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Committed to helping people gain confidence in themselves, guiding you to live a healthy and fit lif

I provide private personal training, fitness group sessions, run coaching and so much more by bringing the training to YOU rather than spending valuable time traveling to get somewhere to workout.


This is a decision that I couldn't pass up and a more in depth opportunity to help others reach and achieve their goals both near and far! Please head over to Vantage Point Endurance and like their page to keep up on what's new and how everything is going!

We would like to welcome to the Vantage Point Endurance team...

Samantha McClellan is an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier,
USA Track & Field Half Marathon Championship Qualifier, and holds the 10k record at Western Michigan University. Samantha has a husband, two fury friends and the newest addition their baby daughter at home.

Samantha is eager to start helping others reach their running goals!

CHI St. Luke's Health


This Texas heat is putting a kink on being able to workout 😫 It's past 6 and still a feel of 103...


Morning walk! With it temps hitting feels of 90 before 10am making it harder to breath, I have resorted to walking more than running. Once home I'll spend time stretching and doing some safe strength exercises.


Early morning walk-jog! I may not be my fastest right now but I feel my strongest. It may not be the strength I would typically feel but I remind myself there is no one defined type of strength! Don't let comparisons rule you. #32.5weeks


I am so thankful for the days that are "cool" enough to get a run done outdoors! Running right now is a more calculated effort than just being able to slip on my shoes and go. Getting ready tends to be a workout in itself lol. Enjoy the journey no matter where you are.


Nothing like getting a nice walk and some strength training in with the bump. When I'm walking, I like to incorporate various types of lunges, squats and other dynamic stretches in between to change up my pace and stride so I'm not just doing one movement the entire time. Pregnant or not, you can also change it up this way too! Remember, just getting out and doing something is amazing!


As summer quickly approaches and temps begin to rise, don't forget to HYDRATE! Your body needs proper fueling in order to keep performing. If you're like me and staying hydrated is a challenge, use a bottle what shows how much you've consumed throughout the day. Infused water spices it up too!


I can't tell you how much exercising throughout my pregnancy so far has made me feel vs. days I don't workout! I have more energy, my sleep has improved (as good as it can considering being preggo 😂) and helps keep me emotionally balanced (once again, considering). I don't just feel this way because I'm pregnant but many days I had taken for granted the effect exercise has on the body.


I apologize for such a quiet feed lately! Right before the new year, we found out we have a and so I've been making sure my clients get 100% attention while the first trimester effect took place 😂.
Although it hasn't been easy to get in my workouts and a little upset prior to baby M caused me to step back from running for a bit, I'm ready to enter the second trimester with more energy and excitement about the new experience!
I hope y'all will enjoy the journey as much as I am and ready for a
I was so excited to get my second day of running in even if it was only two miles!
**Please note that if you are pregnant (or not) that what may be right for me, may not be right for you. So please follow your Dr's instructions and listen to your body.



Welcome 2017 with a clear mind and ready to be a better YOU! Don't be afraid to put your mind to something you want. Go after it! .com #2017


My next Christmas Special! Only until 12/14/16! .com


Who says New Year Resolutions have to start in January?! Don't be afraid of getting a jump start now. Your body will thank you!
To kick off the holiday season, I'll be offering SouthernBelle Fitness Specials!
Until 12/13/16 buy a 16 session package and have your friend join your sessions for FREE!
This will help you stay accountable and have fun while you train.💪🏻🎄


You should never doubt yourself or what you want to do in life. So many times WE are what stands in the way of success.
This photo was taken last month at a race I had decided to do last minute and just hoping to run under 65 minutes for 10 miles when in my peak, I knew I could run well under 60 minutes. I had done little to no workouts and simply run when I felt like it lately so the doubt was all that was in my mind. I had told myself "I'm just going to run it to have fun because I'm nowhere in shape to go fast". I doubted my ability to race.
After I toed the line and took off, it all came together and around mile 5 it finally hit me, I AM doing great and I CAN hit a good time!
All that time I had listened to the wrong Id on my shoulder when I should have believed I could do it.
Long story short, DON'T DOUBT YOURSELF! I finished 58:41 that day.


Who else is enjoying this cool weather in Texas?! It was a brisk run for me this morning and loved it (could have done without the wind 😂)!


"Every day may not be a good day, but there is something good in everyday"
Sometimes when we're having a bad day, we forget to take a look at the positives which make life so amazing!


When it isn't even 5am and you lace up to go after what you want!


Happy Monday y'all 😄There's nothing I want more than for everyone to succeed in any goals set. Don't let something hold you back or keep you from getting it.
You have the right to feel beautiful.
You have the right to be strong.
You have the right to feel confident.
So face this week head on and get after it! 💪🏻


You've got this! In the end, you'll be happy you did.


It may be cooling down out there and sweating isn't as noticeable...but remember to continue to HYDRATE! It's just as easy to become dehydrated in the winter months as it is in the summer. If you have a hard time drinking plain water, consider infusing it with fruit such as watermelon, cucumber, lemon, oranges, strawberries, limes and even mint!


So many of my runs/workouts have taken me to places I never thought I would see or people I never would have met! The picture with this post is one where I wasn't feeling like getting a workout in but I ended up having a great time chatting and the sunset was one you wouldn't want to miss. On top of it all, getting that workout in made me stronger and more confident in what I can achieve and one step closer to making it to the Olympic Trials again and even beyond that! Don't let a negative thought keep you from going after what you want.


Met the owner of at a local 5k and we were able to try out her product. Loving that it doesn't move around when I run! So many colors, I couldn't decide which one to go with😖 (downside of having running outfits of all colors ☺️). I'm such a big fan of shopping local so I can get to know the stories and products around me 💪🏻.


One of my drills before and after workouts are high knee skips. These could help improve power and upward acceleration. It requires more explosiveness than your traditional skips while activating your hip flexors, works on leg strength and benefits in coordination (which is one I could really use help with 👋🏻 😂)


to last year when I had accomplished one of my goals in running. Qualifying for the Olympic Marathon trials. The constant grind/sweat/tears/shuffling walks of working towards my goal and proof of what my coach and I had done, paid off. Each day is another piece added to the puzzle so that when you complete it, you see the whole picture and how far you've come since the beginning.
This has only fueled me to go even further and give myself the chance to see what I can do next!
There will be days that are hard but don't give up. Take it day by day and focus on the positives! 💪🏻 💯


First run today I decided that in order to escape the heat, treadmill it was! I'll be honest, that bright red stop button always looks enticing but I feel that much stronger for ignoring it. 💯


Anyone else have this problem where you can't find hats that fit you because your head is too small so you rock it anyways?


💪🏻When trying to get in shape, think of exercising and eating right as a lifestyle change, not a diet or fad 😎.


After seeing such excitement and amazing response from y'all, I am extending the offer until Monday 9/12! I can't tell you enough how happy it makes me to see so many people wanting to improve their lifestyle for a healthier future and choosing me to help make that happen! It's not easy getting started but together, we can make it happen!


🎉Let's celebrate a chance for a new YOU! Until 9/10/16, you can receive a 4 week plan for ONLY $50!
To ensure you are successful in your goals, I want to help you fulfill that by offering this special and help you each step of the way!
Perhaps this is the moment you were waiting for 💪🏻
Simply message me or head over to the webpage!
For each registered client, you will receive a gift from SouthernBelle Fitness 🙊


💪🏻Wake up with determination and let that drive you to your goals.
💪🏻Don't compare yourself to others or where they are in life.
💪🏻Beauty comes in all shapes/sizes/ages and you should be confident wherever you are in the process.
💪🏻Love your body for what it allows you to do each day, every hour, and in this very moment.
💪🏻You're beautiful and your body is an amazing machine!
Just a few words of affirmation for this 'middle of the week' grind 🏋🏼Some of these may sound cheesy 🧀 but they are words I truly believe in and think EVERYONE should remember!


Everyday you have a choice, are you going to lace up those shoes or not? I was glad I did today! Got out the door around 5:30 and started my run at 6... Best run of the season! I felt light on my feet and turnover was so awesome to where I felt like I could go on FOREVER! We started out with 7:30 pace and slowly dropped it down to where we were casually hitting 6:30-6:10 pace for the past 2. So get out there and see what happens!


So I had a date with the track last night after I had been avoiding it's calls for the past couple months. I felt like I just wasn't clicking and we needed some time apart. So finally I said yes and we hit it off pretty well 😂 my workout consisted of 15 x 400 meters with a 45 second jog recovery in between. I had hit my first 6 around 90 seconds (6:00 pace) and then dropped down to a comfortable 84 second pace (5:35s) for the last 9. With not having run these in a while, I stayed in my trainers to support the feet and have more cushion. Needless to say, my legs benefited from some compression and work on the plantar (which is feeling SO much better!) 💪🏻 #


It may not be easy getting there but it will be worth it in the end when you've accomplished what you set out to do.💪🏻


This morning's office space was much cooler and pace was more reserved than normal with a feel of a harder effort. I have had higher stress and anxiety more than normal (something no one sees on the outside ) to where you feel as though nothing can make you feel better😱. It's even harder to get out the door and get a run in. But I put my shoes on, met some people up, and started running👣. In the beginning, the weight of my stress made this run feel like I was being pushed back with every step I took and "hills" harder than normal. As I began to chat and get lost in the conversations, I realized that I was leaving my negative energy on the road and my mind began to clear. By the end of the run, I was so thankful I took those hard steps to get out the door and go. Running/yoga/working out has allowed me to use that time to declutter my mind and to let go of what's holding me down in order to focus on what's important... Good health, family, friends, a career and so much more. Don't allow the short clips of negative moments (sometimes feeling like a huge deal at that time) in life keep you from seeing the big picture. If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a moment and focus on breathing, go for a walk, run or get a yoga class in (YouTube has some great yoga sessions if you are short on time! 🙏🏼)


Another solid strength day in the books at CHI St. Luke's PMed! 💪🏻


Perhaps when you finished a workout you had to be somewhere else and active recovery/stretching/foam rolling took a back seat when that happens. Now that kids are going back to school it's a good time to put that back into your busy schedule. Set aside at least 5 minutes to help your body recover and prevent injury from happening. Too often we forget how important our finely tuned machine is in our daily life until it's too late and you end up with tight/sore/tired/aching muscles (sometimes worse 😖).
I can admit that I am guilty of this on multiple occasions 🙋🏼 and end up wishing I would have slowed down and spent a couple minutes thanking my body.

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Morning walk! With it temps hitting feels of 90 before 10am making it harder to breath, I have resorted to walking more ...
Early morning walk-jog! I may not be my fastest right now but I feel my strongest. It may not be the strength I would ty...
Nothing like getting a nice walk and some strength training in with the bump. When I'm walking, I like to incorporate va...
One of my drills before and after workouts are high knee skips. These could help improve power and upward acceleration. ...
First run today I decided that in order to escape the heat, treadmill it was! I'll be honest, that bright red stop butto...
So I had a date with the track last night after I had been avoiding it's calls for the past couple months. I  felt like ...
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Bicycle crunches primarily target your rectus abdominis but the obliques and iliospsoas (hip flexors) also get a great w...





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