Kathy Adams Clark

Kathy Adams Clark


Happy Birthday, Kathy!!! In this shot of this Hummingbird shows it taking the cinnamon wool from the stalk of the cinnamon fern to make its nest!!
Happy, happy birthday, Kathy Adams Clark! Hope you have a great day of celebration 🎉 🍷 🎂 !
IF NOT FOR COVID, I’D BE HERE - Matagorda Beach
Are you going to be teaching classes at the 2020 Whooping Crane Festival?
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Thanks for all the photo tips on the trip to Smith Oaks Rookery.
Happy Valentine's Day🦋🐦🐦🐦🦋
Lilac breasted roller, unusual bird for. Texas? Probably shot that one in Africa my guess.
Thank you for the hummingbird class, and especially for your suggestion to pay attention to the background, even though blurry. My pictures vastly improved after I attended to that. You are a her informative inspiring teacher and coach!
Hi Kathy. Thanks again for a great class..
Thank you for putting on such a great beginner class today! I really appreciate how you were able to put things in a way that was easy to understand. I look forward to taking future classes!

Twenty-five years experience. A complete class schedule is at www.kathyadamsclark.com I lead fabulous photo tours for advanced to novice photographers.

KAC Productions is a full-service stock agency representing the work of Kathy Adams Clark and 15 other nature photographers. Kathy teachers photography classes at Leisure Learning Unlimited in Houston. She's a regular speaker at camera clubs and other groups. She's also a featured speaker at photography conventions, gatherings, and nature festivals. Her work has appeared in thousands of magazines since 1984, hundreds of books, and numerous calendars.

Photos taken by Kathy Adams Clark have been on the cover of Texas Highways Magazine, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, and the Arbor Day Foundation Save The Rainforest Calendar. Kathy's photographs have appear inside magazines such as AAA Journeys, BBC Wildlife, Birder's World, Bird Watcher's Digest, Ranger Rick, Ducks Unlimited, Texas Wildlife, and many more. Her images have appears in calendars produced by Sierra, Smith-Southwestern, and Barnes & Noble. Photo exhibit of her work during FotoFest International 2014.

I am a photographer, naturalist, and teacher. My goal as a businesswoman is to promote photography and the natural world through teaching. When people understand photography they can enjoy it for a lifetime. When people experience the natural world they will work to preserve it for future generations. Photography has been my passion since I was a child. Then my world centered around playing outside but as a young adult I morphed into a full-fledge naturalist. Mentors taught me the names of the birds, butterflies, flowers, trees, and dragonflies. Today I share this knowledge through my photography. My photos have appeared in hundreds of magazines including on the cover of AAA Journey, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Texas Highways. Calendars produced by Arbor Day Foundation, Audubon, Barnes & Noble, Sierra, Smith-Southwestern, and others have used my images. My photos have appeared in ad campaigns, guidebooks, textbooks, and brochures. Every week my photos appear in my husband’s ‘Nature’ column in the Houston Chronicle. Since 1999, Gary’s column has taught readers about the birds, butterflies, and natural world around Houston and the world. Gary Clark and I have worked on seven book projects over the years. Texas Wildlife Portfolio, Texas Gulf Coast Impressions, Portrait of Houston, and Texas: A Photographic Journey were published by Farcountry Press. Backroads of the Texas Hillcountry was published by Voyageurs Press. Enjoying Big Bend National Park was published by Texas A&M Press. Texas A&M Press also published Photographing Big Bend National Park. This book features my photos as well as my writing. Over 10,000 people have attended my photography classes at Leisure Learning since 2000. Leisure Learning is a Houston legend and I’m proud to offer 23 different photography classes at two different locations. Many of these students have joined me on workshops and photo tours. My workshops are offered in a variety of locations including Big Bend National Park, Texas hillcountry and ranches, and southern Arizona. Strabo Tours organizes my international photo tours to Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Galapagos, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Morocco, Peru, and Tanzania. Several of these trips are co-led with my husband Gary Clark. I’ve given back by volunteering thousands of hours with North American Nature Photography Association. I’m a charter member, have led several committees, served on the Board of Directors, and was honored to be the President from 2007-2008. My company KAC Productions licenses my photos as well as the images of 15 other talented photographers.

Mission: Images that inspire


Kathy Adams Clark Photography Classes

Intro to Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw/Elements -- tomorrow night, Nov 16th, 7:00pm central. Virtual class to get you started including a nice handout. Watch, learn, and ask questions. Then you can start processing photos on your own. Feel free to share this post with friends who need this class. Hope to see you in class!


kathyadamsclark.com Learn photography from Kathy Adams Clark who has taught basic to advanced photography for twenty years


Big Bend National Park 2021 Wall Calendar

Crazy happy this morning to get my copy of the 2021 Big Bend National Park calendar by Tide-mark Calendars. All the pictures are mine. Many of them were taken with you by my side on the photo workshops in Big Bend National Park. Order a copy: https://tide-mark.com/big-bend-national-park-2021-wall-calendar/

tide-mark.com Bring home Big Bend Nat. Park's remarkable desert landscape

Creative Retreat photos that I took around the house while the others were working on their exercises. It's fun to be around other photographers when they are pushing their creativity.

Photographers in action at the Creative Retreat at Charles W. Adams Mansion in Galveston, Texas, this past weekend. John W McCaskill Sr and Scott Woolcock

Wrapping up the Creative Retreat in Galveston, Texas. They look all prim and proper but behind those masks are some awesome photographers. They created images that were out of the box and even "naked" in the bathtub -- but they will have to tell you that story. Thanks Sandra Eaton Connatser, Natalie Lancaster McCaskill, Vicki Warren, Scott Woolcock, Tommy Britt, John W McCaskill Sr, Bobby Connatser, and Tina Saenz at the Charles W. Adams Mansion in Galveston. Thanks


White pelicans in flight are the picture of peaceful cooperation

Cheryl Pfennig has shared with weeks Nature column by Gary Clark in the Houston Chronicle. White pelicans are in the Houston area for the winter.

houstonchronicle.com White pelicans arrive in Texas from breeding grounds in northern Mid-Western states and in Central Canada.

Working flying ducks with the Canon R5 and 100-500mm lens. Blue-winged teal at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge on the Texas coast.

Splotchy immature northern cardinal last month Block Creek Natural Area in the Texas Hill Country.

I photographed a belted kingfisher the over day hovering in the air over the marsh at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. Forty shots of the same bird in the same spot. Here's all the shots layered into one photo. Canon R5, 100-500mm lens, with 1.4x extender.

October 24, 2007 -- Oliver Stocken, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the British Natural History Musuem, Kathy Adams Clark, President of North American Nature Photography Association, and James Smith, Chairman of Shell UK, at the 2007 Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards in London. "Pinch Me" moment to share a table with these gentlemen all those years ago. North American Nature Photography Association-NANPA

I'm sure some of you have read about the fires in Brazil's Pantanal region. I got an update today from Southwild Brazil , the tour company we use down there. It's good to have first-hand knowledge. Here's a link to my blog post:


The Canon R5 held focus on the blue-winged teal until she was out of sight in the marsh. Canon R5, 100-500mm lens with the 1.4x extender for 700mm, testing the auto-focus system. Servo, Large Zone Horizontal, AF Case 2. Case 2 is supposed to track subjects and ignore obstructions. Check!


Master these travel skills now for smarter trips later

Got my name in National Geographic online yesterday. Along with Strabo Photo Tour Collection. Have a look! Honored!


nationalgeographic.com Learn to take better photos, speak Japanese, or be a volunteer scientist with classes, apps, and activities that’ll help you get road ready.

This is a 10-photo focus bracket taken with the Canon R5. Read my blog post about focus bracketing with the camera.


Twenty years ago a white-striped longtail skipper showed up at Brazos Bend State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlifeon the Upper Texas Coast. It was big news and I had to go photograph it for Gary Clark's column in the Houston Chronicle. Today, I see it at a neighborhood park and it's no big deal. Amazing how things change. Such a lovely creature.


Kathy Adams Clark Photography Classes

Two online classes next Thursday! Processing in Photoshop/Lightroom at 10:00am. Cataloguing and Organizing at 7:00pm. Register on my site and share with your friends:


kathyadamsclark.com Learn photography from Kathy Adams Clark who has taught basic to advanced photography for twenty years

Canon R5 on the moon tonight. Frankly, the easiest moon I've photographed in the last 20 years. The R5 passed the full moon test. Amazing camera. #canonr5

More Canon R5 testing. Here's a new blog post on Focus Stacking or Focus Bracketing. Thanks for reading!



Canon R5 Mirrorless — Focus Stacking or Bracketing

Check out my blog posting on focus bracketing with the new Canon R5. Focus stacking or focus bracketing as it's called in Canon. Neat technology.


kathyadamsclark.blog Photographers have fought against depth-of-field since the beginning. To get more depth of field, we have to use a smaller aperture and that means a slower shutter speed. It’s just the way ph…


Canon R5 Mirrorless — Autofocus with Fast Birds


I got out to East Beach in Galveston yesterday to test the autofocus system on the new Canon R5. I used the new 100-500mm lens with a 1.4x extender. Please read my thoughts, see my tests, and let me know what you think. Thanks!

kathyadamsclark.blog I finally got a chance to sit on the beach and play with the Canon R5’s autofocus. At heart, I’m a bird photographer. How would this new camera function on fast moving birds? My DSLR is…

Macro Photography: Master Class begins on Tuesday, Sept 29th. 7-8:30pm CDT, four sessions, homework, discussion, etc. Lots of fun. Register on my website http://www.kathyadamsclark.com/photo_classes.html

Share, of course, with your friends. See you in class!

I photographed hummingbirds with the Canon R5 at ISO 3200, 5000, and 32,000. My blog post details how the photos did when enlarged.


Here's a link to my blog posting about photographing hummingbirds with my new Canon R5 and the new 100-500mm lens plus 1.4x. Yep, hand holding a 700mm lens.


Great spread today in the Houston Chronicle. My photo and Gary Clark's writing. Thanks to everyone at the newspaper for making us look so good.

Wrapping up a photography workshop at Block Creek Natural Area in the Texas Hill Country. Hummingbirds put on a great show. Thanks for Ron Black, Will Hamilton, Barbara Hamilton, Sharron and Larry Jay. It was great to be behind a camera with friends -- socially distant, of course.

I photographed this female northern cardinal two years ago at Block Creek Natural Area in the Texas Hill Country. Heading back there this weekend to lead another photo workshop. Can't wait to be behind a camera again -- outside.


Amalfi Coast & Sicily Oct 2019

I finally finished processing my photos from the Strabo Photo Tour Collection to Amalfi Coast and Sicily in October 2019. Whew! We took a lot of pictures and saw an amazing part of the world. We'll do this trip again in Oct 2021 if it's safe. Take a look:


stockphotos.kathyadamsclark.com My favorite photos taken while leading a photo tour for Strabo Photo Tour Collection to Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, and eastern Sicily in October 2019.

Street musician in Ragusa, Sicily, with an audience. The little Yorkie loves the music.


Kathy Adams Clark Photography Classes

I'm teaching three online photography classes this week. Textures, Crystal Ball, and Hummingbird Photography. Sign-up by clicking the link:


kathyadamsclark.com Learn photography from Kathy Adams Clark who has taught basic to advanced photography for twenty years

Close-up of the top of a bubble. The colors are out of this world. Such fun.


Canon R5 — First Impression

Here's my first impression of the Canon R5 with the 24-105mm RF lens. I'm impressed. https://kathyadamsclark.blog/2020/08/24/canon-r5-first-impression/

kathyadamsclark.blog Canon R5 photo taken at 1/40 of a second shutter speed, f/4, ISO 1600, hand held. See below for 100% enlargement. A RAW file that is a whooping 51MB to 54MB! That’s huge. Let Me Concentrate o…


Canon R5 Opening The Box HD 720p

Canon R5 with 24-105mm lens is here. Click the link to watch me open the box. https://youtu.be/C4BgQHFku4o Thanks Hunt's Photo and Video for getting this great piece of equipment in my hands.

Opening the box containing Canon R5 camera and 24-105mm lens

This is a blend of all the meteors and other interesting objects I photographed two nights ago. Perseid meteor shower is one thing and then nothing for minutes. Total of 357 shots over about 3 hours. 20-second exposure at f/4 ISO 1600 over and over and over and over again.


Pantanal Relief Fund

For those of you who have traveled to the Pantanal in Brazil or hope to travel there someday to photograph the jaguars.

charity.gofundme.com The Pantanal is on fire! Urgent help is needed. ***All donations are tax-deductible*** Hello friends, family and fellow Pantanal enthusiasts, In an effort to help and support the people of the Pantanal that are like family to us, this fund was created through Climb for ...

Perseid meteor last night. Skies are pretty dark in the Texas Hill Country.

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Puffin at Latrabjarg Cliffs in western Iceland




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Basic Photography: One Day Workshop offered through Leisure Learning Unlimited in Houston Texas. Great place to begin your love of photography. I stress a firm foundation in the basics.
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