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There is no other place this gave me peace but on THE wallpaper.
Your art makes beautiful fabrics. And fantastic clothes. Happy Small Business Saturday. -Merav from Baby Hobbes Design 💕 SarinaZac
Amazing page! Nice meeting you today!
I have a shirt that camouflages pretty well against my (your) wallpaper. Not the easiest to track maternity progress. 😆
Thanks you for designing this beautiful fabric !!
Here is my finished minky blanket from your floral design
The lighting is different in every picture but I ordered wallpaper from your Spoonflower designs and I'm in love. I always wanted a floral wall, and oh boy, did I get one!
For the 11th day of #memademay, I'm wearing this gem that I sewed at least a couple of years ago. It's never stopped being a staple in my wardrobe, and it's perfect to brighten the mood for today's cold chill after some nice warm weather
I saw Venice’s rug today and remembered I didn’t post how much I love the one my hubs got me. Love, love, love 💕
I got my shower curtain for Christmas can’t wait to start redoing my bathroom. Thanks Artwerks and Merry Christmas!

Original Art, Jewelry, Home Decor, and Textiles by Houston, Texas based artist Melissa Polomsky.

Art items that are handmade and shipped directly from my studio in The Woodlands, Texas. I love to create items in all mediums, sizes, and in every budget! If you would like to discuss creating a custom piece, please don't be shy! I'd love to work with you! Feel free to visit my website to view my portfolio, bio, and to shop! Thanks for visiting!

My sweet girl @lunchingwithlexi ✨💕 She’s working on her “science” work 😂 (Labeling parts of the plant via painting of course! Couldn’t just draw it with the Crayolas, no sir!! 🤷🏻‍♀️✨🌈)

Ok, super cool news! Spoonflower has launched DIY Face Mask sewing kits!

They are only $10 and have enough material to make 2 double layer cotton masks! You can buy them with any of my colorful prints! (If you need any of my prints sized down, just email me- happy to do that for you, [email protected])

They are a bit tricky to find on the website, but here's how you do it!:
*First, find your favorite design here: & click on the design you want.
*Second: Click "Also available as wallpaper/ HOME DECOR (click on the "home decor" option)
*Third: scroll all the way down until you see DIY Face Mask Kit!
Add to cart and you're done!

Here’s the details:
*Unprinted fabric is also included for the lining
*Elastic OR twill tape (based on availability) is included to create ties.
*PREWASH fabric before sewing, as always (gentle or delicate cycle, lay flat to dry, or use low heat).
*Finished mask is adult size, 9”x3”.
*Masks are non medical grade, make sure you are continuing to social distance, and wash after each use & wash wash wash those hands!!

p.s. YES! I am still offering ready-to-wear masks on my website in both adult and kid's sizes if you'd prefer to not have to sew! You can find them here: ( and YES, I will adding more prints and sizes in the next few days. I know I’m sold out of MOST at the moment, so hold tight.. more are coming soon!!!)

Coming up with new colorful things. ✨💕🌈☺️

Taste Life

Combing two of my most favorite things.... 💕✨😍 Art & PASTA!! 🍝 sign me up!

I have never seen pasta this beautiful... 😍
Credit: @ cookingwithfiona (

Need a quick, delicious, EASY quarantine approved recipe?! You must try The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond ‘s “Simple Sesame Noodles”! SO good & SO simple! Swipe to see the ingredients. We added a bit of spiralized carrot, red onion, & cucumber for a bit of extra veggies & color- but they are amazing plain, hot or cold , and are so easy that we make this recipe weekly! 👌🏼🥡 Cook your spaghetti/pasta noodles to al dente, mix all of the other ingredients to make the sauce, toss everything together well! (We subbed sriracha for hot chili oil but hey, use whatever you’ve got!) Add the green onions (or other herbs/veggies if you’re feeling extra!) for a little extra garnish. 🤤#sogood #makeitnow

Happy May Day!! (May 1st) ✨💕🌸🌿 Lexi & I have a tradition of making little bouquets of wildflowers & leaving notes for our friends & neighbors. Especially now, it seems nice to leave everyone a little surprise! ✨💕🌸 Have a beautiful day everyone! @ The Woodlands, Texas

Jaime French

I don’t know why, lol, but this made me laugh so much y’all. 🤣💕✨ Artists come in so many forms!! 👌🏼😂 And yes, I AM very easily amused.

I turned myself into....this 😂 Don’t miss the ending! Tag a weirdo
**edit** There’s a very talented artist and Beauty Blogger by the name of Chrisspy who I recently learned was the first person the bring this type of illusion to social media in 2015 when she turned herself into Yoda and it’s truly impressive work. Check it out if you want to see actual talent! 😜

Follow me on the tube 👉🏻
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Always travel with all of your accessories! 👌🏼✨💕🌈 @rticoutdoors jug o water & big pink cooler, check! Paints & sketchbook, check! Phone, check! Flowers, check! Having a good friend who will stand 6 feet away from you and snap photos?! Double check! Thanks @happilyeveroutside you’re the best!!!😂✨💕🌸🌿

Momma needed some nature today! ✨💕🌲

Between all of the hustle & bustle of kids & trying to keep the house clean & cooking endless meals & trying to work & trying to not stress... hope you & I can have a nice moment of color together. ✨💕🌈 Sending all of you positive vibes, warm sunshine, flowers, calm, and a virtual *hug* in case you needed one. ✨🌸🌿

Well the votes are divided between Teddy & Prim which Minky Couture blanket is their favorite! We’re all loving both the hot pink “Flirty Floral” & the dark moody “Boho Indigo”. I think either would be amazing if you are needing a colorful blanket for Mother’s Day (or any day really!) !! 🥰✨💕🌸🌿

It’s been a very rough week, lol. I’m still not thrilled about homeschooling. My kiddo is lonely and sad without being able to socialize with her friends. I’ve been really worried about some friends who have been really sick. My cat has been extremely ill, like, I thought she might pass yesterday, and that freaked out the kiddo even worse. 😖 And to top things off my dishwasher, or something under the sink like, exploded, and flooded my kitchen yesterday. It’s been rough 😭I was very glad to see my sweet sister in law’s faces today, I definitely needed that. I’m feeling very stressed with all the changes to my schedule, my business projects, and my health & life in general.. so maybe give me a few days to get myself back in track. 😭 This whole pandemic thing has really been a big old pain in the ass, huh?!

✨💕🥰🌈🧵👚 Thank you to all the people at Spoonflower, they have been working very hard to safely get everyone the fabric they need!

Do you know who made your fabric? This week is Fashion Revolution Week, a global movement that calls for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion and textiles industry. We support Fashion Revolution's goal to radically change the way our garments and fabric are made so that the world wears safe, clean and fair clothing.

To commemorate the anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse of 2013 (the event that sparked Fashion Revolution Week), we want to introduce you to some of the awesome people who make your Spoonflower order come to life each day (and nights, too!) by printing, cutting, sewing and shipping out of our factories in Durham, NC, USA and Berlin, Germany. 🇺🇸 🇩🇪 Our factory teams process each order by hand with care, and all of our employees earn a living wage. Our fabrics are produced exclusively at fabric mills that have the same values in social responsibility, sustainability and environmental impact as Spoonflower. Learn more about Fashion Revolution and why this global movement is so important to us >>

Today’s art assignment is painting rocks. We’re gonna go hide them around our neighborhood later! Swipe to see my flower one! ✨💕🥰🌈 @ The Woodlands, Texas

My girl Love Lissy Lou has some amazing cozies coming your way soon, including this springy hydrangea print! ✨💕🌸 Go give her a follow & be ready when her next collection goes on sale: 4/26 @ 10 am EST!! They sell out quick! 💕

Lex’s highlight of each Monday is seeing her sweet teacher & classmates on their Zoom meeting. I’m so glad they get to see each other, if only for a few minutes. It also makes my mommy heart a bit sad too though. I’m hoping hoping hopingggg we can get back to some normalcy soon. ✨💕🌈 p.s. it was “crazy hat day”, and that’s a unicorn headband. 😂✨👌🏼🌈🦄

We’re good.. for awhile at least 🤣✨💕🌈

Dropping more masks in my shop now! There’s Reversible Star Wars/floral, another Black Darth Vader print, and a few more kids size as well. ✨💕😷

Been sewing since I woke up! Was able to get 16 adult & 10 kids masks stitched up, I think that may be my new record. 😂✨👏🏼 I will take photos tomorrow morning and I’ll get them listed in the shop. They are a mix of mostly Star Wars & floral. 💕 Look out tomorrow probably around noon-ish if you are wanting to get some, thanks friends 💕

Ok ok ok I’ve gotten through my list of people who requested masks, and I’ve got a few extra masks finished that I’ve listed in my shop. They are double layered with quilting cotton, and have a layer of heavyweight pellon interfacing in between. They have ties instead of elastic for now. I also have listed a very limited quantity of Star Wars masks, and literally only a couple of kid’s sized masks. I am going to update my shop as I am able to have extras made. Grab them while they last! Please remember to continue practicing social distancing & properly washing your hands, even if you are wearing a mask out. ✨💕😷

DIY Face Mask Tutorial With Kay

If any of y’all out there sewing masks need a laugh! Promise, it’s not THAT hard, just don’t sew your fingers, lol. 💕🧵😳

Kay Pruitt's love of posting DYI videos exceeds her actual skill in this comedic tutorial gone wrong.

Back to making masks, had to take a little break and scour my studio looking for even more bias tape or elastic. 😳 Never did I think I would literally tear through my ENTIRE fabric stash a) this quickly and b) to make face masks. I guess a part of me is happy that it’s finally being USED for something. 🤣 (I like to hoard my pretty fabrics, lol.) In other good news, I found two big pieces of my “Pretty in Pink Floral Watercolor” fabric.. enough for 8 adult masks! Yay! They are next on my list to stitch up!🧵💕

Y’all doing ok? How’s it going in your area? I know
You all come from all areas of our beautiful 🌎 want to make sure y’all are doing ok!! 💕✨🌈

One thing that has been NICE about this whole social distancing thing is that we certainly have had a lot more quality family time. It’s been nice to slow down, eat all of our meals together, and to discuss our day of school & work with each other. Thank you to Palotta's for bringing a bit of our favorite restaurant to our house! They even gave us a nice flower bouquet! 🥰✨💕💐 If you are local to Spring/Conroe/The Woodlands, Texas- please check them out!!

“Ok mom, you’ve changed from your night PJs to your day PJs... what’s next?!?” ✨💕🌈

Angry dad

Def doing this. 😂💕🌈

If you’re bored isolating.... put glow sticks on your kids and turn the lights off 😂

For licensing and usage please
Email [email protected]

Our half hour of reading time always seems morph into something else other than reading time. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 Momma just wants to finish her chapter! 🤣😉 #homeschooling #readingtime #mommingainteasy

Oooh y’all! If you are are need of a wonderfully snuggly & soft minky blanket please check out one of my most favorite brands to work with- Minky Couture !! Their blankets are about as luxe & plush as you can get, and they have an awesome 50% off sale now until 4/15 on all of their full priced blankets!! Use code “SPRING50” to get the discount!! ✨💕🥰🌸💜 @ The Woodlands, Texas

My mom, my Mimi, and great grandma all were sewists and apparently collectors of huge amounts of bias tape & rick rack! ✨🌈💕🥰

Looking for some adorable spring accessories? Look no further than @harperandmaggs ! 💕🥰🌈💐 These bows are the cutest!

If you would have told me a month ago my studio work would be pretty much be indefinitely on hold and I’d be sewing masks & homeschooling 8 hours a day, I woulda told you that you were insaneeee....

A) sewing isn’t my favorite hobby 🙊 and (don’t hate me, but... b) I didn’t/don’t have a very favorable view of homeschooling kids. To each their own, lol.. but yeah, it’s even more definitely not for us after this little experiment. I miss and so very much appreciate all of her different teachers and their passions and expertise for teaching!! They put so much hard work and love into making their lesson plans fun, exciting, new, and obviously informative. I just cannot compete with trying to do worksheets and watching videos and using apps at home! She loves PE, she loves music, she loves coding, and dance class- and it’s just not quite the same on zoom or in the backyard. We miss the regularity and Lexi thrives on a schedule, which I just am not able to accomplish while working at home. She misses the social interaction of seeing her friends, and doing all of her extra curricular activities. It’s been hard!! On a positive note she has been helping me cook, bake, and garden. We as a family started playing Worldofwarcraft again. 😂 We’ve watched a lot of Disney+ and read lots of books. We’re adjusting, and getting used to this new normal. How are things at your house? 💕

I’ve ordered 8 yards in these 8 fabrics to make more masks. I probably won’t receive them for a few weeks, but I’m trying to continue making as many as I can until the supplies I have run out.

For now, I cannot take any more requests for masks. I’m at capacity at least for the next 2+ weeks (or longer) with sewing requests already received. I can only sew so many a day, alongside our homeschooling shenanigans, and trying to manage my other business requests.

I’d strongly urge if you have a sewing machine to make some and share them locally with friends or family in need. Or if you cannot sew, maybe consider buying the supplies needed and recruiting a friend who can sew to make some for you!

Also, reminder that tomorrow is the last day for Spoonflower ‘s 50% off fat quarters sale. It makes the ‘Petal Signature Cotton’ (recommended for mask making) only $5.38 / per FQ. This cut of fabric measures 18"X21", so if you are cutting mask pieces 9" X 7", you would get exactly 6 pieces (to make 3 masks).

This is a great tutorial that uses the 9"X7" measurement for an adult size mask with bias tape ties (also has size for child size mask):

Or you can use this one that uses elastic:

💙Click here to find your favorite design:

Made a fun little custom wire wrap bracelet today for a customer on Etsy. Just FYI - I never get tired of making colorful & rainbow things for y’all... so please keep those orders coming!! Sending you guys love & please know I appreciate your business so much!! 🥰✨💕🌈

You guys doin ok? I know I have felt pretty down in the past few days.. I think many, if not most of us have. Being isolated and surrounded by tons of bad news and fear will do that to you I think. I wanted to really encourage you guys, if you can and have the supplies and a sewing machine, to press on and keep making masks! It will help pass the time, will help you use up that fabric stash you’ve been hoarding forever, and will make you feel so much better. Make them and donate to your local hospital/nurse friends, grocery store employees, first responders, neighbors, or friends who need them. I’ve given most of mine away, but you could also sell them (no price gouging!) if you’ve lost your job and are financially stressed and in need of extra income to help you get by for a little while. I think most people are understanding and would like to help however they can. We’re all fighting different battles and stresses right now, let’s all remember to be kind & helpful to our communities. If you get/buy a mask remember to continue strict social distancing, and frequent hand washing routines so you don’t get exposed. Be safe friends! 💕✨🌈

Hi friends, hope you are all healthy & doing well. Just wanted to give you a heads up that Spoonflower has 50% off fat quarters now. The following types of fabrics qualify: Petal Signature Cotton™, Cotton Poplin, Organic Sweet Pea Gauze™, Lightweight Cotton Twill, Cotton Spandex Jersey, Organic Cotton Sateen, Linen Cotton Canvas, Organic Cotton Knit, Dogwood Denim™, and Cypress Cotton Canvas. Many of these would be good choices if you are sewing face masks at home - I’d recommend probably the petal cotton as my first choice, or the cotton sateen or cotton poplin as alternatives. A fat quarter measures 18”x 21”. 💕✨🌈😷

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