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Happy holidays everyone!! CMF wishes everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season! This year has been a roller coaster for all of us. May we all take some time to remember the many blessings we all have and spread compassion and kindness to all. #coremobilityfitness #kindness #love #compassion #happyholidays

Look at these amazing goodies!!! @barbdiemer is sooooooooo lovely! Thank you for all these delicious looking cookies! I hope I can contain myself and only eat a little at a time. 😬 I love Christmas and I love my clients!! You are all soooo good to me! #coremobilityfitness #christmascookies #numnum

I have had several clients ask for exercises to help their balance! Here you go!! Have fun and try not to fall over. Balance is so important to all of us in life, breath and movement. Try these exercises for movement balance and let me know how they go! #coremobilityfitness #balancing #dontfallover

I love my clients!!! Thank you so much @lisacliffordmeditation for this amazing cup! I love it so much! Have a happy Tuesday everyone!! #pilatesclientsrock #coremobilityfitness #itsalmostchristmas🎄

Happy Holidays!! If your loved one needs to move, let’s do it!! Either virtually or in person, gift cards for movement can make a person smile! Message me for details and I’ll get you set up! #coremobilityfitness #giftcards #movementheals #loveyourselfthisholidayseason

How many times can you move through this without falling over???? Give it a try and let me know! Better yet, video yourself and tag me!#coremobilityfitness #plankchallenge #funstuff

How many times can you move through this without falling over???? Give it a try and let me know! Better yet, video yourself and tag me!#coremobilityfitness #plankchallenge #funstuff

Plank challenge!!! Chenice is doing such a great job working the plank variations!! Thanks for trying these with me! She is working to do the series 5 times in a row!!!! #coremobilityfitness #plankchallenge2020

Happy Friday! This year has been a whirlwind for so many. There are many changes and new realities for us all. I’ve been taking a moment lately to recognize how incredibly thankful I am for all the many opportunities and blessings this time has given me. It’s not been easy, but in those times we have to dig, we can find more of ourselves we did not even know was there. We will never know what the future will hold so we have to smile and enjoy everything as it comes. Here is to your Friday everyone, may you all enjoy every minute! #coremobilityfitness #enjoylife #loveisallaround #happy100’s #happyfriday

I’m so excited that I finished this certification!! It was an amazing 13 week course and now I am a Postpartum exercise specialist! Sarah Duvall has so much glorious information and I can’t wait to share it with all the mamas as soon as I can! #coremobilityfitness #postnatalpilates #coreexercisesolutions #cantwaittoshare

Are you ready to jump into the day!?!? My clients are!! Classes are forming and we are having so much fun! Message me for times and come on in!! See you soon! #coremobilityfitness #jumpingforjoy #pilatesisfun #workhardhavefun

Hi!!! Here is the lovely Chenice working with the pilates arc! This is a very versatile and wonderful piece of equipment to have in your home! Enjoy! #coremobilityfitness #balancedbodyarc #pilatesrocks #homepilates #backrelief

Beautiful day to kayak and recharge! What are you doing today?
#coremobilityfitness #recharge #taketime #naturalbeauty

We added some extra fun today with our exercises and breathing!! Balloons are fun to blow up and they provide an extra challenge for our exhale! They can also teach how to properly exhale so we don’t push all the effort down. #coremobilityfitness #balloons #pilatesextra #funtimes

Classes are forming again and new things are happening in the future!

CORE.MOBILITY.FITNESS. Offers private sessions, duets, and small group classes.

CMF helps postnatal women find their strength again!

Message me for more info and to join the fun!

#coremobilityfitness #postnatalmamas #weightliftingwomen #bestrong #mentallystrongwomen

Challenge accepted! @kimmikesel @barbdiemer Thanks guys! You are the best!

Has anyone tried Hemp oil????? Yes, it’s similar to CBD, but it has all the parts of the plant which makes it amazing! Message me for details or questions! I love it! #coremobilityfitness #qsciences #hempoil #newthings

Superman day!!! These pants made me think of Superman so I thought I should do some leg springs in the air and fly!! So hard on the bootie and core but sooooo fun! Happy Monday! #coremobilityfitness #imflying #redpantsarefun

If you have practiced Pilates before, you probably have seen a teaser. It’s one of those really hard and really fun exercises that clients get super excited about when they can do them. So here are a few variations to get you there! #coremobilityfitness #teaser #corestrength

Have you looked at how you stand lately?? I know I forget to! How we stand directly correlates to how the rest of our body feels and moves. If we are standing wonky, we can create compensation patterns in our ankles, knees, hips, back, and neck! Whew! So take a peek and let me know! #coremobilityfitness #healthyfeet

Happy Friday! Teaching 6 feet away today and with a mask, but my clients are amazing and working hard! I’m still offering a zoom class each week for those who don’t want to come in and I zoom private’s as well! Stay safe, have fun, and keep fit! #coremobilityfitness #pilates

A big thank you to CrossFit Anavah and Kelsey Soderstrom for helping me organize a Pilates class so I could record it and add it to my subscription channel! You guys were the best! Always so fun! #coremobilityfitness #crossfitanavah #crossfithellcat #soderstrong #pilates

Raise your hand if you are breathing deeply these days? Do you know how important it is to breathe deeply?? It is essential for our health both physically and mentally, our immune systems, and our life! Are you a postpartum mama? Breathing correctly and deeply helps heal our pelvic floor and our Diastasis Recti! Take a peek at my video and follow the link to my YouTube channel!

#coremobilityfitness #breathing #pelvicfloorhealing #diastasisrectihealing


Happy Wednesday! How many are taking time to make sure you are breathing properly and deeply!?!? This is sooooo important for our immune systems, our mental health, our physical self, and our healing! I could go on and on! Are you a postpartum mama?? Learning how to breath is essential in healing our pelvic floors and Diastasis Recti. Take a peek at my video and we will dive deeper! #coremobilityfitness #breathing #diastasisrectihealing #pelvicfloorhealing

This will help you start to learn how to get a full breath in and a full breath out. Because of stress and life, we can really start to get into wonky breath...

In this video, Kelsey helps me teach some of the stages of rolling like a ball! It’s deceiving!!This exercise is great for core control, breathing, and mobility!Check out my YouTube channel for more videos!

#coremobilityfitness #soderstrong #heatherthompsonpilates @soderstrong @kelseysoderstrom

Rolling like a ball with Kelsey!!!

Here is the amazing Kelsey Soderstrom helping me teach Rolling Like a ball! This exercise is quite deceiving and fun! Check out my YouTube channel for more videos!

#coremobilityfitness #SoderStrong #pilates

Let’s break down rolling like a ball! #coremobilityfitness #rollinglikeaball

In this short series, Chenice goes through some of the standing arm weights. Arm weights in pilates are not heavy! There is a reason! We work on balance, posture, and core control. Enjoy! Go to my YouTube channel for more videos like this one!

#coremobilityfitness #corecontrol @chenv_fit @_chenicev_

Standing arm weights

The lovely Chenice helped me film a few videos for my YouTube channel and upcoming subscription channel! Here is a short series with the Pilates Arm weights. Arm weights in pilates is all about balance, posture, and challenging these concepts in movement!

#coremobilityfitness #pilates #heatherthompsonpilates

Here is a short clip for standing pilates arm weights! #coremobilityfitness #pilatesarmweights

I am so happy I get to teach my office peeps again!! It’s so fun on Fridays to see these lovely people! Love you all!!! #coremobilityfitness #love #heatherthompsonpilates

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! I will only be having one zoom class this week! It’s Thursday at 9:30! I’ll see you there!! #coremobilityfitness #zoomclass #heatherthompsonpilates

Calling ALL Moms!!!

I have started a 13 week continuing education course and I’m so excited about it!! I have been helping postpartum mamas get their bodies back so they can workout and feel great again!

Now I am learning so much more and I can’t wait to share it all with you! We are all in this together and I’m so excited for us ALL to become even stronger, more courageous, and even more beautiful inside and out!

We can do this together!!

#coremobilityfitness #heatherthompsonpilates #postpartumjourney #ilovelearning #theworldneedsallofus

A BIG thank you goes out to this amazing person @soderstrong for taking time out of her day to hang with me and film some more pilates videos! I have a lot of work to do, but I’m excited about the plans! #coremobilityfitness #heatherthompsonpilates

I’ve been recording the beautiful @chenv_fit today! She has been helping me make pilates videos for my subscription channel I’m working on! Whew! What a project! I’m so excited to have so many wonderful clients to help me make this channel become a reality! I’m hoping to release it in August! Eeeeekkkkk! Thank you for your time today @chenv_fit!!!!

My studio is officially open and forming classes again! I will still be offering zoom classes each week to accommodate those wanting to stay at their homes as we navigate the reopening of the world! Contact me if you would like to join! I would love to have you!!! #coremobilityfitness #zoomclass #reopen #heatherthompsonpilates

Happy Tuesday! Zoom classes went well this morning! Even though we may be slowly opening, I will continue to offer two zoom classes a week for clients wanting to continue staying in! Everyone is welcome to join! #coremobilityfitness #heatherthompsonpilates #zoompilates

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