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Humans Won't Give Up 01/03/2021

Humans Won't Give Up

Humans Will Not Give Up!

Humans Won't Give Up Humans continue to move past fear, uncertainty, and old wounds. We are learning to consciously choose expansive thinking and expansive lives.


Human Awakening w/ Vickie Spray | Journey Fountain

The original humans behind EvolveTalk discuss the human awakening that is happening right now.

Also, tune in Sunday (3/29/2020) at 3 PM eastern time to have a live chat with Kevin and Vickie about this topic.

Find the live stream here... https://www.facebook.com/journeyfountain/live/

Click here to support Build a Community for Spiritual Evolution organized by Kevin Taylor 04/30/2019

Click here to support Build a Community for Spiritual Evolution organized by Kevin Taylor

Progress in our spiritual evolution...

Click here to support Build a Community for Spiritual Evolution organized by Kevin Taylor See Journey Fountain's full plan at JourneyFountain.org PROJECT BACKGROUND Being a human can be challenging, especially if you are like me and often question the nature of reality and the meaning of life. That is why I'm creating Journey Fountain. Put simply: Journey Fountain will be an online...


Help Launch Journey Fountain


How To Support A Friend Going Through A Difficult Time

This is a powerful change of perspective.


Man Enough Episode 4 - #MeToo

These are the kind of conversations that will change the world.


Woman Becomes Best Friends With A Bee She Rescued

a version of unconditional love at work...


Everyone Needs to Hear This

A beautiful reminder.


This is a unique organization, doing great things in the spiritual community. They have a conference in April in Hendersonville, NC. See the details here: https://www.allianceofdivinelove.org/2018-national-conf-nc.html

The world is in a state of accelerated growth and needs more love-centered people in service to the masses.

To help meet this need, this year's ADL Conference will include sessions on running your own spiritual business, tips from those who are already doing it!

If you know someone who is heart-centered and interested in starting or growing their own spiritual business, please pass this along.

Event info and registration: https://www.allianceofdivinelove.org/2018-national-conf-nc.html

EvolveTalk 08/22/2016

Healing Night For Women

EvolveTalk This event was canceled.

Mobile Uploads 08/17/2015

Every bit of pain that has been experienced in humanity can be traced to the unawareness of our true nature.

Mobile Uploads 08/14/2015

Mobile Uploads

Timeline photos 08/03/2015

Timeline photos

Mobile Uploads 07/28/2015

Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads 07/21/2015

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Mobile Uploads 07/13/2015

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Mobile Uploads 07/08/2015

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As human-made religious systems are revealed to have fulfilled their purpose, a new/old spirituality based on love is being manifested in the hearts of humans in a greater and greater degree. Pain is still prerequisite for human evolution but it has huge rewards.

Mobile Uploads 06/29/2015

Humanity is moving beyond the tendency to wear masks that have been worn to glean the love it seeks. Instead, brave individuals, ready to allow themselves the gift of their authenticity, take off the masks they have worn for lifetimes nudging humanity toward the expansive tendency of evolution.


The force of the greatest degree of love (some call God, Source, Infinite Love) will continue to seek the greater good for all. It can not be stopped.

Power Talk with Erica McDowell 06/21/2015

Power Talk with Erica McDowell

Learn what a medical intuitive is & how they can assist you in this w/ Erica McDowell http://ow.ly/OB62G

Power Talk with Erica McDowell Vickie Spray sits down with medical intuitive Erica McDowell to learn more about Erica's business, Four Horses Medicine, and what it means to be a...

Power Talk with Kelly Gregg 06/17/2015

Power Talk with Kelly Gregg

Learn some important tips for better health in this Power Talk with Kelly Gregg http://ow.ly/OsAU6

Power Talk with Kelly Gregg Vickie Spray talks with Kelly Gregg of Alpha Omega Colon Health to discover some health tips for you and to learn why Kelly is so passionate about...

Mobile Uploads 06/15/2015

Unconditional. Unblocked. Unseen and seen. It is the one thing that will transform humanity into what humanity has yearned and was destined to become.


Today, Evolvetalk will videotape my Powertalk interviews with three local and expanding businesses who know what it means to step into their purpose and their power to be of service to our changing world. Changing our community and world one video at a time!

Finding Happiness | Shaman Says 06/07/2015

Finding Happiness | Shaman Says

New on EvolveTalk.com... Finding Happiness | Shaman Says http://ow.ly/NZe4I

Finding Happiness | Shaman Says Are you happy? Cheryl Moody of SoarWithShamans.com shares her story to inspire you and help you identify what is missing on your journey to finding...

Timeline photos 06/05/2015

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 06/03/2015

Timeline photos

Mobile Uploads 06/01/2015

There is a plan for humankind. It is to become who they are inherently capable of becoming. The seed is there and is reaching a phase of manifestation. Still below the ground but holding within itself the power to change the course of humanity and this planet.

Mobile Uploads 05/27/2015

This is how humans will get to their internal and external paradise.

Mobile Uploads 05/25/2015

The most important thing humans can do for our planet and ourselves is to recognise that we are infinite consciousness in physical form. And it is happening more and more.

Mobile Uploads 05/20/2015

Mobile Uploads




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