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Sharing freedom is a place where we can all come together as friends and family of friends, to help each other manifest the true freedom we each desire, and to help ourselves break through the physical & emotional barriers we have created so that we can allow ourselves to experience immeasurable bliss.

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Why being yourself is a myth in life and business

Massive delusions lol 🤣
Sam your right on. 🎼
"The only wrong thing is being . is a of ideas. .. Being honest naturally puts together a person feeling just right; for who a person really wants to be." - Jordan Kangen

Why do people think its bad to be somebody who you're not? Why do people always say "Be yourself". "Stick to your roots" and "Don't forget where you come fro...


"I hope everyone had the most AMAZING Thanksgiving yesterday! 🍁 I was trying to stay off my phone as much as possible, so I'll write TWO things I'm grateful for today to make up for yesterday! 😉 I am so grateful for each of you here online who I feel like I know personally, and who I love like family! Thank you for inspiring me and my family every single day! And second, I am grateful of course for my sweet family-especially my parents. They are the greatest people I know, and I feel so blessed to have their love and examples in my life. Family is one of my greatest sources of strength and happiness in life! God is so good. Love you all so much! 💕


each day with a . 💥


"Turning patience into pleasure is our greatest strength."


Accurate success designs an environmental atmosphere that cares for like nothing else matters. ..

Accurate success promotes the most beautifully loving gifts.

Loving ideas manifest the essence of respect every single hope deserves.

In a living environment, every perspective adds up to tell. Uniting every authentic passion together, naturally escalates our awareness into an understanding recognition and energy for life, like the brainstorming effects really good ideas have on one another; ideas that purposefully desire to focus into being our most exciting new possibilities to come.

Escalating our hope for things, allows our personal awareness, a focusing viewpoint that strengthens our relationship with the new ideas we come up with, and to our living environment all around.

The respect our emotions embody is the living relativity our environment adds up for us to enjoy.

Emotions are the indicators for life in any space you sense enough to create.
When you're aware of something, you're conscious; and when you're conscious of something, you're sensing it. Every sensation is a mass of focusing emotions; a vibrational spectrum of awareness intention and drive. When you feel an intention to do something what you're taking action from is a memory of emotionally contrasting preferences, like a spirit of creation or like a mass of perspective ideas, passion and purpose. Consciousness is a sense, just as our mind can envision desire. The senses our body reciprocates for awareness is made up with our conscious connection and desire for life. is connected together from the emotionally living attributes our living with understanding awareness and the spectrum of ideas we see enough to realize.
Love is a mass of perspective energy that replicates intelligence into motion for something kind, nice, real, good and true. Love is a very particular spectrum of emotion. Love is a very particular kind of environment.
Love is an intention; just as it is a spirit of perspective wisdom from emotion. Every emotion is an understanding. Even God is made with purpose and emotion.

Face Love not fear. .. is a place where every essence is . Heaven is a place where you see what you're looking at. Heaven is a place you reside.

Energy and life come from a reason for inspiring good feeling emotions, not just for our own living environment to , but also for honoring what love actually means for us to understand.

Goodness expands a mass of focusing energy just as our uniting Ideas consistently give them; just as our worshiping spirit becomes. things are always inspired from perspectives that actually give energy, not from ideas that steal life, blame guilt, or that cause an egotistical debt minded need for individual gain.

Goodness naturally deepens our excitement for things. Goodness comes from our to give energy and amplify wellness into the environmental situations we step into. When giving is what we actually practice as a community, our living situations naturally begin to feel absolutely perfect. Perfection is emotional, even people who don't even know what an emotion is can recognize that.

Abundance is our birthright just as every cell in our body deserves it; just as every emotion perpetuates what our version of prosperity allows for us to exemplify, replicate and live.

Prosperity comes from an allowance of emotion, value and environmental respect. Perfection is a spirit of loving kindness that adapts to the new environment our spectrum of focus allows. Every essence we conjure up adds to the perception of energy we allow our self to realize into being. Our own body of cells replicate the living information our perspective energy designs.

Our divine purpose is to enjoy the presence we create. Our divine purpose means to be attentive to the energy in our compassion for things like a mother to her baby. Debt minded realities keep their back to accurate love. Debt minded ideas are emotionally numb. Debt minded environments have no where near the brainstorming energy for optimal learning. Ideas that do not come from a passion to give do not recognize or fully understanding what God and love actually mean.


All action for us begins from our essence of thought.

"Accurate LOVE" is the eager anticipation for what's up and coming, like a normal preference and focus for life would be. :)

Accurately, our perfectly feeling emotions come from an accurately loving preference, faith and focusing spirit, no matter what essence for life we may be blindly wrapped up in seeing;) .. There is only so much creating space to focus our interests and intentions at one time. The reasons for life we breed on a daily bases, give us the new relationships that only the relativity our living circumstances can allow. ¤

The Better things get, the better our ideas for things get; and because we all get to breathe in the same atmosphere of ideas together, what a wonderful place to be with leading edge thinkers like the people and partners that can't help but attract!!

Accurate LOVE eagerly gives energy to every living person involved. Real LOVE equals the space and recognition for a giving in our own passionately valuing environment.

Real love is a kindness that always prepares a place for whats happening, subconsciously or deliberately, and naturally draws out the blessings for each and every new essence to become realized, remembered, and enjoyed.

Real love is a culmination of valuing desire; emotional intention, choice focus, and absolute preference. Accurate love is a passionate filled consciousness for individual purpose and freedom; for uniting energy, and breeding synchronisticly perpetuating emotions all around. .. with all of us playing off one another for the absolute joy of living wholesouled.♡

Our time is living. Our relativity is alive. The emotions we feel from naturally replicate into the intentions our situations become.

Time is a focusing for life; a motioning intention, preferencing and growing, deepening in emotional value and meaning.

The life we live in, is what respect represents. What we feel from is a living morality.

Humans are not made to be judges. Humans are made to love. Humans are made to preference and choose. Humans are made to live a life full of joy.

What we see, we create. Not only do we create the personality of the spirit we are exemplifying behaviorally, but we also create the direction our spirit of emotions escalates for us behaviorally.

Every emotion perpetuates perspective influences. Every emotion causes us to act out the action our spirit tells us to do. Our greatest advantage is to love. God means 'to love.' For us love starts with the essence we envision anytime we look and see.

Every emotion is caused from a perception, a spirit of perspective reality. Every emotion is the action our spirit is driving us to do.

Love is the the easy part. Love is where the contentment lives. Love is the best of it. Love feels like energy and life.

The opposite of easy is hard. The opposite of love is hell.

Preference and choose. ..Preference and choose. .. Preference and choose. .. anytime something feels wrong or inappropriate we're not practicing to preference and choose.

Jesus is the only judge. Jesus represents the reason to love.

Preference and choose. ..Preference and choose. .. Preference and choose. ..

Anytime something feels wrong or inappropriate we're not practicing to preference and choose. ;)


I'm not late. .. I'm early.
¤ You can cry now.
Where Earth Meets Water.
- by ¤
Love Bomb °


Beauty to me is all about the spirit that sees .. it's all about the essence looking. ..

I'm not late. .. I'm early.
¤ You can cry now.
Where Earth Meets Water.
- by ¤
Love Bomb °

Jordan Klimp ¤
¤ Do what you know you need to do.
"Global effort. Please Listen with an open heart." - Jordan Klimp ¤


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"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." -Elon Musk

Leadership Team
Powur, PBC

maximizing results • optimizing life • elevating mindset
mobile: 571.466.7554

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Powur: love ¤


12:23pm, HEY HEY ALREADY!! (PressHere) and kiss the moment Goodbye ¤ : ))
.kiss the moment goodbye;)
We are giving away $1,000 dollars every day for quite some time right NOW!! ^ ;)' +Jordan Klimp ¤ +Jordan Klimp .. and kiss tomorrow goodbye;)
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.and kiss the moment goodbye☆☆☆

with . .. stands for

"Make your dream him a reality!" - ¤ Amen for Good Country! 



"There is only so much 'focusing presence' to escalate our emotions from. Pure emotion is pure intention. When we feel inappropriate, 'opposite to love' .. we focus our self in a spectrum of interests that kill the very life we're wanting to see, and live the most.

Every feeling escalates; that's what our emotions do for the purpose of serving us to our best advantage.

There are only so many ideas we can conjure up. There is only so many ideas to culminate the spectrum of situations we step into and see. Making our emotional spectrum of interests and intertaining ideas healthy for our thinking cells is so important to the soul for who we are, and the faster we recognize this vital relationship, the more alive we will feel in our culminating relationship with the situations to come; with how we are actually doing; and the more absolute certainty we will step into and find.

Every emotion brings you more of it. Our focus is a breeding means that always brings things together." Jordan K



It's our own ideas that form the essence we see in things, and it is from these ideas .. our 'essence of intentions' drive in for more.

It is from these "emotional intentions" that become our reality in the visions we face. It is from these emotional directions, that culminate our energetically attractive behavior into the dreams we orchestrate, and into the performance 'our life of beliefs' practice for us to draw in and realize more and more.

Every spirit escalates it's own emotion. Like swimming on the surface of water or walking into a tree or rock wall, sometimes the things around us 'or right in front of us' say no; and it is our gift of intelligence to respect that, and to understand a better more natural, more allowing way.

Every emotion is the essence of your own interest of intention. Good for us, or not so much; we do always know.

Every emotion is the essence of respect you are unfolding; the honor of life for the newness to come; for your own preferencing spectrum of space to be.

Everyone is intoxicated with their own ideas and interests for things. Everyone sees through their own culmination of intertaining ideas.

For us, the relationship we allow between all things has a creative persona; a personality that talks to you once developed. The relationship between our hopes and our desires; between who we are, and who we are wanting to become; between what we see and our broadest perspective about it, is a relationship that is vitally important for us in order for us to have an emotionally intelligent mind.

Every new idea is filled with a lifetime of living feeling, breathing emotions. Emotions are the indication of our relationship with what we know as being healthy, good and appropriate.

Every emotion points you into an essence of information. Every body of energy; every body of emotion propells our creatively constructing spirits into action for life. Like a baby to a mommy; like a father and his son, essence you birth, is your own.

Essence is where your emotional consciousness is heading situationally; to teach you a lesson; for you to develop understanding compassion for; to cause you to feel it 'as if' you want it most.

The lesson for life is always to Live for goodness. The lesson is to love life by understanding our own preciously delicate energy; that it is alive for us as 'an already orchestrating 'envisioning will'; from a purpose that means everything to us.

The lesson in life is always to love all the more.

The lesson in life tells us to drive into loving our ideas for things all the more. It means for us to care of the situation. It means to take care of the moment. To actually care for momentum our ideas perpetuate our performance to become. The life that we have coming will always motion for us to experience the evolution of our requests all the more.

Every emotion is the essence of your own interest of intention.

One good mantra you could use:

"The universe talks to my intention as I intend and then do things; it teaches me with examples and expressions; it falls before my attention, and draws into my nose its atmosphere of reasons with words from other people, and things outside of me.

When I intend to do something, an answering knowledge of guidance always expresses a 'more honorable' perspective recognition; a recognizably understanding answer of emotion and truth; a recognizably understanding guidance as a knowing for our greatest good.

Let me recognize the clarity and strength in the guidance I allow for my space to notice.

Let me recognize the questions I have asserting my every request.

Let the signs talk to me; let them show me through every means. Let my focus become certain. Let my vision for what I see draw me into making the next step 'a focus that's best for me.

Programming my peptides successfully takes a particular kind of understanding drive. A drive that causes notions of emotion, a purpose that is always 'holy' and divine.

A divinity that is everlasting is a divinity that is solid in the honor for what is seen; solid in a freedom of divine synchronicity that already is."

Practice makes our focusing satisfaction a perfect delight every time.


We Always Project the envisioning environment we set our 'platforming foundation' for. We always set the stage we're living in. Every emotion takes you there.

A preforming orchestration. A living reputation. An everlasting emanation!


Happy 9:23;))


Loving always begins with an idea, and loving ideas aways feel good, healthy and appropriate, if what's happening is actually being loving. ..

Settling into the quality of absolute freedom and love always feels beneficial as it's actually happening .. and that's a very good thing to remember and recognize when things start to face us in a direction opposite to feeling loving.

Every spirit has a story, because every spirit desires to live.
Every part of love is filled with a living story that preferences the best for things.

As life flows through any spirit, a persona of perspective vision emanates desire into a sensation of living faith, and into an essence of believing reality.

The natural law of attraction is all about the emotional relativity we feel as we think about what we see. It's always good to remember that no matter what emotion we feel, good feeling or not so good, at the base for every emotion is the desire we are wanting, and it's the relationship we have with the possibility for our desire that sets the emotional polarity we feel in the expanding essence always drawing us in for more.

By creating a good understanding about our own biology, and about our own living environmental conditions surrounding us, we can naturally create a good relationship with ourselves, and to the hope that we're wanting to realize into being.

Our purest desire is to give what we love; to give like we want it the most; to give with a heart full of abundance that naturally empowers our living environment to respond with the essence of appreciation and love.

Cultivating a good relationship with our hope for things, creates a good relationship with the living perspectives we practice to feel and make new decisions from.

Having a good relationship to our living desire for things, means to be skilled with our ability to be happy. Being skilled with our ability to love allows us the clarity in our space of freedom to adapt ourselves in situations that feel like something less, by letting go of those ideas that are not serving us to our best advantage.

Our situations grow from the essence of ideas we honor. We learn by the essence we replicate. The amount of 'self moral' we actually care for is the essence of emotional respect our situations tune into loving us emotionally.

Allowing a peaceful mind, and directing the focus of our creative emotions into successful feeling relationships, situations and circumstances requires a particular spectrum of emotional allowance. It requires an actively focusing respect and intention for uniting spontaneous preferences into good feeling relationships, and it really helps to remember how our biology reciprocates emotion and replicates possibility into being with the uniting spirit and synchronisation of energy in our focusing desire for things.

In order to bring Heaven to Earth or even to a place that feels like hell when your there .. blind, trapped and helpless .. it takes an especially loving skill to lift our heart and mind into a place that feels like something wanted.

It takes 'perspective adaptation' and emotional understanding kindness for any perspective belief that performs reasons for helplessness, extreme sadness, or emotional hell to transform into something that produces strength, emotional understanding recognition, thankfulness, appreciation and joy.

Every hopeless pit in the middle of an empty feeling stomach is ready for a focus of better feeling ideas, and into a mindset that feels clear, open, healthy, honorable and good.

Emotions that feel powerfully overwhelming are caused from a perspective understanding and belief that's been cultivating intentions for some time, and that are now perfectly ready for opening up into a growth for new ideas and into conversations and agreements filled with an allowance for understanding clarity and for a peacefulness that feels healthy, excited and successful.

Letting go of controlling or sticky feeling stories, opens up ideas for things in a spirit that realizes a clearer more deliberately understanding presence filled with a grace full of unity that allows for new freedom and hope, and that deepens the depth of desire we feel from the life giving energy in the new faith we realize enough to see, and strengthens the valuing distance our vision upholds enough to believe in with dignity, honor, hope, love, truth and passion.

Most times, habits that feel like a need to control, are emotionally sticky with insecurity and doubt, and misrepresents the essence that a creator of spirit, life, or love actually represents.

Learning to amplify our appreciation to encourage one another, helps anyone recognize where personal character and strength is actually cultivated, and how even though sometimes waves of disappointment can twist in the pit of your stomach and make you feel like throwing up, hopeless and sad. .. allowing a true understanding compassion, presents a picture of truth that always feels successful in our presence for life. Hope that makes sense.

Self Discipline isn't a punishment. ..self discipline means being skilled. Self discipline means putting your focus to work; it means putting excitement into a skill to appreciate. It means prioritizing our desires into a valuing devotion.

We always set the stage we're living in. We're always stepping into the story we tell. Every spirit counts. Every emotion adds up.
It's the essence of our emotional environment that forms the living spirit we feel. We're always a product of our living environment. We're always an example for what we see.
A preforming orchestration. A living reputation. An everlasting emanation! Haha : )


"The essence we're summoning most is always wanting our spirit more, because it's the ,'Foundation' of our living perspective vision, and we are always preferencing from it no matter what we choose to become. ... This is the understanding compassion that makes me cry every time I remember, like a recurring dream I can never truly forget. When I begin realizing how much living devotion actually serves me, the vision of it wrenches my stomach with pure understanding meaning; Pure understanding love.

Realizing things is a relationship of our own understanding connectivity; our own understanding intelligence; our own understanding drive for more. Realizing things is a memory for guidance; for preference.

Our sensational reality is a relationship of essence, like a dream of pure 'relativity', like 'remembering a wholeness that just makes sense.'

Realizations are the memories of connectivity; like a magnet blown apart; for our ideas to be wanting; for our ideas to feel real, whole, and complete... Energy is a relationship that is always whole hearted with what is right."~Jordan Klimp !

"you will know the truth, and it will set you free."

°¤ ¤°


Because what we live in is a pure quality of energetic value, the more we love the life that we see, the more vibrational value and emotional appreciation we will come to realize. The more vibrational focus in our unity for good ideas to come, the more we will grow into our own intelligence. By being attentive to our own 'living' joy we will be practicing the success of pure intelligence. Correlating good ideas means cultivating energy for them to expand in our awareness, just as any thought and thing does; into a real culmination of happiness; into an always new, cutting edge desire; into an always new cutting edge life.


Like forgiveness means to forget and patience means feeling really good, 'the presence we focus into being is really important to all of us'..

God means and love means and ....

Pure desire is a sensation to design and the spirit of understanding sense for love to personify our energy to get there....

Our sensational governer is our focus of energy; our ability to understand 'what love actually MEANS for each and every one of us, happens "sensationally!"

Our governer is the amount of loving intelligence we purpose our self to consciously describe and allow our self to get. Understanding how things function always helps. Turning our ideas from a contrast of judgement and into pure preference toward life are what our emotions are made for.

Our emotions come from the life in what they are. Our emotions are made for preference, not a judgment. Yes, a simple slight energetic adjustment, but an adjustment that makes all the difference in the world; just like the relationship between focusing a life of gain that takes from you, or focusing a life of egarness, that always gives it to you like you want it the most; like you really mean.

Our body is an temple of emotional memory and sensational meaning; of passion and vibrational value. Our body is a network of community just as our universe of consciousness is.

Our community of interests are neural pathways of pure emotion; pathways of pure action and energy; a spirit of focus for understanding the preference our new ideas are offering.

Every thought magnetizes an attraction of focusing drive and emotional spirit. Love is sensitive; love is suble. Love is clear. Love is sure.

"Jesus is the reason in LOVE, the meaning in a life of pure desire." Amen

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