Susanne Ciaglia R.N. Board Certified Health Coach

I help individuals and families lead healthier and happier lives. Susanne is originally from New York City. She received her bachelors of Science in Nursing from Binghampton University.

She has worked in many facets of nursing ranging from a surgical nurse at a level one trauma center to the open heart unit/ surgical ICU. She has always had a passion for health and nutrition and raising healthy confident children. After a severe illness in 2011, she changed her focus and life goals and received her Health Coach Certification from The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Her main sources of joy are her two children and being married to her husband since 2009. Susanne is a #1 best selling author for her children's book "Building the Future of You and Me." Susanne's passion is helping parents and children make living a healthy life easy!

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Fish You Should NEVER Eat 05/01/2021

Fish You Should NEVER Eat

If you were trying to incorporate more seafood into your diet. This is a good resource for eating clean quality fish 🐟

Fish You Should NEVER Eat While healthy options exist, there are plenty of fish you should never eat. From mercury poisoning and other threats, this is a list of seafood to avoid. (Healthier options recommended!)

Susanne Ciaglia R.N. Board Certified Health Coach updated their website address. 05/01/2021

Susanne Ciaglia R.N. Board Certified Health Coach updated their website address.

Susanne Ciaglia R.N. Board Certified Health Coach updated their website address.


Live a Legacy, LLC

We can’t turn a blind eye. Educate yourself...if not for yourself, at least for your children. If we stop buying it, it will impact their bottom line. Maybe then they will get the message.
#InspiringHealthyLegacies 06/07/2019

Energy drinks ‘increase stroke risk by 500%’ as 'irregular heartbeats soar' Shocking figures from the British Soft Drinks Association reveal the volume of energy drinks consumed in the UK increased to 679 million litres last year



Just thought I would share. My daughter received this as a gift for Christmas. She loves it!

Play and learn with Koala Crate by KiwiCo. Monthly hands-on projects that inspire preschoolers to explore science 🔬 , art 🎨 and imaginative play 💡.


Power of Positivity

The world needs more people like this.

This is the sweetest thing ever... 😊😊😊 02/16/2019

97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had Root Canal Procedure - Just Naturally Healthy

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary route cause I highly recommend it for anybody who has had a root canal or suffers from chronic illness, fatigue, autoimmune disease or even cancer. Many people believe that a root canal is essential to good oral health, but the truth is that this dental procedure can be the root of many diseases. 02/16/2019

Drinking two or more diet beverages a day linked to high risk of stroke, heart attacks Drinking two or more diet sodas a day is linked to an increased risk of stroke, heart attacks and early death in women over 50, a new study says. The risk was highest for obese and African American women.


Quirky Momma

Great article.

Parents & grandparents... this is a must-read. 02/10/2019

Getting strict on early bedtimes for your kids has scientific benefits—including your own mental health, mama

💤 😴 Great read 😴 💤 My parenting style is largely what you could describe as “trial and error," in which I embrace flexibility and aim to find the methods that work best for my individual kids.But one thing I was never willing to budge on was bedtime and I have absolutely no regrets about it—especially considering ...


Start your day with a hug 🤗


I love this list


CBC News

These kindergartners start each day with pushups, planks and play to improve their cores — and teachers say it has hugely improved concentration too!

Read more:


Happy thanksgiving!!



Love this !

Imagine a world that starts each day with a hug or fist bump. 11/05/2018

[NOW LIVE] Free Worldwide Online Premiere - November 1-11

What a wonderful doc-series this has been! I encourage everyone to carve out some time and tune in! Save your free spot today and get instant access to the first 12 minutes!




Food Matters

What's really in our food? A question we dive deep into in Episode 1 of the NEW docu-series #TRANSCENDENCE

Could the first step to changing your life be as simple as changing what you put in your mouth? Optimize your diet to fuel your body, heal your gut and autoimmune conditions, and reach your true physical and mental potential. Save your spot for the FREE Worldwide Online Screening here 👉


Feelings of worth for a child can flourish in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family and kind works. Plant the seeds for your children today.


This sugar visual is so powerful!


Tom Bilyeu

Wonderful video! “If our thoughts can make us sick, then our thoughts can make us well”

The most powerful explanation ever of how your thoughts can change your life. Watch till the end!



Dare to be brave!

"Bravery is learned, and like anything learned, it just needs to be practiced."

Watch the full TED Talk here:


[10/12/18]   I have amazing clients! Love getting these emails:

“Hello Susanne,

I finally found you online. I want to thank you for helping me lose weight and get control of carbs.

I feel so lucky that I got hooked up with you. I have learned such a lot of eating, how food labels relate to me!

I will talk to you shortly.




Did you get the benefits of exercise today ? What did you do?

These are the long-term benefits of regular exercise for your brain.

Watch the full TED Talk here:


I love getting beautiful emails and pictures from my clients. Made my day!

This is the picture of sweet Valentina's hand after 4 weeks of working with me. Eczema be gone!! No steroid, no antibiotics!

[09/14/18]   Fun fact Friday...Honey is the only edible food that never goes bad. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal proprieties are great for the immune system. Stock up and reap the healthy benefits! 💪🏺☕


[09/07/18]   Fun fact Friday...
Broccoli contains twice the vitamin C of an orange. Flu season is here! Load up on your Vitamin C. 🤧🥦🥦


The Daily Goalcast

What if we all lived our lives like this???

David J. Flood Youth Motivational Speaker recounts a heartwarming tale of how his son’s hockey team taught him a life changing lesson about the power of love.

Inspired by David’s extraordinary story? Download his free ebook here:





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