Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi

Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi


Calling All HEROES!!!

Ever wanted to be a Super Hero?

Have that feeling inside that you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Come join us Tuesday at 8pm on June 18th, 25th, and July 9th!

It doesn't take a cape and x-ray vision to be a hero... it just takes a desire to better yourself and others. It's about creating honor, integrity, joy, love and helping to save the world one person at a time... starting with yourself!

If you're between the ages of 15 and 40, come join us at The Woodlands Body & Brain Yoga Studio (7 Switchbud Pl. #185, The Woodlands, TX, 77380... near Randalls, next to SafeWay Driving Center) for an awesome time of inspiration and energy including dancing, tai chi, yoga, meditation or whatever we feel like!

Just wear whatever's comfortable, grab a friend if you can and come down for a great time... it'll be just the reset and recharge you need to thrive the rest of your week!

Do you know someone who this would be perfect for? Feel free to share!

Body & Brain offers group exercise and personal coaching to guide you to physical, emotional and overall wellbeing. We use many different techniques including Yoga, TaiChi, Qigong, Meditation suitable for all ages and levels of capability.

At Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi The Woodlands, we offer a variety of yoga and tai chi classes consisting of stretching, breathing, meridian exercises, qigong, and meditation to enhance your physical, mental, and energetic health and promote a healthy lifestyle. Come join us at one of the best yoga studios in Spring, Texas!

Operating as usual 03/12/2021

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A simple way to improve your sleep... Better Sleep!


Body & Brain

Ah.... Yes - Let's begin!

Give Yourself the Gift of Time Focused on YOU!


Whoa! 30 min. private session for free? 😱 -


It doesn't get better than this! Book online at 02/22/2021

Energy Healing Points for Stress Relief | Body & Brain Special Energy Exercises

This simple acupressure technique is one of my favorites. Master Michelle Moon guides this simple and short routine to release anxious energy. Let me know if you try it. Have you heard of acupressure energy points, also known as energy healing points? Want to know how to use them for self-healing and stress relief? Try this 1...


Body & Brain

Chase the cold away with some exercises to warm you from the inside!

Are you looking for exercises to help you maintain good health, naturally boosting your immunity and vitality? Raise your internal body temperature and activate your core with this 14-Minute Class taught by Master Jang.


Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi

Coming up in March! Our very popular Body & Brain Summit! 18 sessions over 3 days!

Topics including Tai Chi, QiGong, Principles for Peaceful Co-existance, Building Immunity, Health and Wellness, Energy Healing, Relationships, Better Sleep, Connecting to Your True Self, Meditation, Pineal Gland, Self Love, etc. etc.

All my members who attended all 3 days last time said they didn't want it to end! You don't want to miss it!

More Information and Registration please message us.

Video: 02/18/2021

5 Daily Self Love Habits | Self Love Motivation

5 ways to practice self-love everyday 💜 Do you practice daily self love habits? In this video, learn the importance of self love and some simple tips to love yourself more! 🔔SUBSCRIBE for weekly v...


“True peace of mind comes from an attitude of acceptance”
Ilchi Lee
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Harness the power of connection this Saturday! Learn simple and effective acupressure massage and healing techniques. Spend time with someone you care about and connect on a deeper level.

Create the environment you want in the comfort of your own home and join Master Cherie via Zoom as she guides the special event.

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Body & Brain

When you have a goal, so much of life lends itself to achieving it, even without being obvious.....

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Self-Care in 2021


Just like your cat, your body is trying to tell you something....

Read the signals telling you the condition of your body. Is your head hot or cool? Are your belly, hands, and feet warm or cold? Is your breathing comfortable and deep, or short and shallow? Do you have any tense, knotted muscles? Is your posture straight or bent? It’s important to look closely at these things.

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Body & Brain

Enjoy this song!

[Video] Song of Mago, Mother Earth | Ilchi Lee


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#Repost Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi

#2021 #vision #resolution #awakening #spirituality #change #mindset #ianworthy #iamenough #trusttheprocess #nevergiveup #ilchilee #healtheworld #inspirationalquotes

#Repost Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi


Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi

Plate spinning is one of the best ways to open your entire body! So fun with the kiddos too. Have you tried it?

Plate spinning. Always a crowd favorite!


Free Online Yoga class to help chest tension. Open to anyone. No experience or ability necessary. Everyone welcome. Click this link for more information and to register. 01/12/2021

Breathing to Support Immunity | Body & Brain Special Energy Exercises

Simple technique for helping immunity and wellbeing. Try it! The best way to support your immunity is to maintain overall health. Minjae introduces a very special breathing exercise routine in this video. You'll stretc...


Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi

We can do it!! 💪🙌🙌🙌💜🙏🙏🙏


This is a great program for teachers who want to help children become well rounded human beings!

It's a 12 hour course Feb 1 to March 15 with 3 live sessions, 9 asynchronous. Resources include: library of videos, digital binder, exercise cards and access to our international Learning Community.
Find out more - click below!


Happy New Year from Texas Body & Brain Masters!

Happy New Year from Texas Body & Brain Masters! 01/05/2021

I Wish You a Year of Creating New Hope with Your Inner Light | Ilchi Lee

Happy New Year! A new year message of great hope! Let's create a fabulous 2021! Let's congratulate and cheer all of us on the passing of 2020 and the coming of the new year. This past year, we suffered a lot of hardship and pain from the pandemic. Although it was very difficult, it also gave us an opportunity for reflection and change. We once again felt the value and ... 12/23/2020

Try Body & Brain Online Classes - K Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation from Home

Join us online for your Health, Happiness & Peace 🌟 Body & Brain offers a unique blend of Korea Yoga, Tai Chi, Breathing, and Meditation practice - now LIVE and ONLINE!Visit to fin...


"What can I do to help?"

When we see so much hurt, fear, confusion going on around us it can be hard to know how to help. I wanted to share one of my members stories on how she found hope and meaning during this challenging time.


How is your condition? Check the graphic below and see. Do you know how to change it? Take a look at the new book "Water Up, Fire Down" to find out simple and practical ways how to create healthy energy circulation for optimal health and wellness.

You can order it here:

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When you know your energy flow is reversed, you can do exercises to make Water Up Fire Down energy circulation in your body. It's easy to tell. Your head is warm and your belly is cool. Check out this chart for symptoms of healthy and reversed circulation and learn more at

#energyhealing #circulation #healthyliving 12/12/2020

Tai Chi Joint Warm-up Exercises | Tai Chi Basics with Master Arthur

These joint exercises are a wonderful daily routine to keep your joints strong and moving. Enjoy!

Interested to try Tai Chi? Message us for details.

#taichi #taichikigong #taichiqigong #qigong #jointhealth If you're looking for some exercises to help your joints feel stronger and looser, try this set of Tai Chi warm-up moves. They'll help you to feel lighter an...



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Tai Chi Free Online Class

Are you curious about Tai Chi? Then join us for Body & Brain’s Tai Chi Free Online Class with Master David! This special 1-hour class will be available live online, Tuesday, December 8th, from 5-6pm.

In this interactive class, Master David will explain key concepts and guide you through some simple Tai Chi exercises. As you focus on the feeling of energy while following the movements, you’ll notice your mind becoming clearer and your body feeling energized.

What You’ll Learn

• How Tai Chi can help support your immunity by activating, circulating, and accumulating energy

• How to improve your physical strength, flexibility and balance

• How to develop greater body awareness and energy sensitivity through mindful movement

• How to develop better focus and a calmer mind

• How to achieve a sense of peace and happiness by connecting your body with your mind.

RSVP – Space is Limited! According to the principles of Tai Chi, a balanced flow of physical and emotional energy is the foundation for optimal wellness, including healthy immunity. Through Tai Chi practice, you can create a cool, calm feeling in your brain and a warm, strong energy in your core, leading to greater health,....

[12/03/20]   We are moving our Qigong class indoors. Come and join us at 10:30am every Tuesday for a class in Body & Brain (Grogan's Mill Village Center). Please arrive by 10:15am. Let us know you plan to come.


We are moving to a new location for our Tuesday Qigong Classes. Every Tuesday at 10am at NorthShore Park, 2505 Lake Woodlands Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77380. Just come along and join us. No experience of capability expected. Just an interest!


Ilchi Lee

Simple principles simply for health!

I’d like to introduce a principle called the “Golden Principle of Health.” No matter what physical or mental issues you may have, if you apply this principle in your daily life, you’ll be able to make progress toward clearing them up.
#healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthiswealth


Now available and I have some at the center too. Simply clear and impactful!

Anything that you want to create in life will require that you feel good and are healthy in your mind and body.

Learn more about the "Golden Principle of Health" in my latest book, Water Up Fire Down:
#quotesaboutlife #tuesdaymotivation 11/06/2020

Qigong Tai Chi Free Online Class

A chance to experience wonderful Qigong/TaiChi training for free with Master Brian Huff. Wednesday Nov 11, at 6pm-7pm CT. Online via zoom. Register: Are you curious about Qigong, the study of vital energy, and Tai Chi, the practice of energy balancing? Try both during this free class and learn more! According to Eastern traditions, a balanced flow of physical and emotional energy is the foundation of good health and immunity. The slow, focused m...


I will have books at the center soon! Or you can order for yourself on Amazon! How to become cool headed!

The optimal energy state of your body is when your head is cool and your belly is warm. When your energy circulation is off balance, you may feel sick, fatigued, and emotional. By balancing the energy flow in your body with a principle called Water Up Fire Down, you can bring more health and balance to your life.
#mondaymotivation #quoteoftheday #getbright


Ilchi Lee

This new book explains the essence of a natural principle for health and internal energy balance. Water Up, Fire Down - the secret is told!

What's the one thing you need to know about your energy to manage your stress and health simply and naturally? In my latest book, you can find the essentials you need to create calmness, clarity, and a lifetime of health.

Learn more:
#energyhealing #newbook #booklaunch


Body & Brain

Looking for a simple set of exercises to increase your hip joint flexibility? Try this simple stretching routine with Yana for more strength and mobility in your hips and core.

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