We train hard 1 hour a day so you can spend the other 23 maximizing your profession, personal life, We train hard for 1 hour a day so you can spend the other 23 maximizing your profession, personal life, and purpose.

Pro Athletes. Local Adults.

Operating as usual


The biggest offseason challenges caused by the MLB Lockout.

For the second time in three years we are operating an offseason without a deadline.

But this year is different. We’ve got no direction from the team/coaches/organization. And, the delay is isolated to the MLB exclusively. In Spring 2020 the whole world was on standby.

Huge props to the players that have stayed dialed in and continued to fine tune. It’s not easy. Burnout is real.

Stay in it.


This is a short preview to my YouTube video that went live earlier this week. You can view the whole video through the link in my bio.

And, if you’ve already seen the video, thank you. My YouTube channel started to gain some traction when I built out the garage last year. It’s a completely different platform and allows me to share Perform24 in a unique way. I feel more natural deep diving on topics like this one.

Train hard.
Live full.
Stay the course.



Repeat the fundamentals.
Grease the strong grooves.
Resist the compensation.

Valuable in the weight room.
Valuable outside it.

Train hard.
Live full.


Lifestyle Athlete.

My roots are in performance training. My programming is always going to have that flavor.

Sometimes we do work with competitive athletes. It’s great, the stakes keep us sharp. The deadlines challenge our efficiency.

But, we always work with the local Tampa community. Lifestyle Athletes. Personally, I fall into this category myself.

Lifestyle Athletes may not have a competitive season to prepare for, but we go hard and enjoy the athletic themes.

Strength. Conditioning. Mobility. Explosiveness. Injury resistance.

Comprehensive. We can’t help it.
It’s in our DNA.

Train hard.
Live full.


Phase 5. Week 1. Day 2.

Have you ever used bands on your sleds? It slows you to move full speed without “bouncing,” your sled.

Your movement is fluid. The demand is brutal.

Train hard.
Live full.

Photos from Perform24's post 02/18/2022

These are some things that have been discussed in the gym this week.

The offseason is a challenge right now. Timelines are one of the most important variables when we are building our training programs.

But we won’t stop.

Progress, after all, is mostly problem solving.

Train hard.
Live full.

Photos from Perform24's post 02/15/2022

One session.

Traditional yet unconventional.
Old school and new school.
Technical but gritty.
Fundamentals without doctrine.

I’m having more fun in the gym right now than maybe I ever have.
I’m very thankful that this is what I spend my day working on.

Train hard.
Live full.


P24 Friday Special at Ja-Vahz Coffee Shop! Local small business collab!

WHAT: breakfast burrito, side of fresh fruit, and a coffee. Special pricing for the P24 Fam. Or, you can opt for an omelette.

WHERE: Ja-Vahz coffee. If you don’t know where it is.. that’s your first mission.

WHEN: Fridays only.

HOW: Earn the burrito. Honor system. Hold yourself accountable to your training during the week. And then you have to ask for it.

WHO: P24 Family!

I’ve been getting this burrito for a long time. Paul is the man, and he doesn’t have Instagram. He has kept his shop running smooth through Covid, and through the massive construction project by the city on the roads that surround his business. At one point you couldn’t even park on the same block, we had to walk to get to his place.

Do your work. Take care of your own training. And then go take advantage of the P24 Special.

Train hard.
Live full.

Photos from Perform24's post 01/15/2022

Every person has an origin story.
Every place has a history.

If you know South Tampa in 2022 you may know it’s getting fancy.
Luxury homes.
Trendy restaurants.
Boutique retailers.

But it hasn’t always been this way.
Our history isn’t so pretty.

Outlaws. Renegades.

Perform24 is a stable endeavor now.
But it wasn’t always so smooth.

At one point, P24 was a long shot attempt to live the American Dream. I was 24yrs old and wanted to build a place where multiple populations collide. Where multiple training methodologies were seamlessly utilized to best serve the single person in front of me. That’s unconventional in the training world. I was always told to “find a niche” and to “be selective.”

We are a product of our home.

Rebel Roots.

Maybe you can relate.

Maybe you have had to hustle. Or take a risk. Or make a move that went against popular belief.

Maybe the decisions that once seemed reckless actually led to fulfillment.

Rebel Roots.
Remember them.

Tri-blend, super soft, and fitted. And, made in America.

Place an order with me by Wednesday, January 19th to have your shirt delivered to the gym. $30 for this one.
Bonus price of $20 for ANY additional tee you want included with your order.

This tee and all our others are live and available for purchase on our website.

Train hard.
Live full.
Look cool. ☠️🏴‍☠️


P24 Fam! Great week of work.

We’ve got some new faces. Thank you guys for pursuing your curiosity, taking ownership in your priorities, and for accepting new challenges.

We’ve had some old friends return. Recalibrating around new dynamics.

The Old Faithful’s are constant as ever. Providing the gym with a consistent cadence.

And, Off-season 2022 is rolling. It’s an odd one - even compared to the abnormalities we’ve worked around for the last TWO years.

Progress, after all, is simply problem solving.

Thank you all for your efforts.

Train hard
Live full.


Don’t get it twisted.

Social can be great. Most of the time my feed is awesome.

You should celebrate milestones and achievements. It’s generous to educate the Internet about topics you know well.

Building a community is inspiring.

Participating in community is motivating.

But progress is about work. Quality work. Consistent work.

Sometimes, the work is great and “engagement,” is nowhere to be found.

Sometimes, the work is a shortcut but the clicks are high.

Do the work.

Train hard.
Live full.


New year. New us.

Just kidding.

New year. MORE us.

Stay the course.
Double down.
We’re made for this.

Train hard.
Live full.


2021 is coming to an end.

Before you look ahead to 2022, spend some time reflecting on the last year.

I’d encourage you to think about the highlights. What went well, what milestones did you cross? Do you appreciate your advancements?

Conversely, what didn’t go well? What challenges did you face? Could you have avoided the adversity altogether or could you have responded differently and mitigated the consequence?

It’s exciting to look forward.

It’s important to reflect.

Train hard.
Live full.

Photos from Perform24's post 12/25/2021

Merry Christmas P24 Fam!

I’m thankful for all of you. P24 doesn’t exist without the effort of great people 🙏🏼

I hope your day is full to the point of crashing out in your chair. Eggnog optional.

Train hard.
Live full.


Here’s a lovely sled (sleigh) themed Holiday Special. If you’re going to have a short training week, you’ve got to make the sessions count.

If you don’t have a sled, here are your options:

1) get a sled.
2) do the shuttle with forward and reverse walking lunges. Yikes.
3) substitute another terrible conditioning element. Preferably one with a lower body emphasis.

This is going to be a fun training week. This is one of the few times of the year when all our training populations are getting after it. Our offseason athletes are rolling , collegiate athletes are back, and our adults are closing out the year strong. Good times!

Train hard.
Live full.


Long week. Short session.

Deadlifts 4x3

Then some fun in the Prison Yard.

3 reps + 5yd walk.
12 total reps, 20yds covered.
3 sets.

10min Sled EMOM. One 35yd push every minute.

Looking forward to recapturing routine next week.

Train hard.
Live full.

Photos from Perform24's post 11/26/2021

This isn’t the kind of Thanksgiving post I intended to make. But, then again, maybe today is the perfect day to be completely consumed by what matters most.

Emma Belle was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning. There is still a lot we don’t know. What we do know is that she has a kidney infection and so far all tests indicate that it did spread into her blood.

We are waiting on more tests and on her reaction results to the initial antibiotics. We will know more and have an action plan develop in the next couple days.

In the meantime, prayers up for our little girl. And to her partner in crime that isn’t old enough to visit her in her room. And to her mom and dad who will be trading places to be with her 24/7 until we are good to come home 💪🏼❤️

We are a family of four that truly thrives on togetherness. The short term separation is just as tough as the long term unknown.

Train hard.
Live full.
Be present.
Have faith.

Photos from Perform24's post 11/22/2021

P24 Thanksgiving Special!

These can be substituted for your regularly programmed training sessions this week.

On Friday, get something in. Move around and break a good sweat.

Train hard.
Live full.


Until today, Angela had never done a conventional deadlift in her life.

In fact, before she started training with us she hadn’t had much experience with any strength movements at all.

For one reason or another I decided not to program conventional deadlifts in her previous phases. When the deadlifts popped up in her program today, we essentially set it up and let it rip. We maybe spoke for 20 seconds before this set, and this was the result.

Pretty good looking movement.

This is one of my favorite things about Perform24. We get to work with high end physical performers, squeezing fractional improvements out of already elite baselines. But we also get to teach people from the ground level.

0 to 1 and 8 to 10. Progress is relative, and it’s all worth appreciating. And, I truly believe that having experience at both ends of the spectrum helps us deliver appropriate programming for everyone along the way.

Train hard.
Live full.


The Veteran community has had a steady presence in the Perform24 Family since Day 1.

To you young guys still serving: Keep doing your thing. It’s inspiring to see the challenges you overcome and the skills you develop in the process.

From a training standpoint, I’ve learned so much from your world. It’s absolutely impacted my own training routine, it’s influenced the way I program for our local Lifestyle Athletes and even given me tools to use in situations with professional athletes.

Specifically, there is a mentality you possess that isn’t found in the structured, controlled, calculated, and sometimes careful approach to traditional performance training. This is an endless interest of mine.

Happy Veterans Day, P24 Family.

Train hard.
Live full.


“Performance Training”

The weight room is not our competitive arena.

We can make improvements in the weight room and we can track progress. But, the movements and systems we train are ONLY considered relevant if they prepare us for success outside these walls.

The metrics are not the goal. The goal is the goal.

Train hard. Live full.


Friday Finisher.

25yd Sled Push
25yd Seld Drag
50yd Front Loaded Sandbag Carry (25yd cut)
50yd 100lb DB Farmer’s Walk (25yd cut)
Hammer to Tire x15e
4 sets

Bonus points for heat and humidity.


Proud of you my man. Keep going.

Train hard. Live full.

Photos from Perform24's post 10/01/2021

P24 x Squatober!

Squats and October. Like peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Spooky Season just pairs well with heavy barbells. It’s the perfect time of year to dial in and emphasize strength.

I’ll be participating in the full program again. If you also want to follow along the daily programming then check out @penandpaperstrengthapp

Also, like last year, I’ll be filming the process and creating a daily short video on YouTube. Each video has a theme and a topic, I’m looking forward to getting them out to you. I’ve been holding some good ones in the hole for this month 🔥

For the Perform24 Family, I’ll be releasing weekly challenges that you can complete IN ADDITION to your regular programming. Integrate the challenges into your regular training session or use it as a finisher - your choice!

Week 1 challenge:

50 Bodyweight squats w/ Mini Band (squeeze your glutes)
50 light goblet squats on the slant board (for the VMO)

We are bringing the heat this month! Shift gears and finish the last quarter of 2021 STRONG!

Train hard. Live full. Squat heavy.


Opportunity is sometimes out of your control.

But here’s what you CAN do when your name is called.

Trust your preparation.

Be confident in your execution.

Understand that everyone is good.

Congrats to @justin_garbs on his first big taste of the NFL. Hyped for you man!

Train hard. Live full.


This is really, really impressive.

Al has been one of the most dedicated members of the P24 Family for years. Aside from bringing the heat at 6am a couple times a week, he’s spent the time troubleshooting a diet that fits his needs and his lifestyle. And he’s consistent with regular soft tissue maintenance (thanks to @abetteryoutampa )

I love posts like these because it connects the dots between the athletic population and the rest of us.

The EXACT same training themes that help athletes have healthy and high performing competitive seasons have a major impact on a long-term, high functioning physical life. Perform24 may have a diverse clientele, but the training is surprisingly similar.

Al can regularly Hatfield Squat over 250lbs for reps, he’s run multiple half marathons the last few years, and he can execute perfect Reverse Nordics. That’s the kind of spectrum we should all shoot for.

Train hard. Live full.

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