Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool of The Woodlands

Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool provides a home-like, nurturing environment where your child can feel comfortable to grow at his or her own pace.

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool a premier, private early education program with 22 preschools locations in 10 states. We are dedicated to provided a safe, secure and nurturing environment to each of our students allowing them to grow socially and emotionally at their own pace. Through our Distinctive Services and quality of care, we maintain a reputation of unrivaled distinction in preschool and early childhood education making us a sought after, premier private preschool program by parents across the county. Our user-friendly LuvNotes™ is a secured platform that allows your child’s teacher to stay in close communication with you throughout each day. When you log into the LuvNotes™ system, you’ll see a classroom snapshot, which includes a list of planned activities for the day, menu details and important announcements. It also includes a personalized daily report on your child with notes on specific activities, disposition, and sleeping and eating habits during the day. You can access this secure information on any device with access to the internet. Our master planned and accredited curriculum, Creatively Shine™, is based off the newest research and trends to prepare your children to enter their educational career equipped with cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language skills. At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, we believe a child’s work is play! We teach children lessons, manners, and social skills all through creative, organized and engaging play. We know that if children enjoy learning at a young age it will carry with them throughout their lives! For more information about Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool of The Woodlands, please visit Follow Us: Our blog: Twitter: Instagram:

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse maintains an identity and brand image of unrivaled distinction in preschool and early childhood education. Our facilities serve as a castle for a “Once Upon A Time” experience that enables each child to develop their imagination. Imbued throughout with old-world appeal, our facilities are professionally designed to maximize each child’s personal experience. In conjunction with enhanced interiors, Little Sunshine’s Playhouse features a theater stage, a landscaped nature center conducive to healthy, outdoor play and a variety of customized, age-appropriate playground equipment. We offer a master planned and Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum, Creatively Shine�, which is based off the newest research and trends to prepare young children to enter their educational career equipped with cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language skills. We use industry-leading technology in our programs to provide exclusive services such as our secured Kiddie Cams� that allow parents to watch their child via a smart phone or computer, our LuvNotes� system which is an electronic communication system that allows teachers to send parents personalized notes, pictures and videos of their children during the day, a Red Carpet� morning drop-off service and secured entry. These unique characteristics and distinctive services differentiate Little Sunshine’s Playhouse as the premier preschool and child care concept. Year after year, classrooms of our children graduate into their next level of education. Our graduates are equipped with academic and social accomplishments and have a deep sense of self-worth and philanthropy. It is our hope that our students and their families will hold their experiences with Little Sunshine’s Playhouse close to their heart for years to come.

Little Sunshine's - Craft Activity: Button Snails -

Have some extra #buttons laying around the house? Put them to use and create a #colorful snail with this fun #craft idea to try at #home. 🐌 This Little Sunshine's approved craft activity is so much fun! Everyone in the family can make a snail out of buttons and cardstock. Learn how now.

Eric Carle reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar

See Eric Carle, the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, reading this classic Puffin picture book out loud. An exclusive glimpse of this incredible book an...

#Parents: We want to hear your thoughts! 💭

Head over to our #Instagram and let us know how your experience with educating your little ones #athome has been. 📚🏠

Even when times are tough, we can always find a bright side to things. ☀️

#MondayMotivation #Quote #CreativelyShine

Little Sunshine's: Squirt Gun Watercolor Art Activity

Been looking for the perfect #activity to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful #spring weather? We've got just the thing. ⛅

Check out this watercolor squirt gun #craft that'll have you soaking up the sun while creating colorful artwork. 💦🌈 Here's a Little Sunshine's approved at-home art activity for the whole family. Squirt gun painting is a thrilling outside art experience. Grab your paper!

Goodnight With Dolly

Dolly Parton reads Imagination Library books during “Goodnight with Dolly” a weekly storytime series for children and families.

Technology in Preschool | Technology in Early Childhood Education

Technology drives so much of our world these days, and that holds true within the #classroom too. Incorporating #technology into curriculum can be beneficial for improving several foundational skills in your #child's life.

Read our blog to learn more: Wondering about the use of technology in preschool classrooms? Learn about the benefits of technology in early childhood education & the importance of developmentally appropriate technology activities for preschoolers. Contact a Little Sunshine’s Playhouse® near you for more information!

[04/04/20]   We’ll be here for you, when you need us💗!

Special times call for special people, and we couldn't be more #thankful for the continued hard work each and every one of our #employees has put forth over these past few weeks.

To all #childcare personnel and other essential service workers: your heroic efforts do not go unnoticed.

Mrs. Wishy Washy Adventure

Our Friends at Stretch-N-Grow are missing us and sent you all a fun video for us to share ! Stretch-n-Grow of North Harris & Montgomery County

Have fun with Coach Amy in this Stretch-n-Grow adventure!

Story time with Mrs. Julie

Little Sunshine's: How to Teach Your Kids to Care for the Planet

Teaching #children to care for the planet is as important as ever, and there's no better time for them to learn than when their minds are explorative. 🌎

Read our #blog to learn how you can inspire your little ones to lead an #environmental lifestyle. ♻️ Little Sunshine's Playhouse shares some ideas on how children can take on an active role in caring for the planet by learning eco-friendly habits.

To our families ...please check your email for invites to a virtual interaction app for you and our teachers to communicate during these difficult times. 💗

#April showers bring May flowers, and we're taking a deep dive into the #weather of the #world for this month's curriculum theme. ☂️

'Worldly Weather' will have #students exploring the differences among seasons, as well as characteristics of #storms and how to prepare for them. 🌩️

Little Sunshine's: Celery and Food Dye Science Experiement for Kids

Ever wondered how exactly water travels through #plants? We've got answers. 😏

Check out this fun #STEM activity that mixes a bit of #art and #science and is sure to keep your #children learning while at #home. 🌈🥬 Looking for engaging ways to teach your children Science? Here's a Little Sunshine's approved experiment and all you need is celery and food coloring.

Little Sunshine's: Using Cooking for Education: What You Need to Know

With #cooking comes a tremendous amount of skills that can be learned, such as reading, math and #science.

Now's the perfect time to get in the kitchen with the kiddos and pick up on some new knowledge while creating something delicious along the way. 😋 Did you know cooking has benefits for children? Not only is it educational, but it provides a great opportunity for the family to spend time together.

Popsicle Stick S'mores Craft – Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool

A s'more #craft to satisfy your need for some more crafts.🔥😉

#athomeactivities #craftsforkids #preschool #parents

The activities just keep on coming. Follow along and make a craft version of everyone's favorite camping treat. For more activities, visit: https://www.littl...

ABC Scavenger Hunt - Little Sunshine's Playhouse

Looking for something #fun to do today? Have the little ones practice the alphabet with this ABC #ScavengerHunt #craft over on our #blog. 🔠

#athomeactivities #preschool #parents #stufftodo This easy at-home scavenger hunt is a great activity while teaching them about their ABC's. Visit our website for the instructions and supplies.

#SpotTheDifference: Can you catch all four changes made between these #photos? Put your vision to the test, and let us know when you found them all. 🔍


Get a closer look at some of the mighty kings of the #forest with our Bear Hunt Binoculars #craft tutorial. 🐻👀

This simple, at-home #activity is a fantastic way to improve #FineMotorSkills while spending time with the #family. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Coronavirus Resource Center - Little Sunshine's Playhouse

A lot has changed in the past week, and it can be difficult adjusting to this new normal. With this in mind, we put together a resource center comprised of at-home activities, informative articles and virtual tours to help navigate through this time. 😌🖥️ Navigating these unfamiliar challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is hard. We’re all in this together as we work to establish a new normal for ourselves and our children. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse has compiled some resources to provide you support while you work from home with energetic y...

Psst! Take Your Kids On Virtual Rides While Disney Parks Are Closed Due To COVID-19

For a magical time ….why not take a ride from your couch? Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and more might be taking some time off during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak as Disney World and Disneyland are closed for at least a few weeks, but you can still experience some of that magic while everyone is…

The Best Kid Yoga Videos

A great way to relive stress and stay active ! Kid Yoga videos are giving teachers and parents an incredible tool to help children learn to:

Leaf Rubbing Craft Tutorial – Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool

#Leaves contain a variety of unique #designs, each special in their own way. Explore their beautiful #textures through our Leaf Rubbing #Artwork tutorial and create something magnificent along the way. 🍃

#video #craft #preschool #athomeactivities

Leaves contain a variety of unique designs, each special in their own way. Explore their beautiful textures through our Leaf Rubbing Artwork tutorial and cre...

Congrats to our teacher of the month Kashea Brown. She’s is one of our Funtastic Toddler teachers. She is fun, energetic and outgoing - the kids and parents love her! If you peek into Green Gables classroom, you will often find her sitting on the floor, engaged with her kiddos. She writes dynamic, fun, Reggio centered lesson plans and her Luvnotes are always a treat. All of her paperwork is always complete, correct and turned in on time. We are so thankful to have Shea as part of #teamWoodlands!

How to Be a Supportive Parent - Little Sunshine's Playhouse

It may seem like a no-brainer, but parent-child #relationships are among the most important aspects for your little one's early development.

Read our latest #blog to learn how being a supportive #parent can help pave the way for your kid's success. 👪 Parenting has a huge impact on a child’s development. Here’s what you need to know about being an effective support system for your child.

Who doesn’t love a good story time ?

With school closures around the country due to #coronavirus, please use our FREE children's literacy resource featuring the world's best storytellers reading books aloud. Each video includes an activity guide with lessons for K-5 students to do at home.

Nine Great Books About Mountains & Forests - Little Sunshine's Playhouse

Keep busy at #home and continue exploring #March's #MountainsAndForests curriculum theme with these nine nature-focused reads. 🐻🌲

#books #preschool #readinglist In light of recent events, families are finding themselves in the position of not only being at home with their children for an extended period of time but educating them as well. We are here to help with some great books that the entire family can enjoy. Here is March’s suggested reading list to ...

Happy #StPatricksDay from Little Sunshine's Playhouse. 🌈

Don't forget your #green. ☘️

Virtual Field Trips

Need to take a trip without leaving the comfort of home? Check out these virtual field trips Over 30 Virtual Field Trips with Links (Click on colored text for links. Safe Travels!) San Diego Zoo The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Enjoy the tour! Yellowstone National Park Virtual Field Trip Mud Volcano, Mammoth Hot S...

40+ Best Indoor Activities from Busy Toddler - Busy Toddler

Here’s some great Reggio ideas to use at home ! Stuck inside? Kids home from school? Try these 40+ best indoor activities from Busy Toddler to help kids learn and play at home with minimal supplies.

Reggio Emilia for LSP Parents: The Who, When and What – Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool

Eager to hear more about the learning style that drives Little Sunshine's Playhouse's #curriculum? Check out our latest #video breaking down the 'Who, When and What' of the #ReggioEmilia approach. 🌿

Learn all about the Reggio Emilia approach, the learning style that drives the curriculum at Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool. Follow us on social m...

Our infants had a wonderful time sitting around the campfire and checking out the tent. #lspinfantscampout

Today Pre-K enjoyed working on their teamwork and engineering skills on the playground. 😍🏆#raisingleaders

Fred Rogers Center

With the continuing news about the coronavirus, we know schools are being extra cautious about the spread of germs, and families and communities are preparing to protect each other. Children are certainly hearing about the coronavirus and may have feelings and questions that you can help them with.

Here are some ideas for how to talk to children about the coronavirus:

- Help your child know that you and the adults in their life are protecting them, and that doctors and nurses and scientists are taking care of people who are sick and working to find vaccines to keep everyone safe. While children need to know it is not their job to stop or fix the virus, you can empower them to be a helper by washing their hands often and covering their nose and mouth if they cough or sneeze.

- Be mindful of what your children hear and see on the news, and try to limit how much they see and hear.

- Ask your child what they have heard about the coronavirus. They may have heard more than you realize, or heard misinformation. Asking them what they know, rather than assuming, will give you the chance to meet them where they are in your conversations.

- Let your child know they can always come to you with questions. If you don’t know the answer to a question, it is okay to tell your child “I wonder about that, too” or let them know you will come back to them if you have an answer later.

- Let your child know that their feelings are always safe with you, whether they are feeling worried or sad or anything at all.

Every day is a chance to inspire the next generation. 🧒💛

#MondayMotivation #Quote #NelsonMandela #Parenting

Our pre-k kids had a great time learning to pitch a couple tents today !

Helpful Tips About Visual Learners - Little Sunshines Playhouse

Does your #child learn best through seeing? Chances are they're a #VisualLearner. 👁️

Head over to our latest #blog to learn more about identifying what type of learning style your #kid follows best. 💡 How do you know if your child is a visual learner? Here are some helpful tips to help you gauge whether your child is a visual learner.

Our babies had a great time exploring “trees” and building mountains💗

New month, new #learning theme! 💡

#March is all about Mountains and Forests, where we'll be exploring aspects of the great #outdoors. ⛰️🌲

Staying active is an important part in living a #HeartHealthyLifestyle. Check out these different activities for helping your little one stay on the move. 👟🚲

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