Metamorphic Educational Resources, LLC.

Academic Therapist- Special Ed., 504, tutoring in math, science, and testing preparation through second year of college. Providing educational resources for all ages.

Including college counseling, life-coaching, and test anxiety. Phone or Video or Face-to-Face

Students can contact me outside scheduled time for additional support. ex. student texting a worksheet to be reviewed for errors; or, student as questions on current homework.

Operating as usual 04/08/2020

Request your FREE six-month subscription of TI software

Texas Instrument is giving a FREE 6 month subscriptions to their Calculator Emulators. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS! It allows your students to use a calculator on their computers and other devices.

For Students:

For Teachers:

Please share so that all students can have access to a calculator.

[03/18/20]   Hello Friends & Neighbors,

During this monumental time, we have to work together to help our students be successful. I can for ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the WORLD. So, let me know how I can help.

I have been doing online learning with Lone Star College for the past 4 years. And, have been doing phone or text tutoring since 1983. (It was a lot harder back then.) My background is in Curriculum Development. So, if you are in need of someone to help develop a study plan for your child, whether they had been in public schools or colleges, I can do it. This new online education is going to require a lot of help for our students.

I am a Texas educator certified in Mathematics (6-12) and Special Education (PK-12). My MEd is in Curriculum with a specialization in multidisciplinary studies. And, BS in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics and specialization in Physics.

I provide video conferencing any time of the day. I can give direct instruction in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics from 6th to second year college. Yes, even college students.

I can provide Testing Preparation skills for all the major tests (PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, and TSI). (Although, they will be moving to being administered online, my guess.) But, the strategies and content are going to be the same.

Let me know what I can do for you. Direct Message me for more information.

Stay safe. Social distance. Wash hands.

God Bless!

Greg Steinbach

[03/12/20]   Please follow the CDC’s recommendations during this COVID19 outbreak. Keep healthy.

If your child is ill, please DO NOT send them to school or tutoring.

Hopefully, you or your child will not be affected by COVID19, but if you find you have, I can provide some services. Teaching whole lessons can be a great option, if your child is in quarantine or out of school. I have been doing phone tutoring since 1983 and technology makes this distance learning an easy possibility. I do text, phone, and FaceTime tutoring and instruction. Let me know how I might be able to assist you or your child. Please stay in good health. 07/16/2019

How horses helped a teenager with autism rise to become a professor -

Amazing Advocate - saw her lecture once. Horses played a crucial role in the personal and career development of Professor Temple Grandin. 07/16/2019

How Making Music Can Help Students Cope with Trauma

Very interesting article. For teens who aren't eager to talk to directly to adults about what they're experiencing, making music can offer an outlet for expression and understanding.


Cal's Automotive Repair

Cal’s Is Honored To Mention, For the 2nd Year In A Row, Has Received The Award For #1 Auto Repair Shop In The Area. I Would Like To Thank Everyone For Your Loyalty And Business. It Would Not Be Possible Without You.


NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

Educators need training!

KIDS AT RISK: 1 in 5 children, ages 3 through 17, have a diagnosable mental, emotional or behavioral disorder in a given year, according to the CDC.



Business Insider

Parents of unsuccessful kids could have these 6 things in common.


Child Mind Institute

"Dyslexia is not a sign of intelligence. It's a learning challenge. You're going to have a million challenges in life. You don't have to be like somebody else." -Gavin Newsom #BeUnderstood



Bullying is a huge barrier to academic success. How our children are treated by peers and adults in schools directly impacts their ability to learn. Any bullying is unacceptable.

Last week, I wrote an article discussing David's Law, the new Texas Cyberbullying law. I encourage all teachers throughout the state of Texas to make sure that their school district is in compliance with this law, and what they are doing to make students safer. Thank you.

[08/09/17]   Teenage Depression

[08/09/17]   Back to School

[08/04/17]   Make sure you send this out to friends who might be interested as well.


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