t have the physical ability to unlock it no one will ever know. Beginning guitar lessons is perfect for guitarists as well as players who want to enhance their knowledge. Includes theory, left hand techniques, improvising with pentatonic scales, learning techniques bending, vibrato, hammer ons and pull offs. Power chords, open position chords and rhythm guitar. Includes licks in the style of the greats and more. The most thorough course for beginning guitarists. Intermediate This level is great for the guitarist who already knows their basics and is ready to take the next step. Everything from harmonization to triads, advanced chord voicing’s and improvising with the modes. Learning about intervals and how to apply rhythm guitar and advancing techniques like tapping string skipping and sweep picking. This class starts with a quick review of the basics. Advanced to Pro This class includes everything from major scales, harmonic minor, melodic minor advanced pentatonics extended chords and arpeggios advanced rhythm guitar and time signatures phrasing how to build solos. Also includes technique –expanding exercises for legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, hybrid picking, string skipping, tapping with multiple fingers and advanced scales such as diminished and whole tone. Everything is taught with theoretical and improvisational applications. I would also like to make it known that I’m not just a metal/shred teacher I teach guitar in general electric and acoustic, and music theory to anyone. I Teach ages 6 and up and just about any style. I can instruct you in many different ways like guitar coach, mentor, and personal trainer as well as a motivator that can help you attain your musical goals through proper practice techniques and schedules that will help you maximize your time and energy. I can help you with your equipment live and studio setups and can advise you on your career, how to form a band online presence; getting gigs endorsements and the music business in general.

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Rusty Cooley talks about Buckethead (NatterNet Interview Excerpt)

Here’s a preview from an interview with Natternet

Guitarist Rusty Cooley talks about fellow musician Buckethead. An excerpt from our upcoming interview with Rusty where he talks all things guitar, including ...

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Time to get your summer shred on! Take advantage of your extra free time to make some significant gains. I can’t tell how many times I have heard students tell me how much they were gonna practice now that school’s out for summer only to end up wasting it away with nothing to show in the fall. Let me help you reach your goals sign up today!

Day of Reckoning "Left To Follow" (Official Video)

Day of Reckoning's video "Left To Follow" from the album "Into The Fire -pt.1". Album Available on: iTunes, Amazon, BandCamp, and CDbaby Video Directed by Th...

Day of Reckoning / Rusty Cooley - Betrayer "Official Video"

Pre-release Music & More: Music Video for the song "Betrayer" by Day of Reckoning to appear on the upcoming EP release "Into Th...

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The Woodlands Guitar Lessons

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E:4 Stick To Your Guns - Rusty Cooley - Burning Desire, Humility, & Flow This episode is with Rusty Cooley. Rusty has achieved what most guitarists strive for, unbounded speed. In fact Rusty is one of the fastest guitarists alive! He was an early adopter of the internet and was one of the first guitarists to make a name for himself through the new medium with his Chops F

The new BIAS FX 2 is available for pre-order at Also if you pre-order now you will get complete access to my exclusive custom presets as a bonus! So go on and get your shred on with the new BIAS FX 2!

Special thanks to Yuki at Young Guitar magazine in Japan for including me the September 2018 shred special.


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We caught up with Ormsby Guitars at the 2019 NAMM show and got shown the brand new Rusty Cooley signature guitar by the man himself! ► Click here for 50% off...

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Ormsby Guitars

Next artist announcement tomorrow. #ormsbro #ormsby #mutliscale #floyd #namm2019

Ormsby Guitars


PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA (January 24, 2019) – Ormsby Guitars, a pioneer in multiscale electric guitars, welcomes guitar virtuoso Rusty Cooley to its family of artists.

Cooley is always pushing the boundaries of what the guitar can do, and he needs an instrument that can keep up with his creativity and technique. “A good friend of mine turned me on to Ormsby guitars and I was immediately intrigued,” Cooley says. “The guitar played great and had a very cutting-edge and innovative look. After speaking with Perry I knew this was the right move for me. Finally a guitar builder with the vision to go where no-one else has ever been, and the balls to do it!”

“Rusty and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to pushing the boundaries of guitar design,” luthier Perry Ormsby says. “When we began designing Rusty’s new guitar, we spent hours on Skype discussing everything from upper fret access to headstock shape to the perfect control location, to shared inspirations like Randy Rhoads. This is an instrument that really captures the excitement and passion of both playing and making guitars.”

A Rusty Cooley signature model electric guitar is in the works which not only meets Rusty’s demand for the ultimate in upper fret access; it exceeds it by providing completely unrestricted access all the way up to the 27th fret. This 7-string instrument features 25.5” to 26.2” multiscale, Floyd Rose Lo Pro 7 vibrato, EMG Pickups, partially-scalloped frets, glow-in-the-dark fretboard inlays and a unique Ormsby-designed, angled locking nut.

“I’ve always compared my guitars to high-performance cars like a Lamborghini, but what we’re working with now is clearly alien technology,” Cooley says. “The upper-fret access has to be seen to be believed. As long as I’ve been playing, I’ve always fought against the structural limitations of the instrument. Guitar playing continues to evolve and guitars must evolve along with it. The only limitations you have with playing this guitar are the ones you set on yourself. This guitar will take you as far as you can go.”

You can play Rusty’s prototype at the Ormsby NAMM booth, #2841.

Rusty Cooley

Rusty Cooley & TC Electronics Promo

TC Electronic pedal demo. PolyTune 3, Flashback delay, Sentry noise gate, Dreamscape and Vortex. Also used in the performance of this video Maxon OD808, Morl...

Ormsby Guitars

A little something we’ll be showing at NAMM. Upper fret access looks pretty good, right? Now what if we told you this guitar has 27 frets? Your days of struggling to hit the 24th are behind you, friend.

Top 10 Modern Metal Guitarists Here are the Top 10 Best Guitar Shredders of Modern Metal. Ranking these guitarists wasn't easy because they have different styles in playing. You'll Be The ...

[12/26/18]   Merry Christmas!

My guitar pick is one of my most important pieces of gear as simple as the pick might seem it's my direct connection with the instrument and if that's not working you can forget about everything else! Swiss Picks Nuclear Cheddar!

Chops from Hell Guitar Site - Guitar Instructionals.

Shred Guitar Manifesto, The Art Of Picking, Extreme Pentatonics and Basic Training one stop shopping Chops From Hell! Want to learn guitar? Go to hell. Chops From Hell.

Lickopedia - Rusty Cooley - Guitar Lessons

No better time than the present to get your shred on! Monstrous licks, techniques and concepts for the modern rock guitarist

Lesson 3 Lick Of The Week - Metal Riffs

Check out this cool lesson

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Lesson 3 Lick of the week metal riffs. Building single note rhythm guitar lines with scales and arpeggios. to sign up for online lesson or in person www.rust...

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The Woodlands Guitar Lessons

Profile Pictures

The Woodlands Guitar Lessons

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Pro Music Instruction

Want to learn how to play ALL the notes on the guitar at incredible mind melting speeds?!?!?!

We got you.

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If you are a present or past student of mine or have studied any of my instructional material please help me out by checking out this link and letting know about your experience. Thanks!

Rusty Cooley

Watch Full Video Here:

Also find out how to be a part of the new Day of Reckoning EP and snag a ton of great exclusive pre-release materials!

Deanguitars Dean Guitars Dean Guitars Dean Guitars Spectraflex EMG Pickups Line 6 Intellitouch Tuner Radial Engineering Ltd. #deanguitars #spectraflex #emgpickups #line6 #intellitouch #radialengineering

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